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    I guess this cry about random bans is just propaganda and lobby of RMT. And I do not know even single person who got ban and I'm sure this person was clear. Why NCsoft would want to ban consumers? There is no sense of it. At the same time I see alot of bots. Alot of people with 3+ clients, extremly hight lvl and enchanted weapons - and here I suppose is not enought bans. Should be alot more. And when I see this forum I see strong lobby that: - cry about so called "random bans" that I does not see, - do not wnt revert old PK system (rly, in PvP game?), - do not want revert system when players droping items when die in pve. I see it more like lobby of RMT than real feedback of Lineage 2 players.
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    /target is a command of the game, is not A BOT /assist is a command of the game, IS NOT A BOT /delay is a command of the game, IS NOT A BOT /castspell is a command of the game, NOT A BOT /sit, is a command of the game, NOT A COMPLICATED BOT SYSTEM a keyboard is a hardware, and is legal, to use while you play lineage 2 a computer ,is legal too, and is necessary to play lineage 2 thats all now stop calling me bot, even when im answering as a human. 3 tickets i had to do today @Hime could you make a sticky in forum with the rules of the game, it seems a lot of people dont understand that.. thanks
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    well, i wasnt sure about it at first, then one day I made a fresh new account and start playing an archer, the next day I was banned with no reason just "suspicious activity". I was like wtf so people were right with random ban legit player. but I sent a mail to the mail they say to contact. and the next day i was unbanned and they replied to me that their program who detect bot auto banned cause I had a suspicious e-mail. so I believe if you are legit. you have nothing to worry about. if you bot, you take risk, so don't come here crying like a b-**** after that, when I see some guys botting LIKE "I DONT GIVE A ***" at lvl 50+ zones thats weird
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    "regarding botting". First a bit of history (not the reply I was referring to): And then a very concise reply that identifies the primary cause and gives options (with examples) of how to counter it: Yet most of them were done before this forum was even created. Not entirely sure what your point was here; I had more posts in the deleted forum anyway. Well, the first three posters clearly set the quality bar of this thread. You don't sincerely expect to get insightful replies in a trash tier thread, do you?
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    Someone should really update the censor config to make sure people can't just publicly display their ignorance by creating threads like this. Hurts boxes and private store chars, no effect on bots Item drop was removed intentionally. It was a modification to the game explicitly requested by NCwest, so nothing will change here. Depending on how you compute the hardware configuration identifier, it might be PI. So any bot user can then plead GDPR to remove all PI stored by NCWest and they will be obliged to remove the ban. If it isn't PI, then you are banning random people in addition to the bot, which is not fair at all. Regarding captcha, this "solution" also primarily hits boxes, shops and fishermen, since shops and fishermen have no chance to complete the captcha and will be banned while bots will just continue as they were. TL;DR all suggestions in this thread are trash. l2p L2 and git gud
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    That's incredible. Amazing how some random person can do this in their free time while NCsoft is incapable of smoothly running a single server.