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    How wired to hear that but its true Just look at their financial report. each time it gets worse and worse, it is not because the games they have are bad, in fact, the NCSOFT makes great games in which millions of players play. even though they are old, but this company has one major disease/problem. it is greed and unsuccessful example this project (since I'm writing here). many people loved and loved until now, despite a disastrous GOD made a lot of thousandths online in a miserable 4k, only in 1 Russia there were 23 servers of 6k and now there are 3 on it and you don’t need to write about the fact that times changed, players changes,GOD, etc. no! the online started to fall as soon as they brought the Tauti weapons in the store. (want to earn extra money but killed the whole project). The launch of the classic should have been a gift for those who have been waiting for it, but unfortunately, just like the last time with other projects, NCsoft stepped on its grails and sent those "ignoring" that destroyed its creation, and there are a lot of them. the place to keep the audience and communication with the community (even though it’s 4 servers and not 23), NCsoft is trying, by all means, trying to spoil something as soon as possible. here you can smudge snot on 30 pages about the number of errors and problems but the most important thing is the meaning. See it was much easier. Ncwest knew that many of the players are playing in Europe and I think this is one of the reasons why they went to the f2p model which is good in principle. Innova's FTP model lasted 4-5 years with 20-23 servers. but there FTP model was different in that they did not intentionally lower the rates for the players so that they would buy a premium. Surely such a large company could not have thought that such an action would not lead her to success and respect but on the contrary, hatred, and outflow of players. more than that. The drop could be cut and maybe it was the right decision but you need to give something in return. You could give a full-fledged drop to the players who buy a premium account and then there wasn’t one claim to you (except for the game aspects) but no. apparently, they know players better than the players themselves. (hi google) you could think that I’m wrong. then how can you explain 25 pages of 'snot' and complaints about the same problem? Really the players for this company are so indifferent? Why this company understands only because of the bad, and waits until the players simply leave the project to it, well i can't understand that, and I think no one can explain. (well probably the last reduction in blade&soul staff says everything.) p/s sorry about the grammar ^^
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    my level 101 toon was banned in chronos, for using a classic account with an archer level 24. GG NC!
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    hahahaha like if people that are using a bot come on the forum to complain after getting ban xDDD FIRST they don't get banned .. and second .. if it happens they just create a new account and keep going ? going on the forum to complain hahah waste of time .. while he come here to complain he's not farming .. not time to go on the forum
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    Hello the truth that I have to thank you, great help to recover my life, after being so long playing a game .. What I have left to tell you is that I never imagine that it would be an official server as bad both by the administration and the security be banned innocent by the ineffectiveness of the staff. I would play again but this is not possible, who gives me security that in the future this injustice will not happen again, devote a lot of my life playing more than 8 hours .. the truth is that the game continues to scam the people
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    Stop calling this version "HARD." This is 5 times easier then originally. Having drops and messed up adena rates does not make it hard, it makes it broken. We shouldn't be approaching A grade and having no B grade weapons on the market. You shouldn't hit level 58 and finally see a set of demon gloves for sale. Creating low level alt toons to farm adena for your main over and over is not hard, it's moronic. Haste book shou;d not cost 8 mill, where is that PP gonna come up with 8 mill legit? Yes we used to have to run from town to town to save adena but not in our 50's!! You didn't turn your shots off in dvc!!! You'd of been kicked from party. Spoils and drops need to be fixed soon or there's no saving this sinking ship.
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    Just replace www.lineage2.com with www.discoverlineage2.com to view a static plain HTML mirror with no media (I don't own this website.. found it some time back).
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    mass ban event is new event here
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    LOL. NCwest support answered mails like this: We are not going to reconsider our decision of closing the account. Any further e-mail will not be answered. And you come at forum to say: please, submit a ticket? You guys are really joking. This cant be true. Don't you have a little respect for people who are spending thousands of USD at the server? @PhoenixMitra Please delete your post. It hurts to read such post.
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    https://imgur.com/a/DkVLNUd Is it so hard to read patch notes?
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    No 1 hates, no 1 cares. You came to an MMO to play 6 toons by yourself, then brag. It's kinda pathetic honestly. Do you wear 6 head sets and talk to yourself too?
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    When we look closely to server population of Aden and Gludio, both of them reunited almost catch up the population of Giran/TI server alone. Both server are low populated atm and merging them soon is better than waiting for people to quit because they can't party togheter. Aden and Gludio togheter would make a third Solid population server and it will be easier to find party's. + both server timezones are almost the same which is annother reason to do it. Make it happen fast! What do you guys think?
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    Guess you all don't know, if you're not least VIP 4 they put your name in a random generator of all vip 0-vip3 and one gets pick on who gets banned.
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    Been doing the dungeon of abyss (aden) quest for 2 weeks now. every time that i gather 5 mobs... only 1 quest item is awarded. why is that when i kill multiple enemys they only award me 1 quest item? i switched to blunt and i make the quest faster than killing in groups. @Hime No group of monsters give me more than 1 quest item per group kill. sometimes i stun them and leave them with low hp, then kill them manually 1 by 1 and a lot of times from a group of 4 monsters, i get 3 quest items. is this a bug or what?
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    just look at this, its really sad seeing that they'll never be banned. Guess that NCsoft gets a slice of the bot sellers cache, cause theres no other explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNZzWAj2EPk
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    carefull @Rodch admin will come soon to erase your message .. you can't post it here it happened to me and its against "their rules" ! Just saying
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    Whats the logic and what are the rules to be reported for bot? I'm farming in one spot one guy decided to take my spot and failed. Swears, stuns and the decided to train me. Failed again. Then he wrote me f... u and reported me and i got "Capture window". Nick of this char is Fury. Later I sat afk for a dinner on safe place near same spot and got another capture while I was afk. Ppl run and report for nothing and probably they won't be punished while i cant got eventually ban for this stupid requirements for bot report. Why afk ppl that are not even hitting mobs can be reported?
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    It's possible that behaviour closely matches some common profile that they look for. Creating a new toon, logging in and doing nothing with it. You know... a suspicious behaviour.. so to speak.
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    This theory doesn't hold up for my situation, though. I'm 99% positive I've only ever played official servers on this PC. I might have played a non-official server when I first built it, but those files would be long deleted and overwritten. Also, doesn't explain how I didn't start getting flagged for "suspicious activity" until I had a Level 1 go AFK right after creation last week, and zero issues with the accounts I've had and played since the first few weeks of launch. It's XIGNCODE causing the mass bans no doubt, but there's no method to this madness. And GM's couldn't care less to investigate.
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    I honestly have no idea why they've decided to go with such low rates. They're not incentivizing us to go VIP. Paying $50 to go from 0.2 to 0.4 isn't a good deal at all. They're losing players. Newbies are leaving because they can't experience the fun stuff Lineage has to offer. Veterans are leaving because they signed up for 1x rates, not 0.2x. They're encouraging players to bot and RMT, as you can only be wealthy with such rates if you're playing 24/7 (botting or nolifing). I've farmed my two characters from 1 to 20 without doing the leveling quests (I wanted more Adena and couldn't be bothered fighting for quest mobs against hordes of bots). I've spent about a week doing so, and all I have to show for it is ~100k Adena and a handful of materials. I'll spend almost all of it on skill books, teleports, and soulshots. On L2 EU, I'd have about ~250k Adena, double the materials, and a few random pieces of equipment. Just enough money to fund both characters and have a hard, but fun experience. Me and my 4 friends already left in a week. We all had plans to build a clan, build a CP, PVP a lot and pay for VIP. We all gave up when we saw it would take us 5 times longer to build our characters than it took us 10 years ago (that, and the bloated PK counter/PK scrolls). We love Lineage 2 - and we were ready to commit and pay for a hardcore 1x experience - but we don't hate ourselves enough to endure these 0.2x rates. Why they haven't changed things yet, I don't know. --- TL,DR = These low rates are driving away players, discouraging VIP and encouraging botting.
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    For the reference, here's the observed rates BEFORE @Hime claimed that they will be boosted more than twice: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7769-experiment-ct-drops/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-62208 Now, after some time has passed and I could gather some data, I present you: CT drop rates - AFTER 2018-11-07 maintenance. Porta (Observed kills: 4290) Comparison: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Porta Varnish (1): 441 drops = 10.280% Iron Ore (1): 423 drops = 9.860% Silver Nugget (1): 172 drops = 4.009% Steel (1): 38 drops = 0.886% Mithril Tunic Fabric (1): 35 drops = 0.816% Oriharukon Ore (1): 35 drops = 0.816% Mithril Scale Gaiter Material (1): 32 drops = 0.746% Brigandine Gaiter Material (1): 28 drops = 0.653% Brigandine Temper (1): 18 drops = 0.420% Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade) (1): 0 drops Mithril Scale Gaiters: 0 drops Krator (Observed kills: 4590) Comparison: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Krator Steel Arrow (10-30): 779 drops = 16.972% Iron Ore (1): 430 drops = 9.368% Varnish (1): 423 drops = 9.216% Proof of Blood (1): 187 drops = 4.074% (Enough kills and drops to prove there was NO CHANGE in drop rate) Silver Nugget (1): 173 drops = 3.769% Steel (1): 46 drops = 1.002% Reinforced Mithril Glove Design: 34 drops = 0.741% Dwarven Chain Boot Fragment (1): 34 drops = 0.741% Plated Leather Boot Lining (1): 33 drops = 0.719% Chain Glove Design (1): 32 drops = 0.697% Karmian Glove Fabric (1): 28 drops = 0.610% Karmian Boot Fabric (1): 27 drops = 0.588% Oriharukon Ore (1): 26 drops = 0.566% Chain Boot Fragment (1): 21 drops = 0.458% Recipe: Karmian Stockings (1): 12 drops = 0.261% Dwarven Chain Boots: 3 drops = 0.065% Chain Boots: 2 drops = 0.044% Karmian Boots: 1 drop = 0.022% Reinforced Mithril Gloves: 1 drop = 0.022% Recipe: Dwarven War Hammer (1): 0 drops Ricenseo (Observed kills: 2114) Comparison: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ricenseo Stem (1): 383 drops = 18.117% Varnish (1): 161 drops = 7.616% Suede (1): 118 drops = 5.582% Durable Braid (1): 59 drops = 2.791% Mithril Glove Design (1): 24 drops = 1.135% Assault Boot Fragment (1): 23 drops = 1.088% Ogre Power Gauntlet Fragment (1): 18 drops = 0.851% Sage's Worn Glove Lining (1): 18 drop = 0.851% Plate Boot Design (1): 16 drops = 0.757% Salamander Skin Boot Lining (1): 11 drops = 0.520% Recipe: Plated Leather Armor (1): 3 drops = 0.142% Recipe: Chain Gaiters (1): 3 drops = 0.142% Assault Boots: 1 drop = 0.047% Mithril Gloves: 1 drop = 0.047% Premo (Observed kills: 838) Comparison: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Premo Thread (1): 138 drops = 16.468% Animal Skin (1): 81 drops = 9.666% Suede (1): 47 drops = 5.609% Chain Shield Fragment (1): 16 drops = 1.909% Leather (1): 14 drops = 1.671% Eldarake Temper (1): 12 drops = 1.432% High-grade Suede (1): 8 drops = 0.955% Chain Hood Pattern (1): 8 drops = 0.955% Eldarake: 1 drop = 0.119% Mordeo (Observed kills: 659) Comparison: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mordeo Thread (1): 123 drops = 18.665% Animal Skin (1): 62 drops = 9.408% Suede (1): 35 drops = 5.311% Leather (1): 12 drops = 1.821% High-grade Suede (1): 6 drops = 0.910% Recipe: Aquastone Necklace (1): 4 drops = 0.607% Glaive Edge (1): 1 drop = 0.152% Recipe: Crystallized Ice Bow (1): 0 drops Torfe (Observed kills: 304) Comparison: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Torfe Proof of Blood (1): 29 drops = 9.539% Thread (1): 22 drops = 7.237% Animal Skin (1): 20 drops = 6.579% Cursed Bone (1): 11 drops = 3.618% Suede (1): 10 drops = 3.289% Dwarven Chain Shield Fragment (1): 6 drops = 1.974% Great Helmet Material (1): 3 drops = 0.987% High-grade Suede (1): 1 drop = 0.329% Leather (1): 1 drop = 0.329% Validus (Observed kills: 277) Comparison: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Validus Stem (1): 43 drops = 15.523% Suede (1): 27 drops = 9.747% Varnish (1): 24 drops = 8.664% Cursed Bone (1): 20 drops = 7.220% Durable Braid (1): 10 drops = 3.610% Chain Mail Shirt Fragment (1): 3 drops = 1.083% Dark Elven Dagger Edge (1): 1 drop = 0.361%
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    I have outlined this theory in some other thread. illegal servers almost always use own clients with modified executables, dlls and potentially even unreal engine files (utx, uax, etc.). It is possible that XC3 picks up those and reports that 'modified client files were detected' or something along the lines.
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    Actually they know exactly what you need. But no one cares.
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    @Lightkeeper I just started on illegal server .. I posted on the forum saying I was arriving from NA classic because I got randomly ban ...and in 24 hours .. I had a CP which gave me a tank lvl 56 to play with them ! EZ i'm really enjoying it so far ! if that can help you take a decision my job will be done I also received 2 more invitation after I accepted that one .. so yeah I don't know what this guy is talking about with his dead server .. ofc there is less people .. but server is active ! What they told me also is .. classic club get a boost of people every time they hit a new patch .. and right now its been a while since the last patch .. apparently 1 is coming soon so you will see server fully alive when this happen ! Another thing is .. now is a perfect time for starting .. there is a event and that really help new comers !
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    Our rates have nothing to do with the real ones from 2005 or Skelth (the wiki). It is really zone-dependent example: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mirror A Mirror in FoM is expected to drop 586-1369 adena The actual Aden drop is 135-280 It's easy to know that no one would farm for hours there in order to find out actual drop rates - it's utter madness and a loss of adena to kill x2 mobs. A good example of CT drop we had graciously compiled by @Devoid can be found here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/8143-experiment-ct-drops-post-11-07/?tab=comments#comment-64342 As you can see the drop rates there after the fix are 50% of the real ones. They were horrible before that. Each zone seems to have customized drop and most zones are not worth investing the time. Krators are supposed to drop 1000-2500 Adena, they actually drop 500-1200 So I would say adena is also about half over there.
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    The way to bypass this target jumping (aside from waiting a few seconds after targeting or starting off with a skill) is to use /nexttarget (as a shortcut). Target + /attack = jump back to old target /nexttarget + /attack = attack next target
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    @Baker I just got the same run-around from a 2nd GM. This is insane, so I'm out. Not wasting another minute playing just to watch it disappear in an instant. All the long hours grinding 100% legitimately and a little luck from the Halloween event bought me my Light Crossbow and the 3 enchants I put on it. It took only seconds for whoever or whatever to ban a fresh account using that same weapon, and now calling it "irreversible". Bullshit. So glad the only money I've spent so far was from gift cards. I'm double glad I didn't buy any of the new packs yet. I will instead be deleting the 100's of materials and other crap I've collected, along with the 1.7m adena I've managed to save altogether. I refuse to give anything back to this incompetently run game. And to all the nay-sayers who think only rule breakers are being banned: I hope this happens to you too. I hope it happens right after you trade your best weapon to an alt so you can level faster with it. Because Karma, bitches.
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    Give me a break, the guy is running around with BOP he bought got 80kk and no one is doing crap. NC doesn't care if you buy adena or not, as they can't prevent it.
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    When have you ever played another game where you were not able to play for 2 days because the games bot detection wrongly accused you of doing something wrong, really they are doing great work
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    Back in C1, your clan had to be lvl 5 to be in an alliance. At lvl 4, you could participate in sieges. If you don’t believe me look in the prima guide (and I’m not saying prima guide is for Classic, just stating how it was in C1 since OP compared it to C1).
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    A guy who play for free and pay 50$ is more profitable than 1 guy who pay 15$ for a month . Dont underestimate the power of the stock market , NC dont play lineage 2 , they sell it .
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    Again those are not patch notes, those are stat's from the LIVE servers. Hence the reason for clarity. In Prelude, you formed alliances at clan lvl 4 and had to work WAY harder to lvl up your clan, lame quests that took forever. Now its just as simple as buying it off the high lvl BOTs / Account sharers in your server or go out and AOE farm some Proofs yourself. Was simply looking for clarity on if its STILL lvl 4 as it should be, this being a classic REBOOT and all, or if they kept it at clan lvl 5. Thanks,
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    In all seriousness this server will die before brooches even hit the shop, never played a game that had such useless GM's (including illegal servers). Hopefully it will last until WoW Classic at least, it's definitely the last NCsoft game I will ever spend money on though.
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    Even if there are botters/ adena farmers deservedly getting the boot, there are perfectly innocent players getting screwed over by this garbage software. Just had my 3rd new account banned. The first two were made last week, the most recent was created today. The first I went AFK awhile right after creating it and came back to a closed client, then the "suspicious activity detected" when I tried logging back in. So I figured they must ban lowbies for hanging around the noob area. The second I made sure to kill some mobs before taking a quick AFK. 5 minutes later, I came back to a closed client, and the same message. Both were unlocked after giving my account details, but I was robbed of at least the weekend + some extra days. The third time (today), I didn't want to take any chances AFK'ing. I made it to Level 18 and was finishing up the starter quest chain and BAM! the client randomly closed. This time I'm not sure if I was caught in the automatic b.s. or if I was randomly reported. There was no CAPTCHA window, so I'm guessing it's XIGNCODE once again. The worst part is the one banned today has my main's +3 LX Bow, so I'm S.O.L. to do anything until it's unlocked. Thanks for once again wasting my time on the weekend, NCSoft. Now I'm thinking twice about buying some of those Black Friday packs I had planned to.
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    i can't believe i wasted my time reading this
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    Until 42 farm Ant Nest captains. 42+ you can solo cruma (Krator+Porta) with 1 SE box using Blaze/Flame Strike until 47? once you have corpse burst is more fast and allow you to use a few less bssd. At this point you should have CDL+Top D weapon giran shop. Use scrolls hit 50 learn CDL and then delevel until 47/48 and keep farming cruma 1 using CDL. You need 2 shots for everything but krator who need 3. You can also stay lvl 46 and farm cruma using flame strike/corpse burst and youl'll be fine too. I went for CDL because allow me to do aden daily lot faster. All this is for solo, if you have a CP, AOE is the way to go. Beyond 50 i have no idea since the only place is Enchanted Valley atm and is too risky + adena is lower than Cruma...
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    For the millionth time, there is no dispute that the rates, especially the spoil rates, are far below the original 1.5 rates. There is no dispute that the other F2P servers, in Japan and Taiwan, give 250%, not 50% to VIP users. We can discuss whether these are good or bad things, but they are hard, indisputable facts. It is absolutely meaningless to argue that the game is supposed to be hard. Of course it is. What we are discussing is how hard it should be. Should 40+ adena and spoil rates be far lower than the original 1.5 rates, even with VIP4? I don't know. Maybe. But at what point does the game become so hard that is it no longer fun for most of the players? That's what this discussion needs to be about, without name-calling or anger. Even though I disagree completely with his argument, I respect the OP in that, except for the references to "crying," he largely kept it respectful.
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    That is the real joke. I log in everyday and I receive at least 10 adena sellers pms. I am blocking them every single day... Then I logged another account and received a pm from adena sellers that I reported a week ago. Their safety system does not look safe at all to me...
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    its really a joke man, i had $600 invested in Ncoin.. and they dont give 2 shits. but yet, supremacy supplies adena to the server and is making thousands.
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    Can you get Refined Scroll Part: Enchant Weapon and Solid Scroll Part: Enchant Weapon from those weekly Parts of Enchantment Scroll Chest? All I've got was Scroll Part: Enchant Armor when I enchanted weapons. So even If I get those scrolls with multiple characters weekly, completely lucky with RNG and even more lucky to get the proper scroll, plus the chance for the item not fail while enchanting, I think we're talking about hundreds of weeks, or am I missing something? I think people are just lucky, you'll see plenty of +5 weapons in the server, up to +8 doesn't seem that impossible... considering you'll lose half of the weapon's value if it fails, basically you're gambling 1.5kk for each enchant attempt, it's a worthy risk, you can get a D weapon as strong as a C weapon, but again RNG is something bizarre to deal with. I've left my weapons at +3 because I'm not willing to face the odds right now. I don't think there are any exploit, just people with balls to go through it and succeeded.
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    Ain't this idea a little bit off? Botters will always have more cash than an average player and some people will always do RMTs, the only difference is that on this server you're more inclined to fall into RMT due to scarcity. Seems like common sense that if you can afford gear by intense farm (and not drop luck), more people will be less willing to buy adena. If you know for sure that you earn a solid intake of cash at any level, for example 1hr of farm = decent amount of x and it takes y hours to get to a next tier weapon (drops being just a bonus), bots might as well sell 666kk for 0.5$, you wouldn't buy anyway, and people who buy would've bought anyway. Bots always existed in Lineage and so did drama, hence it will never be ok, right now it just seems worse overall for many
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    I think he meant to say, that besides Steel and PoB, the current drop rates are roughly twice what was before 11-07 maintenance. And yeah, we are still nowhere close to the Innova/l2wiki rates that so many people believed this server will have. Not that there was any reason to believe it, given how other regions handled classic servers, but then again, blind faith = fanatism = denying logic.
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    I believe you mean .5x. When they severely nerfed rates on the live servers years ago they said it was to combat botters and RMT sales. All it did was mess up the game for real people and make what the RMTs were selling (adena) even that much more scarce and valuable. Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of supply and demand could have told them that is what would happen. If they are still pursuing that failed notion they are making the same mistake all over again.
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    It looks like its true we got "Adena quantity, item drop, and the spoil rate raised by more than double"... from 0.20 to 0.50 rates. As vip4 with CP drop rate looks somehow aceptable in CT and EV, but adena drop is still not enough to compensate regular use of SS nor any skill that requires spirit ore.