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    If you guys put this in I won't be spending a dime on this game. I'm just going to make a 9 man autoloop party spread out amongst 3 computers. No point spending $630 or w/e the amount is for 9 accounts /w packs and VIP 4. Not to mention if I spend half that amount on 4-5 accounts, the drop rate from the VIP4 will be cut in half, so it'd be pretty wasteful to do that imo. Literally just tested this autoloop macro out on a private classic server. It makes it so you can legitly afk a 9 man party LOL. Um, ya, they didn't have this in the prelude/c1/c2 versions of the game. You guys aren't seriously going to put this into the game are you? The reddit discord I'm in for Lineage 2 has hundreds of people asking for "drivers" or "drivers" looking for a party. I didn't understand what it meant until now. A driver is the guy who sits there watching the other 8 people in his party auto assist him while they are at work. This is what a "legit" auto macro looping looks like. No bot is being used here. It is literally NCSoft's autoloop macro that you're seeing. Even if you report these players they will never be banned as they are using a legit macro any1 can create with L2's macro system. Incase NCSoft implements this legit botting function for classic here is the page you'll need to make the in-game autoloop macros -> https://l2wiki.com/Commands Once you make the macro all you need to do is right click it like it is soulshot. Figured I'd share what I found just to level the playing field. No point not giving every1 the same chance to legitly automacro a 9 person party while they're at work/sleeping /w L2's ingame macro system amirite? Are you guys really going to implement a legit way to afk bot in the new classic? @Hime@Juji
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    As promised: L2 Archive Forums Please let me know if there's any errors. If for some reason in the future I am unable to maintain this, I will happily pass on the database and framework. Please note, there is no personal information kept on here. The only thing I have available is the username, dates and the posts/threads. I haven't added the feature, but I could create it so you can view a user profile, to find posts/threads. If this is something there is interest in, I will put something together. Looks like it's just in time, as the old forums have now been taken offline.
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    I will be very simple and to the point. If you remove drop on death, bot/macro trains will take over and kill the party experience. Was that short enough? I'd like to hear a NC reply and don't really care about anyone else's opinion, no offense. If the reply is that this is a KOREA thing and they have no control, that's fine. I've read the Glassdoor reviews, trust me I understand. But if it's something within the control of NC West, they should consider re-implementing drop on death (white white, not red). This is a built in mechanism in the game to police bots more than anything. Before this mechanism was removed, bots were not a problem. They were present, but if you needed a spot you took it and they did not fight because it would cost them adena.
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    @Devoid Please stop posting false information, especially since you clearly don't understand what classic is. I just read through the posts you have been making/asking and since it seems no-one has responded to you I will. 1. They're not removing things from game to make it harder. Classic is not GoD its a completely different game. Necros/Catas don't exist in classic, a lot of leveling zones wont exist in Classic 1.5 Top gear is B because that's how it works. Back in the day you had players 75+ in C grade. Don't compare this to GoD, it uses the same client for graphics purposes, the maps are not the same. There are no level 80 mobs in classic.. Are you just trolling? 2. Spoilers are extremely useful and required in classic, everything is crafted, once again this is not GOD, so please stop advising players not to play one. This is 'Fake News'. If you want to honestly know what awaits you in classic (Minus the QoL changes NCWest adds) here is the patch notes from Skelth's 1.5 release: http://ftp.inn.eu/forum/l2/Amarantha/cl15/L2CEUpn.pdf
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    I am going to spend $180 and I rarely spend any money on L2 retail, one time thing is fine. I think of it like buying 3 copies of the game (e.g. $60 each for a new XBOX game), and I will do the $20/mo to keep the boost, same as a subscription I would also happily pay (for no benefit other than access). I would prefer Pay to Play rather than f2p, but this is the best we have and I'll make do. Also I don't mind supporting the project with my wallet, reasonably.
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    Now that I know what you mean with auto looping macros I am just speechless that it could even be considered. I am speechless that any Lineage 2 server has added that in the first place. Petition signed. Auto Looping Macros = I won't play at all. (Although I cannot imagine that will be the case? o.O) Active banning of bots is the hero we need and deserve! Not a server full of authorized bots. Group up with people if you are don't have a CP. Play the game instead of running a server room that harvests bit coins and L2 exp at the same time.
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    You'll be able to view it once I've completed it, I'm just ironing out a few issues, as I seem to of copied a couple of posts one too many times so having to parse the database. It's working though, I just need to fix the duplicate posts. I'll keep you all posted.
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    Hi all, If you haven't been following this post regarding the old forums being removed, then you may of missed that many people wanted to keep this online for future reference. You can now view the "revived" forum here. Please view this comment for a little more information. I know this might seem like a "duplicate" topic, but I didn't want the link to get lost as it's a few pages in and hopefully having this will make it easier to find.
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    My experience will get fked if every1 is afk autolooping 24/7 in every exp spot in the game with 9 man trains, ya, so I'd like that changed thanks.
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    Easy, bought the game and jumped in during prelude. This was my first MMO but didn’t really grasp the open world concept for online. Spawned a human with the intent of making an archer by the name Ruger on Erica. Spawned in and got to TI village then the realization started to hit that everyone running around was another real player and that you could literally walk anywhere on the map with out loading screens! Mind blown and never have been able to fulfil the same feelings that L2 created for an MMO experience. That and then being tricked into aggro’ing legit gold farmers that had leveled up and got 2nd class skills and then d’lvled to farm the cave on TI. Seeing those higher lvl skills for first time... was a beautiful death!!!
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    The events have to end tomorrow.
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    hmm I would suggest instead a celebratory event for the launch of L2 Classic, month long event not a +1 day to this one.
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    Awesomeness! Thanks modnar! There's hope for L2 yet! There was something just tragic about losing a big part of lineage, out of Lineage 2. Maybe I'll stay a little longer
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    So, I've been watching a lot of playthroughs from EU classic to stay updated about the upcoming classic server, everything looks cool, the grind feels great, it brings a lot of the same old content with many QoL improvements from the lastest updates. But let's talk about how much stuff they are giving for players during early game, which results in rushed content and broken immersion from its original design. For example: so many buff scrolls, quests for gear, so much soulshots like 18.000k free SSD? One of the best parts from old Lineage is that you had to interact with the NPCs stores to buy stuff since the beginning, to improve your gear, to get consumables, and buy soulshots from crafters, or even make adena if you had all that prepared. I didn't follow too much above level 40, this is just the No grade, D grade experience that I understood from EU classic. Another thing that bothered me (specially) a lot is the auto-learn skills (from GoD) directly from the menu (ughh). I think it removes the immersion from the game and cuts a lot from its original design, it also makes all those class guild houses in towns to be very empty and nearly useless. One of they key experiences from the game was exactly moving to town to town and look for soulshots and talk to NPCs to buy stuff and learn skills, it always had a constant moving back to town experience, not that much, it also depends how much you got prepared to grind and all that. Yes, the exp definitely got "harder" (slow) since early game to mid-late game but the game doesn't feel "hardcore" at all, I understand it's a reduced scale from GoD, or rather, its ORIGINAL scale, but it feels like it's attempting to rush the content, or rush the initial immersion, reducing more decisions from players. I wish it followed a little more the actual classic. There are a lot of QoL things, and improvements, which is GREAT, and even new features (hopefully more can be added as long they staty faithful to actual classic design), but I'm pointing out that there are so many features that potentially gives the feeling of "rush" to the players, like no brainer patterns. I also understand that they wanna help new players so that they don't get stuck forever in the first city, but I also don't think it should be THAT easy. People feel rewarded more if there's an actual problem for them to solve rather than just nerfing exp scale. A portion of "free" stuff is nice, just about to get started, some very weak gear, and some quests for potions are very fine. The no brainer early quest are ok'ish but it almost feels like guided quests from theme park MMOs (awful), at least there are very very few, not bad at all. I wish it had more interaction with the city and economy like oldschool (great part from the game). I don't know if everyone agrees with me, it's how I felt about it, but I'm absolutely very excited to play on classic and play Lineage once again, that'll be hype
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    i bet being l2 mod requires special training , like riding a moto through a jungle alongside velociraptors .
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    This already exists its the l2 reddit discord https://discord.gg/VWh3vNq @Kadden
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    if u played on a illegal server before or change windows file "hosts". try just delete it or use "#" on the front of each line. u can open this file with notepad
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    For heaven's sake, give this man a medal! What a hero! Thank you so much for preserving this piece of gaming-history! Only view ppl may understand, but going through old posts from the eraly beginning and reading messages from small clans that today rule over all is just wonderful. Give it a try and see how it all started. @NCSoft @Hime: deleting forums means burning books. Check german history to see where that leads to.
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    No difference automacro or normal? Give me what you're smoking.
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    If you play on Talking Island (GMT-5) you will be playing directly on the server time 8AM to 12PM. Probably not a lot of people will play those hours. If you play on Giran (GMT+1) you will be playing from 2PM to 6PM server time. Still probably not prime time but there will be more people for sure.
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    That is why i am saying that this auto loop has only harm Skelth. Catacombs etc etc are full of one man parties looping all day and people with many accounts farm all raid bosses alone...
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    You can download the game client now. http://lineage2.patcher.ncsoft.com/LINEAGE2/Lineage2Installer.exe
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    Awesome Guys! Thanks for the quick responses. I appreciate it. I’m liking what I’m seeing on the Warcryer so far. I’ll check out the Dominator too. I look forward to gaming with you all on Oct 3rd.
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    I say a very strict rule. 1st time = 10 min 2nd time = 1 day 3rd time = 2 days 4th time = 4 days 5th time = 8 days * The reset time for the penalty is 30 days after joining a clan.
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    Hi All, We have a request in with the Dev team now to change the penalty back to 24 hours. The reason for the change was intended by Dev for all regions, but we understand the current penalty's impact to players and have decided that it needs to be reverted back to the original time period. I will let you know more details after we get approval on this request. Apologies as well for how long this issue sat without a proper response. We will improve our responses to threads like this one going forward. Thank You!
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    Are you guys done sayin' bullshit? Thanks. So, you guys are the kind of players who goes like "daaamn reintroduce that 'cause that was the real deal with the game!" but then, if some high level bleep come to kill you, for fun, and make you die and drop ur items, you will go and jump off a cliff. L2 classic will try to give you a fresh feel of nostalgia, not a fresh smell of crap. The fact you're gonna lose 4% it's quite an heavy penalty already if you die...go figure if by any chance you drop an item for a glitch or 'cause you had to go afk like 2 secs and a mob raped you or anything like that. Imagine if we had this same penalty on live servers where you may drop 500-600+ euros of gear with just 1 item. No one will go for raids and no one will try to play solo 'cause they may be afraid of some tards coming and stunlock them for no reason. The whole point of classic is going back to farm mobs as hard as you can and kill urself trying to achieve 1 more level or that set/weapon that you need. Enjoying any little bit of progress you make into the server. It's not annoing a random player who's happily farming while minding his own damn business. But just in case they decide to reintroduce the drop on mobs, be sure to tell us ur in game nicks so we can stunlock ur ass as soon as we see you out of town. Let's make the word KOS a really bad word again.
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    You account is not banned obviously, but IP may be... I have same problem through years when I can play game but can not log into website/forums and have to use vpn for this. Sadly NC west does not clearly state this anywhere. For example, it says "something went wrong at our end" when I try to enter with banned ip into account. And then with vpn or from friend pc I can log in safely. Also another ridiculous thing from NC - different blacklists for website and game itself ^^
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    Hi. I see all these petitions about giran timezone and i know i might be selfish (bcz eu server has only eu timezones) but can leave it like that please? I bet many EU players wanna join the server bcz of no subscription and stuff and it would be shame to make it hard for us to play only bcz this is NA and timezones must be NA (i personaly disagreed with only eu timezones too ). I played on AION NA 3 years and i had to play with ping kilers and at crazy EU (really early in the morning or really late at night) time cause of NA timezone and kept playn cause of the great community and administration. Since there is an option to make it better for us dont spoil it.
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    Yes I am happy that Giran is staying GMT+1 and also happy that NA is getting a GMT-5 for Talking Island. That way everyone should be happy. For me NCSoft West is just the real Lineage2. I have my level 99 character on there as well and it would feel really strange to be excluded now that classic servers are coming. Just a big thank you! I am looking so much forward to this.
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    It happening to me when i use alt+tab to swich window when game is loading or when i do anything else.
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    i was mean uninstall completely. not just reinstall, and dell all file as well.
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    Since im not planning of join a CP im down with this. I dont like the concept to a CP as a job (sort of speak), I mean, I want to enjoy the game.
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    agree with @Ferimeth you want to be top dog on the server, and you have the money. then go for it. Some of us are coming back to have fun. We're not looking to be #1 and talk trash to everyone who doesn't have a +16. no one is forcing you to play or waste money. is all up to you. I'm happy we are getting a classic server and I'm going to enjoy it.
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    In the end it's the community that makes the game, not the shops. You can moan all you want because you want to be "Professional End Game Madafaka" but this is the state of MMORPG's WoW is launching Classic Aion is launching Classic Lineage 2 Is launching Classic It's just how it is man, while there's people consuming, there's people selling.
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    This is aside the point of the OP (which is about bot-control, for NC to reply to), but: Lineage II Classic is law of the jungle, predators rule. This isn't a game for those who want participation trophies, this is a game where you are punished for mistakes and you have to think about everything you do, because you can actually move backwards if you are not careful. This is a game where the best players become the richest, where scamming and stealing is part of the community (like it or not). A game where you can completely screw someone over if it motivates you, where you can make other people go backwards if you are good enough. Don't you remember all the political drama with the 7 clan antharas raids where some bleep picked up your DC helmet and didn't return it? That was the best shit. Made everything so Hype. The game is not just about being a difficult grind, that's just Korean masochism. The game is about the mechanics that drive the politics and the hype within the community. No other game ever made has remotely compared. Drop on death is one of the best features of the game and it's a shame to disregard it. If it's a problem for new players, then extend the non-drop protection beyond level 9. Make it 40 and call it a day. That is what Lineage II Classic is supposed to mean. We are getting some watered down version. Sad. But I'll take it for now.
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    But this is fun, isn't it?
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    One thing is bots but with item drops for whites/purple the whole games feels like playing the roulette. You put all your hard earned adena into a weapon and the next day you stand to lose all you have worked for for months. Rage quit is the only option at that point. So please let it stay as it has been stated and deal with bots in another way, instead of ruining the experience for normal players.
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    here this is from my google doc for my friends, I wont post the whole doc since it has a private discord info and other secrets for us, but here ya go Starter Weapons and Quests (Level 10) Weapon Type P. Atk M. Atk Race Quest Eldritch Dagger Dagger 11 10 Dark Elf Forgotten Truth (Level 10) Sword of Solidarity 1H Sword 12 9 Human Sword of Solidarity (Level 10) Butcher's Sword 1H Sword 13 10 Orc Merciless Punishment (Level 10) Blood Saber 1H Sword 14 11 Dark Elf Spirit of Craftsman (Level 10) Red Sunset Sword 2H Sword 16 10 Light Elf Skirmish with the Orcs (Level 10) Silversmith Hammer 1H Blunt 13 10 Dwarf Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss (Level 10) Wand of Adept 1H Blunt 11 13 Human Spirit of Mirrors (Level 10) Red Sunset Staff 2H Blunt 13 14 Light Elf Skirmish with the Orcs (Level 10) D-Grade Armor Quest (Level 25-40) Moon Knight Quest Guide Video Guide NOTE set has no bonuses in Classic 1.5, however the P.def is very good!
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    Sure Take your time its a long road. Box a buffer for when you solo play, or if you plan to main support, box a damage dealer to help you level when not in a group. Do your Races Free NG Weapon quest at lvl 10 Don't buy D-Grade Armor, save your money for a weapon, you can do a quest for 'Moon Armor' at 25, its basically free D armor without set bonus but good defense. L2wiki.com/classic is good, but its already updated way past Classic 1.5 unfortunately so can be hard to find some stuff for this version.
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    macros is good for server, no need pay for bot
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    loop macro is the main reason why people cant do raid bosses in skelth
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    I have been playing Lineage 2 for over a decade and I can assure you that players that use boxed toons/supports have almost no tie with players who search for party to do dailies/Exp groups. Especially on the beggining of the server, where everybody is nearly the same level range, you will have NO problem finding a group to exp, and maybe someone inside those groups can benefit from the looped macros while they go to the bathroom or open up a door, or something. While the people who play with small groups and use boxes won't ever be in your mind while you do your thing. All in all, Nostrome, Synapse or whatever LEGAL program that automates SOME part of the game shouldn't be treated as a problem. Lineage 2 is a grinding game, yes. Classic version, much more. You have to understand that everyone plays this game differently: Some can play all day, some can only play 1 or 2 hours a day, some can only play at weekends, or on intervals of 30 minutes while they cook or study or whatever. Not having BOTs would be superb for the server, especially on the start server. But macros? They are not a problem and won't affect other people experiences.