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    + Same experience here. I have used both the "bot button" in game and sent screenshots and videos via support tickets to report bots. I am careful to test if a bot is a bot first, (there are multiple and simple ways to do it), and I have never gotten a single warning nor a problem, all I have had have been responses stating something like "thank you for helping us build a better community". My clan is a populated level 3, (we barely have slots maybe 1 or 2 left), and we also have an affiliated clan that's also full, if this random ban problem was real, one would think that even if I have not had a single problem with randomly being banned, the chances of someone in our clans getting banned would increase exponentially (1x chances vs. 60x chances) if you're talking about 2 full level 3 clans. Since I joined, (basically 2-3 weeks after server launch), none in my clan have been banned that I am aware of. I will grant that 2 accounts from clan members have recently gone under scrutiny (2 alt accounts) but both were blocked and given back unharmed after a few days. Maybe there are some cases of injust bans but in my mind those are the exceptions, not the other way around.
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    Explain "content capped" with Priest raids in game, if u have idea that they are currently existing.
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    Hahahahahaha, What a piece of trash. Ban both and everything will be Ok.
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    It's not about what you get, or how fast you get it. You'll never take your levels, gear, or adena with you. The only thing you're going to get out of this game is memories such as these. Find some friends, > STOP USING SOULSHOTS ALL THE DAMN TIME<, Walk, and Enjoy the Country Side. Year 1ac : The First Summit Of Lords : Aden Active Lore Year 1ac: Fall : The Sukar Ratman Chief : Aden Active Lore Year 1ac : Mid-Fall : Family First : SerialKillers : Aden Active Lore Year 1ac: Mid-Fall : Love Story : Continuum : Aden Active Lore
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    Best buffer for artisans and scavengers are SO/SE hands down the best because of Recharge, EO/EE are ok but I prefer VR.
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    ^ this. Always SE for a spoiler otherwise you'll find your not able to spoil a large portion of the time.
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    Wait dude As i see you need a Shillien elder as buffer.. It may not have haste or berserk for damage BUT it has a tool you will need and will regreat it if not have it.... RECHARGE. For spoil and crafting without recharge is awfull... besides you will have vampiric rage that is nice, and can use haste potion for the lack of haste... Besides the best farm will be to do small aoe with any of your dwarfs with pole and for that VR is a must REgards
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    for warriors Profeth for mages oracle(empo) for party warriors warcryer for clan Ovelord
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    Screw all these daily quests and rewards that expire if you miss out on them. Nothing but skinner box shit from every modern MMORPG that everyone hates. Making the game feel like a chore to manipulate into logging in each day. In the end they make the game feel like a job and burn people out. If these were really a 'boost' for casual players you'd accumulate them and get to use them however you want. What if in my job I worked weekends and had Wednesday and Thursday off, why can I choose those days for my boost? Why does the game care if I do 7 FOM dailies on a Saturday when I plan to grind all day. Why must it encourage me to do a single 1 per day? The answer is above, the publishers/developers/shareholders want these mechanics because they think it improves 'player retention' and tricks you into logging in and doing tasks like a monkey. Make the grind slower and longer for all I care, but don't disrespect my time with this BS. /rant
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    Daily bonuses are in those games because they get players logging in more frequently. It's as simple as that, doesn't mean they are a good thing or good player experience. Even games like WoW realized this was bad and in modern WoW the dailies are spread out over 3-4 days, or in games like Destiny 2 it's spread out over weekly milestones. Being part of a CP, or events like a raid or Olympiad are also not the same thing at all. Nor does every aspect of the game need to be structured around these sorts of things. You also don't need to do Olympiad every day, you just need to be strategic in how you sign up and get a good amount of points. Those things are also big special events that are important in terms of the game, community, politics, pvp, etc...fetching 50 quest items once a day is not. In Prelude-Interlude L2 there were no dailies and things like that, you just grinded. What was wrong with that? There were still sieges, raids and Olympiad.
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    Having daily XP quests is great, but no SP quests are totally expendable and infeasible. Do not buy skills by bursting XP Scrolls makes it horrible, why the hell do XP Scrolls exist in such abundance and there is NOTHING to SP? We need something focused on SP, an event mission or some daily reward for SP increase! 4 or 5 hours for day in up spots to give 1 skill/passive... we REALY need MORE SP!
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    Basically like this: http://lineage2.plaync.com/promo/lineage2/171115_quest You enchant Freya's Ice Staff and exchange it for a reward. The higher the enchantment value, the better the reward. You can either opt to turn in your Ice Staff at +7 and get a lvl 3 Jewel Box or keep it and try to go to +17 and get a lvl 5 Jewel Box, or keep it and try to go to +27 and get a Stage 3 Dragon Weapon. Since both the Ice Staff and the Enchantment Scrolls are obtained from the L2Store, this is pure straight real-money gambling, with a high frustration factor. "If I just had turned in my +17 Staff and been content with a lvl 5 Jewel. Why did I have to go and try for +27? Now I can't even buy my wife a jar of cookies!" An event in the true spirit of Christmas
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    You can craft it or drop it, use l2wiki for more info where you can drop parts or full items. FP parts / or Full armor is dropped from multiple mobs in dragon valley, and enchanted valley. Here's a screen from the game if needed as you've mentioned that you can't find it anywhere in the game so i guess you are wondering what a set would give.
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    Daily tasks/bonuses are a thing in the vast majority of currently available MMOs AND even some non-multiplayer games (primarily mobile). So this is by no means L2 exclusive. The other point was regarding single player games. You can usually play those whenever you want and for how long you want to and you will never be penalized in any means. Multiplayer games typically mean you will have to adapt your schedule in order to use the daily boosts for example, or to be a part of a CP, or to participate in extremely limited time activities, like siege (few hours/2 weeks), olympiad (few hours/week), epic raid bosses, etc. If you do not adapt to the game/community, you will face severe penalties and your disadvantage compared to others will increase exponentially as time goes on. So yes, you cannot do 7 dailies on a Saturday, you cannot do all month's Oly matches on a specific Tuesday, you cannot do siege on a Wednesday, etc. If you dislike that even by the slightest, it is better to quit rather than being stuck with the feeling you do not choose, but are forced to play the game.
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    to be honest, best lineage 2 version was C4 with exp SP x1 adena x1 they should host a lienage 2 C4 server, thats all.
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    Apologies for the delayed reply. The game is currently content capped at level 70, but you can continue to progress through until the XP level difference penalty is reached. We are verifying additional details and will clarify them in another post and the patch notes as soon as we can.
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    Hello friends. I'm just going to make my contribution that is very different from all of you. Currently I play with two active characters: A phantom Summoner lvl 49 and a Shillen elder lvl 52. I have both with Karmian set, in the phantom I use Sage Staff and I have top luxury jewelry, in the shillen weapon top NG and Elven jewelry. Always, but always always use Bleseed Spiritshoots and I never have problems with that. The ss of beast only for pvp. To be able to buy the equipment that I have, I use the commerce, purchase sale and creation of items that people usually buy. As simple as that. Like many, I work, I have a girlfriend and I take the dog to walk twice a day xD.
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    Agreed! SP is a big problem! We need a SP event! or put SP in EXP scrools !
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    Hi all the problem with SP is the fact that it requires 100K SP for each skill at level 40 which is not proportional to the amount of SP you get for hunting. Regards
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    It's not really any different from the Classic servers. The system works nearly the same, as the PvP you flag and you can flag back. You don't get flagged when hitting a chaotic character. Clan members of a dark castle having Elite in this case and wearing a Dark Cloak can be killed without getting PK. Over 4 PK's (I think it was 4 or 3, don't recall) you basically have a chance of dropping an item. If the item is in example augmented, it can't be dropped so instead it burns and nobody gets it. I think that's pretty much it, but it doesn't differ a lot from the Classic. @LukeTrov
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    My observations of the weekend bonus with VIP4 warrior 33-35lvl with elven long sword: with 50% XP/SP it is bit faster than it should be. 33 lvl in Orc Barracks - 6h, 1 puma skin shirt and gaiters, 1 wizards stockings, 700 - 900 adena per mob and dss per mob is cca 90a 34 lvl in Forgotten Temple - 5h, 4 ead, 1 aspis, 750-1000 adena per mob and dss cca 110a + Roxide 4500-6000 adena 35 lvl in Execution grounds - 4h, 0 items, 250-550 adena, dss cca 70a per mob on 35lvl i tried more places like Plains of Lizardmen, Death pass, Breka's Stronghold - all of them drop adena / dss ratio not as good as Execution grounds Before bonus adena in Orc Barracs was adequate for XP/SP rate - i started on lvl 22 with Reinforced bow and upgrade it to +3 Reinforced longbow on lvl 32 using dss all the time (than switched to warrior) now im in Execution grounds and adena is back to 150-400 adena with 70% drop rates so now i canot use shots anymore if i wona buy C grade some day so after i tasted this drops i think we need this: Permanent changes: +15% XP/SP bonus 35+lvl mobs bonus to adena +75% or +35% with 100% drop rate (not 70%) +25% item drop rates ___________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Nothing will change. If you can't beat them, join them. But my advice is quit alltogether.
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    It is 100 percent your fault. Make a new account
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    Since Garfield took the time out of his day to not only read your post, but berate you for asking a question I will answer. 1) You cannot kill another white player as a white player. One of you would go purple (flag) and if you both flag, then neither of you will go red if you kill each other. 2)You can kill a RED player as a white player, and if that RED player has 5pk's already, they have a chance to drop an item. 3) If you are RED and kill another WHITE player, you will STAY RED and your KARMA will increase, as well as your PK count (remember, once your PK Count = 5, you have a chance to drop an item upon death as a RED). 4) Any red player with 5 or more PK has a chance to drop something regardless if you are Flagged or White. **But for real just google this next time its a fairly simple google.
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    They do care, they're fixing rates and everything right now, VIP from starter packs expiring and now they need renewals, hold on tight buddy, fixes incoming. Looks just like election time in real life, people only get stuff in campaigns