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    As I understand it, this is the current situation. 1. NCsoft did not anticipate the response from the Classic NA release, in fact it was a shock and not planned for. 2. I've been told because of this response the problem of having to deal with "Server Merges" wasn't even planned for or anticipated, so the toolset or action plan to implement such a merge was not designed or planned for. 3. The current situation is there is no plan for server mergers because they did not have a plan in place to do so, and to make matters a little worse the player populations between the two servers that should merge (Aden and Gludio) are small enough that it may be cheaper for NCsoft to maintain than pay for a costly server merge. (The fact they allowed clan hall auctions to take place speaks volumes about this) So by my reasoning, You are definitely playing on your current server with its current population and can be expected to do so for a few more months yet.
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    ty Draecke, for your explanation i hope they take our replies seriously.
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    Hi Devs, please message me regarding streaming/promoting/broadcasting your game. I'm a regular player since Lineage 2 Asia and I want to broadcast events in the game to provide information and player input of what is currently happening. I sent an email to support but again was advised to put something here in Forums. Hope to hear from you
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    i have been told by people who know me that i tend to lean to the side of optimism when it comes to human nature. in that regard i want to think the best of everyone. people doing business are in it for the money. otherwise, what's the point? so i get that. people playing a game are in it to have fun, right? i could be wrong, but i want to believe that the majority of the L2 community are there for fun. where i get hung up is realizing that not everyone views "fun" the same. what is fun for me might not be fun for you, etc. i mean, i'm having fun doing this thing, aren't you having fun too? maybe not. your view of fun could be the thing over there. i'm trying to improve this outlook, make it a bit more realistic but old habits die hard. so i guess, if the botting was legal and fun, i too might engage in it. but it isn't legal and for me there's no fun in watching a game develop itself in auto-mode. i want to be hands on, i want to push the buttons and make it happen. i want to run away when i need to stay alive. i want to click the buttons and make things with my dorf. that's me. someone else might find fun in running a script for the game and going out for the evening to the pub. i don't know. maybe. the botting obviously started somewhere. and yes, of course, someone saw it as a business opportunity. not an entirely honest or ethical one in my opinion, but an opportunity to make money. chicken-and-egg always creates some amount of turmoil in these kinds of discussions. the fact is, we really don't know what came first. in fact, it doesn't really matter at this point. NCSoft had the rule and it was broken and they didn't work fast enough to fix it when the best opportunity to do so was there. so L2 became a game of bots. it's pretty well known throughout the gaming community that L2 is infested with bots and always has been. it may be irredeemable at this point. it may just be too little too late. and honestly, that's just incredibly sad. L2 is the most amazing game out there in my opinion, despite its ancient platform, despite its outdated technology, it still has the best of all worlds. it's amazingly well thought out and created. but it's infested with bots. it would be lovely if NCSoft would be proactive, even if it is late in the game - figuratively speaking - and not the best timing for cleaning up the game. but i believe if they did many veteran L2 gamers would return to L2. so many have left because of the bots and imbalances in the economy that they create. so many people have stated in the forums they are sad to leave but they find the game simply unplayable with the bot disruption in the servers. am i still here because i'm just a bad habit dummy or because i really do love the game? maybe some of both, but i can say i do truly love the game. tried others, they didn't measure up. i took a 5 year break from L2 and when i couldn't find something to replace it with i played farmville... yeah. it was that bad. so i'm rambling now. chicken and egg - creationists believe the chicken and egg were created at the same time. you know, little bolts of lightning and puffs of smoke, boom, there they were. and god said you, chicken, shall create more eggs. coulda been two guys over beer somewhere who said, you know, if you good sir were to create a market of adena, we could create a simultaneous market for adena. and it was begun. and it wasn't interfered with and the business gods said, this is good. and one adena sale begat another adena sale which begat another adena sale and pretty soon we had elpies of adena sales rising to the sky. yes, this is good, they said. and NCSoft sat by and said, yes, this is too much work for us to deal with. carry on good fellows. because that surely had to be NCSoft's response in the beginning or we wouldn't be where we are now. ~stepping off my soapbox..
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    Please GMs @Hime @Juji we beg you guys to PLEASE keep the rates like this! at least the adena rate now its worth killing mobs and you can actually even compete, before it was ridiculous please guys just listen to the community once.
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    recommend to read this link to everyone: https://4r4m.com/en/known-probabilities-of-random-items/ NB! Please note, all information in article are based on Korean region mechanics Lineage 2 main version. Probabilities are publish by NCSoft Korea in follow the ‘self-regulation’ law (introduced in South Korea in 2015-2017). Self-regulation requires game developers to provide detailed information (must disclose) to gamers about winning rates when selling the randomized virtual items. Here first article of NCSoft Lineage 2 (Nshop) probabilities information. Circlets of Power Sayha’s Talisman Dragon Skin Shirts Probabilities to enchant T-Shirts of Einhasad/Physical Reflect/Magical Reflect Fallen Angel’s Ring Shilien’s SAs Compounding Brooch Stones Artifact Improvement Improvement Artifact of Balance (1st L2store event) Drop from Artifact Boxes (2nd L2store event) Improvement probabilities of Kaliel’s Bracelet Kaliel’s Bracelet Stats
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    We had a mix-up in the event server setting files for the XP/SP +50% boost event. The setting for Adena Drop and Item Drop +50% is also present with XP/SP, but we will not be removing it from the boost event. Enjoy!
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    There must be .... Sum Ting Wong
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    Hello, If you want to start Playing here, you should know it will take a lot of time to be half decent. Of course money can help to boost it up. Drops in game is very very low and there are not a lot decent quests. If you want a char for PVP and PVE i would suggest you a Feoh, some people suggests Yul, but i personally don't like them . Until lvl 99 i would not suggest you to buy any gear, cuz you can lvl up with paulina S grade gear. After that "fun" will start. up to lvl 101 you still might get some parties, but further people will ask you to shift your gear and if you don't have it you will be kicked from party. That's how it works these days. As for PVP do not expect much, Because i'm myself a Tank 105lvl and i would say mid geared or maybe a bit over that and still get one shoted from some people. Technically if you are not willing to play market and spend a lot of time gearing up in current state you would need a couple thousand euros to play PVE, as for PVP i would say you need around 10 time more. IF you have semi decent gear to lvl up to 105 will not take long, but after that it realy slows down. As for support classes, Healers and tanks are always on demand, for parties i would strongly recommend Eva's templar as a tank, Paladin also not too bad, but other kinda not worth taking. One more thing, the Promotions (loot boxes) have a very low chance to get a decent item, you need to be very lucky If you want to discuss something or have a question you can pm me in game, Naia server nick El1te. Have fun and good luck.
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    I am 90% sure you are on a "Lineage 2 Classic"-Server so you are in the wrong forum. This is Lineage 2 Live section. For the other 10% that you are really on Live servers, forget about Adena on your lvl. Up to lvl 85 (well even up to 95) you will get most stuff for free from Quests. So just do the questline and you are fine. Level 85 can be done in 1-2 day if you work hard. If you arrive at a point were you don't get any new quest, just do some grind XP until you get to the next lvl. The yellow "?" should appear then again.
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    thank you, Degus what post was deleted? i'm curious now!
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    Exactly. It's 4 accounts per browser per day (I think it's 24 hours from last log-in, not resetting at midnight). So, Fearoulis, if you normally use Firefox, try Internet Explorer (or the other way round). It's what I do when compensation items are given out via the Galleria P.S.: For me, deleting cookies doesn't work.
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    Chronos is not very active before they opened the Classics, OmenOfSteel
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    posting Chronos fail dramaz at Naia section ahhh..
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    Hello @Gende, We'd love to add you, and always welcome new family. Please review our charter it has a lot more information on our guild, play style, rules, and how to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself, or any Tenacious officer. (My in game name is the same as my forum name.)
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    Recruitment is still open. 6 Slots left in the main clan currently.
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    Thanks, Mod. Could we look into enforcing the rules of the game in-game as well as the rules of the forums? Thanks.
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    clan hopping lemmings have always been around since start of the game so nothing new there imho at least the core of the game is still going strong aka: L2 = dramaz!!