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    This post is not to criticize or insult anyone, but I just wanted to share my experience and the reasons that push me today to stop playing L2. I speak as a player who has played for several years in this game from its birth in open beta. I do not leave because of .... 1- Bots: They have always been part of L2 and although very little has been done to fix it, I learned to live with and I can deal with it. 2- Multiboxing: Again, an inerrant facet to L2, which is much more present now with the F2P, but still I can deal with it .... 3- Drops / Adenas .... Frankly, I experienced worse when the game was born ... We did not do easy 150k a day with a quest to pick up top NG in 2 days. The problem comes more from the fact that people are hitting up level 40 in 2 weeks, which would have been unthinkable in the good old days. I leave because ... - Lineage 2 was a real hardcore game where everything depended on your player skills and the time you spent playing, nothing to do with today's classic pseudo version that comes much closer to the P2W of GoD that results of the supposed F2P version that comes with an insidious cash shop. In my memories of L2 classic, everyone received the same experience per mob, had the same chance to drop, etc .... Now everything depends on how much you pay (VIP, Packs, cash shop, etc ...). It is precisely for this major reason that I stopped playing L2 in the past. I was hoping naively that it would be different with a classic version, but we can all be wrong as they say ... And please do not tell me that someone who receives nearly double XP per mob, not counting the drops, damages, and other bonuses are not like P2W. Can you please keep yourself a little discomfort? -I am still trying to understand what fishing is doing in a classic version of L2, apart from encouraging bots, multibox and AFK. Probably my memory plays tricks on me, but I do not remember that we rewarded the players for being AFK, I thought it was the opposite .... I would have liked to have a "real" classic version with subscription, as before, where everyone was on the same footing, without cash shop or other and could only rely on their players skills. While I realize that the generation of players nowadays is perhaps not as hardcore as in time and that this business model would not have fit to all, but we should have at least been able to offer us the choice, this possibility; that of having a server with sub. as in the golden age of Lineage II. I think we had the right to expect no less! In short, I wish you all to enjoy your experience in this "new revisited version" of L2 and enjoy it, because for me, it is now impossible!
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    So i did test some areas and here are the results (i am Vip 2 so add +20% chance): Killed 250 Nos with party at aligator island, spoiled 2 sage rags fragments (l2wiki chance 7.706% — 9.428%). Didnt spoil any Scythe Edges (1.895% — 2.317%) But maybe that was just bad luck. Materials drop at same rate i think. Killed 100 excuro at cruma tower with party spoiled 0 Recipe: karmian gloves (l2wiki chance 40.37% — 44.55%). Killed 100+ Breka Orc Warrior spoiled 5 leather (l2wiki chance 17.62% — 21.46%). Killed 30-40 Undin Rowin at forgotten temple spoiled 0 recipes Elven Mithril Gloves (l2wiki chance 23.11% — 28.47%). Killed 15 Death fires at forgotten temple spoiled 0 dwarven trident edges (l2 wiki chance 32.30% — 39.20% * This mob spawns rarely at random locations, you may be lucky if find one per 1h if lots of people farming in FT). Killed around 900-1000+ mobs in total in Forgotten temple rooms spoiled maybe 70% of them, I got 4 mace of judgment head from patin archers + 10-11 orichalcum and nothing from others. No full drop, some rare mats and 0 spoils. I spent 3 days in that place. Killed 40-50 Lord of the Plains in plains of the lizardmen got 0 brigantine Tempers (l2wiki chance 8.788% — 10.752%) But maybe that was just bad luck. 95% of mobs give only one material on spoil like Noble Ant Captain that gives 1 thread every time (l2wiki says: 1-13 thread). Some mobs give 1-3 but its rare. Adena/drops are wrong as well as i saw in some areas but didnt test any like i did on spoils. Many people report this as well. This only (or mostly) happends at 30+ areas, and i can see that top d armor/weapon recipes and parts are rare (the ones that shops dont sell). Also gathering mats is slow. Important: I cant farm anything anymore i have max 100k each day and i waste lots of adena on vamp scrolls/haste pots + my buffer all time no mana because of heals BECAUSE HIGH LEVEL MOBS NEED PROPER GEAR. Not moon armor till 50 lvl. And i want play my main not create lvl 20 chars to farm low d drops/mats and sell crystals. Will you do anything GMs or should i make a request for refund?
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    For those who don’t know, QA is quality assurance. They are the team who tests code and features prior to releases. The fact that the new “hunter” packs in the store have broken descriptions, tells me that not only did QA not pass, but they really have low standards for quality. There’s a big issue right now with level 40+ adena rates and NCSOFT refuses to confirm or deny these are the intended rates. However, they’re more than happy to release half developed features for the sake of making cash. I am a developer and I know the QA and code deployment processes. This kind of stuff would not fly in my company. I am very disappointed and it’s just another reason on my list why I will continue to stay a free to play player. Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!
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    Hello all, We will be rolling a few changes to the servers to mitigate the long server queue times. The changes will not require any server down time, aims to reduce the wait time. The effects may not be noticeable immediately. In the meantime, we are also considering additional options to further reduce the queue time or the eliminate the queue all together. Thank you for bearing with us as we work through these issues to get you in game as soon as we can.
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    Hime probably meant "flesh out". Then a very interesting Freudian slip happened ...
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    The evidence support is lying https://imgur.com/AKPuy93 I have checked and bots I reported are still online.
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    Look on the bright side, you CAN store it in a private warehouse!
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    https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/ Is this the site???
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    jesus christ we can see who came from illegal servers
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    I didnt join l2 to hunt bots....i wanna go make adena craft blue wolf armor set siege raid etc....i can go play pac man if i want to hunt bots or dots
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    How about removing everything from L2 Store except cosmetic items. They can keep VIP 1 to 4 with some 5 to 15% bonuses to XP.
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    Switching one Pay To Win(Soulshots, XP etc) with another Pay To Win(Items). Well, logic!
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    NC doesn't care about bots, if they did they would have Twitch Livestream bot banning events like Old School Runescape, showing that they can take time to be in-game and clear out mithril mines, abandoned coal mines, etc. but they don't care bro =)
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    Im sorry you feel that way about the game and how it was back in the day :/.But i still believe they did good and opened a classic server,for people like us whom were young back in the day and could only afford a illegal server pride,thats a first classic experience for me and for the first time in 10 years i enjoy l2 so much.
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    well sure some ppl were lucky enough to make a +7 or +8 shirt relatively fast & cheap but Korean RNG ftw, most ppl ended up spending alot more then that ofc best is when you have both options you know: a cheap chance version and an expensive finished good version with no tweaked odds on the chance version to push sales in Korea the odds are mandatory to be published nowadays so just check their forums/wiki or ask around at places like 4r4m's discord if you wanna know the odds for getting certain items or oe success rates
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    The website will be updated tomorrow with the store update, but here's a list of the items and prices. Cosmetic Items – Available until November 14 Cosmetic Items Item Name Price Gold Skeleton Circlet 400 NCoin Black Skeleton Circlet* 340 NCoin Agathion: One-eyed Bat Drove 1200 NCoin *Requires VIP Level 2 to purchase. Starter Pack · Price: 80 NCoin · Limit 1 per account Starter Pack Contents Item Name Quantity 1st Class Transfer Buff Scroll 5 XP/SP Boost Scroll 5 Major Healing Potion 100 Scroll of Escape 10 Tracker Pack · Price: 600 NCoin – Permanent Availability Tracker Pack Contents Item Name Quantity 1st Class Transfer Buff Scroll 10 XP/SP Boost Scroll 10 Major Healing Potion 50 Scroll of Escape 15 Hunter Pack · Price: 1200 NCoin – Permanent Availability Hunter Pack Contents Item Name Quantity 2nd Class Transfer Buff Scroll 20 XP/SP Boost Scroll 20 Major Warrior's Healing Potion 50 Scroll of Escape 25 XP/SP Rune Bundle · Price: 2000 NCoin – Permanent Availability XP/SP Rune Bundle Contents Item Name Quantity XP/SP Rune - 50% (7-day) Pack 1 2nd Class Transfer Buff Scroll 10 Major Warrior's Healing Potion 40
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    Hello, Juji said they fixed drop/spoil rates but he was lying. They did only for low level areas and i payed vip for nothing. Pls tell me how to refund im so mad with this company
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    Lineage2.com had semi-useful online resource, now the site is replaced with this basically on giant advert with no useful info besides how to buy stuff. L2wiki is utterly useless. all the search results return old boards.lineage2.com pages and are dead nginx error 500 pages. Is nobody documenting this game?
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    Don't overenchant anything that you cannot afford to lose.
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    Pick the server you want, sign on during off hours (might be the middle of the night), and buy from the L2Store. They should provide a way to get VIP on the website but they don’t.
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    This looks like the rant thread, so here goes mine I've already given over 60 bucks to NCSoft, only one account, VIP4, and i'm stuck in a queue, the top reason i got vip 4 to begin with... FIX YOUR S**T
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    Hello, I've been one of the many people (I bet we're many) that we have been watching all this clown-fest for the past month, by checking this forum/twitch videos on server etc, without not even trying to log-in or play here because what is going on is very clear. Seriously guys and people who love L2, - just like we do -, why won't you stop trying? Isn't it clear that they made a server designed to keep online players at high numbers (AFKers and bots for the sake of events), in order to bait new people to join and pay for their pathetic services? The business model is clear -> "We are very bad at our jobs, so let's set goals and gain fast/ez profit | who cares about that autistic community anyway". It's pretty sad knowing that our favourite game has never been treated professionally by its own creators/publishers. Let me not mention things like VIP, queues, CLASSICHAHAHAH Rates, bots etc. illegal servers' enthusiasts are like gold compared to NCverysoft. Stop paying them. Just get out now and either find a priv server (IMO .club has been alive for 3++ years, people love what they do and they do it good) or just wait for WoW Classic being released by a serious game company like Blizzard, that didn't wake up one day and said "Oh we're gonna release classic next week", but rather announced it, kept the hype up, DEVELOPED THE GAME/ RE-VAMPED IT THROUGH CODING/PUBLISHING/MARKETING good Yeap blizzard shall enjoy les dollars of the subs when Classic comes out for many many more years to come, while NCverySoft peeps will soon be looking for a new job. For the people that waste more than one hour in NA server, and disagree with whatever is being said about the situation, PLEASE see the light and stop before you regret the time you invested here. p.s: It is freaking unbelievable that EU and NA Official L2 classic server owners are contesting about who's the worst
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    this is already predicted in Mayan calendar...
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    vip 4 and i w8 1 hour and nothing yet. the server is full of bots with vip 0 and the gms dont do nothing for this.
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    @Amraith Why you deleted my post? People have the right to know and check that support is lying so they won't waster their time making tickets. You can give me perma ban because I won't stop until I'll feel that enough of people have seen it. I have nowhere to report cheaters now, you don't care but I do care and people who also care will have a reason to quit now as for some the main reason of staying here was waiting for news about new system against bots. The evidence support is lying https://imgur.com/AKPuy93 Message me for nick names to check that bots are still online. I'm not violating any rights by putting support response. Or maybe @Amraith you could lead me where can I get help in banning bots if support is telling lies instead of really banning them? Why do you ban me without guiding me to the right place before doing that? As support didn't ban any of them. Email: https://imgur.com/AKPuy93 Pm me here for nick names of bots and screens about reports so you can check it yourself.
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    I have 3 theories for Trolls like you. 1. You are RMT 2. You are stuped kid who does not have personal life and increase his parents electricity bills. 3. Simple Troll. Goodbye.
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    If I correctly understand they have already looked into it. They said they will tell after they receive update. Update was received October 24 and so know issues were updated too https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/3475-known-issues-classic-launch-updated-10242018/ Do you see anything about bots, adenas and spoils in 40+ zones or some of the 20-40 zones where some of them are bleeped up? There're none and it's the only update about issues after update was received.
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    Pretty much summed up the reality of the situation. I feel bad for all of you innocent well meaning people who came to this game thinking it was in some form going to be fair. Yeah, no. NC might be the most trash company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I don't say this lightly but as you can see for yourself they don't care about anybody but whales. I am personally so jaded that at this point I wasn't even a little surprised with any of the issues people have had. I wasn't even surprised when they randomly banned my necro for literally no reason. I found it amusing that people thought the que was bugged and that wasn't a lottery by design. No rational person should play this game or give money to this company. They literally don't deserve it. And if you think the pay to win ends here you have no idea what you're in for, just wait until the pay events. I know people that spent thousands of dollars on the other servers. I'm not exaggerating. NC is going to milk you people for every dime. Make no mistake, this server wasn't built for players it was built to milk players. I applaud you though, you have figured it out sooner than most.
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    And it's funny that a lot of people defend them and suggest to buy VIP so wouldn't need to wait in line. First thing is the way I would need to activate VIP: 1.I need to pay them. 2. Wait for weekend. 3.Wake up early in the morning while it's dark. 4. Log in into the game to activate it. Why do I need to do these things in such bizarre way just to play... Now with countless pony mages running around the hill I am trying to farm isn't giving me much fun either. I don't like low adena but I can live with what I get at 20lvl+ for now but from what I heard later it will be bad and nothing is still said or done about it. All I see is them talking about event stuff or some minor bug. People want to hear more than "we are looking into it". I don't see any reason even to buy a cosmetic item and the way it's currently going isn't looking good.
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    There were updates. By what they said it means everything is fine how it is now because: Replies on Tuesday October 23 about spoils and adena: Something smells fishy Juji replied to Booyacka's topic in General Classic Discussion Came in over the weekend to report these issues to the development team and also requested information from players in the community discord that Draecke provided the link to above. We are still hammering away at major issues with queues, bots, and concerns with Adena drops, but I do provide several updates every week on the forum when an issue needs to be addressed. Spoil Rates are not fine IMO ( with a bit of evidence) Juji replied to Ghecko's topic in General Classic Discussion This is something I am looking into right now on the spoil rates. We increased the rates for Adena quantity/item drop/spoils across the board by 2x on 10/11, but I will see if there was another issue for spoils when we received the fix. Topic Edited on Wednesday October 24, we also got update on October 24: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/3475-known-issues-classic-launch-updated-10242018/ I don't see anything about adena, spoils and bots in here. They not only silent by they're also liars. Got e-mail that bot's I reported are banned but when I checked online, they were online. Don't trust a single word from them.
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    I'm wondering how he's so poor being a spoiler. I crafted spiked club by level 25, while I was buying materials I managed to get ~100k while partying with my buffer and selling over-bought materials with third char. Now (in 2 days) I have 150k adena, 200d crystals, 10k SSD and shit tone of mats again.
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    Yiar (Lineage 2) Oct 26, 15:18 PDT Hello, Thank you for reporting this incident. We have completed our investigation and have taken the necessary action. We appreciate your help as we are committed to improving your gameplay experience. Thank you for helping us make Lineage 2 a better place! So I decided to check it and here're the results of their actions, those I pmed are bots!!! https://imgur.com/Wu6rbDc GG WP. It's up to you people to decide if you can trust them. "This is ten percent spider quest, twenty percent waterfalls Fifteen percent concentrated power of bow Five percent spoil rate, fifty percent bots And a hundred percent reason to refund the pay!".
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    Nope! You are not supposed to even play the game at this point, let alone wanting to have shots for your summon. They say the same about melee fighters too. "Soulshots are a luxury. Don't use them all the time." I see they say the same about summons too. I say ignore them and .. take your own decision about this server, as things will not change.
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    Listen dude. If you think market game isn't fun thing it doesn't mean is not fun for everyone. If you think FT is the only place to spoil it doesn't mean it the only place to spoil for everyone. You better shut the bleep up because you're gas-lighting me and it's considered as psychological abuse. You have problems, your problems aren't my problems so please just lets ignore each other and lets not take this to the next level. It's not the first time as you're remaking my words. Before posting this, this person sent me private message with it and believe me that's not what I said to him. I never told all of the zones are ok, you're the one screaming all zones are bad, all people who buy for $ soulshots are cheaters - your own words, keep in mind you bough exp boost. You better shut up, you're gas-lighting and it's considered as emotional abuse and psychological problem indicating anti - social behaviour. Keep your word and get out of here, they won't refund you. You not only gas-lighting me but also the whole community by telling people all spoil is bad and market game is an error of the game as it shouldn't provide big income. @Juji @Hime if you're reading this take a note to write to paypal to not give him a refund as he has made damage to your server by spreading lies in the forum.
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    If this theory is right we should see improvements in drops when majority hits level 40. I think same will happen to 45+ 50+ 55+ zones. It will slow down them so casual clans and people at least will be able to fight against them and not just die like flies on epics/castle sieges/olympiads and eventually fields.
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    Localization issue, the Dragon's Breath and Mammon Talisman boxes will not be deleted.
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    What people need to understand is that you don't have to participate in these events, that it's ok to not be able to get the top items right away.. there are plenty of lower rewards / benefits from this event everyone can benefit from like those 30 days runes/talismans and very cheap dragon buf potions (~3mil on Chronos) Of course it's a pity existing shirt owners are not able to upgrade their shirts this round of events when we all know other regions can do this and my advise is indeed for everyone that has a +7 or better Shiny/Physical/Magical shirt to skip this Dragon Shirt sale untill the upgrade function is added as really why would you have to spend 120+$ for a base shirt that is less good then your existing shirt and to be able to make it a 2nd stage or 3rd stage shirt you would need to spend 1+K$ USD lol, who is really going to be doing that ? Just keep in mind the obvious only true market targets for this event are those players that currently do NOT have such +7 old shirt as for them getting even a plain +0 Dragon shirt will be a huge upgrade and ignore the rest as that's just Crazy Marketing Hype!!
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    Trying what? So far, I like this game. Why should I quit?
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    I understand we can find out what's in the new boxes only by check a pin on Discord. How do I access Lineage 2 Classic's Discord? Thanks.
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    Hime posted the Halloween store update details last night for the Classic Server. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6812-halloween-store-update-details/ The L2 Community discord is below (unofficial as it is community driven): https://discordapp.com/invite/26T3KU9
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    I play here active since 2011 and since then the interest for players well-being its getting lower and lower. In 2018 its almost zero... You put in store a dragon shirt for 150usd ish, can you tell me how you made that price? Coz for 150 usd I can buy in sale 10 TommyHilfigher t-shirts! Can you tell me why not bring back full drops and adena at normal lvl?I Dont understand why you choose to ignore our questions in this matter. Can you stand up and give us some answers in sensitive matters? or you keep ignore players? Can you provide a database info for live and classic?No? Why not?(I dont care about patch notes, as a new player i will not read 10 y of info...) Can you atleast promise to solve those problems?I guess not...your lack of respect for players is on the red label. Anyway, this game here on NcWest become for me a headache instead of a goodtime or relax. Thats why I will take Conquero advise and I choose to leave and move for a better services and respect on a diferent provider(who btw opened yday a fresh live server). Goodluck you all
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    Don't waste time emailing without sending the following in the email: • List all possible emails that you would have used on the NC Account. • Billing information: If activated using a credit/debit card, please provide the last 4 digits of the credit card used ONLY. If activated using PayPal®, please provide the Transaction ID or the Invoice ID associated with the original activation purchase. If you have an Order ID number from a previous purchase on your NC Account, please provide that as well. • Provide location (City and Country) at the time of account creation. • What date of birth did you use when you created the account? It took 4 days for a reply from support for them to tell me they need my email address & above details. I'm not sure why they don't have this setup as an auto-responder for when you email 'appeals@ncsoft.com' since it would drastically reduce work for their customer service. Anyway - if you want to save yourself a bunch of hassle, you should send the above in your email.
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    cmon fix the random baned accounts so the ppl can play. Its not normal to w8 for the ticket response 5 days !! WTF
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    Their system failed. Banning players who did not bot at all. NCSoft always failed but now they took it to the next level. 4 days waiting until someone from support messages u back. Hilarious. Takes 30-36h my ass. GJ Team NCSoft. Ur already loosing players by being NCsoft
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    @Hime I think this has been asked several times without clarification from the community team: What exactly constitutes an illegal third party program? The TOS states: (i) software that reads areas of computer memory or storage devices related to the Game; (ii) software that intercepts or otherwise collects data from or through the Game; (iii) software that redirects communications from any Game or Service; or (iv) software not provided by NCSOFT which creates or maintains any communication to the Game or Service, including but not limited to any software that emulates the Game or any part thereof as well as any server that emulates the Service or any part thereof; Obviously bots, things that modify memory addresses, VPNs to bypass country blocks (though you said VPNs weren't causing bans), and other "cheats." I ASSUME from reading the TOS things that just READ (but don't modify) memory, such as DPS trackers, mob info, etc. (i.e., plugins/addons); as well as things that do the same via decrypting/reading traffic are banned (items 'i', 'ii', and 'iii' above). Item (iv) seems vague, but appears to be targeted at third party or "private" servers. Interestingly it seems that screen/pixel readers are in kind of a grey area, as they don't collect data or interact with the game directly. I assume that's an oversight, or is considered covered under the other vague headings. What is less clear is the stance on things like programmable hardware peripherals (Nostromo, Logitech keyboards, gaming mice, etc.) that allow you to create keypress macros, or software that allows you to do the same. Then comes the question of use. Are cases reviewed by a human to determine legitimacy? In other words, say hardware macro devices ARE allowed (or at least not explicitly disallowed), is someone making judgement calls on what use constitutes an unfair advantage? Would say, someone completely automating keypresses/macros to AFK farm (basically a simple bot), be handled differently from someone who is using macros to switch between and manage multiple game windows? Or, more likely, is it just a blanket ban regardless of use. If the former, is just having such software (such that commonly comes with programmable mice/gaming keyboards, etc.) installed or running enough to flag an account for banning (assuming the software does not interact with the game in any way). NCSoft already installs alleged malware/spyware (in the form of XIGNCODE) on customer PCs, which we begrudgingly agree to in order to play the game as intended and offered by the legitimate developer. That being said most gamers play more than one game, and the rules are different everywhere. I think the playerbase has a right to know where the lines are so they aren't crossed, intentionally or not, causing wasted time and lost investments. If anything in this post is out of line I ask that it just be deleted by the mod team. I'm just asking for clarification, and I hope I've avoided crossing any lines or providing any usable/instructed information. I have my own opinions on what constitutes fair play, as does everyone else; it's a very subjective topic, even with some of it being common sense. Having the people in charge make an authoritative statement will help keep people from making mistakes, getting upset over breaking rules they didn't know existed, and frankly help keep the money rolling in. TL;DR ban bots and hackers, give legitimate players with fancy keyboards and too much time on their hands enough information to stay on the right side of the law, even if it's just a blanket ban on anything other than clicking your mouse pointer and hitting F1 in a single window (ALT+TAB be damned!). Then it's up to the GM team to enforce that policy as best they can, equally, in all cases, for better or worse.
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    @Hime I had one of the 3 accounts I was playing banned for 3rd party software. All 3 accounts were being played on the same computer yet only one was banned. Something doesn't seem right with that had I been truly running some 3rd party software surely all 3 accounts would have been hit. Support has been little to no help taking a day to respond each time just to say account is closed permanently and it wasn't a mistake. At this point I'm worried to spend money on this game in fear I'll get banned without cause. Little help here?
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    False. You reported this to my email saying I was using a third party program. Razer Synapse has been just a natural download I've had with my computer! I didn't know it was considered a third party program. I dont think thats reasonable to ban someone for having Razer Synapse. I've sent numerous emails about this and not 1 response after saying my account would be closed. There are multiple players using bots or adena selling yet you find a way to ban someone with razer synapse instaled...THAT was your security system fault that you will refuse to fix. Just like you haven't fixed anything else.