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    Guys ... what do you wait for in FAFURION update? ??? 1. Zones that need incredible gear to xp/farm ?????? 2. New items that need Insane amount of adena/mats to upgrade ?? 3. New dragon that - 99% of the server will never ever enter ???? 4. More Paying so you can PvP mobs ? Pls tell me and add smtg if you think I forgot to mention
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    I understand the point, though. Whenever you spend, you get points. If you are a big enough spender, you will get points such that, even if you never spent another nickel, you'd be VIP 4 for years. It would be nice to be able to use those points for something else besides accumulating even more time in the distant future. BadCrab is right, that's not what the points are intended for, but it would still be nice if NCWest provided some other use for them.
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    Stop use flash when u not even close to enemy ^.^, nice video btw
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    Hello, type in chat /unstuck you will get teleported to town in 5 min Cheers
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    please do share we all love to hear more about it btw my info comes from discussing stuff like this with among others admins from Innova like DIL at 4r4m's discord channel who agreed it's very unlikely NCWest will get the same upgrade system as they have.. time will tell what's it gonna be and till then we can speculate away with no right or wrongs upto the point Juji finally post our patch notes
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    =/ I glade that folks have so much time. I am still 104 and don't care. Mid level of server is 106 imho.
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    Skills are not high level enough ... For now, focus on exping... You don't need to enchant your skills ...
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    Reading these forums is the hardest thing in L2 history.
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    In my opinion the cheapest is ISS and a Healer. You can hit lvl 99 even in the dynasty set and paulina's weapon you received at lvl 76 for the 3rd class transfer (exchange mentor diplomas for free shots and not immortal gear, you can use R shots with the 30day paulina's R-grade). Later on, you can invest in an eternal set, a weapon with HP SA boost (doesn't have to be over-enchanted, or not even R99 for that matter) and some other things that will improve your survival ability like CON Dyes etc. As for DDs, wynns are rather cheap until lvl 99, but after that horror begins so I would not recommend it.
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    One other thought, perhaps related to the inadequate staffing. Back in the day, we had an active and very useful test server. Now they just throw things in untested because they don't have manpower or hardware (or both) to test with.
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    sincerely doubt half of Naia population is 108+, pretty sure thats just a few hunderds if even that with only a handfull 109 and maybe 1 or 2 110 - on chronos the average levels are even lower with highest lvl atm 109 and maybe barely 50 108+ so yeah no.. also friendly word of advise but do not compare EU/RU weapon/armor exchange system as they have complete different set up.. NCWest will either go with a slight modified Korean version or possibly even no such system at all so you will be forced to farm dragons & farm mats to craft R110 gear - so far NCWest has always gone with the least customer friendly approach so keep that in mind aye
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    The 50% bonus does not work for a change. My question is: Does NCsoft do something right? it's real shame
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    Hello, We are a level 3 Clan looking to find some folks to join us.Clan chat is in English and we are EU based mostly but we have also other nationalities with us. We definetly need DD's and some active(lol) Healers but feel free to apply whatever class you are. Level requirement is 40+ . Message Balna for more info.
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    You can always move to another server, that seems more populated to you.
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    It's INSANE that the people running this show have absolutely no idea how anything works, or what the details of their own patches include... Seriously, wtf is going on here lmao