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    Yes, I know it's sad. I was playing Lineage 2 then i minimized it to have a break. I opened fifa offline and opened a cheat table in cheat engine. The server kicked me out and now i got banned on my other account, do you know guys if there is a way to solve it? I am only playing for 2 days (I'm kinda noob) but I was enjoying it so much! Thanks
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    I wanted to suggest to make it possible to drop items when killed by mob,only while you capcha debuff on you so it would only affect bots but...you can buy capcha service for your bot(theres other people entering it manualy) or you can even make adjustments to have that capcha make alert to your phone and enter it via teamviewer. so B R I N G B A C K I T E M D R O P S W H E N D E A D I N G T O M O B S Im not the type to believe conspiracy theories but all changes and everything thats happening til now makes me believe that some of them bots and adena shops is NOT so unofficial and illegal as you might think.
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    hi, i'm sorry to disappoint you, but this is bullshiet! i personally have reported bots at level 20 and now at level 35 they show up again always hitting without ss. i have spoken with people that were farming in the same area to report all those bots and they said that they have reported them for more than 1 week with video but nothing happened. why you put us to make the dirty work for you? you can simply hire an GM that has time almost everyday to check all the areas for bots. i came across dozens of party bots but i never saw an gm online when it happened. peace!
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    as the forum is not a place to complain about bot, if when opening a ticket send people to the Forum, you should talk and enter into an agreement. GM Catharsis November 23, 2018 22:00 Hello, Thanks for contacting the Lineage II Game Support Team. We appreciate that you took the time to share your feedback on this matter. Unfortunately, the Game Support Team is not a part of the development process and is unable to comment on or answer questions about such aspects of the game like the Chat System. However, we invite you to share your thoughts via the official forums: Title: Lineage II Forums Link: https://forums.lineage2.com/ This is the best place to discuss your ideas with fellow players who can voice their feedback and suggestions. These can then be forwarded to the development team from there. Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance. Sincerely, GM Catharsis NCSOFT Support Team
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    YOu do understand, that once Runes come in, as long they stay like on every classic, a Blunt user will also reach 500 crit rate, just like every Archer, Sword or Dagger user....
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    Thanks for the event... i love the bonus adena and exp... 3.000.000 exp and 280.000 adenas in a few hours https://puu.sh/CaRRI/63be2d7911.png
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    Why not show us the glow?
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    Your "future" will last exactly 5 days with normal rates and teleports. Please don't be blinded by this "event". Its very wrong for you to believe that the server is even close to being playable with this.
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    "Reporting Scammers, Bots, & Adena Sellers" Isn't this the section name??? Or maybe my english is so bad that I can't understand the meaning of the words...
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    Oh sorry for having a house, job and wife. Maybe I should get a life, you are right.
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    You are right. But I like to read forums while I drink my morning coffee!
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    If you "left the server" Why are you still creeping in the forums. If you leave , leave for good!!
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    With this rates of adena, botting is the only way to survive. If u play manually @Hime or @Juji are going to punish you. I left the server after the last announcement from @Hime. The only way to enjoy NCWest is to become a bot. I've just started in L2Club and 0 bots. I won't play anymore on BotLand.
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    Blazing swamp has mobs lvl 71+. Priests Alive. This means there's probably no hard lvl cap atm when they said max lvl was 70,didn't specify if player or mobs, BUT someone already lvl'ed to 71, There's raids 75 and mobs 71+. They also said max is B grade. Doubt it. There's Priests running arround alive which should drop A grades.
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    Despite news of the investigation, the Entertainment Software Association continued to defend the use of loot boxes. “Loot boxes are one way that players can enhance the experience that video games offer,” the association said to Variety. “Contrary to assertions, loot boxes are not gambling. They have no real-world value, players always receive something that enhances their experience, and they are entirely optional to purchase. They can enhance the experience for those who choose to use them, but have no impact on those who do not.” Hahahahaahahhhaa best joke ever
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    Very well said. I'm level 5x in full C grade and I play only after work and during the weekends. I use Spiritshots C grade all the time (BSSC only in pvp) and I don't teleport anywhere but run and use /loc and soe. I can't believe the amount of complaining that happens on this forum... The game is far from perfect but it's really not as bad as most people on the forum portray it to be.
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    PPL donesnt understand this. For this Nowadays Players is normal and pretty enough only to grind. They dont know to think, how to multiply the adena. We had C weapons fist before even the first fixes of the drops. Let me gives you some advices. 1. Only our main DD was using Shots and Haste pots. Others we was farming without shots and pots, only gathering adena to b uy weapon on our DD, so he had top D gun at 28 lvl. Then with TOP D he start farming x 200-300 k per day. After we bought him a gun , we was tottaly broke. So we decide to craft the Second weapon, instead of buying. So 2 days later after we bought TOP D gun, we had the second already Crafted. After got 2 TOP D Gun farmers, everything became easy. But most than everything you should THINK THINK THINK AND THINK. There is milion of ways of doin adena. For example i was crafting low C boots with craft price below 80 k, they was giving 50 Cx which was around 180 k adena market price. 1 week of doing this and we bough C Fists to our DD. And all this without QQing about drop rates and etc. The half spots mobs was bugged and still was giving 75 xp. But nobody complains. Except the ppl who cant handle the struggle.
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    i've got permanent ban and i am playing for 2 days lol. just for using cheat engine on Fifa meanwhile i had lineage 2 minimized... This is not fair in my opinion
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    Time zones are hard. It will be corrected next week. Sorries! The Classic server is NOT the reason for the 5 hour downtime. The schedule maintenance varies every week and some weeks are shorter or longer than others. There are some tasks the team performs during the maintenance that do take longer and that also varies by week. Thank you.
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    You are very mistaken. I am well aware of my "scrub" status and has already accepted the fact that there are way better players than me at botting and buying adena, otherwise I wouldn't be stuck at the 20~30 level range. So you honestly believe it's humanly possible to get a top C with +10 and with the time since launch is able to achieve all this without any aid from bots. If you do some number crunching and factor in all the stuff like eat, sleep, work, etc, and how you have to compete with other players and bots for spots or pvp in general it's just not very likely you can achieve this kind of stuff as a human. Maybe this guy is really super human and is 100% legit but chances are high that he's just another botter/adena buyer. if you can somehow prove me wrong then I got no problem to bow my head and apologize.
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    Blocking a minimum ~MINIMUM~ of 9 adena sellers DAILY who are PM'ing me just in Giran. I try not to go to Dion, Gludio or Gludin because the chat is inundated with adena sellers spamming every 2 seconds in general chat AS WELL AS PMing PLAYERS! i am using the "block adena seller" function in the right-click block option. i was happy to see this in the beginning because i thought this was data NCSoft would actually use to ban these characters. Apparently I was wrong. Having my hunting corner taken over by bots is a daily occurrence. MULTIPLE times per day i have to move on to prevent being KS'd by bots. it doesn't matter that i am there first, they move in and leave me with nothing to kill. i report them as bots but i am limited to 6 reports daily. it isn't enough. I am honestly afraid to complain because i know how NCSoft has addressed these kinds of issues in the past. Adena sellers spamming general chat, PM's and mailing players with their crap turned into NOBODY being able to chat until level 76. THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION!! and this penalizes ALL LEGITIMATE PLAYERS. New players coming to L2 (now LIVE) cannot talk to anyone and so they leave. how can they get help when they can't chat and don't understand the concept of party invite to be able to talk to someone? So NCSoft has deliberately handicapped the game by discouraging new players. RMTers are allowed to set up bots to further funding their adena and gear acquisitions in-game. This has always been the case! Hey, NCSoft, i'm here spending a lot of money on NCoin and YOU BANNED MY BOTS!! don't do that to me!! i need to be the best! So in its wisdom, NCSoft stops banning bots to avoid insulting the people who pay their bills. again, this is NOT a solution! No selling adena, no botting are all announced in the EULA, terms and conditions of play as well as reiterated here in the forums time and time again. The bots continue to multiply, they are not being banned. there has been NO REAL SOLUTION to ANY of this issue! And as always, legitimate players are penalized. We are penalized having to endure the endless spam from adena sellers. we are penalized having to block them and report them, adding to an experience of in-game and constant frustration. we are penalized in the fields, being KS'ed, having our fields overrun by bots, not enough buttons to push to report them all and nothing being done to eliminate them when we do report them. Now we have this XIGN3CODE thing. what is it? what does it do? Oh, it's some kind of security system to recognize third-party programs being used in Lineage2? well, NCSoft, guess what.....................................................................................................................................it's broken. there are no live GM's in the game monitoring any of this.... in my opinion if NCSoft would put live GM's in the game to monitor and immediately ban people who are violating THEIR rules that would send a message out to other would-be bots and adena sellers that, hey, NCSoft is taking this stuff seriously and doing something about it. it would dramatically slow the influx of these nefarious bastards into the realm and make for a much happier playing experience by legitimate players. it would not need to be a forever thing, but a hard hit all at once, get rid of the riffraff then monitor it over time after that. the bot reporting button is a nice thing to have but what we are all seeing is that it is being abused. someone pisses you off in the field, you report them as a bot. yeah.. not what it's for folks.... don't waste your six clicks on legitimate people. be adult about this... report the bots. you're complicating things not only for your fellow legitimate players but for NCSoft as well. the legitimate people who are being reported seem to be the only ones who are getting banned. i guess in short, if you want a successful playing experience in Lineage2 without being banned, be a bot!!! those seem to be the ONLY characters NCSoft really doesn't care about........................ @Juji @Hime thanks for what you try to do for us. too bad you don't have a little more autonomy to actually fix the real problems.........