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    I'm not excusing such behavior. Obviously, threats are never justified. I'm just saying that NCWest did a terrible job. They went live without testing the software and with the most obvious errors. For example, the starter quests in every starter village gave soulshots when they were supposed to give spiritshots. Even the most rudimentary testing would have caught such bugs. They admitted they had no idea the drops/spoils/adena were as nerfed as they were, then took months to make piecemeal and nonsensical adjustments. They promised 1.5 in their ads and did not deliver it. They took weeks to address the queue issues. They introduced events that required characters to be on-line (30 minutes for the attendance events and three hours for the event that followed) knowing that such events would make the queue problem worse, then continued the events when it was obvious they were exacerbating a very serious problem. They allowed bots to take over the servers. In fact, by setting up the servers as F2P they guaranteed that their would be no effective way to stop the bots, who can create unlimited new free accounts, no matter how often they are banned. It appears that in trying to address this impossible situation that they created they have banned a number of innocent players. I could go on, but you get the idea. In doing all of this they communicated infrequently and poorly. They provided very little information and, when they did provide information, it often turned out to be in error. Insulting the players who have posted here by accusing them of acting like "demon children" only adds to the toxic nature of this forum. That's especially true when you say they act like demon children "in the face of not having the free things they way they wanted it" as if the only issues were what people wanted, while ignoring the very real problems like the lack of testing, the mishandling of the queue situation and the very poor communications. And you treat the threats as if they represent the majority of the players commenting here, not a very small deranged minority. Interestingly, the most toxic comments (aside from the threats) were not from the players who did not get things the way they wanted it but rather by some of the people who liked things the way they were and constantly accused anyone who suggested changes of crying, being idiots, "acting like [demon] children" and worse. Please don't continue this toxic behavior.
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    If you want to check proper experiments here you go https://eu.4gameforum.com/forums/413/ This new guy Palkah is doing a very good job.
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    I am from Gludio server i been playing it for the past 2 months was like 2,500+ people when it started now we have like 1,500 only.I left the server 2 days ago and joined Giran server
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    Official notes state a level cap for players at 70. There is no mention of a level cap for mobs.
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    only kids here are the ncwest bro ...u cant put on eula that botting its banned when 70% of population of ur server its using bots cuz u get money from them...and it its known fact ...they dont fix adena drop cuz its better for them to keep getting more money from those bots and adena sellers than anything else ...instead of enjoying ppl its just having a bad time with a company that has never listened to his users
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    The way we have treated each other is truly shameful. However, the way we have treated NCWest has often been deserved. They really have done a very poor job on this.
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    The fights have been dope. The actual game has begun.
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    Yeah it looks like the version of classic that Korea dished up for us is just skill capped at 70. Not what NC west was expecting, but then again they were thrown for so many loops thats just one in the bucket. Not sure what the real level cap is, It is most likely in the 80s. Why would anyone think there would still be mods around here? The behavior of the people posting here has been absolutely disgusting and just hard to handle. Yall acted like demon children and the parents walked out.
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    Wait! What do i see there? Who is healing you? Is that a friend of yours? Are you doing it manually? Is that...A BOTTER?
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    To the NC Staff: A new event has been announced and again you have failed to understand one of the biggest gripes the community has with these events. You may want to think you fool everyone by disguising gambling with your "everyone gets a reward excuse", but the problem is that some of your rewards are no rewards at all and we are not fooled at all. Our western mentality makes us expect than when we pay X amount of money, we will get the same X amount of fair value in return. So the only way to have a satisfied customer base on western countries is to adapt your business model to the culture of the countries you operate in. This event has been announced for January 17 (tomorrow), so you still have time to fix the problem before you get a 2k post thread of disgruntled customer complaining about the odds of the event. The only thing you need to do is add the concept of fair value to your events. Here's a suggestion; A 1 fortune reading coupon + 1 hero coin pack is sold at 100 Ncoin: A fair exchange in the market is 1.2 million adena for each Ncoin, this means the pack cost is 120 million adena. A hero coin in the market goes for an exchange of approximately 3 million adena in the current economy. Also, for every 16 tickets you use you get a gold ticket, (Willy Wonka style), so this has value too. In the Cloak event an appearance cost was 200 Hero coin, since this ticket has a chance of landing you a new appearance stone AND other nice items, let's say this ticket has a base value of 250 Hero coin = 750m adena. So considering the above a regular ticket pack provides the customer immediately with a return value of 1 ticket + 50m adena on equivalent items, (I just rounded the number there), but this only happens if the customer buys and uses the regular tickets on packs of 16 pieces. If the customer does not reach this lower limit or when exceeding it does not use them in packs of 16, we can blame the customer for being a fool and leave it at that. Assuming the customer is not a fool and he's using the tickets in packs of 16, the additional expected return for each ticket has to be of at least 70m adena. Because the market value of some reward items is highly sensitive to supply it becomes almost imposible to make a "fix" rule, so let's say that this additional expected return can vary within a +0/-25% range. The following rewards do not fall on that range: GEWR; EWR 3x; BEAR; GEAR; EAR; Energy of destruction 20 pack; Giant's energy 3 Unit Pack; Elcyum Crystal; Gemstone R 1x; Crystal R Grade 15k Units. The value of some of these rewards is so low (i.e. 1x Gemstone R) that it may even be called a SCAM. Now, there are 33 normal rewards on the event, and only 10 of them fall into the not fair category, one might think it's not so bad. The problem is that with your "proprietary" random system, these 10 very bad "rewards" will make up for a very big percentage of the total rewards. This needs to be addressed to, if you want to provide your customers with a better experience the top end items should make for at least 10% of the rewards at least, while the very low end items should be no more than 20% of the total rewards. If you fix this problem you may have fixed half of the total situation, the other half of the problem is solved by simply adjusting the rewards so their value falls within the fair value range. Please try this approach, I am positive that this will have a positive result within the community and may even change your mind about how to approach future events. You loose nothing if your try this for one event and the results are not positive enough to be meaningful, you can squeeze our wallets in multiple ways in the future, but this can be a starting point to reconcile with a community that currently blames you of milking it and killing their game experience while doing so. Thanks for your consideration.