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    So i did test some areas and here are the results (i am Vip 2 so add +20% chance): 500 Nos with party at aligator island, spoiled 6-7 sage rags fragments (l2wiki chance 7.706% — 9.428%) (I got one in 5 days with my buffer in party). 0 Scythe Edges (1.895% — 2.317%). 100 excuro at cruma tower with party spoiled 0 Recipe: karmian gloves (l2wiki chance 40.37% — 44.55%). 40-50 Undin Rowin at forgotten temple spoiled 0 recipe: Elven Mithril Gloves (l2wiki chance 23.11% — 28.47%). 15 Death fires at forgotten temple spoiled 0 dwarven trident edges (l2 wiki chance 32.30% — 39.20% * This mob spawns rarely at random locations, you may be lucky if find one per 1h if lots of people farming in FT). 900-1000 mobs in total in Forgotten temple (red area) rooms spoiled maybe 70% of them = 4 mace of judgment heads (patin archers) + 10-11 orichalcum and nothing from others. 0 drop, 0 spoils. I spent 3 days in that place. 40-50 Lord of the Plains in plains of the lizardmen got 0 brigantine Tempers (l2wiki chance 8.788% — 10.752%) But maybe that was just bad luck. 95% of mobs give only 1 material on spoil like Noble Ant Captain that gives 1 thread every time (l2wiki says: 1-13 thread). Some mobs give 1-3 but its rare. Top d / C grade recipes and parts drop/spoil chance is very low. The only items that you can spoil recs/parts for are the ones you can buy at shop. With one exception Most important !!!! I killed 800+ breka orc warriors (!!!!!!!), made trains of 6-8 and mass spoiled them. I got 0 recipe: Winged Spear (l2wiki chance 0,5-1%). I spent at least 6 hours there, you must run from one mob to the other and distance is big Didnt realise how many i killed until i saw that i got around 15-17+% at lvl 38 .. Each mob gave me 1,600-1650 xp .... Now i have a terrible headache and i feel sick, this is an addictive game and drop rate feels like gamble and with those rates you can spend hours and hours without realising it. Little kids play too, they dont have self control, they can damage their health. This is humiliating. No more tests. Im done
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    For a week I thought that NCWest changed staff at crucial positions - managers, directors, etc. Now I know that I was completely wrong thinking this. Like you messed the Lineage 2 after GoD update, you are now messing the classic. NCWest has completely ignorant, incompetent and greedy management. Right now you have more than 18k active players, most of them paying for VIP and playing this abomination of Classic. An abomination with fked up economy, drop rate and balance. Yet you are greedy and insolent enough trying to squeeze more and more money from the players, removing a 30% buff and at the same time leaving the rates and economy messed up. Not to mention all other problems like queues and so on... Do you think you are "too clever" for purposely not fixing the queues and thus forcing ppl to buy VIP this way? Nope guys, you are transparent for years and like you destroyed L2 before, now you will destroy the Classic too. You don't have a competent management to reap the fruits that 18k population could provide, so you will be greedy for a handful of spenders until they got bored of you ignorance too.
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    This post is not to criticize or insult anyone, but I just wanted to share my experience and the reasons that push me today to stop playing L2. I speak as a player who has played for several years in this game from its birth in open beta. I do not leave because of .... 1- Bots: They have always been part of L2 and although very little has been done to fix it, I learned to live with and I can deal with it. 2- Multiboxing: Again, an inerrant facet to L2, which is much more present now with the F2P, but still I can deal with it .... 3- Drops / Adenas .... Frankly, I experienced worse when the game was born ... We did not do easy 150k a day with a quest to pick up top NG in 2 days. The problem comes more from the fact that people are hitting up level 40 in 2 weeks, which would have been unthinkable in the good old days. I leave because ... - Lineage 2 was a real hardcore game where everything depended on your player skills and the time you spent playing, nothing to do with today's classic pseudo version that comes much closer to the P2W of GoD that results of the supposed F2P version that comes with an insidious cash shop. In my memories of L2 classic, everyone received the same experience per mob, had the same chance to drop, etc .... Now everything depends on how much you pay (VIP, Packs, cash shop, etc ...). It is precisely for this major reason that I stopped playing L2 in the past. I was hoping naively that it would be different with a classic version, but we can all be wrong as they say ... And please do not tell me that someone who receives nearly double XP per mob, not counting the drops, damages, and other bonuses are not like P2W. Can you please keep yourself a little discomfort? -I am still trying to understand what fishing is doing in a classic version of L2, apart from encouraging bots, multibox and AFK. Probably my memory plays tricks on me, but I do not remember that we rewarded the players for being AFK, I thought it was the opposite .... I would have liked to have a "real" classic version with subscription, as before, where everyone was on the same footing, without cash shop or other and could only rely on their players skills. While I realize that the generation of players nowadays is perhaps not as hardcore as in time and that this business model would not have fit to all, but we should have at least been able to offer us the choice, this possibility; that of having a server with sub. as in the golden age of Lineage II. I think we had the right to expect no less! In short, I wish you all to enjoy your experience in this "new revisited version" of L2 and enjoy it, because for me, it is now impossible!
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    my VIP 4 accounts sat in a queue of 600 on the weekend for about an hour. This is unacceptable while free accounts are in the game. Competely unacceptable
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    Its quite simple, and efective : Stop rushing lvls. This game design is awfully simple. If you buy the exp rune of 50% and use the scrolls of 1kk exp you will only rush your lvl, not your adena. Eventually you will reach a lvl (40) where you wont make much progress cause mobs arent dropping 500 adena each. Its meant to be like that and it wont hurt your gameplay. Why? because if you want to keep progressing at high speed you need to do.nate more money into the game. It isnt fair you would say that you have spend so much money in exp to lvl up quick? no one is taking that lvl away, the lvl you paid to get there, if you want to keep progressing at that speed they just ask you to give more money. No one told you boys and girls that buying that 50% runes and that vip 4 would take you to endgame. In my case i only have vip 1, i didnt wanted to invest money into the game because its stupid to me to pay real money in a game to progress, if i dont have the time i dont play it. I found out progressing slowly that i have quite a lot of adena and making even more each day that passes. I didnt rush lvl so i get to experience the game as it should be. I dont even use the super scroll exp of 1kk because they only give you exp, not sp. If you rush only your lvl later you dont have sp to learn abilities, quite dumb to use without thinking if you ask me, so im saving them for higher lvls when i have more sp saved. Its funny how ppl with vip 4, runes of exp, scrolls of exp, keep complaining about the adena and drop rates lvl +40. You sure didnt had any complain about getting there by just handing out money. You got there, now you are asked to give more money. If you dont want to give more money? welcome to the classic experience where you farm a lot and progress slowly. And save your "you cant progress", i have a lot of friends already lvl +40 who play solo and keep progressing and making adena.
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    Hi everybody: Please @Juji @Hime @Congueroand all the moderation team: @Amraith @Aurinya @PhoenixMitra @Onirique We appreciate the effort you make but both me and others we think that if you want that this server will be the same that the past, is absolutely necessary that take measures against and ban the bots, because this will be destroy all the economy of the game if it continues. On other hand, people are getting desperate with queues, I'm Vip 2 and it doesn't care because you have to be waiting every day, 30 minutes, 1hour or more to enter at server, this doesn't give the main l2 ideas and the image that you want to give. We only ask that this be fixed as soon as possible, because we want enjoy to the game and play without problems, If you want to make a great server please fix it, I like l2 and the idea of playing again but I think we're all crying out for this, please listen to us. Thanks for everything and I hope you take this explanation as a constructive since I care about the future of the server.
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    You may agree with me but those are not my reasons. VIP bonuses should reset the server to proper (1x) rates, right now we are running around ~66-75% rates on most things. This is bad. Free play is meant to be a trial into paying, not sustainable forever at competitive levels.
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    These are okay stop-gap measures and I approve of anything you can do without depending on the developers. But, oh my, would it be nice to have a bit more communication from you and @Juji! Please at least acknowledge our concerns and discuss solutions you are considering, or have decided to implement as soon as the development team can get them done. The lack of response is truly distressing and, I believe, causes much of the angst you see here on the forums. The same subjects are raised again and again because, thanks to the lack of response, it feels like no one is listening. You've actually made some good attempts to address some of the problems, but never with discussion ahead of time. You say something general and meaningless like "more information will be available later" then don't say anything else until you introduce the changes. Would it bother you that much to talk with us, give us a feeling we are being listened to, and some concrete hint of what is being consider or done? Thanks for reading.
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    @Hime lets see VIP rates boosted so that more people will support the server and your salary/benefits :-) Start with VIP affecting adena/spoil rate rather than just drop rates, go with 50% and see how that goes. If not enough people buy VIP then increase that 50% to 70% or 100% or whatever %. Keep increasing it until enough people pay for the server upkeep. There should be no need to exceed normal (Skelth) rates, right now we are far under them. Do this to avoid adding items to the L2 store. We do not want that! Only adjusting one of them also creates economic imbalance within the game. Adjust adena/spoil/drop rates precisely the same, either universally or VIP. From a business perspective, free play should always push players towards becoming paying customers, if free play is sustainable indefinitely people will not push themselves to become your paying customers and will be net liabilities to you. We don't want you guys to have to boost the L2store with game breaking items.
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    And what you think? You know maths? Drop rates of book is 0.01 and even with 100% drop boost it becomes 0.02.
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    @Hime This is supposed to be a hardcore experience... the game consistently coddles for people who choose to rush and not take their time to make adena. This is supposed to be a hardcore experience. @Juji
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    Should have just kept the lingering halloween buff the way it was, was the only decent thing to come out of this event.
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    the solution is to do something about bots. not turn as all into bots
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    Good morning, I have a great request for administration, please stop making eggs. Adeny's drop is TOTALLY underestimated by admission to buy shots for $. After the first crying, you changed only for the initial mobs. The entire Cruma Tower, Alligator is x7 lowered. Example 300a for mob KRATOR (very strong p.def x4) is a joke. Its NOT x1 drop, is 1/7 drop ADENA!!!!
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/DeterminedSassyAmazonPanicBasket An explanation of what's happening in this clip: My party had been pulling trains and AoE'ing in this room for a good while now. Another party comes up with mostly boxed characters and a couple of live nukers(the ones marked with "star" and "cross") and start hitting the trains we pull. This is a PvP game. My question is: How are we supposed to defend against this type of griefing? On the official servers this wouldn't have been a problem because players would flag if their AoE skills hit another flagged player. Why was this feature taken out? It doesn't prevent griefing at all. All it does is switch the dynamic of who can grief. I vote that we should re-introduce this mechanic into the game. I believe exp spots like this should go to the group/person who can WIN the PvP fight. What do you guys think?
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Monday, October 29, 2018 at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 2200 GMT+1 and ending at approximately 3 pm PDT / 6 pm EDT / 2300 GMT+1. Estimated downtime is 1 hours. With this maintenance: The respawn time for monsters in all starter zones has returned back to normal to help improve server performance. Fixed an issue where the Lingering Halloween buff items were not deleted correctly upon use. A Free teleport event will start today until 11/14 as part of our efforts to fine-tune Adena issues after level 40. More information will be available later. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Hi all, login is available again. Thank you.
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    How about disconnect afk free players to allow your paying customers to enter the game :-) ? Fair solution imo.
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    This is how you fix this game nice and easy. Enough of this bs for me already. VIP 3 and can't log in again after day of work to play abit.
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    u running with 5 box ... why u play this game pffff u deserve what u do!!!
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    Let me guess you're not spoiler and some kind of DD or Support farming all days in OB/AC/Ant nest? So let me tell you why people cry. 1. Bots. Report button - You can report only 6 times and only every 30 mins. If bot fails to enter captcha he gets debuff for 1 hour, no jail, no ban, just debuff. When debuff expires he can't get it again so he can farm 23 hours out of 24. And believe me if you don't know how to spot them, you don't see them. I do know how and I saw shit tone of them. 2. There's a trend of seeing same bots after weeks of report and all of them had VIP. Not sure if they banned them after angry repeatable tickets or forced them to change nick name. 3. Some people were freely using mirroring for couple of weeks, luckily I don't see any posts about them anymore but they might be hiding somewhere or changed nicknames as all were running with bought packs and I guess vip4. 4. Spoils, they nerfed spoils without telling it. 5. False advertisement of 1.5 version. 6. Silence about upcoming changes, people want to know - refund or continue. 7. Lost money into false expectations. 8. To fight RMT instead of really fighting they decided to cut mobs in 40+ level zones, it's ok solution but it damages normal people. 9. To fight botting they cut spoils everywhere (a lot of bots are spoilers) and drops in low level zones (havent tested this, only heard about it). Again it damages normal people. 10. They're not telling if they're going to put P2W items into store. 11. Long silence and so disrespect towards customers as soon as there's topic about NCstore they answer, everything else is left without any updates "We're looking into it" which tells nothing. Fights against bots and RMT by cutting is pure conspiracy theory, they might be doing it to milk more money, that might be mistake for real, that might normal by their norms.
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    Okay, you buy a car from a dealership its advertises new works great(Like the server how it was advertised), next day they come take out one of your cilinders and a wheel, takes out last gear, and puts half a sizes tank ( Nerfing the adena and spoil rates), and you say drive it as it is, your logic, moron....
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    Hello all, We will be rolling a few changes to the servers to mitigate the long server queue times. The changes will not require any server down time, aims to reduce the wait time. The effects may not be noticeable immediately. In the meantime, we are also considering additional options to further reduce the queue time or the eliminate the queue all together. Thank you for bearing with us as we work through these issues to get you in game as soon as we can.
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    yea something is wrong my main had 10 sec delay while my box was lag free at the same time
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    "Free to play" means nothing, actually. There is nothing in your agreement with NCsoft that entitles you to any free time on their servers.
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    I have no idea how dense you can be to think that the event potion was supposed to be permanent,its an obvious bug that was sure to be fixed (people selling Candy for 1.5k since nobody needs them is hilarious),though im not entirely sure why the fix so coming so late.as for the VIP to queue,paying 5$ for couple of months to skip queue won't hit your budget terribly if at all...git gud
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    well. 1st. no one forced u to pay, 2nd game is "free to play" so the free accounts can be in the game just like the vips
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    wake up, 1/3 of players on the server are bots. BANN BOT !!!
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    limit the maximum Box to dual box, and stop being greedy about the dolla, you can make the same amount of money (or more) if you keep it fair, this 8h queue is unacceptable....
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    Can you show here please, where does it say they VIPs got no queue? Clueless.....
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    Nope, bots are there to RMT. It's not 'a player' running hundreds of chars on each server, it's an industry with a clear business plan.
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    Well, if that's your first AQ, then it looks like you're around 1-2 weeks behind us in Giran, since I think AQ has fallen like 2-3 times already? Correct me if I'm wrong. But nice with the ring! Good drop. We experienced very various drops from the AQ, one time a hell of a lot of drops, then the other way less. Just a heads up. Nice.
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    @kupuldog he accuse me of ksing, in my spot. he came over to me.... if he wanted to fight then lets go but he ran away with his tail between his legs like most people that abuse the button
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    The point is that mobs at lvl 20-30 dropping beetween 150-250 adena, so it doesn't make sense if you reach 40+ and the mobs are dropping the same adena. Our CP loosing 500k for exp per 6h in cruma tower(after summary drop/adena). We've tested also DV and other locations... - the same piece of shit. For now better option is making low lvl chars and farming on undines/orc/ac etc. so Ncsoft FIX IT !
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    wait what? but you were leveling super slow to not have to be stuck at 40 like the rest of the mortals! how is that possible?! maybe a little liar had to stop playing main to farm spiders quest like everyone despite lvling slow?
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    PR might look OP at the moment coz nobody has good gears and since Delf has high base STR. However, I vote HE, STR isnt bad, nice CON and dash. Also, crit chance passive. Anyways, I dont want ppl to play HE much, coz when I make mine I wanna face other archers after my spoiler prepares bop, maybe 6 months.
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    Be careful, you are discussing illegal actions in the forum So you describe one very Dark Future of Classic Lineage 2 - servers full of boxes, afk shops, RMT and no real players because they will be tired to wait NCSoft to do anything at all...
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    If your fix does not include: * Allowing white character names to drop items from inventory and items that are equipped upon death from a monster. * Allowing red characters with 1PK+ to drop items from inventory and items that are equipped upon death. Then it's NOT a fix.. It's almost as if the original "griefing" nature of Lineage 2 is better than the "griefing" nature of the game now? At least everyone had a fair chance to drop items, whether white or red character name. Now, like you said for example: me as a dwarf, I just go to any party making AoE XP party, pull out my polearm, start stealing all XP, and spoiling all monsters. If they kill me so what? I just rez myself, farm another train, my XP is back. If they stun me and kill me, so what? I'm not going to drop items. You guys complained about removing ability for white character name's to drop items on death from monster because "it's griefing" but I think you are stuck with an even worse griefing, and you killed the beautiful dynamic of PvP and PKing too on top of it, nothing changes, noobs and carebears always crying, ruining game. I suppose your fix entails making working off karma easier, huh? Not actually making the game how it used to be? Problem is that MONSTERS are not SCARY anymore. No one cares about monsters, no one cares about killstealing and aggro'ing monsters because no one takes it seriously because all you lose is XP, no item anymore, carebear dynamic. Only fix is what I said above.
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    Learn how to play the game and maybe you will be able to teleport around? Hunt in profitable areas, dont spend adena on SOE, Res & potions (if you do)?. Turn off automatic SS and put SS on hotbar like in the old days and only use them when needed? for example i see so many nukers using their spiritshot to make 80% damage to a monster, then use another spiritshot for the remaining 20% whilst without spiritshot they make ~60% per hit and thus would kill it with the same amount of hits, just with a much larger profit. Pretty much same with alot of melee characters. Learn teleport locations to reduce costs? alot of the teleport locations can be saved by teleporting to nearby location & running for 2 minutes rather than teleporting 2 extra times. Also finally, running between two cities takes almost no time at all - dont act like it takes 30 min to run between giran > gludio.
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    The classic feeling of a gatekeeper buffed with Freezing Skin?
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    So i should play without shots on 40+ lvl yeee? Ok so what can i do when ppl writes on chat: "We want DD with shot's ON" ? I should play 1-2 days for shots in order to play in this party? REALY? Ofcourse i talk about D-grade shot's! Noooo nooo C-Grade noooo nooooo
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    I'm wondering why did they lied to me that they banned bots when they actually did nothing
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    Pretty much summed up the reality of the situation. I feel bad for all of you innocent well meaning people who came to this game thinking it was in some form going to be fair. Yeah, no. NC might be the most trash company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I don't say this lightly but as you can see for yourself they don't care about anybody but whales. I am personally so jaded that at this point I wasn't even a little surprised with any of the issues people have had. I wasn't even surprised when they randomly banned my necro for literally no reason. I found it amusing that people thought the que was bugged and that wasn't a lottery by design. No rational person should play this game or give money to this company. They literally don't deserve it. And if you think the pay to win ends here you have no idea what you're in for, just wait until the pay events. I know people that spent thousands of dollars on the other servers. I'm not exaggerating. NC is going to milk you people for every dime. Make no mistake, this server wasn't built for players it was built to milk players. I applaud you though, you have figured it out sooner than most.
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    Easy steps: 1- Set the event to need to hit the mob to get the buff 2- Set fishing quest to minimal lvl of 40 3- Limit to 2x box each PC (just for a while till populations stabilizes) 4- Open a new server and open transfers to there (full transfers , not only items) 5- If possible raise server capacity Lineage 2 its a game to play with friends, if my friends cannot login i wont play for sure ... At the moment Ncsoft stabed his game right in the heart ...