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    HOW to wipe a zerg who cry every day on discord ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDt4ZRjilh8&feature=youtu.be
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    Najlepszy polski klan LiberiNox rekrutuje serv aden. Lvl 3 wszystkie bonusy xp pasywy skrzynka. Mamy miejsce dla 2/3 osob z czasem na granie okolo 19.00 - 24.00. Lev najlepiej 50+ a absolutne min to 40+. Pomagamy sobie robimy daily itp. Najlepiej warlord glad i bish. Klasa nie ma az tak duzego znaczenia tylko liczy sie czas i zaangazowanie. Mamy 60 graczy razem z second klanem buferow z haste i dw on. Wiekszosc graczy ma top c eq. Ts3 discord On. Kontakt forum lub w grze Tekno / Eldamari
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    Do you truly believe that executives at NCSoft are unaware that players need to log in for a sell shop? This online shop is part of the L2 Classic "nostalgia" - that's all. It's not a conspiracy theory to rip of newbs. NC Soft doesn't advertise their server population to draw in additional players like illegal servers do. These shops are this way because it is what we remember doing 14 years ago.
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    Take as much time off as you want guys. There's barely any people left here anyways.
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    original post by @Hime on 9 november on this topic. total pages in this topic: 10. responses from NCSoft staff in this thread: zero that i could find. So many people, legitimate players of this fine game, have posted solutions to these problems of botting and adena seller spam. There has been no reply from staff whether they have seen these, read these or attempted to make a plan to implement any kind of potential solutions. The bot population continues to grow. why? because it is not being countermanded by NCSoft. Reporting procedures for players have become more difficult and reports are not receiving sufficient attention or response. Adena sellers are now making enough money that they can afford to spam mail with their adena ads. i have 4 mailboxes full of them, unopened, undeleted. they will expire naturally because i will ignore them. My conclusion is the most natural one possible for this scenario. NCSoft likes bots. NCSoft, despite its own rules and regulations, adores bots. NCSoft encourages bots. NCSoft very likely runs its own herds of bots to accumulate adena to sell the gullible masses. Just another money-making opportunity, right? NCSoft has no compassion for the legitimate players, the people who actually care about this game. NCSoft simply does not care that they are injecting their own game with a poison that will ultimately kill it. The poison of bots, the poison of adena sellers, the poison of allowing the game economy to be thrown into an unrecoverable imbalance. It isn't hard to understand why some people prefer to play on non-NCSoft servers. Those servers are managed with live GMs, they have rules that are enforced, they have live playing communities. Through the years it became well known that NCSoft researched its competitor non-NCSoft servers and took ideas from them including NPC buffers, alternate "event" currencies and mounts, just to name a very few. The one take-away NCSoft overlooked however was live management of those servers, an accountability by those server owners and staff for the success and/or failure of those servers. NCSoft really missed the boat on that one. So we can sit here all day in the forums with our complaints, with our suggestions and solutions and the results will continually forever be the same. NCSoft doesn't care. They're making money hand over fist, the 30$ start-up packs for classic were sold by the thousands. thousands times 30$ each - well, i think it's fair to say they had a pretty good financial quarter from that one event alone. As long as NCSoft continues to play the money game, consider the logic of them farming (with their own bots) and selling adena through third-party entities all for the sake of the bottom line of dollars. I absolutely believe it could be true. So as long as we complain about the bots, NCSoft will sit in their plush conference rooms and grin and nod and say, oh yeah, we got the beat on this one boys! we're making all that money and our playing public doesn't know it. yeah, i'd bet my last dollar that's what NCSoft is doing. at least it would explain why there is no response to these very real blights on the game.
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    Happy holidays to Lineage II team as well. You guys always are at the bitter end of our complaints year along, @Hime @Juji But seriously, do something about the bots, its high time. We cant farm effectively coz of bots everywhere 24/7. Also adena going to these companies creating economizing dis-balance in the game and as a result players are getting banned whereas bots are getting created again. I am not asking to sympathize with adena buyers but you should understand the game is played by kids too arent that mature to differentiate between what is legal or illegal.
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    Loosing xp on death is one of the things I loved most about L2, with classic bringing the 'hardcore' feel. XP on death brings drama and politics. Instead of people running round like loonatocs pvping whoever and whatever and increasing griefinng. Pvping and clan wars are not meant to be taken lightly, and the political drama that follows is something I enjoy most. How do you suppose pk system would work? Pk everyone and have a clannie kill it off ready to go again without loss? You are right with server state right now, very little PvP this is because there isn't much to fight over, when seiges, baium, zaken etc are released we will see increase in PvP.
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    Eek cry cry the devs spoiling me me me game wine rarer I'm blinking red what I'm going to do now cries
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    The real problems, that make the game here literally unplayable are the too low drop/spoil rates (should be increased with 50% for the drop and 100% for the spoil and SBs), broken raid bosses (except the epics, all other bosses should be possible for 1-2 parties), the broken PK system (the karma should be significantly reduced, like up to 5 minutes, and the sin eater quest should be made much harder - no experience and drop while doing it), and the extreme enchanting rates (the chances should be reduced significantly). Now the PvP outside clan wars does not work, the raid bosses do not work for the most players, the economy of the game does not work - not enough creative destruction, and too low supply, both.
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    I have a question, since we are not allowed to have public outcry on the forms regarding bots. Is it acceptable to live stream zones where the bots are, making it public to the masses? I am only asking for 2 reasons. The first is, because I was assisting my wife with her class change quest as shes a first time player, and ..... some of the areas we had to run through / compete for mobs are just riddled with bots.... you can even drop 1 adena on the floor far enough apart from them and have them in a loop till the owner comes to correct it. The second, is why are you making it increasingly more difficult for the players to get rid of bots? Three quick examples are, no item loss on mob death, bot reports increased from 3 to 10, and the inability to remove PK counts. So, since we cannot as a collective come to you guys on the forms with videos / pictures (and expect help), are we allowed to go to other forms of social media, such as, but not limited to, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, and FB (In an effort to see some change)?