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    Hello Keyboard gangsters, I've been playing official for about 10 years off and on pretty hardcore. I miss the good old payed monthly subscription and i miss the real mature players that could fight over a spot 3 weeks without crying or petitioning or reporting like a whiny little B, apparently as we got older we got more childish. I normally never ever post, I do read the forums a lot so I have a clear image of what is going on... referring to the "hello Keyboard gangsters". I am aware that I will make friends with this post and of course, also already aware that somebody will know it much better than me as a true professional "keyboard gangster" and point out where I am wrong. But not often somebody speaks for those that get *** by the system and as true addicts of the game, they are forced to leave this server and find another one. They are banning at the moment, this is what you want since bot reports flow freely on the classic servers. Without any punishment for false reporters, and I know its the same people in the game as on the forums as some names are familiar. Don't cry your ass off like a hypocrite on the forums that the server will lack players. A few of my CP members and an RL buddy got banned for "suspicious activity" cause they got in a fight over a spot... this person logged 10+ chars clanless and started to report after 6-7 round of reports > voila... banned automatically? If it was an active gm or if its an automatic system is a mystery, at least that person has the room(s) he wants free to himself now. Our entire CP backs those people and quits playing. Grats, fewer people on the server! I hope NCsoft will wake up 1 day... (keep on hoping Jeff.. sorry, hope is all I can have) and start to punish false reports hard. For example, make reports a 40+ thing. And if it gets abused set a forced title forever as "report abuser" and make them never ever be able to report again. Whatever you do... do something it clearly doesn't work At the time this happened in our CP, there was 1 CP member on the bot, 9000% sure of it... cause he doesn't hide it and he didn't receive a ban!! wtf? Not that any of the reporting keyboard gangsters would notice it cause those that were there actively playing got the reports... and 2 of them got a ban. And the person who actually is a full-blown botter didn't receive a ban <3. You will say "don't cry", cause you are a keyboard gangster, so of course, you will think and write that. But the fact of the matter is that they leave the real bots and the full-on auto 24/6 afk bot party's up, I guess their time will come. it's still a freaking mystery to me why people who barely play 4-5 hours a day never once received a captcha got banned. So great job! To ALL you keyboard gangsters keep up the false bot reports soon as somebody outsmarts you or is on your spot or pk's you > report em! Your slogan should be "Gotta report em all" Keeps NcSoft busy with the bullsh1t. Apparently, you win! The receiver will get banned as long as you get enough reports in a certain amount of time. Also, great job NCSoft for creating a situation where you can´t handle the petition flow, server back to normal already, give it 3-4 months and it is light. The conclusion is they decided to go to another European (1x) server again. The worst thing is they go and they take a lot of other good players with them. Me personally... dont know yet. Keep up the crying or petitioning or reporting like a whiny little B here on the forums and in-game! Keep that report button close, with Dutch regards, Jeff
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    this has been done from 2003 to today, only difference in 2003, was not many people had more than 1 pc, then you saw a lot of more real players in games if we put a rule, about, 1 pc, 1 player, 1 ip you will see a lot of people using from VPN, to EXTERNAL USB SIM CARD, and you will only give advantage to a few ammount of players, for example " you " what you can do, is go to the white house, talk with donald trump, destroy the neutrality of the internet in all the world, and set up a dictatorship to allow only 1 computer per family in all the world, and giving the chance to the people to choose, between a comuter or a smartphone after you conquer the world, and setted your dictatorship, you can come back to this forum and tell us the new world order rules
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    PK SCROLLS..... Nice money grab NCfail. What's next? CP and MP pots? Buying gear out of the store? Straight up buying a whole max level character? Don't make it so obvious that you don't give 2 shits about your players. Remove the L2 store and finally get ONE thing right. You have the potential to run a very long and successful MMO with dedicated players. Do not eff it up with petty money grabs that f*** everything up. - Thanks signed - everyone
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    "F2P" is a business model when company receives much higher profit than in "P2P" business model. In general, most of the players pay 30+ euro a month, while some spend 100+ euro to cover multiple accounts. This level of expenses for players and profits for company implies that there should be adequate level of service. It is not a project run by volunteers. So guys raise up and stop being exploited like cattle, you have your rights.
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    This is an mmo that has adapt to essentially what, in my opinion, is the go to model for mobile gaming: free to play with micro transactions for cosmetics and convenience. Please do not jump to a conclusion because you're frustrated. The main argument for it not being F2P are the xp scrolls/runes. This is a CONVENIENCE. It provides an alternative to grinding longer but is not a necessity to progress in the game. Some one having more time than you does not mean it's not F2P. Suck it up. On to your main point, the "GMs" that are on the forums are community managers for ALL ncsoft games. They don't have authority to change stuff in game. They keep things civil in here and relay info to and from us. I highly suggest everyone use the support ticket system for 90% of the problems I see here. All of my tickets have been answered in a timely manner, probably because I knew who to direct my issue to.
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    My only complain is that we dont have a wiki with the actual drop/spoil rates, that would clear a lot of confusion
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    Forget that people are complaining about the scrolls existing, or that theyre tradeable, or whatever you're all QQing about. Let's just take a minute to overview whats really happening here... People complain that bots exist, who try to sell us adena, mostly because they spam our chat screens all day long. So everyone says not to support them and dont buy from them, right? In hopes that theyll give up and bleep off. Yet this update comes out and I see people buying C-grade PK scrolls and popping them into sell shops for 100k a piece.... PK scrolls that cost 120 coin = ~$1.50 = 100k adena. SAME FKING THING AS THE BOTS YOU ALL COMPLAIN ABOUT! Actually, bots get cheaper every day. They'll probably be down to $1/100k by the weekend. You don't want bots selling adena, but you want to buy adena lol. But you also cry that NCSOFT sucks and their updates and useless and they do everything wrong... yet here you are, all funding them for things you can easily outsource at a cheaper cost. EL OH EL Good day I SAY GOOD DAY
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    Top, semi-top... it does not make any difference from the mid-geared player's perspective who were excluded from the event.
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    It should, if it doesn't its a bug. You can check if the XP bonus works, if it does then probably the drop chance also works
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    That is because you only have spoil Lv. 1, since you are an Artisan. Scavengers are the only ones that get Spoil levels past 1
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    there is a lot of problems over there, MULTIBOX was never a problem. since 2004 multibox are wellcome, please stop complaining agaisnt bs
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    [content removed] Party full of bots, clickers, or some cheating program..check them ASAP. Thanks
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    Free-to-play From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search This article is about the business model for video games. For business models other than for games, see freemium. For the Dota 2 film, see Free to Play (film). Free-to-play (F2P or FtP) video games, also known as free-to-start,[1] are games that give players access to full content without paying. When a game requires the user to invest money to have an advantage or continue the game, it can not be qualified as free-to-play.
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    Sorry, but no. People are not going to stop playing. People are not going to stop spending. For every 5 complainers here in forums, there's around 100 players enjoying the server and happily playing the game instead of wasting time in the forums. These threads ("suggestions" and complaints) are mostly spam, so just stop it.
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    In the past people were just playing MMOs, now it’s been replaced by “investing” in MMOs. Sad Back to the topic - unless you plan to spend at least 0.5-1k $/month in the near future to stay competitive(not considering the peanuts now in store, but what will be certainly added “soon”), then no, it’s not worth to invest, nor to play it Cheers
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    Everything here works as intended, when will people finally realize that?
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    Here’s what you need to do: 1. dial 911 2. Tell the operator, what you want to do and ask to be put through to NCSoft. The operator will ask you to stay on the line, while they assist you on your case organizing a ride to NCSoft offices for you . Don’t worry, they provide a great service 3. Take the ride, they will even send 2-3 gentlemen to assist you on your dispute with NCSoft. ... 4. Enjoy your 5 year rehab from virtual reality! now, where’s my 150 bucks?
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    Ammurica, fat yeah. Anyways was sacarsm, i dear you to find me on my bolivian jungle lol.
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    US beyond international politics and just for threats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1mlCPMYtPk
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    5 pages of this stuff and its over 4 hours old love to see the attention the forums and there paying customers get
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    mixa is a repressed, full of prejudices and judgments about someone he does not even know the l2 community is very toxic
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    Hey girl, when have I cried? Find a post where I've cried... I'm just saying you're dumb for thinking 150k is a lot of money. Nobody expects high level drops. It's broken. I've gotten lucky. I got an SLS from the second aden dungeon boss. You probably haven't done that yet. No problem. I've also seen two chant of fury and a haste spellbook and chant of rage drop. But the game is still broken. I should not be getting 50 Adena at lvl 52+. For you to come in here and say that everything is working because your made 150k in PH is just ludicrous. I shouldn't have to roll a lvl 20 to pay for shots. Come back when you are 50+. You probably think 500k sp saved is also good.
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    Dude if u want to play without cp that can gather adenas and do some pt stuff together u will smash with ur NG gear until level 80. First u should check some beginners guide how to even play solo and what should u do to get at least top C gear. Many guides are made at russian forums, with basic google translator u will be able to translate and get the point of it. But i can give u advice how i made at least for top D gear in 5 days (iv started playing at the end of the halloween event and i had no idea about top D weapons) So i did spoiler with SE. I gather them together by lvl 15 only for having heal for my spoil and not spending 20000hours by resting hp. I was spoiling Hunter Tarantulas and all the mobs arround this spot. I was doing it only with 10 days set from lvl 10 and with NG gun form quest. By selling material that iv gathered till level 20 and full drops iv been able to pay shots and alacrity potions for farm. After that iv made class transfers and went to Spiders Nest near dark elven village. There are mobs called dark succubus. You can spoil there varnish and iron ore, it is one of the most requested material. By the level 22 i was able to buy Top NG weapon (from players for 200 000k) and i was there until level 25. By this time i was able to buy Tomahawk - Dgrade weapon for 700k and i went to partisans to hunt Ol Mahum Raiders. By the level of 28 iv gathered enough adenas by selling varnish and animal bones to afford Top D gun. Ofc by selling tomahawk and getting my 650k back. Actually i did crystalize it and sold DC for like 600k but i wanted tarbar asap . This is just a road to top D gun, armor u can make by doing quest at lvl 25. Sorry for my bad english but i hope it will help u
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    One box is fine, either craft/spoil or support, but when a guy enters dungeon with his +5/6 boxes following him, it's hilarious to look, yeah he stays longer, but man rewards for him x5. I hope that he isn't one of those shouting on global chat: "selling my 6kk for $$" I do take screenshots in case for future.
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    The playerbase is way too used to multiboxing. Don't expect anything to charge in that respect.
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    pff alot of bulshits overpriced ... OMG cant belive the name is black friday ... BLACK FAIL!
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    In fact there's no any kind of Black Friday here hahahahahaha... I mean, Phoenix Agathion? what's that useful for?, and all the other things... Jesus Christ... Whatever, I'm not supporter, so I don't care.
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    ^ If I had a dollar for every time someone abused the word "cry" in this forum, I would be so rich...
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqGn3lehVx4 lmao gz to nova took them 3 months + to finally take rune from our box clan such a great deal of accomplishment for our nova friends it makes me tear up
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    It's funny because the queues don't seem to shorten despite all the problems. People are stubborn and willing to wait in queues forever to enter Giran and TI. Kinda masochistic...