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    Hey all, I've successfully downloaded all posts and threads over the weekend. I'll be in the process this week of setting up a web server and uploading the database there. It will only be available in the plain archive format, but at least it's something. Maybe over time I can integrate a search function if people want. It will be in a read-only state. A little more depth: Things like HTTrack and Webcopy don't always work, unless you've set it up correctly. There are a couple of hidden links that can change the layout of the forum suddenly. My method will allow me to make a few changes so you can see a users profile to display posts / threads etc. I hold no personal information on my copy, only the "Display Name" along with any posts/threads.
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    Is anyone planning on doing clans that are not CP-based? Which means you make parties with whoever is online. My experience from two years on Skelth is that, with the exception of top-tier no-lifer CP's, most CP's are 3-5 people online boxing 2-3 characters via account-sharing. 3-5 people operating 9-10 characters isn't much better than the forever alone guys running 3-4 boxes behind their mains. Of course making parties out of what's available isn't nearly as competitive as set CP's, but let's be realistic here and admit not all of us are going to be spending 10+ hrs in game fighting for the best XP spots and all the raid bosses, tooth and nail, loss after loss, death after death and coming back for more. Plenty of us will be fighting for the not-as-great exp spots with less than great party setups, so why not admit that to ourselves and make a clan accordingly so like archer, nuker or melee themed, but no set parties. Feel free to boo me off the stage.
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    Hello All, After further discussion with our team on the time zones for Classic, we have changed Talking Island to a GMT-5 server. The current planned servers for the launch of the Classic Server on 10/3 are below: Talking Island - GMT-5 Giran - GMT+1 Best Regards, Juji
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    In the end it's the community that makes the game, not the shops. You can moan all you want because you want to be "Professional End Game Madafaka" but this is the state of MMORPG's WoW is launching Classic Aion is launching Classic Lineage 2 Is launching Classic It's just how it is man, while there's people consuming, there's people selling.
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    Currently Juji has stated the above time zones for the two servers. I think we can all agree that we want a server more oriented towards the North/South American gaming community. With North and South America spanning from GMT-2 (Islands off of Argentina/Brasil) to GMT-8 (West Coast of Canada and US), a server timezone of GMT -4 seems like a happy medium for all players. With Talking Island as a GMT -4 Server.... If you lived in Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro or Buenos Aires: Castle Sieges would start at 9pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 9pm to 1am. Daily Raids would spawn at 10pm. If you lived in Puerto Rico, St Kitts, or Bolivia: Castle Sieges would start at 8pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 8pm to Midnight. Daily Raids would spawn at 9pm. If you lived in Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC, or Miami: Castle Sieges would start at 7pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 7pm to 11pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 8pm. If you lived in Chicago, Dallas, or Mexico City: Castle Sieges would start at 6pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 6pm to 10pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 7pm. If you lived in Denver, Edmonton, or Salt Lake City: Castle Sieges would start at 5pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 5pm to 9pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 6pm. If you lived in Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle: Castle Sieges would start at 4pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 4pm to 8pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 5pm. Show support for a -4 GMT Talking Island by replying to this thread or putting a Heart as a reaction to this thread!
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    Do you think I came back to this game so you can hold everyone's hand this time around and play Red ROVER RED ROVER we call Kiss1989 over? Que Kiss1989 running over to me in slow motion happy and safe knowing how boring the game now is that the creator removed everything we'll ever have to worry about. Every one of the games original conventions were part of the thrill of playing this game that was missed in every other hand holding MMORPG that has come out since. How is it "Classic" if you're taking away the stuff that makes it classic? It's like opening a bar downtown and only serving juice. I DON'T WANT YOUR JUICE HIPSTER. Not once in my entire time of playing L2 back in the day did the drop item hurt me. It actually led to quite a few awesome moments. You think I want to grind my ass off so end game we stand around looking each other in blinkin' glowing sparkly armor saying "gee". Part of the appeal of this game is you actually have something to lose. I can play WoW and have every game mechanic they ever implement jerk me off until I'm coming Unique snowflakes and I'm catching them in my mouth cause THEY TASTE SO GOOD AND I feel so unique and protected in my shiny armor that never gets used CAUSE YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT ACCEPT HOLD HANDS UNDER A RAINBOW AND FLYING UNICORS THE WORLD FEELS SO GOOD. Not one person we have coming back has said "gee I hope they remove the item drop penalty because I want to be safe that's the only way i'll play". The worst part is Euro Classic has the Drop penalty in...Why do American have to baby their population. I WANT TO CROSS A BUSY STREET WITHOUT A MARKED CROSSWALK TO EXPERIENCE A LITTLE BIT OF THAT THRILL IN MY BALLS CAVEMEN PROBABLY DID BEFORE THEY SHOVED US ALL INTO CUBICLES 9 HOURS A DAY. WHY DON'T YOU JUST SKIP THE MOBS AND PUT CUBICLES AROUND OUR GRINDING AREA AND IF ANYONE STEPS IN IT WE'LL PETITION A GM AND RENAME THEM HR CONSULTANTS. FML PLEASE LET ME HAVE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T CODDLE ME INTO A SAFE CACOON OF VAGINAL WALLED WARNING LABELS AND NERF BALLS. CANT YOU JUST LET ME DROP MY WEAPON AND RUN BACK HOPING NO bleep TOOK IT? AND IF HE DID SPARK A IMPASSIONED CLAN WAR THAT GOES ON FOR DECADES WITH MOM INSULTS AND DELEVELED GIGGLING LIKE IT WAS BACK IN 2004. I'M NOT ASKING FOR ANYTHING EU CLASSIC WASN'T IMPLEMENTED WITH OR THE CLASSIC GAME DIDN'T HAVE. PLEASE NCSOFT I'M NEVER GONNA bleep A PORN STAR NAMED STORMY DANIELS IN A BUILDING WITH MY NAME ON IT, I'M NEVER GOING TO COLLUDE WITH RUSSIANS AND BECOME PRESIDENT AND BE ABLE TO MAKE FUN SHIT UP LIKE CHILD DETENTION CENTERS. JUST GIVE ME THIS ONE THING. MAYBE TWO THINGS, PLEASE DON'T BAN ME, WE'RE ALL ADULTS HERE, GRANTED ITS QUESTIONABLE IF I AM. TELL ME THE DROP PENALTIES ATLEAST STILL IN FOR REDS?
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    Necro + SE is a good combo. Also if you want to go AW or PR, box a PP instead of WC. PP can heal and give you zerk + bless the soul/body. True is, you wont get vampiric rage...but you can get it with Fish Stew for a quite low price (10-50 stews if i'm not wrong...while the zerk one is 150-200+). And if you go PR you wont even need it. Nukers are good since start 'cause they will learn 3 different nukes while levelling (Necros will go Wind strike > Blaze > Death spike) but that's their main dmg skill. And they get it from the start (1 - 20 - and Death spike since 44, but you can still PVE with Blaze 'till that level). Archers will start being good at level 34 where they will learn Stun Shot. And will get better at 40 with Double shot + Hex (if you go PR). Daggers are the worst between them...BUT...we already know what will come after the 1.5. Daggers will get improvements such as higher power on skills, Hide not decreasing speed, etc etc...but for daggers to be SERIOUSLY strong/OP you must wait 'till 3rd class. Once you'll get Focus power/death and Lethal blow...that's where the daggers start to rock. As for buffers, the only reason why i'd rather pick a WC over a PP is 'cause once the 3rd class is available they got CoV which is by far better than any other Prophecy buff. But once again, that's how things will work LATER on. So i'd rather go for a nuker/archer rather than dagger for the 1.5. Eventually, once xp will get easier with the new patches, you may think of rerolling the main DD since you will already have high level buffers.
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    It's fine don't worry. Just give me a few days and I'll have it back up and running. I'm just looking at some hosting options.
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    agree with @Ferimeth you want to be top dog on the server, and you have the money. then go for it. Some of us are coming back to have fun. We're not looking to be #1 and talk trash to everyone who doesn't have a +16. no one is forcing you to play or waste money. is all up to you. I'm happy we are getting a classic server and I'm going to enjoy it.
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    Two simple solutions: 1) One NA based East Coast (most of the US population and likely L2 playerbase). If population is sufficient, open a West Coast server (or vis versa, same thing, but lower initial cost if 1 not 2 NA servers). If there is sufficient demand, open a SA classic server, I'm pretty sure most players would like this from both regions. 2) One NA-based server (probably Central Time), one SA based server (-2?). Open addition as more demand is needed split by timezone to make it more comfortable. Sorry, Europeans are irrelevant on an NA server, NC cannot depreciate their product to cater to a group that is playing on the wrong region. This does not apply to South Americans as they have no classic server of their own. NC has to have forward growth expectations, not maintaining a player base that should not exist in the first place. There is no business logic of opening a classic server unless they are planning on growing their population, otherwise it's a race to the bottom, again. The milk their existing player base ship has sailed long ago. I am available as a database/logisitics/BA consultant NC send me an email if needed. I saw your Job postings I am okay with contract work :-) Joking, but not.
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    the pain comes when you see shops selling eminence bow 5 milions and you are almost 40 and you have 500k adena
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    BD+pp SWS+pp Wizard+SE or EE (group with the SE/EE) Spoiler+SE (might find group with the spoiler, esp if you have out-of-party recharge from boxed SE) A DD you love which makes you happy and people want to party you because you're a happy fun guy rather than a resentful guy playing a char he doesn't like for the benefit of others.
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    This is decisive for me if the drop on death i will not play the classic. It's not just a bad players but also a disconnect and lag.
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    Looks fun. You can tell they made people butthurt by how they reply here.
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    One thing is bots but with item drops for whites/purple the whole games feels like playing the roulette. You put all your hard earned adena into a weapon and the next day you stand to lose all you have worked for for months. Rage quit is the only option at that point. So please let it stay as it has been stated and deal with bots in another way, instead of ruining the experience for normal players.
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    Clan Perfect is recruiting. Old clan that began in Lineage 1 and carried over to Lineage 2. (Both Official Servers) Was a member of the original Bartz and then Chronos. Many, many old players are returning that joined the ranks through the years. Primarily a PVE clan and chill atmosphere with experience. Using said experience to kill lots of people when needed. We will have constant parties with rotations. Mainly online during afternoons and weekends. (NA) Talking Island Server All classes welcome. Let's get this going. Reply or drop the DM.
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    I will be very simple and to the point. If you remove drop on death, bot/macro trains will take over and kill the party experience. Was that short enough? I'd like to hear a NC reply and don't really care about anyone else's opinion, no offense. If the reply is that this is a KOREA thing and they have no control, that's fine. I've read the Glassdoor reviews, trust me I understand. But if it's something within the control of NC West, they should consider re-implementing drop on death (white white, not red). This is a built in mechanism in the game to police bots more than anything. Before this mechanism was removed, bots were not a problem. They were present, but if you needed a spot you took it and they did not fight because it would cost them adena.
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    Keep gear out of the cash shop. Don't instance all the raids Don't nerf drops/spoils Police the PvP scripters. Provide regular updates Viola. You just made majority of private servers obsolete and have player-made content for years to come.
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    With Giran as a GMT -6 Server.... (ofc it adjusts with spring forward and fall back timezone adjustments) If you lived in Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro or Buenos Aires: Castle Sieges would start at midnight on Sunday. Olympiad would be from midnight to 4am. Daily Raids would spawn at 1am. If you lived in Puerto Rico, St Kitts, or Bolivia: Castle Sieges would start at 11pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 11pm to 3am. Daily Raids would spawn at 12am. If you lived in Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC, or Miami: Castle Sieges would start at 10pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 10pm to 2am. Daily Raids would spawn at 11pm. If you lived in Chicago, Dallas, or Mexico City: Castle Sieges would start at 9pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 9pm to 1am. Daily Raids would spawn at 10pm. If you lived in Denver, Edmonton, or Salt Lake City: Castle Sieges would start at 8pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 8pm to 12am. Daily Raids would spawn at 9pm. If you lived in Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle: Castle Sieges would start at 7pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 7pm to 11pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 8pm. This will cover all the NA player base. @Juji
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    uninstall fully l2 and del all file in ncsoft folder as well. then reinstall. Maybe try reinstall in different folder. or partition
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    My word is not absolute. But i play in NCWest server since official C4. Teon was there. GMT +1. And in 14 years, we still have a server with GMT +1. Why would they now open a classic and just go like 'fack our EU community! let's open 2 servers for NA players only!' If this was the case, they would have changed Naia already since they made lots of merges since GOD went live.
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    ask your friend to let you log his account, or make a new account. and try log
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    There is no level cap at all, actually. You just dont get new skills after 85.
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    Since im not planning of join a CP im down with this. I dont like the concept to a CP as a job (sort of speak), I mean, I want to enjoy the game.
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    Just something a little bit interesting. The top 1 guy from the Russian servers ( right now level 82, name Geks) streams on twitch every single day, almost all day long. So if you never played classic and think you will get level 70 that fast and is worried about that being the cap, i suggest you try watching him a little bit https://www.twitch.tv/geksagen
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    This forum really needs a moderator to delete duplicate topics.
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    It will be worth it if you play without having big goals from the start. This is not C3/c4 or whatever, this is a new version. That means you will have to learn the game again, the classes have new skills, the game system with daily rewards/achievements will help you through the journey ( kiiiiiinda like the "Path to Awakening" back on the beggining of the Goddess of Destruction). I would say 1 to 2 hours a day will be enough ( if you are able to double it during weekends, even better) for you to learn, interact and feel a sense of accomplishment, but keep in mind that getting level 40 might not take 1 month, but it won't take 6 either. Just take your time
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    You will really benefit from having VR if you want to solo. SE is best support for any solo player, imho. Any of the stronger melee fighter classes will be good for solo & parties. BD will have trouble soloing at the higher levels. Healers will be most in demand for parties, as usual. I suspect nukers will be underpowered, since they were in the early chronicles, but who knows.
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    If you want to spoil mobs or exp in aoe parties - yes. If you want just exp solo faster - pp or warc is better. (but no recharge - no spoil)
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    NCSoft West has always embraced EU players. I have played the game on and off since 2004 so for me it would be really strange if both servers would be on NA time zones. Make one for NA and one for EU in terms of time zones. I don't see the problem in that. Anything else would be a smack in the face for a big loyal customer base.
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    1 month 3-4 hours per day to take 40 lvl without any exp boosts. So if you buy 30$ launch pack with 50% exp rune, plus some exp bonuses from the store, you will be level 40 in ~1 month. (1.5h daily)
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    Hindemith - Nya Teon - Nyae (later Tishi / Pishi )
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    Necromancer + SE would be the best choice for 1.5 gameplay. Also necro's always will be OP as hell because of insane debuffs and transfer pain. Daggers are completely useless at the start and PR is fine but you're supposed to pick PP instead WC for being your box.
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    How about you postpone this by a week or two, allow everyone to save what they want? There is 15 years of history on those forums - you must realise not everyone knows this decision to delete the forum and have not been able to save what needs to be saved. Please. 1 week notice before deleting 15 years of history is a slap in the face.
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    Right now Chronos GMT-2 is for NA players and Naia GMT+1 is for EU. What is the problem in that? NCsoft official servers have always embraced europeans as well. Why should that change in the classic servers? And please don't give me the "EU has their own servers". Those are just not the same. We have played on the official servers since 2004, so please don't come here and mess with that.
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    It is a tough spot for everyone. If you make your own support, do you play all by yourself until they finish their key buffs at 55-58, or do you find live parties when you can and risk getting more than 9 levels ahead of the support and they don't get any exp with you. I wonder this myself and will have to wait to see what is in the cash shop (if I can buy buff scrolls). I'm also thinking of having a mainJr. Same class and gets my old gear and I use him to level the support if I can't find live party on mainSr.
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    Both Gladi and DA are viable in both PvE and PvP. DA Good for solo and tanking bosses, and good in 1v1 PvP and good distraction in mass pvp. Gladi has Ranged Stun which is op, and ranged AoE, it also does good damage single target.
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    here this is from my google doc for my friends, I wont post the whole doc since it has a private discord info and other secrets for us, but here ya go Starter Weapons and Quests (Level 10) Weapon Type P. Atk M. Atk Race Quest Eldritch Dagger Dagger 11 10 Dark Elf Forgotten Truth (Level 10) Sword of Solidarity 1H Sword 12 9 Human Sword of Solidarity (Level 10) Butcher's Sword 1H Sword 13 10 Orc Merciless Punishment (Level 10) Blood Saber 1H Sword 14 11 Dark Elf Spirit of Craftsman (Level 10) Red Sunset Sword 2H Sword 16 10 Light Elf Skirmish with the Orcs (Level 10) Silversmith Hammer 1H Blunt 13 10 Dwarf Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss (Level 10) Wand of Adept 1H Blunt 11 13 Human Spirit of Mirrors (Level 10) Red Sunset Staff 2H Blunt 13 14 Light Elf Skirmish with the Orcs (Level 10) D-Grade Armor Quest (Level 25-40) Moon Knight Quest Guide Video Guide NOTE set has no bonuses in Classic 1.5, however the P.def is very good!
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    Check out Dynasty. There is a post in the clan recruitment section here on the Classic side.
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    Kind of, the 1% are actually account sharer's I've seen it on all Classic servers, even the sub ones. It is legitimate 24/7 playing. Someone creates 2 Characters, the most common for this set-up is a SH and a EE. One person will play it constantly for 4 hours, and then switch with another live player called a 'Driver'. Most people who do this method have 3-4 people who play the same 2 characters. it allows them to legitimately play 24/7. Then you will also have EULA abusers constantly playing. These people will constantly be higher lvl and geared then most of the server, but its not a terrible thing, There will be Clans/CPs of legit players as well not overly far behind them and will be more organized and able to beat them in PvP and still get castles and bosses on lockdown. And as for casual players, PvP happens at every level in classic, same with raiding. You're going to have the same experience as the no-lifers at all levels of the game, so enjoy. This isn't GoD where you can't do shit till endgame. Classic is the same at lvl 1 as it is at lvl 70+ you will grind, upgrade gear, pvp over exp spots, look for raid bosses, and chill with your homies.
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    1 VIP - 3 boxes, 0 VIP - 1 box. And you will forget what bots and rmt are.
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    -7 for West and -4 for East, seems like perfect NA Timezones, there is no such a reason to screw the NA East timezone for the mere sake of EU that already have they own Classic. +1 for GMT -4
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    hell no you crazy these are na servers go play that innova crap with the cheating russian admins...-4 gmt talking island -7 gmt for west coast...these are na servers if you dont like it dont play
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    Seriously? You're asking for an NA server to have EU timezones so that EU players can play "comfortably". This is so inconsiderate, especially because EU has had their own Classic server for YEARS now. Just don't be ridiculous, -4 is a compromise.
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    use party matching . live player > box , i hope we will have good pupolation and find player to party every where .
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    I didn’t say anything about anyone knowing more than the other. I said this game isn’t meant to be played solo. I’ve heard, and seen, so many trying to figure out how they can load 9 clients. That’s not what this game is about.
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    I would never understand why NC even allow dual-box on a classic experience.
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    Just report the ppl who you suspect of account sharing, you'll be amazed what support can do sometimes.