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    We are a group of Swedish players and we will be joining Giran, see you guys ingame
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    We are a semi casual Clan. When I say casual I mean we're just a bunch of people here to play Lineage 2. We're not here to make you sign a million documents and applications just to play games. We fully plan on grinding heavy and keeping up with the best. Looking for people in the older age range as we are all adults I'm not gonna close it off because every person is different so ill go by a person by person basis. Most of use are also Experience L2 players that are here for the Nostalgia and good times from a game we loved at launch. So if this sounds like what your looking for pop into discord and say hi. Feel free to pop into discord and ask anymore questions if you have them! https://discord.gg/jzFrh2H (updated 10/7/18) for more invites.
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    Before this game kicks off, it occured to me by reading these forums a minority of you, need lessons in maybe not so much common sense but good sense. This game does not suffer fools well. While you're all veterans I have an inkling some of you are gonna fall for the same shit you did 15 years ago because its in your DNA. For the new people they're gonna fall for this shit because every MMO starting after WoW has basically been a Day Care for Adult children the likes that fall for Nigerian email scams. This is like captain obvious stuff. What makes this game great is the open sand box, player driven content and dare I say conflict. Don't trade your important Gear. NcSoft will not help you. For months and months we're going to see these posts that NCsoft allowed this to happen. No. You allowed it to happen. The majority of people don't believe they should help you. I don't believe they should help you. I have only once traded gear. Don't trade what you can't afford to lose. Why? cause there is no reason too. You work hard for your gear in this game. Soul bound items have ruined the feeling of games in order to protect the stupid and to limit player experience. My Experience of this in L2 CH1 - I remember a player called Bishop who I ran Cruma and grouped with for 4 months. He asked to see my Cestas, he begged and I finally let him use them. He immediately logged off for an hour. I cried, I raged I went through every emotion a 12 year old girl does when she realizes boys are jerks for the first time. Thankfully, he logged back on, laughed and traded them back and said "never do that again". I didn't. A lot of you will learn this lesson the hard way and you're veterans. Do me a favour if this is you right now; bite down on the side of your desk and ask anyone in the house to kick you in the back of the head. Pro-Tip - People can duplicate names in this game by interchanging i for L. If you're dumb enough to trade your important gear, pay attention to this trick cause Killswitch and Kiiiswitch can look identical in game. Please share your experiences of trading equipment. Some shared scams in this thread;
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    Good morning everyone. After having read most of the posts that people post, I decided to make this post to make a summary that understands everything that people have placed, because many things that I read did not make sense. The GM @Hime and @Juji must take as soon as the POINTS that affected the other Server and that Chronos and Naia are currently being affected and for which ZAKEN, BARTZ and FREYA had to close them. If you want to maintain the ORIGINALITY of the CLASSIC L2, you should focus all efforts on the following points. 1. Remove the AUTO Macros, (Pick) 2. Remove the SS and BSS from the Grocerys and L2Store. Since that takes away jobs from the dwarf crafters. 3. Remove the Dual Box, to be able to open 3 accounts that only allow 2 and 1 of them that can not leave the city, that is so that people do not play ONLY. 4. Perform Random Monitoring of the server to prevent bots and sales of adena x real money. 5. Respect the rules that have already been implemented not to sell ITEMS as in the other chronicles that give an exaggerated advantage to donors. Remember that L2 in the beginning were Pay 2 Play and everything was very good and it was at its best, and if you want to recreate that again, we who support L2 from its beginnings are willing to do it, BUT on the condition that let's not go back to the topic of BOTS, sale of items x real money and sale of Adenas x Real Money. Thanks and I hope this helps and they read me and take my comment into account. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buenas a todos. Después de haber leído la mayoría de los post que coloca las personas, he decidido hacer este post para realizar un resumen que se entienda todo lo que las personas han colocado, porque muchas cosas de las que leí no tenían sentido. Los GM @Hime y @Juji deben de tomar en cuanto las COSAS PUNTUALES que afectaron a los demás Server y que actualmente están siendo afectado Chronos y Naia y por los que ZAKEN, BARTZ y FREYA tuvieron que cerrarlos. Si quieren Mantener la ORIGINALIDAD del L2 CLASICO, deben de enfocar todos los esfuerzos en los siguientes puntos. 1. Quitar las Macros AUTOS, (Pick) 2. Quitar los SS y BSS de los Grocerys y de L2Store. Ya que eso le quita trabajo a los enanos crafters. 3. Quitar el Dual Box, de poder abrir 3 cuentas que solo se permitan 2 y 1 de ellas que no pueda salir de la ciudad, eso es para que las personas no jueguen SOLO. 4. Realizar Monitoreo Aleatorio del server para prevenir bots y ventas de adena x dinero real. 5. Respetar las reglas que ya tienen implantadas de no vender ITEMS como en las demás crónicas que le dan una ventaja exagerada a los donadores. Recuerden que L2 en sus inicios eran Pay 2 Play y todo era muy bueno y estaba en sus mejores momentos, y si ustedes quieren recrear eso de nuevo, nosotros los que apoyamos a L2 desde sus inicios estamos dispuesto hacerlo, PERO con la condición de que no volvamos a vivir el tema de los BOTS, venta de ítems x dinero real y venta de Adenas x Dinero Real. Gracias y espero que esto ayude y me lean y tomen mi comentario en cuenta.
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    This is the guy Kadden that sits around his discord circle jerkin' with his friends and muting anyone with a better personality than his group. I've seen like 10 people muted just because they said something funny against his "tribe". Notice how he says "our server" and "we" were here, he's not talking about an inclusive community. He's talking about him. Basically this Kadden kids the equivalent of the kid that takes his bat and ball and goes home if you say anything he doesn't agree with. I don't know who this Convict is but I believe him. I should probably see if I can still sign in to Chronicle pack I purchased if Kadden hasn't stolen it yet. Thanks for providing us with a safe place away from censorship and nerd elitest trying to take advantage of an honest community.
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    ur server is where they scam and its a scam hole nah ur trash dude gtfo...this discord will be for everybody not your russian scam friends
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    I think Destroyer, he is not so mobile as Tyrant but have more dps and less SS consumption, that is vary important on an early stage
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    Here's a good video on it. They're completely different styles. Play whichever suits you best. In that I mean the prophet requires way more micro when trioing.
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    Giran will be filled with nonfactors / casuals from EU and few adena farmers from Russia.
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    Yes, on stream Juji said it'll give u a scroll to get enough points for VIP lvl 3.
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    Reasons? I really like the dagger class One of my favorite. I would go with Elf dagger that is. As above, why SE then EE? I might, lol. But not in the real meaning. My main will be a dagger Spoiler is ...you know, Adena plz!! :))
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    They have "craft" shops available. But if you need, for example, to crystallize item, you need to give them a trade, so be care full in this case
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    I would also like to point out that crafting in this game is essential and is an area where people scam as well. You NEED Dwarves to craft stuff for you. In the versions that i remember playing, they didn't have "craft" shops available, so you actually had to give a dwarf the mats to craft what you wanted. ADVICE: If you do not know the dwarf (no matter how much you think you can trust them) do not trade crafting mats that you can't afford to lose. I stupidly did that back in the day trying to craft some top c grade dagger or something. Was a lot of my hard-work gone for someone else's profit.
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    i can drink vodka and heal and pew pew ))S
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    Perhaps they have no solution (most likely), or don't feel they can say anything at all without giving their strategy away (highly unlikely). But F2P (which I dislike) and no drop on death (which I like) do both make policing bots harder. I suspect the only solution is if NCWest has, and diligently uses, software that actually detects bot programs and perma-bans the bot accounts. NCWest should also set up a sting operation. Open a fake RMT site with bargain rates, take requests for a while, then perma-ban everyone who applied to pay real money. My two cents. I just wish they wouldn't ignore the issue, like they did at Friday's presentation. BTW, when I say "bots" I intend to include scripts and all other illegal programs. After 15 years, isn't it about time NCWest got serious about stopping these game-killers?
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    Tienen que crearse un pj en Naia o Chronos para postear y esperar 1 hora. Es el filtro antinewbies.
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    Valakas Retributer stage 3
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    Any option with auto shouldn’t be implemented into classic
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    Do you also want autoskill and buff shop?
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    Where to farm adena 1) The easiest and legit way - spend real money, buy stuff in l2 store and resell to players for adena The rest of ways ...... all need hard work and/or not legit example... make account with 7 toon lvl85, go farm zaken nonstop i got 7 account with 7 toon each (total 49 toons), get a friend and log as boxes, you only need 2 or 3 wynn in event gear to kill in reasonable time side income of leveling from lvl1-85, each toon leveled is easy 50+m (from mentee coins) or sell mentee coins to ppl who need to complete exalted quest 49 toons x 50m each = 2.5b and futures nonstop zaken farming how long to level toon level 1-85? if hit all the raid boss, i do it in 3-5 hours best toon to level for me is earthia evi, bonus of getting a dual class of my choice at level 85 and the best part ....... it is way way more fun than playing at level 99+ other adena making ways - OE stuffs / buy and sell stuffs / some instance make adena / scam people / ask clannies help hope this helps
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    Casual player from Poland and I'll join Giran
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    This. The one truth!
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    Damn. Sorry to hear you're still banned from simply boxing. Where does it even state the rules of this crap?
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    Naw I just dont want full onset carpal tunnel after 5 mins
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    >>Obviously you've never played Eve
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    Is funny to see you troll people Its even funnier to see you rage because you honestly tried to help and people pretty much ignored you 10/10
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    we never opened any server with -8 on EU, coz they were for EU, they're opening a server on EU timezone, therefore we expect some support on this matter
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    Probably Giran - from Poland, but we'll see after launch
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    Smart decision removing drop on death. Just encouraged ppl to scam others for their items with stun, fake death, anchor, silence, cancellation etc. instead of crafting their own stuff like it's supposed to be. Drop on death will NOT help combat bots. Back in the day we had drop on death and bots were everywhere anyway. Nobody will stop what they are doing to hunt bots and try to make the mobs kill them.
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    sorry boys europes a 3rd world country cant change that
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    Leatrix is free. http://www.leatrix.com/leatrix-latency-fix
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    We have no plans to introduce the Quick Healing/Instant Potions to Classic. The CP Potions were already removed from the Vendor NPC in Giran and will not be sold in the L2 Store. The C-Grade Soulshots were shown on the Stream in the store, but they will not be available at launch (only No-grade and D-Grade). We had the store set several weeks into the future at the time of the stream, but we may change our current plans for having C-Grade in the store. B-Grade was not even considered.
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    Anything more than 1 box will make my gf furious
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    People already made one : https://discord.gg/v3DKXt
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    bots are no longer a problem on retail so it makes sense they think they can control them on classic.
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    I'm on Naia and don't care for chronos, but the screens are really ... not great. Oly win 26k dmg to zero on your Sayha Seer. Sounds like a hellish funny and interesting match. Not.
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    No.It's a big abomination that "classic" thing.
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    Yeah that way you can get all the benefits from being fully afk. Get lost, Respectfully of course.
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    1 VIP - 3 boxes, 0 VIP - 1 box. And you will forget what bots and rmt are.