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    If you have never played 'Lineage 2 Classic' and I don't mean older chronicles, but the new game type of 'Classic' then there is more info given that I won't cover here. This is more for anyone who knows what classic is, and missed all the QoL changes for NCSoft Specifically, as well as important information being passed on during the LiveStream. 2 GB Launch Day Patch Be prepared, Juji confirmed there will be a 2GB Patch right before launch that will be required to play. Level Cap is 70 Unlike other classic servers cap will be 70 not 75. Not a huge deal this is many months off for most players. Mission Rewards will Exist in our Classic 1.5 (Day One) That's right we will have Mission Rewards from day one, if you don't know what I mean by this, this is the system that every time you level you get an item reward you can claim, ie: Escape Scrolls, healing potions, Buff Scrolls, EXP Scrolls etc. and won't wait till classic 2.0. This is extremely important information, since now from day 1, you will have 7-day NG Armor sets and EXP boosters, as well as other bonuses. Beast Shots will be in-game (Day One) Summoners can rejoice, you will be able to obtain Beast Shots/Spiritshots from day one, unlike other servers where this was implemented in 2.0. Fishing and Clarity Stews (Day One) Fishing will be implemented into the game from Day 1, not from 2.0. Also they have Clarity Stews on this server in addition to Emp, so your boxed recharger can stay a SE if you like instead of a EE, and wait for Wild Magic now, instead of going EE for Clarity. Catacombs from Day 1 (Sort of) There will be 2 Catacombs on our server for pre 70 players, starting at 65. What items these mobs drop haven't been discusses, however sealstones/AA wont exist. Attendance Check-In (5 Week) From launch day this classic server will have an attendance check-in system similar to what is on live servers right now, you can check in daily after 30 minutes for a small reward. This will last 5 weeks according to (@Hime i think was the female co-host). No Auction House Like all versions of classic there will be no Auction House, just player shops. Like most servers I expect Monster Derby to be one of the main hubs since its free to teleport too. No Drop on Death (Confirmed) This is finalized and confirmed to not change. Sadly I liked this feature but this is how it is and we have to deal with it. You can still drop due to Karma, but dying to mobs will no longer happen. Devs believed it just encouraged griefing over traditional PvP and decided to remove it. No Loop Macros (Confirmed) There will still be macros ingame, however being able to right click them to loop them has been disabled on our version of classic. This is confirmed and won't change. (Sad again, ah well lol) Modified Classic Client means Community Roll-out of Updates This server is using the current latest Classic Client, not the original Classic 1.5 client, this means, that all future updates technically currently exist on the client ie: Runes, new zones etc. They have modified server side to remove updates/features etc to have it play as a 1.5 server with the QoL changes mention above. This allows them to monitor server progression and roll out updates on the fly without going through the typical (every 6 months new big update coming, lets test it and then roll it out) all features now will be ready working, not big test period, and no set time-frame for roll out. They monitor the server and as soon as it seems majority of the server is at a point to require new content, they can just activate it on the fly and have a small patch roll out with little to no big test periods since its already all technically working just disabled. Launch Time and Official Patch Notes They stated in the stream they have not decided an official launch time (Time of Day) as of yet, just Oct 3. This information will be passed on later in the week along with official patch notes for this server. Lastly, after reading about it on the forums THERE HAS BEEN NO MENTION OF AUTO LEARN SKILLS so this either doesn't exist or they forgot to mention it. I hope this feature doesn't exist as it is terrible to classic. It also doesn't exist on the live servers now so I doubt it will be here. Gotta farm those spellbooks noobs! lol Good luck with Death Whisper, we're all gonna cry.
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    Watching the stream and I already dislike that you can buy soul shots. Selling soul shots was one of the main reasons people chose to play a Dwarf- to make money. By selling their feature in the store for real world money you are pretty much reducing their value as a class substantially. I don't care that they can't be traded either I would like them removed please thanks.
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    If you check the prices in the store on the stream I think you would worry a bit less. As a help I have listed them alle here: Everything here is per 1000 shots SS-No grade: 0,75 USD bSPS-No grade: 3,75 USD SS-D: 1 USD bSPS-D: 5 USD SS-C: 1,75 USD bSPS-C: 8,75 USD When you look at these prices there is just no way that this system will impact the overall economy of the game or crafter's ability to make money. The VAST majority of players will not shell out this kind of money for it to be their "go to source" for acquiring shots. Sure there will be the few people that has 1000 USD to spend on this game and can get their shots here, but lets face it. That's what keeps the game free to play! And to be brutally honest I prefer this system to a store with loads of quick healing potions, CP potions, PVP belts, agathion, you name it... They have to make their money somewhere. This is a good compromise with the players best interest at heart.
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    For making the best decisions on what you want the classic servers to be like. I think every single decision you have made is with love for the players and to provide the best experience. You kept it classic where it mattered and got rid of some annoying things that we shouldn't have to deal with from other classic iterations (including the original one) This is the classic server I want to play! (Even though I'm from the EU) Just like I loved playing there back in 2004+
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    LOLOLOLOL (let me catch my breath to laugh some more) So, I can only assume by these comments that NONE of you have played ANY form of official L2NA at any time in your lives. I make this claim because anyone who has ever played official knows that drop rates are so low that 50% might as well be 500% for all the good it will do. Any meaningful item has a drop chance of >1%. AND... lets not even mention full weap/armor drops. Here is an example for you; Gastraphetes (low D bow), drops from Skeleton Marauder at a rate of........... .01-.05%. So yeah, maybe a VIP player will get an extra animal bone every 20 mobs; OMG TEH HORROR!!!
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    various responses from staff members throughout the years, since the old forum is down and can't link anymore
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    STOP saying you can buy mats from the shop!! You make it sound like you can buy them with real money. No, you can't. You can only buy them with Silver Coins if you have VIP3 or VIP4, which they only drop from mobs, which then , you need like 100 to get 1 Varnish for exemple , and the Silver Coins drop rate, I don't believe you can get more then few/several hundreds daily. So if you say 10 Varnish per day = Dwarfs Killed, then .. yeah Also, SoulShots : 4-5$ for 1k SSD , 10$ for 1k BSSC. Now, do tell me again how Dwarfs are "Killed". I mean, yeah, if you believe that every player is the son of Bill Gates, to pay 50$ for 5 hours of farm, sure, then Dwarfs are "Killed". EDIT: Sorry , I forgot - Bye!
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    Quite sure 100 % of the comunity will agree NO SOULHOT ON STORE we want classic experience RIP the dwarf money maker ...
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    Hello everybody ... We are happy to announce the Creation of our new clan - Reborn. We are looking for English Speaking people that want to have a great time and lots of fun in the new classic server with EXP and PvP .. We are looking for Cp's, Half Cp's or Solo Players that are looking for a clan to start this new journey with. We are dedicated to success on our server, but we also know that life happens..this is a game and we treat it as such. If you are interested in being a part of this family you can make a post in our forum : https://rebornclan.enjin.com/ Teamspeak use is required. Hoping to see you soon! Regards, SpartianGuard
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    The title is self-explanatory. We are getting a mixed up version of classic, so we have to know if all skills from 2.5 will be available for all classes. New dance/songs, summon pet soulshots, etc.
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    Igual van a terminar absorbidos o quiteando.
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    Good job. Wait to see you there. Bom trabalho. Espero encontrar vocês lá.
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    When you buy soul shots from a dwarf your buying our crushed dreams. end of story. So you can take your "PERIOD" AND CHANGE IT TO A "COMMA", CAUSE THERES A LOT MORE TOSAY. Ncsoft needs to give us an alternative source by providing us with safe, ethical soul shots free of greedy dwarfs. The L2 store offers people who are not morally bankrupt to buy a supply of soul shot we can trust wasn't made off the back of some poor bleepin' sap who roled orc and crushed his cestas. NOW bleepIN "PERIOD".
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    Its normal bring a nice ping to both continents... This servers are createds to make money and EU players have a lot of that
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    You're an idiot if you really think the crystals ONLY come from failed OE. People get items on drops and don't need them so they crystallize them ON PURPOSE, or in case of D-grade actually buy items in the store and crystallize those, so don't go saying people only get them from OE. Also don't blame the dorfs for the prices of crystals because it's the idiots that sell the crystals at such high prices that drag the prices of shots upwards. You don't have to sell to a dorf, but instead can do something else called "sell shops" Sell the crystals for what you want and if someone wants to buy them at your huge price they will if not don't whine about it. PERIOD.
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    The initial quest will be level progression as it is 2.5 current starting at the newbie helper? or will it be as before with the weapons quest of each lv10 + race? please answer to get organized
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    I hope @Juji will make statement about location of servers and if Giran will be suppoerted for better connection for Europe players or not. This is important.
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    You also, the players, can control bots, report bots when you see, train them, block them, don't buy with real money from them.
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    Hasta el momento informaron que se pueden abrir 3 clientes, pero queda pendiente si son por server o en general, ya que el mismo launcher podes jugar los otros servidores.
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    There is some delay, like a 0.5s.
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    Subclasses - no one knows, don't believe they exist yet in KR classic, so unlikely anyone can answer yet Adena is autopickup, other loot is not Should expect crafting/drop rates to be same as Skelth, so yes very important, not the nerfed GOD version Believe devs have said they don't ever want to follow the GOD path on classic of class consolidation and way the game evolved after that point, so I wouldn't expect rhythms or most 85+ skills to ever be here. Could of course change their minds in the future. We do get 5 minute s/d on release though Yes, books/amulets will be required. 20-39 books are sold in grocery, 40+ need to be farmed. Might be one or two exceptions, but that's the basic idea. Attributes are out on skelth now, don't know all the details, but would try to look up patch notes there. At least there it's not a store thing, but possible we get something different. Brooches/cloaks are available through store in kr/jp, not eu/ru(?). Lots of people have an opinion of which way NA will go, unlikely we'll get a direct answer from Juji other than that they aren't there on release. Don't know on the other questions
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    if u spent more time looking for a job instead of complaining about pay2win ud be able to pay2win like me.
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    You have the right client, sir. On the launch day you will have to download an update of 2 GB and then the Classic servers will appear on your Server Selection Screen.
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    I am from Belgium, and i tried Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla, and it still doesnt work Ok, i tried the language technique, and it worked well ! Thanks for the hint buddy. Greetings from a Belgian player (and probably the only one here ahaha)
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    Anything more than 1 box will make my gf furious
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    I dont even think this guy builds the body in rl if he does he should prove it
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    No idea if you play the main version or not but L2 is quite crazy nowadays. Some players spend 30k-50k usd a year in this game, 100 bucks for shots is peanuts money for them. Think this way. There is no crafter at the start of the game or for a few days. Someone wants to level faster than you giving the same time. What do they do? Buy the starting packs, achieve level 4 VIP for more xp and pve damage, buy xp scrolls from shop, buy ss from shop for more damage. All translated to faster xp per hour at the start of the game. He/she (and their clan) will be able to kill that random level 40 boss because he/she has the level and better damage with ss while you're probably still level 20. He will get D grade gear from boss to gear itself, sell for adena or make crystals for more ss. Killing enough bosses will probably give enough to get ss with ingame meanings and stop buying from store. With better gear and better level he/she will be able to hunt harder mobs and bosses for more xp and adena. That is how things escalate (snowball), from smaller things like little advantages. Of course that this scenario only matters to competitive players.
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    dagger have hide / SS ? SE has stigma / mass stigma ? @Juji
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    Guys, the silver coin drop only for white mobs and the rate is very low, it's hard to get this mats from L2Store. The soulshots, man, 4us to 30min exp? madness. I'm not worried at all, just fine until now.
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    Hey hello @SoyCora I watched the pre-launch stream and I saw the SS and BSS available on L2Store, but did you saw the price? It's not cheap at all, I think that you guys does not have to think or care about it, the dwarfs will rule the marketing with no loss.
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    If i get the Chronicle launch pack, do i get tier 3 VIP status ? I don't know if just purchase 2000 Ncoins or get the Chronicle Pack.
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    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/315891433 Time: 28:05 - Pay more attention peeps
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    Soul Shots on the store appear to be very expensive, and even for the whales would be idiots to invest. Even in classic, soul shots were generally affordable for leveling, but when in larger groups you would save and turn them off. I personally believe that SS on the market will reduce the likelihood of price gouging and keep the market cost of SS more reliable/steady and those investing in SS via the market are simply wasting their money. None of the items thus far on the market i would consider 'pay to win' but rather 'pay to level faster', to which, given this is a FREE GAME, i have absolutely no issues with.
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    Both players and a staff member answered your question but you still didn't understand? What will it take for you to realize that the only EURO aspect of a server offered by NCWEST is the TimeZone?
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    @Juji @Hime I've been playing Lineage 2 since release, on and off again and I've not once posted to the forums in over 14 years of playing. I do however read majority of the threads and although against my nature not to jump in on complain trains like this, I do want to add my opinion on this as it hits hard on the nostalgia for me. I have to agree that I would also like the shots/mats removed from the L2Store. I'll admit I've spent my fair share buying items in the store over the years. It's what it took to stay competitive in retail as the game advanced. However, the "Struggles" is what I look forward to the most with Classic. Joining AoE parties to save a few adena here and there, grinding non-stop with no ss's to save even more, etc. I also have to admit that I do not believe this will "significantly" impact Dwarfs or Crafters but it does impact player level progression. Not having tons of adena to buy SS/BSS and not having access to SS/BSS in the L2Store was another bottleneck that made you slow down your leveling by turning off SS's so you could save the extra money for a new weapon, or new piece of armor upgrade. It's why I love hardcore leveling games like L2Classic. You had to be conservative, think about every single SS you used or item you bought, plan way ahead, etc. and the few that took the time to make Dwarfs up-front reaped the rewards. Just my opinion and it seems like majority of the player base is on the same complain train with me.
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    im super cool with the ss in the store get fcked on plebs
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    Sometime next week they will be posted.
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    D grade SS's are in the Giran Shop which you can buy with Adena. Is that making you NOT to craft SSD's ? It costs 80 NcCoins to buy 1k of SSD's and 700 NcCoins to buy 1k BSSC's. Now tell me again, how will the majority of players will spend around 10 euros/usd for 1k BSSC's. Waiting for your "awesome" explication of how crafters are ruinned.
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    Shots are completely ok, but mats is a big thing, we'll have to see, possibly a lot of player will have easy gear if they pay up, still doesn't stop me from playing my own game as I still expected, but some players will have a lot of edge to set the pacing of the server with those, shots are just people crying for no reason, they are untradeable, do you think everyone is gonna buy shots for real money? c'mon... dwarves still 200% core...
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    Definitely, the store shouldn't have shots.
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    Shots & mats... And then they're like "Oh you don't really have to go all the way to level 4..." It probably has more chances of dropping more silver. How am I supposed to be a crafter now...
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    literally the only group looping macro benefits is farmers, it kind of blows my mind people are so short sighted and blind to the obvious. Same goes for picking up adena and all the other "QOL" which just automates gameplay. The biggest group crying about it are the casuals, which will absolutely benefit the most from removing it. It's a simple concept really. Removal of automation will keep inefficient players relatively closer to efficient players in wealth, exp, and power. That's a huge net gain for casuals. Casuals will still make boxes and drag them behind their DD just fine, you buff (and even s/d) and go. The players it affects are those who make the 9 man trains on 3 pc's or VM's to farm adena. The very same people the casual players hate. It's really that simple. Embrace it, casuals.
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    Because the game is F2P. So everyone gets to start the same day. Just because you buy a founder pack does not mean you deserve an privilege beyond what is already included in the package you purchased. The person who does not buy a pack does not get the XP bonus, etc that you get. So stop whining.
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    Keep gear out of the cash shop. Don't instance all the raids Don't nerf drops/spoils Police the PvP scripters. Provide regular updates Viola. You just made majority of private servers obsolete and have player-made content for years to come.
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    I personally would not open 2 servers at the same time. I would open just one, and put the second one as backup/followup in case the traffic & participation is high. In that case I would open a second server 48 hours later beginning of the weekend on Friday October 5th. Also I strongly suggest to open under average GMT. GMT-2/-3 I have no clue what your bussiness model will look like for the future of the in-game store. In case of altered store functions (like JP) in near future I would like to see two different type of servers. I would prefer you make a subscription (VIP system only) type server and a L2 Store altered version for future use/purpose type server. Let the players choose which version they would like to play on. Alot of my friends, including myself do not enjoy any longer the type of gameplay, Pay2Win, where you offer exclusive items, only obtainable by store. Where Players can get significant stat boost advantages over other freemium Players. I know really alot of players willing to come back under the subscription VIP only server settings like old times sake and enjoy playing without the influence of the in-game store. As long it will be Cosmetics, XP/SP Runes, basic Consumables and such its all fine. I guess we will see at Twitch Friday next.