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    Its way too soon. Its hard to watch these "retail" servers being run when everyone has been on illegal servers that surpass these by far. Only people benefitting from this update are the 2 alliances on each server selling adena for money and using drivers to run there chars. I wouldn't be surprised if we get another softcap at 80 at this point
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    I'm sure a lot of the math could of been found somewhere, I couldn't find it lol, so I just timed everything to give to you all and can see. Normal Fishing complete Cycle: 2 Minutes Monkey Fishing complete Cycle: 30 Seconds (4 Times faster) Monkey Fishing also adds 16.7% more exp per tuna than you get from regular fish, and 6% more than fresh fish. Add that to VIP4 and it becomes 26% - 36.7% more exp. The 4000 Ncoin pack of Monkey bait will last you 7 non-stop days of fishing before you run out of baits. EXP scales with levels obviously, but tested on a level 27 characters exp results were: Normal Fish - 874 EXP Fresh Fish - 961 EXP Tuna Fish - 1020 EXP Regular Fishing (Estimated per hour exp at this level(27)): 60/2 = 30 Attempts to fish @ 903 exp = 27,090 exp / hour max if you had 100% fishing success Tuna Fishing (Estimated per hour exp at this level(27)): 60/0.5 = 120 Attempts to fish @ 1020 exp = 122,400 exp / hour max if you had 100% fishing success So if you're willing to throw some money at the L2Store for EXP purposes, this one isn't so bad, not to mention the Tuna you get will fund your soulshot use, or can sell to other players.
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    Actually as a legit player I do care because I want the server to survive. I've been waiting for a server like this since I nnova released their official servers. But so far it's been one disappointment after another, and that includes the community that is rife with botters and Adena buyers. But hey it's L2 so it can't be helped, but the GM's could certainly do a better job because right now they look like absolute buffoons.
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    I came here to talk about some issues a friend of mine has had lately with this game organization. This message may have grammatical mistakes since English is not my native language but I wanted talk about an issue that is worrying me a lot specially that she has been banned. First response was for "using a program", second reason we couldn't even understand what GM were trying to explain and NOW she has been given the response that she is banned forever for "Bad Behaviour". Why are you so inconsistent with your responses? And even worst, GM told her that they WON'T give receive any more of her tickets. Is this a bleeping threat? Is this a joke to you? GM don't even know how to justify BANNING HER for no reason and now since you ran out of excuses you MADE UP information about her? If it was for "BAD BEHAVIOUR" then why not banning other users that spend their whole day arguing and making bad comments about others? She seldom participated in a fight on game, nor she behave badly or anything. If you banned her for not being a donator . WHy not tell her the truth instead of keeping her hopes high about having her account back with a character she worked so hard? Why is your administration SO BAD that you can't even give her a proper response. And you know why I'm here talking ? Because you WON'T reply any of her tickets. I also know a lot of people who had been bad for UNFAIR reasons. A friend whose account he didn't use for a month was banned for "bad behaviour". Did you run out of excuse to kick people from this game? Or are you keeping only the ones who spend money? I don't know what are you planning to do, but this actions are the worst,specially when you can't even justify why you do them and make up information about people to kick them from game. This is power abuse.
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    Thank you very much for the letter. It is valuable communication and I hope you will continue it regularly. I do have one comment, though. What is the use of banning thousands of bots if they are merely replaced, for free, by thousands of more bots? Unless you find a way to detect and ban all third-party software users a very short time after their creation (or unless you make Classic subscription based, which we all know you aren't going to do), you can ban all the bots you want and it won't do any good. The evidence is on the servers right now. You've banned thousands of bots and the servers are still filled with them.
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    , 1. I would like to have more info if i click on party. More icons including player level. - first icon is profession icon already implemented. - clan crest icon - if is on my block list - if his clan is in war - player level ( pic is not good example as is obvious he cant enter in Helios instance but level info is important in all party hunting cases if not it wok as a scamming charm) - player name 2. Party Time must show time from its creation. Many parties do not advertise that they need replacement. This can lead in scam where newcomer in party cant finish daily quest as other were doing it a lot before he joined. 3.Private store and craft need to have party matching closed and disabled to partially solve store advertisement with party matching. 4. Using party time can be used to see if any shoots were consumed in that time or if new party members were acquired, If not is obvious that is just advertisement so party matching get closed and disabled.
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    Say what you will, but I think it's too soon for some of this content.
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    What a bad propaganda is that. Copy pasting a online numbers after a server restart and a 8:30 am in the middle of the week. Just either TI or Giran have more active players than your live servers together. 10000 eur requiring "competetive servers" are long dead and are still up only to milk you down. Events are no needed. Community will pay anyway and thats the only reason live servers exist.
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    NCSoft should to take off spirishots/soulshot from l2classic for some days to teach players how to farm without ss. Or maybe NCSoft should respaw some NPC to give ss for free for all players "casual" and nolife players, free GK for all and increase exp rate to 15x. then players "perhaps" get more happy. I'm (Phantom Summoner lv47 / box PP44) farm in cruma krators without beastshots or soulshot .. its no problem, maybe kill a little bit slow, but till its l2classic way. Bots are the problem. NCSoft must fix bot .