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    Hi all. Please do me a favor and stop crying about rates, xp, teleports, beast soulshots etc. Mobs drop so little adena: Adena drop is fine. Also, we have this adena boost on up to 40 lvl areas that helps you nicely up to your C grades. I remember on C1-3 that i still had d grades on my 58 lvl. Further to this profits arent only the adena drop. There are materials, key mats etc that if you handle them right and know how to market you get a nice extra income. If you manage to have top C on your 70s then you did a good job. Thats how is supposed to be. Teleports: If you are crying about this you are born after 1998 so its natural for you to only met softcore RPG's so far but yes teleports WAS and SHOULD be a luxury. Beast soulshots/soulshots/cursed bones etc : I shouldnt even commend on this one. We wasnt supposed to use those concumables before our 50ish. I cant stand NECROS the most OP class in the game crying about expensive cursed bones. I mean should i cry that i dont have my atuba +10 yet? I cant stand Summoners crying about beast souldshots when all the summoners in my friendlist are already 10 levels above anyone else. I will not continue with the rest of your objections i will only stay on the above and i get that you all get my point. Maybe you all start asking your self what you are doing wrong. I mean when there are peoples that despite the "problems" you mention are already 60+ with top C (even people without CP's) THEN MAYBE YOU ARE THE WRONG HERE. Its not a shame to ask for advises when you are stack or not know what you should do, but it is a shame to blame every function of the game that you are playing. I am not saying that the developers are 100% right on every move they do. But you are 100% wrong to cry every Wednesday for the new updates. So with no hard feelings and no offence if you are so convinced that you are right please leave the game and go make a game of your own. I am sure you are going to earn million of $$$ and the community of your game will be so happy with you and your game and through your games forume there will be love and flowers blooming. Peace
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    It's not about what you get, or how fast you get it. You'll never take your levels, gear, or adena with you. The only thing you're going to get out of this game is memories such as these. Find some friends, > STOP USING SOULSHOTS ALL THE DAMN TIME<, Walk, and Enjoy the Country Side. Year 1ac : The First Summit Of Lords : Aden Active Lore Year 1ac: Fall : The Sukar Ratman Chief : Aden Active Lore Year 1ac : Mid-Fall : Family First : SerialKillers : Aden Active Lore Year 1ac: Mid-Fall : Love Story : Continuum : Aden Active Lore
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    I didn't except that so soon, but you got talent on kicking people from the servers. You should consider of merging servers, like Gludio+Aden for start, then you can open char transfering from the new Gludio-Aden server and TI/Giran. About changes, that's gonna be a short story.. Well, I'm always saying L2Store destroyed the Lineage, but lets say okay you wanna make money I get it. (You don't like getting 10$-15$ per account/month?!? well... I guess you not) - Now let's go to the important, you made an annoucement about adena rates that should stay hardcore, alright I get it, I like running from town to town and watching people doing the same but you already failed on that, first month afk event free top D weapons, that's for private pvp servers not the classic hardcore you want (The f*****ng weapons were tradeable and EWD's weren't, what kind of human thought of that?) Then you changing 0-40lvl areas to x2-x2.5 adena rate and left the 40+ areas as it was, people whining cause you didn't change whole map and now Ant nest giving more adena than at 50+ lvl solo areas, how is that even possible? Just change the whole map, 4GAME company got a database which you don't like and mess it up, well have you ever thought that it might got balance like that and should stay like that? Just saying.. - These f*****ng spammers in every town, should be banned.. eh I said the wrong word didn't I? You have no idea what banning the right chars means, well at least no chat for chars lower than 20 lvl without first class except your lovely VIP's, so they have to lvl up a 20 lvl char and do the quest or pay 5$, I already know EE got easy quest, but that's something. - Just log in your game, not only 1 time per week cause of maintenance while all bots are off, walk on the map and you will see hundreds of mages with pets using bot programm, I'll say 3 fast locations.. Cruma marshlands, Execution grounds, Wastelands on the beach. 20 days ago we had 1500 no VIP queue and 400-500 VIP queue and now even on weekends we got no queue at all, tbh server population can't even reach 6k in prime time anymore, which from 5.5k online are 2k real players+shops / 2k boxes / 1.5k bots and servers are not even 2 months alive, DAMN THAT WAS FAST. You should start thinking about the server, what mistakes you did and fix stuff, which I doubt but anyways. Lineage is old and you wanna make money, alright we get it but as business you failing too, you should keep people with you not taking the first money and kicking away, for example I and my party paid 30$ in the start of the server for the pack (If I new it could be like this, mix patches and non stop bots without getting banned, I wouldn't start even if you were paying me) but we won't give more money, guess why.. P.S Folks make PK toons and kill the PETS OF BOTTERS, YOU WON'T GET PK COUNT, JUST KARMA AND IT'S EASY TO CLEAN, then botters will die or wait 1h+ for the next pet. I'm gonna make a 50 lvl PK toon just for that, I'll bloody enjoy it!
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    First of all I would like to take you to a brief reflection. We all get excited about the opening of the L2 Classic Na, but it did not take long to be a huge frustration. we will not comment on the rates that are already clearly wrong! Why are you still playing here if ..... 1- Everywhere there are bots that do everything you do, but with no real effort Example>(you work to earn your salary but your "friend" has created a way to cheat and make money without working while he is in the same job as you, he laughs of your face, you talk to your boss "GM" and he also laughs in your face because he is profiting, but you keep working as if nothing had happened) 2-Have you ever thought that the "Adena Sellers" could be owned by NCSOFT west? It would also be possible for bots and lots of players to be lies, leading you to think that the game is at the top! 3- Why are you playing this "official" server if there are no differences for pirated servers? bots, money to have 'advantages' over other players, etc etc?! 4- I'm sorry for the way I'm going to talk: But why do not you realize that you're being treated like a clown ?????? Many complaints, many complaints and nothing is done! almost 2 months have passed and nothing, every day they laugh at your face while the money arrives in their bank accounts!
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    For all those saying rates and adena are fine and there is nothing to fix on the server...First of all the are tons of buggs and things NC hasn't even test yet after 2 months of launch (example: esc buggs in cruma tower 2 after the mob teleports you all the time) and yes these are things a company should look at from the very first moment,gaming companies always try their server before launching it...We didn't ask to increase all rates in the server at once.All we asked was some balance....Where is the balance when EWC cost 190k and EWD cost 280k? Where is the balance when lvl 40 spellbook cost 6m and 62 lvl spellbook cost 500k??? Where is the balance when 35 lvl mob drops 200 adena more than a 52 lvl mob?Where is the balance when soulshot can be obtained with Clan coins,N coins and attendance event? Where is the Hardcore when everyone can stay afk for 4 hours and have top D weapon? Where is the hardcore when you can have 6 chars 45 lvl and get 12 dimensional reward each day (having x12 chance to win top C gear),where is the Hardcore when everyone has 100m experience in their inventory ready to get like 10 levels in 1 day...This is not Hardcore...this is how NC makes money..There is no balance or "Hardcore"....only profit for NC soft and sweet memories of this game in our heads...
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    I am very upset with these rates too, but to see the people who bought vip 4 and weapons or sets top c with real money are crying in this moment for the game, that makes me more happy. :D. (they are who are killing the game, bots are not good, people who said that bots are the economy is only bullshit, people that buy items with real money are the same garbage that these admins. CYA)
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    Good luck in lvl 40+ when mobs give you the same adena as the ones you're hunting now.
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    So, currently the adena issue is a problem. You say it is free to play rates, what about those paying the subscription cost? VIP isn't increasing adena? If you want to keep these rates you need to adjust a few things, namely teleport cost. You will spoil pvp because people won't teleport to help clan members fight. Another unintended effect is the fact you can get a lower level character to farm more and faster under lvl 40 than you can in most areas of the game 40+. This cannot be true, as the higher lvl you get the more you should spend on leveling. I would be fine with rates if everything was the same rates. Some areas are better than others. Namely the under lvl 40 areas are better than 50+ areas. What this allows and encourages are two things, one is for people to buy adena because they feel they have no other choice. Two, it encourages the adena farmers to come into play because its easy for them to farm adena from 1-40, no huge investment for them, even if banned. and the demand is so high that they are never sitting on adena, they move it fast which drives more need for it. It inflates the market against legit players, when I farm and should be able to buy an item for 500k, Johnny Rich goes and buys 3 million adena and then buy the item for 1.5 mill instead of the correct value. and then who is going to sale it at the correct price anymore when they know people will buy adena to sell it. Look at the CDL and haste book. 6-10 million?? Please, if you are going to allow the rates to stay the same, then you need to handle RMT better. Ban bots which drive the economy and let everyone stay poor. Otherwise you will need to address the rates so that RMT has less of an impact. @Hime@Juji
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    @Hime So it's intended that level 30 mobs give more than level 50+ mobs? Please tell me this is some poorly-timed April Fool's joke. I seriously recommend you take down this post and reconsider again, otherwise you're going to be getting a LOT of paypal/cc chargebacks over the coming days.
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    dont go for summoner. its dead class atm. u have only 2 options 1 farm as nuker on trash mobs 2 farm as melee on trash mobs pointless
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    MS at the moment control Chronos server. They are the strongest clan. The question is who can stop them? Nova at this moment are in crisis. A lot of members gave up and other members moved to other servers (classic). As a result Chronos server doesn't have PVP anymore. The last hope is Divekio. I remember his fights in Freya against MAX zerg and really that was brave. Only if Divekio make one strong ally maybe will pvp in Chronos rebourn.
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    I'm Plain walker and i played this class since C3. And i kicked the ass like if they were nothing of almost all AW and TH, with plus or less egal gear, that i fought so you can keep your word for you. PW is the god of Dagger specially at hight lvl
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    Buenas a todos. Somos SuicideSquad, clan lvl 3 + 3 clanes lvl 2 + ally (en total 90 personas activas). Buscamos gente copada, activa, que use discord. Las clases que más nos interesan ahora son: - BD, WC, BS. Lvl +30. Si no sos nada de esto, serás bienvenido igual. El clan garantiza raids, party lvl, crafts (contamos con enanos, por lo que no tenés que hacerte el tuyo para equiparte, simplemente ayudar y colaborar). Pueden whispear ingame a: v2Rockeets, TeDestrozo, TigerPop o Rouch. Cualquiera de nosotros está abierto a charlar y sumarlos a la familia. Nos vemos ingame!!
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    So many posts keep getting deleted. And yet still no response from ncsoft.If i did this to my business i would be out of business.
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    Im tired of this game and his vomitive administration. Tired of this false classic verision, this version is the actual game with some changes and lvl max 70. Tired of the bots, adena sellers, stupid rates, the administration, the gm inactivity, the email support (where i denounced by mail a lot of bots, adena sellers, scammers, and they (the gm) answer you but i continue seeing this people online) Im very sad for waste money in yours, i put confidence in this project but like always (since years) the desicions are driving the game to be a trash again (well, is a trash now). For a reason this game is dead since a lot of years and titles like wow (blizzard) continue making millions I never will waste a dollar in this ridiculous game again. Good bye and good luck with the bankroupt
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    Just some more proof that you all knew this was an issue and your now deciding to completely ignore it. Thanks you for destroying a great game for the 2nd time. At this rate id be surprised if people play your new titles based on pure fear of them just being a cash crab and scam. I'll probably never spend a dime with your company again. @Juji @Hime
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    PPL donesnt understand this. For this Nowadays Players is normal and pretty enough only to grind. They dont know to think, how to multiply the adena. We had C weapons fist before even the first fixes of the drops. Let me gives you some advices. 1. Only our main DD was using Shots and Haste pots. Others we was farming without shots and pots, only gathering adena to b uy weapon on our DD, so he had top D gun at 28 lvl. Then with TOP D he start farming x 200-300 k per day. After we bought him a gun , we was tottaly broke. So we decide to craft the Second weapon, instead of buying. So 2 days later after we bought TOP D gun, we had the second already Crafted. After got 2 TOP D Gun farmers, everything became easy. But most than everything you should THINK THINK THINK AND THINK. There is milion of ways of doin adena. For example i was crafting low C boots with craft price below 80 k, they was giving 50 Cx which was around 180 k adena market price. 1 week of doing this and we bough C Fists to our DD. And all this without QQing about drop rates and etc. The half spots mobs was bugged and still was giving 75 xp. But nobody complains. Except the ppl who cant handle the struggle.
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    Besides even in older days, consumables were always a luxury! Most people complaining here were probably carried by some well organized clan run by some older, smarter guys. So they never really felt how hard the game is actually. Just look at them complaining that they can't afford top D or top C equipment. I could probably count on one hand how many times I saw people running around with Light Crossbows or the likes. We used to dream about Reinforced Longbows and Tarbars. And look at this server, there are actually top D and even some top C parts floating around. This is excluding the event weapons, people still manage to craft top equipment. Life is much easier here Besides I kinda agree with the 1-40 boost, people get faster towards C grade, where the game starts to be more fun and challenging. Where the game requires at least some degree of planning ahead to survive. (And no, running in circles AoE-ing whatever =/= planning)
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    He is hidding to his cave like all dogs from his clan
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    Why you avoid pvp vs me? Record me any video where you even catch (not kill) any rb atleast 85-101 random respawn. STOP talking bulshit if you avoid PVP vs only me. I would show proofs if NCsoft will not delete that post like every time they do. I think i explained enough. Everything after it what you can talk is simply your not knowledge.
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    Looks like you need to learn some English as well. Besides this is not open beta, it's not P2P, and it's not 2004/5, it's not C3/4 either. In other words, it's a new game. The sooner you'll understand our knowledge doesn't apply 100% here, the better you'll sleep at night
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    I don't know if you guys feel the same way as I do, but after the announce that no changes will be made in adenas etc etc, it just feels sad, to play probably the ONLY game in the entire gaming universe where when you proceed, instead of getting stronger, you are getting weaker. NO this is not a games fault, nor MY fault, its the adenas rate + drop rate on mats/bugged spoil on higher level mobs. Please, if you are not 40+ level do not try to justify the broken things in this server. To sum it up, it's sad that a Necro with full C grade gear + CDL 3 shots mobs in EV top spot for 700 adenas and a Mage of lv 28 with top D weapon can 2 shot mobs in FT/AC/PH for the same amount of adenas. and please do not start with "FIND AOE CP, MAKE WL FOR AOE" been there, done that, still doesn't justify the fact that 30 lvl mobs are better value for money and money source than 50+
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    That's the problem, when you join an illegal server you expect that it's going to be last only few months, but from official server you expect it to run for long. But we're in grotesque situation when there's l2classic .club which has been running successfuly for over 3 years and in contrast we have NCsoft which manages to start running this server to the ground shortly after opening... Wouldn't mind paying a bit but they're taking decisions which drives tons of ppl away.
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    I still play here because I didn't hit the wall yet. - I didn't use any of my 74 xp boost scrolls. - I make like 30k Adena in one evening because I have to farm on exotic spors where barely any bots are - I still hang on lvl 30 trying to make progress next to bots. I reduced $ spending to a minimum (buying shots if I forgott to shop in town) ANd I will robably reduce my play time to a minimum after I achieved my D grade goals...
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    Haha they modified it. These are not the first announced patchnotes. They are edited.
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    I tried it second day after NC implemented it. I died at third wave or spawn by an big mob maybe bos and realized that there is no fun for me. Even if there will be next round with additional herbs, super powers and what not for me is not fun and I can live without that bracelet. I'm waiting on dragon underpants which will have super powers to boost my avatar into the sky with passive skills like keeping my poo to not drop it and kill all party with bad smel. *lost all mana on that mob trying to kill it but it was untouchable .
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    Bonjour Notre clan est toujours en opération avec des Québécois et autre FR Nous somme sur le serveur Talking island Le nom de notre clan est : Revolution ( lvl 3 ) Vous pouvez pm ces joueurs In game pour discuter : Astreos / Extra / Tinanox / Lune / Soldat / Wilmur Au plaisir de vous rencontré
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    Most player base is telling you that the rates make no sense at all. Most of your player base are in their mid 30s, have jobs that allow them to pay for coins and VIP and also families, that demand their time as well. If you make the experience so unrewarding player base will chooose to spend the limited time for "gaming" in other place also with their USD. As simple as that. Now for sure it will be not in an instant. But your LIVE servers used to be a several mores and with your "wise" guidence reduce to 2 poorly populated servers.......... On other hand you are deleting post that do no insult or violate your conduct code , like the one that posted a picture of uninstall success , that was hilarious, draw a smile on my face . If you cant take what your clients tell ya about your "wise" decesion, then choose more wisely dont you think? Very sad indeed.......... Well i hoppe you speed up the jewels and cloacks that are on other f2p versions to nail the coffing quickly and we all move on away from this ... And stop deleting post with no reason, is rude unpolite, It is not the right way to treat your customers Just end the topic with a final answer... @Hime @Juji Regards
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    I will not support VIP program anymore . Worthless thing ever . I get same item/adena drop as no vip player , cuz your rates are not fine and never got fixed. Enjoy your F2bot game .
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    Maybe the "cap" was nothing but an estimate from them? As in, "we estimate that, with our 0.3x rates, the maximum level someone will ever bother going for is 70"?
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    I think people just need to reset their expectations... which is where this all went to hell anyway. Giving something for free and taking away is much more difficult than it just being the way it was from day one.
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    It's a bit unfair that the LIVE servers have to pay for your poor management of the CLASSIC servers
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    “In every uncomfortable situation you find yourself in there are only ever three choices. The first being running from it. Just ignoring it’s there and hoping the issue goes away on its own. The second one is you could just accept it, believe that’s the way it is, always will be, and nothing you do will ever change it. The final option that most people shy from is you can attempt to change it, realize everything around you, everything in your life was created by people no smarter or better than you, and you can have just as much if not more impact on how the situation concludes. In the end its always your choice.” ~ Legendary Lord Punish ……………………………………………………… Giran, the City that never sleeps. Our young lord having just attained assassin rank 35 has survived his journey through the brutal Execution Grounds and arrived at the glorious city walls of Aden’s most famous economic power. Nestled in the realms easternmost province, Giran is known for its bustling shops, the occasional deal gone wrong and the infamous luxury shop many of Aden’s citizens clamor toward eyeing the finely crafted C Grade Equipment in anticipation of attaining rank 40. Punish was no exception he had heard of this luxury shop and the artisans who crafted the powerful equipment, in fact it was the first thing on his agenda to marvel at the craftsmanship and visualize what it would be like to wield such professional gear. He would soon make a choice on his profession, the Dark Elf guild had mandated a class selection at various stages and he was quickly due to graduate toward his final profession. That decision had weighed heavily on the young lord’s mind, once you selected your path and underwent the trails for transfer into the school of choice there was no going back. After a time through trial and error, he had found comfort in ranged attack and understood only one path lay before him. “Excuse me? Do you happen to know where I might find the Luxury shop?” Punish asked with almost a childlike excitement to a passing Dark Elf Warrior. “Que?” replied the Dark Elf. Punish a bit confused answered, “What?”. “Si!”, responded the Dark Elf Warrior again. “The Luxury Shop, do you know where it is?” asking again. Just then the Dark Elven warrior simply turned and ran through the streets of Giran without another word. The Legendary Lord, dumbstruck as to how a fellow brother from Dark Elf village didn’t speak their ancestral language stood for a moment completely perplexed. “What the hell, just happe….” Just then a familiar voice rang out from behind him as it had become custom, “Hey BRO!”, exclaimed Hatecrafted, Clan Lord of SerialKIllers . “Oh, Hey Hate!”, Punish replied, “I finally made it to Giran! Do you know wher…”. “LOL, Gratz! Let me guess, you want to check out the Luxury shop like everyone else?” Hatecrafted stated flatly, knowing intuitively what was on the Dark Elf’s mind. “It’s over there, down that street, take a left on the second alley, you can’t miss it!”, Hatecrafted said providing directions, seemingly in a hurry, “I’m off to train, take it easy Pun!”. Having clear directions, the Dark Elf made his way excitedly where his friend had told him. Standing before the magnificent building it was easy to see why this was called the “Luxury Shop” after all, the building was massive, its architecture was unlike anything else in the city, dwarves, warehouse keepers, special vendors littered the area. And there he was, the renowned dwarven arms dealer Galladucci, along with this beautiful human wife Alexandria. Punish mused to himself, no doubt the sales and profit from these fine weapons may have played a role in Galladucci attaining Alexandria’s hand in marriage. Giving the maiden a quick once over and back to the older, short, scruffy dwarf… “yeaaa…..”, Punish said under his breath. “Hail Galladucci, I’ve heard much about you!”, said Punish, “Elite Merchandise Shop is open again! We offer a broad selection of the finest weapons and special items, which are bound to steal a way into your heart!” Answered Galladucci. “I’ve heard so much about them! I wonder if you could show me some Bow’s that you may have, I’m getting close to my Profession selection and I’m definitely an archer!” explained the Legendary Lord. “I’m sorry for any inconvenience but from now on our shop only accepts crystals as payment.” Galladucci went on. “Oh, crystals… why not adena?” asked Punish. “We also add a small fee.”, Galladucci followed. “A small fee too? Why would you want Crystals as payment but add a small adena fee as well, wouldn’t it be easier to just sell everything in adena?” inquired Punish. “If you want armor or any other rare items, feel free to talk to my beautiful wife.” Galladucci stated without hesitation. Punish stood looking intently at the renowned dwarf somewhat puzzled, had the dwarf heard anything he had just said. “Come again?” the young lord asked. “Elite Merchandise Shop is open again! We offer a broad selection of the finest weapons and special items, which are bound to steal a way into your heart!” was the dwarves reply. Punish looked at the expressionless dwarf, then to Alexandria, then back again to the trader. “Ooookaaaayy, I think I’m going to come back later….” Punish letting the words roll of his tongue and sit still in the air. “I’m sorry for any inconvenience but from now on our shop only accepts crystals as payment.” was Galladucci’s retort. The Dark Elf sat expressionless, with one eyebrow half-cocked, slowly exited the Luxury Shop a bit unsettled by the traders seemingly limited conversational skills. Just then Punish began to take a harder look at the City of Giran, it’s shops, and it’s people. Taking in a more complete picture of the sights, sounds, and ambiance of the famed city. For even though the citizens were walking the streets, with commerce taking place, and equipment being forged, something was so very strange with the way the people were interacting with one another. “Lifeless…” was the only word that could escape the Dark Elfs lips. “I’m telling you there is definitely something very wrong here….” a strong voice could be heard from around the corner. “No one can afford to train past rank 40 or higher without great hardship.”, “It has to be the Ivory Tower, somehow they are up to this.” the voice went on. “And the gatekeepers, don’t even get me started with those guys. Have you seen the prices they will start making everyone pay? I can barely afford to use my Death Spike spell because the reagent necessary is so uncommon, this HAS to be the Ivory Tower… Somehow they are manipulating the entire economy of Aden!”. The Legendary Lord turning the corner could see the human completely now, slight in frame compared to the human warriors that inhabited Aden, one could tell the power of this individual had be honed from years of study in the mystic arts. A reanimated skeleton dutifully stood guard behind his master, as he stood before three others looking to them with authority under the brim of an assassins bamboo hat. Punish had never seen a Necromancer before, he’d heard tales of the humans who embraced the dark arts and in many ways, these skilled casters had more in common with the Dark Elves than their own kind. Most steered clear of those who find power in the mysteries of death and those who do master it are truly powerful. “I know this troubles you, but what can be done?” inquired a Dark Elven beauty. “Nothing immediately Azraella, but you know I’m not one to stand around, sit idle, and allow it to happen.” replied the Necromancer. “You know what I think! That Headmistress probably hasn’t gotten any in years! Nose stuck in books all the damn time, locked up in that stupid tower… She just needs a little Dark.” quipped another human sorcerer in the group. “I’d solve this in five minutes flat!” holding his hand up in front of his cohorts in a boastful manner and splitting his index fingers into a “V”. “See just Two in the Pink and Two in the...”. “DARKENRAHL!!!” snapped Azraella with a smirk. “What? … How about a Dirty Louisiana then?” DarkenRahl, came back as if on cue with a mischievous grin eyeing the reaction of the other three. The Necromancer snickered, Azraella looked to the sky smiling and the as yet identified third member of their quartet chimed in, “That’s a new one… What’s that one again?”. “What? You don’t know something? Did you guys hear him! Plasma doesn’t know something….” DarkenRahl said feigning astonishment. Plasma could only roll his eyes as if, he’d heard this a thousand times before. “Okay, you see Plaz a Dirty Louisiana is when you” DarkenRhal explained just before being cut off, “Dark! We’re good. Seriously! We’re good.” quipped Azraella as if SHE was on cue this round. Just then the seriousness of the previous topic had all but evaporated. The four friends simply laughed amongst themselves enjoying the presence of one another’s company. Punish could only smile to himself, he’d seen this before long ago as a Lord of his former clan he’d hoped to rebuild anew here in Aden. It was obvious to him now this group was not just mere friends but the core members of a clan and no doubt the Necromancer was their Lord. “I will hold a forum, the people of Aden will voice their concerns and we will apply pressure to the Ivory Tower to reconsider the GateKeeper Costs and whatever curse they’ve placed upon this land that effect’s Aden’s economy.” stated their Lord regaining some composure from the gregarious exchange. Looking to each other, the others nodded following his lead. “Sounds, like a good plan.” Sounded Plasma. “You know I’m with you.” DarkenRahl stated definitively. “And my Aeowyn?” the human mystic said affectionately to Azraella. “I’ll follow you until the end of time, my Husband.” she cooed. Overhearing this the Legendary Lord regained his puzzled face and connected the obvious love between the two at odd races, Punish could only lament that some guys just got all the game with the ladies, even ones that prefer to hang out with dead things all day. “You know, you guys should go to that far away romantic place!” exclaimed DarkenRahl. “What romantic place?” questioned Azraella, obviously interested in the idea, eyeing the Necromancer husband. “You know that place with the big tower! The big one in the city, where they got all the fancy food and little fancy waiter guys. It’s in another realm but I know it’s out there. That place where “oui” means “yes”, where was that again… I think they call the tower “Eiffel” or something, it’s bigger the TOI” DarkenRahl pondered aloud. “Oh I think I know where you’re talking about its” Plasma chimed in only to be cut off, “SPAIN! That’s it! Eiffel Tower in SPAIN.” DarkenRhal stated definitively. Plasma just stood there eyeing the Sorcerer, “You’ve been going to that Orcish Herbalist again haven’t you….”. The Necromancer and his Aoewyn could only snicker observing the interaction between the two mystics. Punish noticing a good opportunity was quick not to waste it, “Hail!, well met. I couldn’t help but overhear your discussion concerning the GateKeepers and Economy” the young lord interjected himself into the groups conversation. “Oh Hello Punish” said the Necromancer. “.... I’m sorry, we’ve met?” the Legendary Lord stated confused after observing the group and Lord he’d known nothing about, surprised he knew of him. “Well, yes. I attended the summit of lords you’d held in Gludio before the Fall” the Necromancer stated tipping the brim of his bamboo hat to reveal his face. Punish recognized him, he HAD been at the summit but some time had passed and his name eluded his memory. “Oh, you were there, Yes I do recognize you, I’m sorry I’ve been sick since then and training hard.” replied the young lord. “I heard you got sick after getting your ass kicked by the ratman chief! ” exclaimed DarkenRahl. “Oh well, yes. But you have to try before you can” the Legendary Lord automatically fired his readied response. “You know you really should have used a strategy guide for the command channel…” Plamsa cut in. “Yea, I kind of know that now… Next tim ” Punish responded a bit defensively. “Something Wrong” The Necromancer, interjected. “Oh no, nothing. They’re fine, those things happen. …” Punish relayed. “No, no, Some Thing Wrong” the Necromancer said again. “Huh?” a confused Punish replied, thinking he may have just offended another Clan Lord inadvertently. DarkenRahl Chuckled, and a smirk spread across Azraella’s face. “I assure you sir, you and your friends. Everything is absolutely fine.” Punish stated a bit more defensively, wondering why communication with everyone in this damn city had to be so difficult. The Necromancer chuckled, holding out his hand and very slowly stating the same thing he’d just said twice times prior with a slight foreign accent the Dark Elf couldn’t place, “Sum Ting Wong”. Punish could feel his temper flair a bit as the collar of his MoonStone Armor tightened, did this human think he was slow or something? One Human taunting him about the massacre of the failed Ratman Chief Raid, what the hell did he know! The other talking about that DAMNED “strategy guide”, who knew that back then! And this little tiny human that played with dead animals as a child with his supermodel Dark Elf wife with the largest breasts he’d ever seen was making fun of him in front of all of them!!! The “LEGENDARY LORD” didn’t need to take this crap! Punish gripped his Gastraphetes tightly and silently cracked a SoulShot between his fingers empowering his next attack with magical damage. The odds weren’t in his favor but he’d go down fighting! “Jeez” Plasma said with an eye-roll, “His name is SumTimWong, good god, chill out. And the “Eiffel” tower is in Paris Dark!”. “No it’s NOT! It’s in SPAIN damn it!” DarkenRahl carried on. “I can’t take you two anywhere…” Azraella said, burst into laughter as the two sorcerers carried on their debate as to where this romantic tower actually existed. “SumTingWong?” Punish asked looking upon the familiar face, placing it with the other lords at the summit. “Of course!” SumTingWong replied with a smile still holding out his welcoming hand. “Continuum…?” asked Punish bursting into laughter himself, remembering a detail that had escaped him earlier. “Yes, I’m SumTingWong Clan Lord of Continuum, It’s good to have you back, I had heard you were ill, it’s good to see you back on your feet.”. Punish felt the bubbling rage lessen inside him instantaneously, feeling quite embarrassed took the Necromancers hand with his own. “Thank you, It’s good to have reconnected with you after this time.” Punish exhaling deeply, at the same time thinking to himself the Dark Mage before him at any moment could have incinerated him with a flick of his wrist or called upon his minion to rip him limb from limb. “So the Ivory Tower is up to a lot these days?” The Legendary Lord asked. Looking to the young archer from under his bamboo hat, the Necromancer replied coolly, “Yes, and I choose to change it!”. “How can I help?” replied the Dark Elf. They talked for several hours, all of them. Punish was surprised to hear Continuum had been together for nearly 15 years and throughout that time they had remained one unified clan throughout lifes many challenges and changes. SumTingWong shared the story of how Azraella, then Aeowyn had been a member of his vanguard and hadn’t always been a mystic but a savage and powerful dagger in SumTingWongs military, their love story was truly “SumTing” out of a fairy tale and after a brief courtship the former King of Aden had successfully wooed the love of his life and made her his Queen. Now nearly 15 years later they and Continuum were as strong as ever. Punish thought to himself secretly OF COURSE the former KING OF ADEN would be able to woo any dark elven beauty, he’d have to remember that for later. He’d been thinking a lot that possibly hunting a different sort of prey would deliver him a much-needed distraction. After some time had passed the group broke, SumTingWong and the Legendary Lord agreed to discuss mutual visions in the future and promised to remain in touch. SumTingWong would travel to the Ivory Tower and hold his forum, seeking relief for the citizens of Aden rank 40 and higher. “Farewell friend, It was a real pleasure to have met you and your clan members.” Punish said sincerely. “As you, Punish” SumTingWong answered. Left to himself Punish mind floated from the various topics he and the group shared, but inevitably it returned to the special hunt that had been nagging at him. Entering the Luxury shop Punish approached the counter. “Elite Merchandise Shop is open again! We offer a broad sel..” Galladucci blurted. “Oh, my good dwarf, please she is quite more than that I think you shouldn’t call her by such names.” Punish quipped cutting off the dwarf. Galladucci completely puzzled stumbled in response, “I’m sorry for any inconvenience but from now on our shop only accepts crystals as payment.”. Punish feigning disgust answered, “Galladucci, my word. Are you seriously referring to your lovely wife?” winking toward Alexandria. “We also add a small fee,” Galladucci stated openly, knuckles white with rage but unable to resist. Crossing his arms the Legendary Lord looked upon Alexandria with great sympathy, “You are truly too beautiful a flower to have this senile dwarf to sell you to passing strangers” Punish exclaimed bravely. “If you want armor or any other rare items, feel free to talk to my beautiful wife.” Galladucci stated nearly passing out from sheathing rage. “You know I think I will, Alexandria the rarest item I could possibly think of would be your tender love and honor, you should come with me and be treated the way you truly deserve!” Punish explained to the human female. Alexandria entirely shocked by her husband’s obvious disregard for her honor, looked upon the Legendary Lord with admiration and respect. Punish offered his arm to escort her away from the money hungry dwarven pimp. As she stepped from behind the counter Galladucci could only stand aimlessly as his wife walked with the Dark Elven Archer toward the shop doors, overhearing the bits and pieces of the seductive spell the dark elf was weaving. “You know I recently met a friend, a human mystic that taught me an interesting trick. You see it starts like this.” Punish said holding his hand before him as the couple left the shop. Galladucci could do nothing as the Dark Elves index fingers, split into a “V” as he whispered into Alexandria’s ear, her eyes wide with a timid smirk playing across her face.
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    Hit it 8 times with no ss = profit???
  36. 1 point
    Aaaaaahhhh...guys...you don't wanna understand... This is just a CashCow game for NCSoft...They are focusing their finances and resources on others titles (l2 mobile, Aion3 mobile, e.g.). Do you really think they care about your crying for adena drop or spoil??? Don't you realize why they came out with l2 classic?? Official is dead and impossible to play for new players, they know that and don't have time/resources/will to fix all that mess; so they came out with l2 classic to get back some cashes $$ and all of us have been lured to this XD. Personally I enjoy the game with my clan, of course it is more difficult to get gear etc.., but not impossible. What about bots?? Simple as that...NC NEEDS bots and sellers cause,on a server like this, they create economy for new players who don't want to wait to be competitive...not telling you something new...just watch others free to play titles and you will see that L2 is not the only bot paradise. And if you catch a party bot with your CP, well force them to flag and kil them all!!! This server will become official like, 2k-3k ppl max in few months. It's up to you to take it easy and create your own economy. Yeah the game is hard as he was meanted to be. Create a 2nd or third account, sell SS and BSS, buy/sell crafting materials, enchant and sell gear, there are many ways to get your money. It's clear that with this patch that NC don't want to make this server like some illegal or INNOVA, deal with it! If you are always looking at the problems and not the solution you will never enjoy the game..btw just killed 40+ necro with +4 sage staff with my 33 dark wizard TopD weapon +3...so don't bother about p2w ppl, 90% of them don't have fingers
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    They do not drop soul Ores and spirit ores, but when time comes around when people need to make their b set. I will have at least 5 million worth in items to sell. You are looking into a immediate investment rather than a long term investment. Either way I still made 1mil+ in my 4 hours of farming. Like I stated earlier is not about the actual (adena rate) is what you can find, sell, and make. If you get involved in the game's market you can be successful. I never recall Original L2 beta being Soulshots/spirit shot sustainable . I remember when I literally had to chose when to use them or not, and that was actually a normal rate. So for those who are complaining about not being able to afford soulshots/spirit shots and claiming they played original BETA, Get out of here with that BS.
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    If you say that DO NOT WANT fix the adena drop amount, ok, is your decision. But, you come here and say that the amount is correct, please. Just go and kill a 45+ mob, any mob. And tell me if it is correct. Satyr Elder at Enchanted Valley, drop 810 adena. On l2 wiki the info for that mob is from 1144 to 2670. A Formor giving 218, and on wiki say that drop is 248 to 579. The sad part is that I was enjoying playing here
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    53 PR, 53BD, 49 SWS, 54 PP. Making a killing on enchanted valley atm. Made ton of money in cruma selling mats until level 50. Instead complaining I find my way to survive. You lazy noobs constantly yapping and complaining to NC soft for freebies truly have no place in the game Adios
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    Was about to buy 100 bucks in ncoin for runes. Glad I held off.
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    I'm so happy for this hardcore experience and i will spend my 20k daily very strategically. One day arrows the other day soulshots. When and if i reach top gear, any real life obstacle will seem a joke
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    guess i'll keep playing, because friends still play, but I'll never spend another penny on ncsoft, you can count on that.
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    What's point of classic feel if they just going have exp event ever month.
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    Yea I can't understand this at all, they just kicked out the chair from under themselves
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    I guess you are a low lvl, better stay that way. You'll make more adena farming lvl 30 mobs than lvl 55 ones. : )
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    What a dumb decision 2 servers are light traffic already...
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    Hard stuff? People, including myself running with top C and B gear after 2 months? That's not the issue dude, stop dreaming. The issue is that mobs in FT and Ant nest drop more adena than mobs in LOA.
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    @Hime I don't know who did your research for you to come to this conclusion. But there is a huge difference in drop rates being challenging and adena rates being incorrect. VIP does not effect the drop rate of adena or the amount. So why would adena rates at lower level be much higher than most level 50+ areas? That a massive imbalance. If you sincerely think this, you will be signing the death of Lineage 2 classic.
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    Some additional clarity: Free to Player service and Pay to Play service have different rates. This is true for all regions. We didn't reinvent the wheel on rates. The first rate scaling issue were based on rates from another region that we did not approve. They were lower than what we intended and we've adjusted them to approximately twice the rate they were at. That puts us now on par with other free to play region rates. Now we're on our next issue about the rates scaling. Of course what works from other free to play regions doesn't necessarily mean it works for us here so we got adjusted rates for a few Lv. 40+ zones that had scaling issues. Based on your feedback, there are more that needs to be considered. We're in constant discussions with our dev team and this is a priority issue.