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    Hello! Ever since Classic has been released in North America I've felt that something was wrong, after spending the last two days testing things out I decided to do this little project today to illustrate how much the western versions of Classic differ from each other. So I made a Classic on Aden and one on Skelth and set out to see what the differences would be in their early leveling process. Whenever I'm talking about the character on Aden I'll be referring to it as NA from this point forward. Whenever I'm talking about Skelth(the european server) I'll be referring to it as EU from this point forward. The acronyms will also be used for their servers (Giran/Talking Island/Aden as NA) (Skelth as EU). Whenever I'm talking about the Japanese Classic servers I'll be referring to it as JP from this point forward. A few points to consider before reading any further: NA had a VIP level of 0 during the test. EU's level 5 XP/SP Rune was not used. NA and EU consumed their daily hunting fruit. NA and EU leveled after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. With this test I wanted to check the differences between both western versions of Classic, special attention was put into: XP/SP Adena Drop Rate One Human Fighter was created in both clients and killed the same amount of enemies. They completed the Cedric's Training Hall Newbie Quest and talked to the Newbie Guide in TI, then completed the level 2 Newbie Quest and picked a WAND as reward. 5 Over-hits were performed during the entire test for both NA and EU. The testing wielded the exact same results early on, which confused me. But as soon as the characters started fighting higher level mobs the XP disparity became apparent. By the time the quest was completed, this is the difference between the acquired XP/SP and Adena. And here's the differences in drops: Hello again! Now we've added JP to the list of tests! Please pay attention to the conclusions! (This test wasn't conducted by me, credits goes to Fragola. Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/320497699) A few points to consider before reading any further: JP had a VIP level of 0 during the test. JP completed the quests after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. The Test Goals and Test Format are the same as NA and EU and so I won't repeat those portions here, only the findings from the JP test. Same XP as NA/EU on Gremlins. Same XP as NA on VIP 0 but the adena drop is almost double and even higher than EU's! While the difference in XP will definitely become more noticeable and bothersome at higher levels, the difference in adena and drops is what truly makes both Classic versions feel alien to one another. EU had 4 full item drops including a weapon while NA had a single full item drop. The materials acquired by EU were also in higher amounts and diversity than in NA. The difference in adena only becomes more noticeable as the levels grow higher and the difference increases exponentially. VIP Level 4 gives exactly +25% XP/SP which is what is needed to make NA's experience the same as EU in terms of leveling. The VIP Drop Rate bonuses however do not fix the disparity between the adena/drop ratio. JP matches NA when it comes to XP/SP at Vip 0 but has over the double adena drops. JP is also a F2P server much like NA, with different VIP tier bonuses that are compared under these conclusions. To acquire VIP Level 4 one must spend 50$ and sustain it monthly by spending at least 15$. Per account. To even be allowed to play in EU one must pay a 10€ subscription or a 25€ three-month subscription fee. Per account. Below you can see a table comparing the VIP benefits of JP(on top) and NA(under). You can see how the drop rate is much more dramatically affected in JP than in NA. *Please don't take the results of this small test as hard facts, instead try your own testing and see the results you can achieve. This post was made to try to better inform the staff members and players of our current situation. I hope NA Classic will get patched to be more similar to EU in terms of drops and adena. I also believe the Vip system should be a bonus and not a return to "normal" rates. For this test the monster Goblin Brigand was killed roughly around 30 times by both NA and EU. This time NA had a VIP 3 bonus. XP in EU was doubled for some kills because of the level 5 100% XP/SP rune. The characters were level 12 dwarves. Here are the results NA was actually able to buy 10 BSS not 9. Full test: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/319666259
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    Well. Our cp with 9 ppl leaving for now. Until they fix drops/spoil. Problem is not in that we dont have adena or gear. We have that. Problem is other people wont play here. In the end, at lvl 60+ only few cp's gonna be, we will fight each other, but most ppl dont play in CP and they dont manage their adena and mats income. They will just leave the server . So WE dont see any point playing the game for now since in the end we wont have with who to play with. You will see soon people that where is few cps are 50 lvl +- and others will hit wall at 40 and just leave ) Peace. P.s. why im sure ppl will leave? Because guys who play in cp are nolifers and knows everything about l2. We just know how to hold things and what to buy, what to farm and how to farm. Other ppl wont do it first of all because u cant do it solo or even with just random party... you need cp. And as I said most ppl are solo/duo here. No offense
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    I love how ppl talking about "hardcore L2 experience" in version where you can't lose your gear... If you get less adena it's not hardcore. it's just takes more time to grind mobs or l2shop.
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    We are investigating whether Adena is scaling correctly or not at higher levels. I will update this thread when I hear back from the dev team.
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    Please give it a thought and open a second server for GMT users. There is like 0 chance to login in Giran, I have been trying for the past 5 days with no success.
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    Okay, we get it, you're cool, you enjoy the hardcore L2 experience. But then there's remaining 9 out of 10 ppl who just ask themselves - why should I be forced to get VIP and buy stuff from L2store to make a progress? You're acting as if there was no alternative to this server, but I checked the illegal server forum is starting to get filled with "I quitted offic, which char do I start here" kind of threads. And this is your fault, whoever defends these crooked rates. It's been several days since any admins showed up here, and it's because you whiteknights do their job instead of pushing them to fix this.
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    i dont think this will ever happen. even spoil is broken l2wiki it says 70-75% = 1-5 stem here it is 10-12% = 1 stem. 35 times lower?
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    It's okay bois, nothing wrong. I'm getting 60a per mob in dwarf starter zone at lvl 6, but only 140 per lvl 40 gargoyle in IT crater.
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    we have to farm cruma tower for 8h JUST to teleport Aden for daily dungeon of abyss :D:D:D:D::D:D::D:D: ?????????????????????????????????????????? also the multipliers like 1-3 mats / keys on SPOIL* and drop are broken. spoil is like x0.03 on some mobs. ( not x0.3 but 0.03) cuz multiplier is just not there. and to everyone saying l2p bla bla. gtfo u and ur trash mage aoe party. u are only "ahead" cuz u play some broken mechanic cuz NCsoft love mages.
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    As others have said; you leveled too fast. Option A: Start your gear grind. My honest advice; hold off on C grade and work on farming the key parts for top D. For you that would be Scallop Jamadhrs and Salamander (could save for C armor as well). Unlike old L2, top D is feasible for a bit later because it benefits more from enchants than in the past and, melee weaps only use 1 SS. Additionally; Moon armor is closer to mid/low D than Top. The ability to even +3/4 Salamander (in addition to its already higher base PDef) makes it quite a bit better than Moon. Both of the Key parts for these items drop from various Timak Orcs which you should be able to kill. Other Top D weap parts drop as well so you should be able to barter as needed. Slow down, develop a plan, and recognize that focusing primarily on levels is counterproductive. Option B: RMT
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    Hi Admin, Good job for your hard work, I have no issue on this queue system. Why? because back on the day when we are playing GOD it was very frustrating that the server is too lag and difficult to play because server are full of people. But now, it's different we can play smoothly even our location is on the other side of the world. Let's go to our topic. We have bunch of people playing from south east asia. If you guys planning to create a new server please consider south east asia. Thanks and have a good day! Kramlig
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    Hello, I am playing a Spoiler and i just got to level 36, people keep telling me the spoil rates are fine...i decided to take matters into my own grubby dwarf hands and try to gather some more info. I spoiled 100 Leto Lizardman Archers: All spoils landed ( i used lvl 36 spoil skill that has almost 100% landrate on the mobs in question.) 100 mobs is indeed a small sample pool. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Leto_Lizardman_Archer Results : 1x Mithril Banded Gaiters Material 5x Leather Video proof: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/326055593 The test starts @ 3h:56min includes chat window with "spoil condition activated " highlighted. On the EU server that mob has a 19.87% — 24.47% chance for Leather and a 8.211% — 10.027% chance for Mithril Banded Gaiters Material. I know the EU serv and the US server are totally different...not contesting that, i just want an official answer from a GM that this is the correct rate for the US server. Please keep the conspiracy theories/"PRO l2 input" to a minimum and lets have a nice constructive discussion. I invite other spoilers to post similar tests...lets get to the bottom of this thing! PS: i know the posted behind me fell off the wall, im guessing it tried killing itself when it realised how much it will take to grind for enough leather to craft 1 pice of B grade armor.
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    Hello, does anyone else had same problem with GMs? 3 weeks ago, i made a trade with my main char. It was a normal trade where twice pressed ok button. In that trade i got for example an R99 hvy set. I moved that set to my iss coz he needed it. Now, weeks after that trade a GM removed the Set and adena coz i should have scammed anyone? Iam asking myself, how should that work, when the account of my iss just do trades with myself? If the guy scammed things and trade it with me later...how the f. should i know that this items are scammed? If u remove the items i got....so please make sure that i get my things that i trade away back.... In the Ticket GMs just answer with standard phrases. They dont give any explanation what happens and when. So dear GMs, tell us how should we make trades in future? Everything we trade can be scammed before and we cant know it. Will u keep removing items from victims? Regards danaiss
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    All I ask is to bring spoil rates back to where it's humanly possible to play as bounty hunter. If you want me to get VIP4 it's OK. But I want normal spoil rates like on EU. Where in a several human hours I can spoil stuff I want and be happy about it. Even if it's VIP4 only. Make a freaking something about it. Because right now spoil rates are only suited for 24/7 bot farming. Whole class is useless if played manually. Again I don't mind paying for VIP4 if it works. But right now spoil is broken. Please fix it.
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    Figured I would share with you guys. Took a level 34 character and grouped it with a level 20 box. When the two were not partied, non overhit kills would give 2,600 exp. Grouped with the box I would get 3,250 xp and the Box would get 250 xp. Mobs I was killing were level 33. (Breka Orc Warriors) This has been confirmed and is consistent. Things that have been tested that are confirmed to not work Level 1 with a Level 28, Level 1 got no xp. vs white mobs Level 18 with a Level 34, No xp for Level 18, Reduced XP for 34 vs white mobs Confirmed to work Level 20 with a Level 34. Exp for level 20, bonus for level 34 Level 21 with a level 34. Exp for level 21, About 50 xp less for level 34 compared to above test Unsure why this works but right now the theory is grouping with a char 10-15 levels under you and killing white and green mobs with give you the party multiplyer for xp, then because the char is too low it allocates some of that addtional xp to the highest level character. Im looking to try and confirm more testing on this to narrow down the range. Im thinking 15 levels will be max to be able to farm white mobs to get this bonus. Looking to confirm the following: - Range of level for bonus xp - Assumption is 10-15 levels - 1 low level and 2 higher levels. Do both players get bonus? What range? - 2 low level and 1 higher level. Does this provide an even greater bonus for bonus xp? Happy testing guys!
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    I made a Highlight of the stream that jumps straight at the start of the test : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/326186139 and since i cant edit my post anymore...here it is.
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    now reading this, i'm wondering why people compare this to 2004? replace the year with late 2005, when we had c4, and the situation is totally different. everything was a lot more easier for many years, a few times more easier than the current eu (skelth) server. from 2004 to 2005 is just a year, from 2005 to 2011 (god patch) it's a lot more years. even the beginning is proved (with the prima guide) to have more adena drops than now. now i'm not against people liking harder content, some are masochists like that. but i'm against people comparing, telling it was harder back then when it was not. it's just that people now have accumulated all that experience from the past and put it to good use now, while in the past we were just admiring the environment for days doing nothing in the game. in the past it was all a journey, an adventure, nobody knew what to do. today we went straight to being efficient and skipped all that.
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    there is a problem there. playing with the market doesn't generate adena. killing stuff generates adena. the market is only for few players, this is why it works. if a few thousands of players would start 'playing with the market', none would have more than they started with. i play with a coin, doesn't seem to generate more of it.
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    I don't know what kind shitty spoiling you're doing but this is 100% incorrect. I spoil every day out of party and I get 8+ spoils every single train. You know spoil festival has a limit on the # of mobs it lands on and you have to cast it more than once during large trains, right?
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    Spoil rates are fine.
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    150 bones is a pretty decent sample size for testing 70% rate. It would start getting small for rates below 10%
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    Your enemies have DW, while you are conveniently hiding [party] buffs and showing a mage char in the video.
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    So we will have a real 1x drop rate of adena or you will keep this sux rate to people purchase more and more to get NCOINS and save adena in game to buy a little stuff. CAN WE HAVE A ANSWER??
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    Sir, report the bots. Open a ticket. But stop opening a new Topic everytime you find a bot. we know there are bots, we know there are adena sellers. Admins, gm's and devs also know it. go play
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    ppl need to split this out between a weapon for PVE & PVP as those are 2 different requirements the old PVP requirements still hold true: - fastest attack speed for more & higher chance of skill interrupt - pvp'd used to have buff cancel effect - SwS is support and shouldn't focus on doing dps in pvp but in staying alive while harassing healers/buffers - shield for lowering damage taken dagger is imho still the best option for PVP PVE can be whatever works best for your personal play style
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    This is supposed to be hardcore, if you cant handle it, then leave. ok thx, bye!!
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    Yeah the biggest problem with VIP - it doesn't fix anything. I would be fine if with VIP4 we would have classic rates like on l2wiki and reduced rates without VIP. It's fine. Game is F2P. But right now adena/drop/spoil rates are literally broken and do not make any sense.
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    Recently, we've been trying to lvl in AOE spots, and we always get frustrated with random players KSing. In old times, we would just PK these guys and move on, however current PK system is extremely unfair, and makes PKing others not worthy. Therefore, I would like to suggest that you bring back the old sin eater quest, which allow us to clean pks, otherwise lvling will continue to be a nightmare.
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    "The best way to determine if how you are using these devices is a violation or not is by asking yourself "Can a normal keyboard/mouse combination replicate the same behavior?" If how you are using the programmable device can be done through a regular mouse/keyboard combination, then you won't have anything to worry about" Reading is le hard. I'll make it easier to understand for you, if you are using the Razer mouse or Nostromo you can set the extra keys to perform an in-game macro or skill, however once you set the key to start performing more than 1 skill or macro per click it's illegal.
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    quest only till 25. maybe 20 ~25 on spider nest kill spider, unstuck and got 3,5k adena. fater this, go to Abandoned Camp and make your home for 2 or 3 lvl. After can u try Dion Hills, Cruma marshland. Do not forgot in the lvl 25 get quest Set moon ( set D ) on Gludin.
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    1) What enchants?! You cannot spoil EAD/EWA. They only drop. So , gl & hf getting them. 2) Are we playing the same game?! All weapons no matter the grade, uses 1 SS in classic ……… ( https://l2wiki.com/classic/Elven_Bow exemple of NOT a melee weapon ) 3) ………….. how is this a problem for him?! Higher P.Def ? Explain to me how. I mean it . 4) Drop weapon parts?! :)) Btw, what's your level ?! 5) I really want to know your level now with this 'slow down and develop a plan'. What .. plan do you have? How do you manage to be productive? You don't need to give us your secret productive idea, but .. just some hints. Option B: RMT. There you go people. If you cannot come with a "master plan to be productive" , your only option is to RMT. And this comes from a white knight of NcSoft.
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    Amazing how people says "You leveled too fast". I mean really ? Is his fault for the bonus XP which NcSoft has been giving and fcked up the rates and managed to ruin the balance between leveling and progression ?! Stop saying to people "You leveled too fast". That's his style of play. Who are you to tell him "Nope! That's not how you should play". In beauty in Lineage 2, is that you can play however you want. But not on this server. In a normal Classic server with normal rates, there should be no issues with Leveling vs Gear Progression, but here we are, telling people to stop leveling, or join a clan of you want to progress. ………..at level 40! Pathetic.
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    Really ? Is that what you can say to him ? Go and spoil other trains?! How many mobs did you kill in 1 hour? ( which as I know, that's actually more then 1 hour because people tend to lie when they defend something ). 1k mobs ? 130 Suede !!! Meaning a rate of a bit more then 10% spoil rate which is pathetic!! Also, those are very basic material which costs … 140 adena ? So that's 14k in 1 hour plus, without spending shots and with the help of an entire party. Now, what if you go in a party as a spoiler and share the spoil ?! 130:9 , well , 15 Suede each after 1+ hour of MASS spoil. Congratz! Thanks for pointing out how bad the spoil rates are.
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    The most flawed logic. You don't want to help people as you don't want competition. When people do not progress and quit you will not have competition.
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    Calling you a moron isn't a "personal attack." He is offensive in his manner of posting to be sure, but if you really call that a "personal attack" then his judgement about your intelligence is spot on.
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    You're completely right that NCwest gets patches from NCsoft. Iceage wasn't arguing that. He's stating that NCsoft's internal structure isn't his problem as a consumer.
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    There is confirmed a problem with the server rates. Look no further than Skelth. Anyone who says otherwise has simply not done their research on the topic and should be disregarded as nothing more than forum trolls, especially given the fact that all they have in their argument is "well i like it and u r wrong". Would definitely recommend to discontinue playing the servers. I can't think of a single p-r-iv-a-te server that was ran nearly as badly as this supposed official server.
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    servers have 20k+ players and here on the forums it's the same 5 guys qqing about not being able to have adena and threatening to quit the game they shouldnt care at all about what's here
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    This kind of bullshit was definitely not part of my classic experience 12 years ago.
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    You killed my hype thank you.At least i can enjoy the game till lvl40 for now slowly, then i will quit again till they *fix* their rates till lvl52 or sth so we complain again.In 2 years maybe we will have a complete version of the game lol
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    i belive that you sir, will be very pleased i did a small extracurricular activity at that spot i started with a few: then more: Then more: then even more: and the lucky number was 64 pks all there to afk players
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    Stop crying, there are people who have been playing for years and have their armor + 10 and their weapon + 12 and full RB jewelry with sacrifice, "BUT WEAR YEARS" .. Others have been a couple of months and want everything for free, free event, free items .. If you do not like it, go to a illegal server or to the classic one but please do not come crying here asking for things to match those we have been playing for years.
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    1. Make the Servers Bigger 2. Implement Offline Trade system and kick inactive accounts after 2h 3. Question for NCSoft ...... what is the point of this game and to have buffers and songs and dances if u let ppl with 3 accounts>???? u call this a CLASSIC just because is 1x? what is the difference from 1 DD+2 box buffs(3box total) and 1DD + buffs/songs/dances from NPC??(1 box total) just saying NCSoft ....you gona do a good job like you used to in the old days ...when Lineage2 Server ment something or dont do it at all....or dont call it CLASSIC :)))
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    Advertise & open server -> lower exp & drop rates (but keep it a secret) -> sell thousands of launch packs, vips,boosts etc -> people leave & stop paying -> repeat = profit