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    Hello All, We are investigating the issue with the recent server crash on Aden and latency issues with the other 3 servers. I will keep you updated on our progress and when the server is back online. Thank You!
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    Greetings! Thank you all for your quick reports, the issue has been forwarded. We apologize and we will restore the servers as quick as possible. Hang tight!
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    NCsoft tech support: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh3tuL_DVsE
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    Greetings! Thank you all for your quick reports, the issue has been forwarded. We apologize and we will restore the servers as quick as possible. Hang tight!
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    Wait..what..no one can get on Aden server??? Im in Giran and i see all these items on the ground..as if people selling their items..somehow...dropped them when they got booted. Oh, this is such a great opportunity.....where do I store all of these items???
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    Greetings! Thank you all for your quick reports, the issue has been forwarded. We apologize and we will restore the servers as quick as possible. Hang tight!
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    Whats going on today ? Olympiad time Dc's , definately something happened to classic servers ....and live suffers too Can you please change at all logins to live servers and classics? We dont care for classic what are u doing kicking out players from live? Jesus please fix them.... Realy dissapointed from all situation here...
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    Welcome to NCwest, it was exactly this way for as long as I can remember. Would you like to buy some NCoin?
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    Nobody, but you cares how much you spend in 15yo game lol.Next time spend those 200 on a good doctor to solve some of your issues.
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    That part of HB was closed down, since Leona's forces moved in and kicked Beleth's bum from the Naia Tower.Since then this part of Hellbound remains w/o populations, the Chimeras all died from hunger, some of the other mobs moved around and evolved.Beleth hid himself on top of the mountain and nobody cares what he does these days.
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    Let me quote some guy: "I expected nothing, and they still managed to disapoint me.."
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    lol, some butthurt bot that wants to cash out crying, amazin' ! gtfo and never come back, you never played l2 and you never will.
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    Hark has much the better of this discussion, except for one point. None of us know for sure, but I believe these rates were intended to compensate for the unfortunate decision that the game is F2P/P2W. I doubt very much that @Juji or @Himeknew the rates were nerfed as badly as they were, but I think the developers intended for low rates to force people to buy from the L2Store so NCWest could make money with the F2P business model. The huge outcry here forced their hand and they "fixed" the rates at the lower level. They still aren't 1x of 1.5, but they are good enough, given the weapons and armor, etc., that are given away at those levels. They did not, however, "fix" the upper levels enough to make the game playable, which launched another round of protests and another "fix" which will be coming, likely before the free teleports end on 11/14. They will not wait until the next full update to do so. On the other hand, I don't have much confidence they will adequately fix the problem and prevent yet another round of protests and adjustments. I've said before and I'll say again, the solution is simple. Make the rates for 40+ mobs 1x of 1.5 and be done with it. Oh, there is one other possibility. Has anyone looked into the possibility that the rates here at launch were the same as on the highly nerfed live servers? That could well have been an accident.
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    Hello all, we are still in the process of finalizing the adjusted rates for adena, drops, and spoils for areas level 40+. The changes will be going in next week during the maintenance, and we'll announce the changes by Tuesday.
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    @Krissa See, this is the thing you guys don't seem to understand. Innova's rates are the intended rates (they are actually balanced, unlike what we got here). Innova is also another official server who bought the publishing rights and gets the updates directly from Korea. They made the l2wiki database, they named the updates (classic 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5) like Korea did, and every other classic server uses the same update progression and the same rates as them. Innova doesn't have "boosted rates", we have nerfed rates and that's why everyone has been complaining. A lot of us have played other classic servers and none of them had these super low rates. This isn't how the game is supposed to be played. (spamming spider quest for adena? creating alt characters to farm at lvl 30 hunting zones because you can't make enough adena at 40+? ). This isn't even about "the game is too hard", it's just that the rates are broken, right now it's not even profitable to play a spoiler because you're just wasting time, mobs lvl 30 give more adena than mobs lvl 40+ and 50+, mats don't drop nearly as often as they should, etc. Also, we're not even playing a 1.5 classic patch like they announced, we're just playing a downgraded version of the Live Servers. All of this could've been fixed if we just had a separate launcher with a real 1.5 patch.
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    So, you try to enter Talking island server, 800+ people on the queue, you wait for about 4h to enter the game, and when you are finally able to play, you see this kind of shit... [content moderated] And you just come to a conclusion that, NCsoft just don`t care, AT ALL.
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    Hi so it seems you guys are having some issues with the servers today, my clients are getting disconnected all day long, im on the last day of my 50% runes on 5 separate accounts and getting disconnected all day. This wouldnt be a huge issue except for the 1hour+ Queue times to log back in. Any chance of us getting reimbursed for our wasted Runes.
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    If vip 4 have those queue's times... dont wanna even think on reg. ppl. Lame for ncsoft.
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    The Aden server is now back online, we are still monitoring for stability.
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    Logins to all servers are temporarily disabled as we are trying to troubleshoot the crash and disconnections/latency issues.
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    There was a rumor of a new server and they may have preemptively added it? I use http://l2.laby.fr/status/
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    Dude, MMO's are Tinder for gamers, easy to hookup.
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    haha what is a chocolate letter? sounds funny. Anyways most l2 players are the opposite, skinny from not eating or moving for days on end, crawling up the stairs croaking "waaaterrrr, pls wattterrrrr…"
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    70% of Aden probably cant read English
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    Are you blind, maybe can't read? They will keep us updated, that means.. they will keep you updated as they learn more information. If they had an ETA, you'd get one!
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    my thread is special.
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    50% of 0 is still....0
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    Someone is mad they have to come into the office on Sat.
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    These are the restrictions. Fore more information, u can use the patch notes https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes
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    cant handle bots or just electicity gone in server room
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    I can stay on for 24+ hours with no disconnects usually (I restart the client one or so a day), so that's why I was surprised to see it go down tbh So are you saying there is a queue for Aden? Aden is usually 1000-2000 under the other servers. I mean I have VIP just cuz I had free points to spend, so I wouldn't know if there's a queue. With the population, I didn't think there was?
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    I get least 3 dc;s per day. I dunno if this is implemented or not, but it seems like if I put my box to sit down and make it idle for 5 mins I get a dc on that box and that dc forces to dc out my main window also. Dunno if it is only for me like that or not though, as long as I leave that box even standing or doing anything else it doesn't dc, but as soon as it sits down I get a dc after 5mins. Also sometimes yea some random dc's also occur...
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    Down indeed, I was like "facking ISP - im calling and cussing them out" o wait..nvm
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    seems like the server instabilities patch didn't really help much.
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    That's basically correct. Here is the full story: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/cartoon/list?aliasName=epeisodion (the chapters run from the bottom up)
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    Please start character transfer for free ! (just for one week) Most of the people want change server, but they played 1 month and its too long time for them to start again with lvl 1 !
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    Many people did not know they would be this full and NCsoft would ignore the problem. It took them weeks to allow us to transfer our launch packs. You see, with VIP4, right now I have queue of between 30min-1hour on Talking island. Closer to 1 hour I think. Granted, I can only play 1-2 hours per day on weekends. I purchased 3x launch packs before launch. After launch, when I realized that there were huge server queues, I immediately requested to have my vip pack moved to another server. Support denied me, stating there were no server transfer options for Classic servers... After they denied me, I was forced to suck it up and play. I have spent what limited hours I could, leveling my characters and have also purchased NCoin for each account. My launch pack is almost expired now, and I have only been able to actually play about 1/2 the time I try logging in - due to personal time constraints.
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    RESTART SERVER < all bots and afk ppl will kicked ....
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    On these servers run about 2k bots per server + more waiting in non vip que and ppl come cry on forum to ban fishing, ban multiboxing and so on... or give stupid ideas that miss real problem here. I'm starting to think that those ppl are the bot owners or trolls or have problem with logical thinking
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    everyone knew since the beginning giran and talking island was always full. and they keep trying to log in in those servers anyway. then coming to complain about they can't log in, if the server is made for a "x" quantity of players. if dev team add more slots for more players, more players will join to those eternal queue. the dev team did a solution: make more servers and u are not taking the solution. what's the point of keep trying to force ur log in on a full capacity server. sorry if I sound rude but it's not smart at all. it's like take a full taxi and u wanna in anyway, even with another empty taxis near. u had a lot of time to change server. u were only lvl 20. that's nothing.
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    this only proves that u dont really kill mobs, all u must do is daily quests, bc if u did, u would have alot of SP, high level skills arent meant to be easy to get, if u want to u gotta kill mobs, nowadays when u cant get something u just go to the forums and make ur topic complaining that u cant get it saying "increasee it increase ittttt im a crybaby"
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    a foacking week to fix a rate... that a foacking shame. Im gonna take a break after my VIP4 run out. fuk this game company.
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    All of the things you're saying make no sense, and pretty much all of your arguments are "so what? NCsoft does it differently". That is the problem, and that is why there are a lot of players complaining. They said they were doing classic 1.5, and we didn't get that, they did something different and when people pointed it out, they started fixing things. So it was not intended. Let me explain it once again: a couple years ago, at some point, Korea gave Innova an update and called it "classic 1.5". That is where the name comes from. NCwest announced a classic server and said it was going to be "classic 1.5". See the connection? They said it was going to be the same game we all knew and had been playing for the last couple years, but when it launched a lot of people (those who have played other classic servers, and those who have played classic 1.5) realised that things weren't right. Quests were different, rates were lower than they should've been (for a classic 1.5), there's a bug with dyes (+5 max instead of the intended +12), the PK system was different at launch (and they changed it to how it actually is in classic 1.5), etc. So if Korea and Russia had a "classic 1.5", and NCwest announces a new server and says it's going to be "classic 1.5" then yes, the game should be exactly the same, regardless of "game economy". Hah, this is funny. In all other classic servers, spoilers are a vital part of the economy and are very useful at all lvls. So you're saying that even though spoilers are important in all other servers, you think there is no problem at all if spoilers are useless on NCwest's classic server? That's just stupid. Following that logic, just delete spoilers from the game. They're not supposed to "be happy" anyways, right? The illegal RMT is already on this server, and is even more present here than on Innova's server. It will always be present. NCwest is never going to do anything to stop it. Your solution is "keep rates nerfed, so real players will have to spend hundreds of hours killing the same mobs to try to craft a B grade weapon (which has a 40% chance to fail and you lose all of your mats), meanwhile there are hundreds of bots roaming around farming 24/7 with no effort at all from the people behind it" Those bots are the ones farming mats and injecting them into the economy, because no one wants to play a spoiler cause they're awful right now, so the bots are making a lot of adena from selling mats, and they're selling the adena for real money. The real solution would be to increase rates so players can actually use spoilers and craft things at a decent progression speed, and so they don't have to rely on buying mats or RMT adena from botters. I'm not confusing anything, I'm stating facts and you're talking nonsense. You are defending rates, because you are saying they're "normal", when I've proven to you they are not normal for a classic 1.5 server, which is what we were supposed to play. Also, if you're saying these rates are fine, you are also helping botters, because right now they are the only ones that are able to farm materials, sell them for adena, and then sell the adena for real money. If you increase rates, people will make spoilers, spoilers start selling mats, people stop buying mats from botters, and botters can't sell as much adena as they are selling right now. You're also telling me to either "adapt" to buying mats from botters or to quit the game. Nice thinking right there. What? This sentence doesn't make sense. They never said it was easy, they've said exactly the opposite. Okay, maybe they didn't use the word "fixing", but they said they (and the korean developers) have evaluated our feedback and the rates and they have decided that rates need to be readjusted, which is pretty much the same thing as "fixed". How do you know NCwest's workplace environment? You don't know what you're talking about. At most you can assume these things. I could also assume, knowing from his forum profile that Juji is a game producer, he does have the authority to ask the Korean developers for information about the game his company has launched. Then the korean developer team will decide what they want to do, and none of us have any say on that anyways, so this point is not relevant to this discussion.
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    The update patches have names, set by Korea that are also used by all russian and eu servers. This official server announced we were going to be playing on patch 1.5 (based on russian and korean patch updates) but as you can see, this is not 1.5. No. This just tells me you don't know what you're talking about. This is not original l2, this is classic, which is nothing like original l2 except for the map and gear restrictions. You would know that, if you had played any of the other classic servers. Yes, I understand that NCsoft is a company and they need to make money. They're doing it wrong, though. If they were smart, they would set nerfed rates for f2p players, and normal rates for VIP players. This is not the case, since VIP players have exactly the same rates as f2p (except for 50% increased drop rate on items, which isn't much anyways since items are 0.05% and VIP players would have 0.075%). VIP players still have low adena and spoil rates, that's why they're also complaining. I'm a VIP player. Are you serious? I'm not the only one that has a problem with these rates, and I'm definitely not the only one talking about it on the forums. I'm also 100% sure that you know this, since I've seen you on multiple threads defending the rates. So no, it's not only me, and you know that. They fixed the rune problems because it's easier to fix, compared to changing the loot table of hundreds of mobs at once. Also, Juji said they were reviewing the drop tables and they were trying to fix them regarding adena and spoils at lvls 40+, so you're again incorrect, these rates are not intended.
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    This problem only exists 40+. You have not experienced it yet. AKA go away the big kids are talking.
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    doesn't make sense go farm mobs for SP like smart players do
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    I don't use macro's for afk game play
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    As this is your goodbye-thread, there's no room for bad words so all I'd like to say here is: You left this server like a gentleman! I enjoyed this stream, it was a good event/action, well done Take care