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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 4 a.m. PST / 6 a.m. CST / 9 a.m. EST / 1300 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Chef Monkey’s Tuna Hunt will be available for one last week. XP/SP/Item Drop/Adena Drop +50% Boost event will be available for one last week. Power of Love 2019 Rose Herbs and Love / Luck Trees event will start for four weeks. There will be a Power of Love store update. Additionally, Account Management and new account creation will be unavailable until 8:30 a.m. PST / 17:30 GMT+1. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Guys ... what do you wait for in FAFURION update? ??? 1. Zones that need incredible gear to xp/farm ?????? 2. New items that need Insane amount of adena/mats to upgrade ?? 3. New dragon that - 99% of the server will never ever enter ???? 4. More Paying so you can PvP mobs ? Pls tell me and add smtg if you think I forgot to mention
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    There are no pts over 50+, we can't find people to recruit to our clan, it takes you forever to find someone to buy/sell your items please consider merge with aden server, our server is not just dying, it's dead right now
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    Why the bloody heavy armor when is at deffence type is only for siegel and not for iss? When is eternal on defence type iss can equip it but when is bloody no? maybe that needs to be change?
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    Entire update is centered around koreans 110+ players, which I'm pretty sure there are currently 0 110 and maybe a few 109, prolly under 10 total. So why have an update meant for another country that is already ahead of use in every way? Level the playing field first.
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    Will there be a Store promo also with the event soon? after Fortune reading by exemple .. We need cloak/circlet/brooch/shirt , been a long time since last promo of these items.
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    Don't fret, magic weapons can be a huge burn from time to time. Go get a +3 wpn, build some budget and try again for+4. Good luck!
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    I don't understand the concern, the castle among others will fall.
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    I think the 200% base xp boost is an amazing idea, but to put a cherry on top for them because we all know they want their money. Flash sale on 30 day 200% xp runes, Eruption portions, party cakes, Vit maintaining, Emperors runes, freya's vit runes, basically everything that gives xp boost. Everyone wins this way.
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    have been frustratingly waiting for some good event, sometimes it is good to listen to the community.
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    https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/53-fan-creations/ So there was a game, I just really love it. Checking the lineage 2 forums today and seeing they'd made a new sub-section for player content and knowing it was most likely because of something I'd contributed back into the game seriously means a great deal. I have to completely acknowledge @Tightskies is a completely independent writer that somehow become attracted into my little world i've created and has given me one of the greatest gifts I think I've ever received from a stranger. I touched their imagination and became the inspiration. This is really freaking cool!
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    hello. you guy got any room? im a beta for starters lol. dropped off after ct5 and went to illegal. been trying to come back to Off. but i can never find any guild/help. im currently TRYING and failing to make a treasure hunter main with a prophet and SE for buffers. i love the small clan everyone for everyone mindset where we work together as a whole to get everyone stronger in turn making the guild stronger thing. riht now i got lvls 20/20/13 on th/pp/se.. ive mained a th since beta. ct2 was the best!! .... for me >_>
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    Dear friend, I'm not complaining. YOU and other people are complaining that there is no competition and the server is boring. I just explained to whoever is complaining that there are other things more important than L2 in people's lives. I can assure you that most of the players in this server are people that came back to the game after years without playing L2, and their lives, including mine, are not the same as in 2006. We came back for the nostalgia, but with much less time to play than before. Look how much work you just described in order to be a top player. Also, what is your definition of success? My fun time playing this game is mostly because I'm able to hang out on Discord with my old friends that I used to play 10 years ago. It is not the hardcore exp solo with BD/PP boxed etc. This is boring as hell. My definition of success in this game is to have fun. If it gives me only stress, I quit. I know people that have quit the game because they were not giving enough time to their kids, or the wife/husband was complaining, or that they were not productive at work because they didn't have enough sleep. Please, keep playing your game and stop complaining that people can't have the same pace you have. I will be playing my game until it is not fun anymore. Have fun.
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    Lotus side, have fun https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9FeB9QQUCpg&feature=youtu.be
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    I have played L2 for more than 7 years, in a highly politicised server, where Zerg allies rose over and over again. There was always people that fought againts them, server control was not always in the hands on zergs, in one point 3 clans controlled the server againts 3 allys, we have castle with our boxes clans, and we get there by taking the control of the server from the hands of a zerg ally. That being said there was always one thing that make that possible, the respect that people had over the leader of our ally, the respect and commitment to follow his command, and the knowledge of our leader to get us to that point by leading us to fight until the very last second of every siege, our side die over and over until we beat them and the zerg finally disbanded after years of controlling the server. So, our side had a good leader that always lead the clans to battle no matter what, no matter if the enemies were more, more level and more equiped, he knew that going face to face didnt work so he always make strategies to go arround our weaknesses to have a chance of victory, and if we managed to win a castle it was a party and if we loose there was always a positive thinking of "It doesnt matter next siege we will fix the things that went wrong in this one". So what happened with the server population in that server? well our side always trying to win at all cost make us win the respect of the rest of the server, so the rest of the server often allied with us to defeat the "tyranic zerg", because in our ally if somebody log in in a siege and go to farm he may even get dismissed from the clan, so if its siege time is siege time or do not log in, people respected that so they joined us, they helped us, and that worked. All this being said today I saw all the things that will ruin an ally. 1 - Going to a siege without any strategy at sight, just trying to win by chance knowing that, that is not a possibility. 2 - Allowing people to walk arround just to "go to the castle to see the enemy kill the npcs", so no chain of command at sight. 3 - Flying out of the battlefield and going to Raid... and fail the raids. 4 - Putting a bunch of excuses, instead of accepting defeat and move on. So where does this put Nova ally?... well im just a nobody Necromancer lvl 55 without VIP and without ever putting a single coin in the game (wanting to, waiting for a reason to do it) with the knowledge to get this character at a high level and be competitive to fight alongside an ally with just a strong pvp mindset that with all things considered here... at least right now I dont feel like joining any Nova clan/CP. And people could say "oh u're a nobody who cares" it cares that this is how people without a side feel about a side, it cares because im not the only one in this point, it cares because without the support of new people that join their side and respect their side's decisions it is not going to work, because with their actions today, they may have lost the respect of the neutrals, the respect of us that want to fight IF not because they are bad but because is the fun thing to do. Anyway... lets keep farming, and wait for somebody worthy to lead. Best regards.- Hexploder.
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    This is BS! Why say we have 14 DAYS to bid and then change it to 24 hours after the timer started? Do you seriously hate the majority of your player base that much? It's one thing to lose a fair fight/auction, it's an entirely different thing to not even have a chance to step in the ring. Are you going to make it right, or at least acknowledge it? Or are you just hoping it blows over with little push back?
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    I have nowhere to swing all the good places are occupied by bots what to do ?
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    Our wc and bp had their accounts locked this morning I think. I suspect it was from using a vpn in order to play for the last few days since I think they were the only two in our group that were affected by the login issue. Either that or NC isn't a fan of you using an oop buffer to level alt characters as that was what one of them was doing last night when he was playing last. The hundreds of elf summoners scattered across the newbie zones must not be conspicuous enough for them to ban. That and the destroyer on our server that has been botting in DV with a +17 claymore for the past 2 weeks.
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    ummmm… yes. I like being able to farm without tripping over a bunch of people grabbing the mobs I need, and I don't need a group of babysitters to survive, so, yeah, it's fine the way it is for me. Over time I expect more people will find their way here, if you want more players, why don't you go find people to get interested in playing? Recruiting new players seems a lot more constructive than sitting here crying.
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    And what is the idea of playing here free when much sooner than later you will hit the wall and will not be able to progress any further? Playing for free just wasting your time doing nothing. Sounds pretty good!