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    The incompetence of todays NCsoft is astounding. It's clearly the result of 1 thing... Lack of accountability by management. We never saw this level of incompetence in 2004. Employees don't care about making mistakes, or miscommunicating to the public, because hey.. we'll just give away angel cat apologies to make everything ok! Start firing people and set an example. Do your job.
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    You will have to be 110 level to use r110 weapon. Weapon with base damage about 30 points higher than r99 will not be free. Same story for armors…. So not so soon and not so cheap.
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    Hello all, The boost event is now available again. There was no downtime necessary. You may need to restart your client to see the changes. Thank you!
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    I'm long retired, with plenty of experience in management thank you. You clearly sound threatened by accountability. Like someone who consistently makes mistakes due to your own laziness/lack of effort. Did you receive a lot of "participation trophies" as a child? I only pray that you work in a field where your incompetence doesn't affect thousands of people.
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    The 50% bonus does not work for a change. My question is: Does NCsoft do something right? it's real shame
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    Whom shall they fire? They produced this server by the cheapest way possible. They took the downgraded Goddess files from Skelth and even kept the Aden dungeon quests which makes zero sense on a new server. The other aspect it seems a trained monkey has chosen, by selecting specific bananas. If you didnt know, that also was the inspiration for the Tuna event.. A bit from version 1.0, a bit from 1.5 etc etc.. They even changed the drop rate as a whole, to fit their shop system. So.....less Adena AND less key mats. These prevents that any economy without bots is able to evolve. Suppose they took the drop rates from the beginning of the Russian server. Not even the Russians liked it and they are truly hardcore players. Sometimes when you enter a zone you have an ultra drop phase for some minutes and then absolutely nothing for hours and hours. No clue how these drop boosts work, but i would prefer a steady drop and not this crap. 99% of the things here are done by the machine (bans, locks etc.). No ingame GM any more. Appeals and supports are answered by pre formulated text blocks. A GM even admitted GMs made a mistake by restoring items, which had only should have been done on live servers. And you guys know what? It works. they earn money with it and dont care the slightest bit for their reputation. A friend of mine once told me he wont establish quality checks in his company as long as the returns are cheaper than the checks. Suppose the same goes here.
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    @Hime @Juji guys please take a look... adena and xp both were nerfed to half out of nowhere pls fix it guys
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    IF i remember correctly you told us that exp event would last until february 13-th, what happaned?
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    You will be still one shooted by dragon weapons and your mobs kill rate and kill sped will be still impossible slow so xp gain probably even slower as is now.
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    fafurion update soon new r110 armors / weapons.
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    I've also noticed that the 50% boost in item drop/adena drop/xp/sp isn't working. Interesting thing is that it worked just fine about 6 or 7 hours ago.
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    As already @Draecke said, new servers are going to fail, because of many reasons, most of them due to the lack of any adequate way of obtaining gear and having real fun, as it was in the old days of this game!!! Still, I believe opening new servers - 1 EU and 1 US might be a good thing for all of us. For some time people will have fun there, after that they will be merged again to Chronos and Naia
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    We are missing this feature... Ultimate and Transcendent armors. https://l2wiki.com/PvP_and_PvE_Sets
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    I'm confident they are sleeping right now.
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    Entire update is centered around koreans 110+ players, which I'm pretty sure there are currently 0 110 and maybe a few 109, prolly under 10 total. So why have an update meant for another country that is already ahead of use in every way? Level the playing field first.
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    While removing the event related items it's understandable, you should allow players to keep the remaining bait (and keep the NPC) as well, since the baits are paid items, one more week to complete fishing and exchanging leftovers should be more than enough and greatly appreciated.
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    Guys ... what do you wait for in FAFURION update? ??? 1. Zones that need incredible gear to xp/farm ?????? 2. New items that need Insane amount of adena/mats to upgrade ?? 3. New dragon that - 99% of the server will never ever enter ???? 4. More Paying so you can PvP mobs ? Pls tell me and add smtg if you think I forgot to mention
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    We want Fafurion updates, not those stupid p2w events.
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    Obviously Nc does not care about what anyone thinks or finds out about them. Post is still live, the game is still live, and so is the cash flow. We are the fools
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    3 friends started to play few days ago(2 mages and elf fighter). We supported them with NG/D weps. 2 mages ~25 lvl are banned for real money trade and admins refuse to answer anymore after their deep investigation Elf tank is ~30 with cursed mangauche waiting for his ban also This is becoming shitshow
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    Awesome! An demonstration of facts through test! Honestly there was no need for them to mess up the rates like that, even on VIP4 you will struggle with the 0,25x adena and low drops/spoils. They need Profit obviously but destrying the server rates overall wasn't a smart move, they could've simple let everything 1x retail and VIP would still be really good and profitable.
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    not going to happen though as NC has tried that a few times before and it all ended badly with server mergers as final result.. even Innova who tried it the most recently it failed and had to merge.. also fresh servers are a joke as all you do there is unleash L2store creditcard warriors of the worst kind