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    Great, let's put the server down at peak time, to fix an issue for 0.01% of the server pop that's over level 60. Let's keep adena/drop/spoil bleeped which affects over 50% of the server.
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    @Juji @Hime Today i met player who reported bot 2 weeks ago when bot was around 20 lvl, he told me he met this bot today at 40+ lvl and full D equipment. WHY this bot still here? Why you said yesterday to send report to support if THEY DONT DO ANYTHING! ANSWER ME PLEASE! DO I need to buy illegal adena from some russian bot for $$ to be cool like this guy? You are players too i guess, are you not pissed off like Thousends of us? Im almost done with this server. Its not fun already.
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    The debuff should flag you for PVP. What more would you need?
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 2200 GMT+1 for approximately 1.25 hours. With this maintenance: Address an issue with server load that may cause server instability Address an issue with EXP runes not giving bonuses to characters level 60+. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    I'm 66 years old. There is no reason to disbelieve them. They would not incur this wrath for no reason. They are self-interested, but not stupid. I do think the timing is odd, but that might just be because 5:00 p.m. my time is 2:00 p.m. their time and they wanted to finish it before they went home tonight. That may be selfish on their part, but not dishonest. Okay, enough talk with the grumpy troll. See ya!!
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    Take all Classic servers or like 16k+ players to fix a bug that affected less than 200 players. Seems legit. Why not just give them a fresh rune once you fix the bug with the rune?
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    the only thing that causing server instability are bots
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    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ol_Mahum_Raider - 1-3 Iron Ore and 1-5 Animal bone. I killed more than 1k mobs. I have never received more than 1 Iron Ore amd more than 3 Animal bone. Any shields and any helmets. Always. ALWAYS Partisans was the best place for farming irone ore. Now we riceiving 1 Iron Ore for x2 mob, nice. The same. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Lafi_Lizardman_Scout - 1-3 Iron Ore with supposedly a good chance. You will get only 1 Iron ore ( only if you're lucky ) https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ol_Mahum_General 1-3 Iron Ore and 1-3 Varnish. I killed more than 100 mobs. Always received only 1 Iron and 1 Varnish. I play with VIP, people who have probably dont farm at all. Do something. Fix the spoil. There're only 3 mobs which I've farming. I'm sure further lvl UP I will find more and more problems and inconsistencies. What's wrong with you? If you talking that L2 wiki doesnt work soo make your database. Are we playing on the official server? Look like free java.
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    Can you guys also fix the npc/player range? Max settings and it feels like it’s half of what it used too be... @Hime @Juji
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    Hi, I'd like your developers to check the 'Bot Report' feature in game as it does not work. We keep reporting same people at Hardin's academy that have been botting continuously for some 5 days now in the same spot and nothing has been done. So, it is either not working or you do not have enough human resources to sort it out. Also, I am not even going to talk about the adena sellers that are not getting banned. It is ruining the economy and the in-game economy in general. Thank you.
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    Thank you @Juji and everybody else at NCSoft HQ. You have been doing an excellent job, keep it up the amazing job.
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    Hi all, While we are working on addressing some of the priority issues affecting players, we are also in the process of catching cheaters trying to game the system through illegal third-party usage. We have been and will be closing accounts found cheating. Please note, the use of a VPN or ping-reducing programs are not related to this. If you have any question pertaining to your account closure or general account inquiries, please contact our Customer Support.
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    It has been a very enjoyable time revisiting one of my most beloved MMO, but now I'm remembering why I first quit all those years ago and I'm sad to be leaving again but I'll be much happier doing so. Seriously I was prepared to spend dome decent amount of cash on good ol NCsoft if things was at least semi-decent but that's never going to pass. The BOT crisis is now worst than ever, as the game ages and see little improvements the BOTs on the other hand advances with great complexities. It use to be simple, dumb and easy to exploit, but now it's got features I'd never imagine possible. Not to mention the state of F2P with unlimited accounts and how only some chaotic players drop items, there are even less ways to deal with them. There's really nothing much real plays can do about this issue, heck I'd rather deal with jerks, pks, or griefers all day and that wouldn't be a problem for me because with these you can actually fight back. As for the BOTs, the worst you can do is just slow them down and maybe bleep them off for a few mins, other than in the end it's just your own loss with the wasted time and effort. Aside from taking up the hunting areas they also wreck the economy by artificially inflating prices just to give more reasons to sell their ill gotten adena. You can argue that bots supply and push the market forward but that also kills the L2 experience. Maybe I can still enjoy the game if I try harder, maybe change my gameplay or ignore certain things but I can't help it when my annoyance level hits peak upon just seeing a random BOT party prancing about in the open. I recently ran on the path from Giran Harbor to Giran trying to find a spot to kill some lizards and on this run I spotted zero players however found 5 different parties of BOTs rocking an identical party setup and just doing their thing. After giving a long sigh I just move on, didn't want to deal with this s*** anymore and already sick and tired of killing bots. It's quite bad right now and it's only going to get worst. I wana play video games for fun and enjoyment, not to be annoyed and stressed out (in a bad way). So farewell guys and hope you can still enjoy the game.
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    The title says it all. I was a fan of this game in the old day. I played the old l2 about 15 years ago. In my memory it was a bit less harder but it was still very hard to get C stuff and D stuff. It is fun that way. So i did agree NCSoft has issue with lv 40+ adena (they admitted and they will fix) and they had issue before with spoil/adena before with all the mobs. They already fixed some and continue to fix others , i am happy with how it is. For ppl complaint about how hard it is to grind and to earn adenas, let me ask you this: Are you suppose to lv this fast? I only see the issue with you level too fast and your adena can't keep up with your level. You are not suppose to shortcut the process. If you do then you will suffer the consequences. I spend only 10 hours a week to play because i don't have time anymore as grown up adult. My level is only at 26 right now. However i got 700k and all D gears already from buying and reselling stuff. I didn't even have 50k when i was lv 20. Most of the time i just set up the store to sell and buy stuff. I don't have time to play much but when i do have time i have enough adena to buy shots for me and my summon so that i can lv pretty fast. It is really enjoyable at the current rate. The game is not all about leveling, you wont have enough adena if you just leveling unless you are lucky enough to get expensive drops. You have to spoil/sell-resale/craft/selling-buff/etc .. So find a solution instead of so negative on your post. So i hope everyone enjoy this game as much i do. It is a train back to the past sweet memory
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    using msi afterburner and rivatuner i get cpu at about max 70% and gpu at 25-38% max.
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    NCSoft should just give me all 100% access and permissions to everything. Pay me 10% of whatever Lineage 2 classic is generating for them, and I'll sit at my computer all day long and manually ban bots with 100% accuracy.
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    Yes it is due to weight. If they weigh less, then u can carry more. Which means u have to go to town less, saving u time and at higher levels it can potentially save adena if u have to port to other towns to get the shots.
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    Spoil rates are broken. Its really annoying, but well, what can I do? I just do my job, and spoil a bit more Am I hoping that they gonna raise it? Sure! Am I leaving the game if they dont? Why would I?
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    M A K E P E O P L E T O D R O P I T E M S W H E N D E A D I N G T O M O B S P L E A S E , O R D E L E T E S T U N S K I L L S F R O M G A M E I F N O T. . . N O W M Y S T U N C A N T M A K E A N Y A D E N A , W H A T S T H E M E A N I N G O F L I F E N O W ?
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    the adena/spoil rate should be your focus, because ppl will get bored of not being able to pay for the blessed or soulshot, and then you know what comes next, the nr 2 priority should be the amount of bot's you see ingame, its pathetic and they don't even bother to hide it..
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    IMO, you guys shouldn't be taking a server down on peak GMT-5 time for a fix that isn't gonna effect very many ppl at all, if they are 60+ they are nolifers and should be taking a break some other time or not getting the xp they should be getting. Also imo if they are 60+ already they are 99% most likely bots and should be banned anyways. You guys should NOT be taking a server down for this long during peak hrs PERIOD.
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    The guys 60+ are the biggest whales. NcSoft is getting rich of these players. Spending thousands of dollars of shots,xp schools, and runes.
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    bot report button is bs, you have to write tickets with evidence..
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    I think the problem is not really about comparing with other classic servers, which are indeed different. There is no question, it is visible lower than in EU or Korea itself. This is probably done because of f2p model, and because a higher drop in f2p might accelerate the death of the server (too much op gear in short time). Look at how many are farming (doesn't matter if bots or real players) even compared with Korea. The problem is that the drop or spoil doesn't scale. I understand getting one iron ore at level 10 but getting one single iron ore at level 40 just doesn't work. If we remember from the past a lot of mats spoil in a bunch at higher level, they don't come as a single one. Before modifying the low chance I think they should take a look at the quantity. I understand having lower rates, many players would understand because of the longevity of the servers. But the problem is a spoiler is almost useless. A decent DD can farm more mats by just simple drops compared with a dwarf. And that is not okay.
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    Well said, I couldn't agree more. However, your words are falling on deaf ears. The complainers want this game to suit their specific needs. They don't care if the server falls apart in 6 months because that is how they've always played lineage 2 - hopping from one illegal server to the next grinding it into the ground with changes until the player base moves onto the next hype. Since there is a lot of hype around L2 NA Classic there is a massive amount of illegal server players who never touched retail Lineage 2. They will go away eventually. We just need to be patient.
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    Before using the English translator, check your Portuguese language. very bad, is not problem of google translator and yes its own Portuguese language.
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    pay2win? What exactly are they paying to win? They are getting boxes from the event due to sheer luck. Nothing pay 2 win about that.
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    agree put more negatives to his video, i hate that kind of p2w players opening boxes
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    P.Atk, skill casting time, shoot speed, recovery time. Same shoots/sec = shoot speed + recovery time. Soulshot may differ too. So, it's your decision
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    Forget about Raids, its a waste of time unless you have a very organized clan, about gearing, you will be able to get a lot of adena by being mindfull of the adena to get and the adena you spend. Let me give you just an example of my process of thinking about it and try to replicate this in your particular case. I'm running Human Wizz, Cleric and SE (Maybe SE and EE is a better choice but... whatever I will try to AOE party later on and maybe duo CP with an EE in hopes that she/he have a BD dualbox that would be awesome) so, I started with Cleric (because I wanted to play Bishop and only that but I get borred of not getting party so I come back to what I'm used to... Necro and dualboxes) I started without making to many smart things just going with the flow mainly trying to remember how to play (I play since C4 but I leave the game like 4 years ago), the I made the Human Wizz. So to make the human Wizz I spend like 5-6 hours from 1 to 20, how? well I went to TI, do the main quest, but at lvl 14+ I started to kill out party with human mystic and in party with the cleric so the mystic will keep getting exp all the time even while sitting, when I got my Human Wizz I went to farm Venom Sacs (3k+ Adena quest in Dark Elven Village), so what I do here was to take the quest with both my chars and keep them in party, but killing with both and while I was sitting I made a Dark Elf Mystic for later Shillen Oracle, I was killing spiders with the DE Mystic and with the Wizz, and with the Cleric rotating between mp, keeping always the DE Mystic in party while doing the 15+ quest, I was doing that quest with my 3 chars at the same time, but you have to kill to get the item so thats why I was rotating, but I made my DE Mystic after getting my top NG weapon and keep doing the quest until I get to lv 20 with my DE and I did the class change quest, have in mind I was rotating my Mage Staff between characters to be damage efficient. It was hard, lots of people and bots killing Spiders but anyway. After this I went to Dion, with my top NG Weapon and already more than 200k in adena and a Devotion Set buyed from store xP, after this I started killing Monster Eye Searchers in Dion Hills, again a lot of people and bots, I have to pk some bots some time to get a free spot, and I did this math: 1 Monster Eye Searcher was 3 hits, I was using ONLY Spiritshots, no Blessed, and buying them in Giran at 16a each, 48a in Spiritshots per mob, and the Monster Eyes gave me from 140 to 328 at a 70% rate, so ((140+328)/2)*0.7=163 so I was getting 163a average per mob in that place, at a 48a cost its 115a winnings per mob, plus drops (Sword Breaker Blades 7k+ in shop and 1 Sword Breaker full 135k sold in Dark Elven Village (lots of people doing the quest to buy their first top NG) I was out that place at lvl 28 with my wizz, 27 with my cleric and s.oracle and a top D shop Goat Head Staff. So I knew that farming those mobs in that place at that rate was profitable and I was 28 when I got my top D weap, without buying any other low, mid, top-mid D weapon in the process, because I know that I was going to spend more money in shots, now I'm getting less per mob, but still profitable, I double my adena with each mob I kill, I spend 48a in each Blessed Spiritshot D and I will with one shot with some mobs in EG, and I get 50ish adena in profit (100ish adena average per mob) I already know that I'm going to be able to buy full elven jewelry before lv 33-34 and probably I will be able to have Karmian at lvl 40 if I keep doing this simple math. Yet ofc, if you get a Spoiler you will get more adena, there is no doubt of this, but again you have to be mindfull of what you are doing, so you should lvl up with your Raider/Destroyer (I also get confused when you said Warlord I thought of something with "LORD" lol xD) anyways, lvl with and buy either a pole or a Tarbar, keep leveling up and get a Brigadine Set, with you have this two things, then make the spoiler and when you have the spoiler at lvl 20, give the Tarbar/Pole and the brigadine and you will lvl up fast, you need that char with high lvl to get something, you probably will need it when you are lvl 40 and your PP too, but still you can get arround without it, it is just going to be more profitable that doesnt mean you cant go without it, a Blacksmith is not really needed, I mean you will get a lot from sitting him to craft but mainly at high lvl, so you need to farm/spoil the recipes, like, B grade and get your blacksmith to lvl 52 and sit him to craft B grade gear to be really profitable with that, or spoil parts of gear and mats, craft cheap stuff, cristilize that and sell shots, it translate in a lot of money but its slow anyways. The best way of farming adena without a spoiler/blacksmith is by being able to aoe pole alone, or being a really efficient mage, and very mindfull of what you are spending, like I have macros to cast spells with shots and I cast for example, BTM without BSS, I heal without BSS, etc etc. Best Regards.
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    You want some experience then you will have to read an extensive wall of text Well, first, the rules said that you can have 3 accs logged at one time so, you can have your spoiler and artisan and pp and your destroyer and a se and a bd it doesnt matter you only need to have only 3 accs logged at any time. Now if you go for Destroyer... then you will be Overlord not Warlord ehehe ok so if you go for that you will always need PP thats no doubt you need a PP, because of some heal, Haste, DW, focus, berserker, might, bless, etc, PP is a most for any DD or tank, then the second box can be either a BD or a SE, if you go for SE you will have great heal, great resurrection, vampiric rage wich is very very usefull if you wanna use a pole (like a Warlord :P), but also Recharge so you can go overhiting stuff like a boss. but BD is really good for later, dont go for SWS... you can also have a PP and a BD in the same account, log in the PP buff the SE and the Overlord and logout, login the BD and keep farming, but you need to have your PP at lvl 52/58 so you dont really need it to lvl up more than that, but is kinda anoying to have 2 chars in the same account but anyways if you follow the rules you cant share your accounts so it doesnt really matters. Besides that SE will give you a more inmediate reward (Vampiric Rage at lvl 30 and Recharge at lvl 28), instead with BD you need it to be 40+ to be usefull and still Vampiric, Recharge, Heal and Ressurection is better... if you have in mind that the BD will be better at lvl 58 when you get Dance of Fury (and 55 for Dance of the Warrior). because only lvl 40 Dance of Fire is not good enough, still Fury is good when you also have Vampiric Rage and Haste with good Heal to farm with Pole at Catacombs when they open or other AOE. So, go for PP for sure, then I recomend SE, but actually BD at the end may be a better idea, or go for everyhing and make BD inside the PP Acc, but start with PP and SE, shitty thing is that you are not gonna have the PP to buff the BD... other good option is to go for PP and SE and at lvl 52 of your PP make the BD, buy a Revo Sword, Brigadine set, Elven Jewels, and help him with PP 52 and SE 52 to lvl up the BD fast. If you have more questions ask, np. Best Regards.
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    Greetings NPC, Please try again, transfers are open now.
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    Greetings, While we do understand your frustration, let's keep the posts civil and refrain from bad language. We have tidied this thread up a bit. As for the reply time, please be patient and wait for a reply from Support. Thank you!
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    And if everybody paid for that cup of coffee your queue time would increase to what the free queue is lol
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    They should make another server GMT+1 or GMT+2, many ppl are not attracted to GMT-8 or even GMT-4.
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    You better be thankful that you don't drop items on death, you would't even be able to aoe xp most of the time.The karma system is just fine as it is and it's very unlikely they will change it.
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    Not sure it's going to solve your problem if AOE skills now flag players. When that mechanic existed it was also used to grief because while you are pulling the train the other party only need flag to initiate PVP. It may not always be the case that it's a couple live nukers with boxed support, rather a much higher level enforcer coming to assist lower lvl clan members bullies you out of the room. Matter of fact is that the xp loss is not a major deterrent right now, so the game politics and the real "pain" of a full xp loss death is not really playing a factor. I beleive n due time, this behavior will subside when players have more to lose.
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    how get vip in web site???