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    step by step report guide: For reporting go to the link: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Select the "Report a player" You can use your prefered program to record or the in-game recording. If you are lazy you can use this copy and paste: 1.- Subject: Illegal 3rd Party Software (bot report) 2.- Description: Player controled by a computer Illegal 3rd Party Software 3.- Game version: Lineage II Classic (you have to select this one) 4.- Why are you reporting another player?: I think they were using a bot or cheating (you have to select this one) 5.- Your time and date (for your time zone, go to google and put your county and time zone and it will show up) Chile time zone is (GMT-3) 6.- Your name (you get reward for reporting real bots) 7.- The BOT name Finaly: Safe your Ticket number! Your contribution is important. Regards
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    Lineage II Classic: Saviors is arriving on February 27. You can read about what's in the update in our preview post here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/classic-saviors-update-preview-feb-2019 And don't forget to register for your FREE Saviors Hero Pack here: https://www.lineage2.com/classic/saviors
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    Currently a human cleric at level 23. I'm trying to network and meet players to exp with. Possibly seeking communities to join. Where are my fellow hardcores at? I am going to try and stream my adventures as well. https://www.twitch.tv/mrnoword I look forward to meeting a lot of people here! Let us reminisce together!
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    L2 had built-in recorder. The GMs don't record gameplay, they don't need to.
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    Good luck with our rates. Btw : Death whisper Haste But again, keep in mind that THOSE rates you see on the right, belong to the EUROPEAN classic version, in our servers rates are way lower.
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    Hi guys. I am vip4 from the launch of the game. With this update i feel like running to a race that has no finish!!!!! This update is a very bad idea for the game that we love so much. I play for more than 10 years this game. It is bad cause it comes so early. I am 56 lvl tank and i play average 2 hours per day from the begining of classic. I didnt did fom every day cause i wanted my char to have all skills, cause fom only gives exp and not sp. With these update you grow the unbalance between players ,which was for me one of the most important reasons that people abandonded live servers . Unbalance can be created from level also and dont only from gear ,as it was in live servers. You guys start to make the same mistakes again , to satisfie the 5% of the players that have no real life. But at the end the only thing that you succed is too empty classic servers. Stop rushing the game and let the 90% of the server reach close to high level and gear. I beg you reconsider the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Don't get me wrong. Whoever continues to play in here is addicted. Period. They know they could pay less but they continue to play in here. They know they could be 105 in one week but they continue to play in here. About your reply. First. There aren't new players in here so there isn't a reason to lie. In the circlet event If i spent 1.2k euro pep, fooz, truffle the cheater spent 5k usd The funnier part is that pep and fooz keep quiet but truffle uploaded a video where it seems there weren't no fails at all from circlet +0 to radiant +5 lmao. I see rochard has a database issue. Well google is you friend. L2 ncwest circle event google for it It is well renowned as the p2w scamming event Search innova or gaming forums for l2 ncwest no more than x scam. Second you seems to forget that after the circlet there were the ancient cloak scam, then the dragon weapons scam, then the dragon shirt scam and bla bla. I'm not rich. I can afford to spend, a lot. But i don't want to be scammed by ncwest casino. In 2 weeks i was 105 on core spending 500 euro full geared and with another 500 i get radiant circlet of grace + 5 all the greater jewel a tank needs. Then i left core for skelth and now i pay 10 euros x month to play in a bot free server. Last month we held a siege 450 vs 410 ppl Log me please an ncwest siege with so many ppl Have fun.
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    I want to welcome everyone who is joining this Epic TvT event (3vs3)! In the following content you will discover everything you need to know about this event. This event will take place on the 23th February (Saturday), 2019 at 11:00am to 13:00pm (PST) Please read carefully the following information that pertains to the location of the event, participation fees, rules of conduct/engagement, and its prizes. Location: Coliseum (Teleport from Town of Aden) Participation (fees): In order for players to participate in this event you must register for it. For this type of event all I need is for one player to register for it. That player will collect the fees from the rest of the group. You must do the following to complete the registration: · You will leave a comment on this page with everyone's NAMEs and LVLs ( if you don't want to reveal your lvl you can just send mail in game with that info) · Send the participation fee to Immabe. · When you send participation fee, you will do the following: · In subject line write: TvT Event Participation Fee NAMEs and LVLs Each player will provide 100k to participate in the event. In other words, 300k per team. There will be three categories: 1st group (lvls between 50-59), 2nd group (lvls between 60-69) and 3rd group (70+ lvls). Registration will begin NOW and will END on the 22nd February, 2019 (Friday) (7:00pm PST). Rules of engagement and behavior during the event: When you all arrive at the Coliseum, you will ALL remain in the waiting lobby near the NPC Crystal. No one is allowed to enter the arena. I am doing this to reduce a chaos during the event. When I call your name, only then you will enter the arena and go to the opposite corners of it. When I ask “READY?”, the players in the arena will start using self-buffs and potions. When I say: “3, 2, 1 and GO GO GO!!!” The fight will begin! Now, as far as buffs and potions, you are ONLY allowed to use your characters buffs, NPCs potions (CH potions including) and talismans. (examples: Haste Potion, Attack Speed, Casting Speed, and transformation skills). If you have a buffer in your party, you are obviously able to utilize his/her buffs to your advantage. NOTHING ELSE! Healing potions are NOT allowed! Keep in mind that once your party member is killed, he is dead and out of the team fight. Last standing Team (Member of that team), wins the fight. If you break these rules, you will automatically be disqualified and victory will go to your opponent. When the fight is over, victorious players will remain in the arena until I tell them to leave. If you pay for registration and you decided not to show-up, there will be no reimbursement. You will lose your adena and the victory will go to the other group. Please respect all of these rules, so everyone can have a great time together! Also, do not talk in the chat to help me facilitate the event! PRIZES: 1st place will receive 50% of the pool for their LVLs; 2nd and 3rd place will receive 25%. All winners will receive rewards after all three categories among TvT are completed. Once it is done, I will call the winners into the arena to receive their awards. I ask you to respect each other as we participate in this event. I will not tolerate any misbehavior and if it happens, you will be disqualified from the event. (no reimbursement, you will lose your adena) I wish the best of luck to everyone! Please share this post with your friends! V/R, Immabe
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    IDK、 5% fee is ok for man who will organize all of this. So make for 3rd place 20%.
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    Greetings Canaiia17, Please submit any video and screenshot evidence of suspicious behavior to our Support team in a ticket. You can submit a ticket here: https://support.lineage2.com/ Posting this kind of information on the forums is actually against the forum's Code of Conduct, so we would like to ask you to submit a ticket instead. Thank you!
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    I blame the players buying adena and the players buying NCSoft coins.
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    This team doesn't have a freaking clue. You've been handed an infinitely marketable product and made every poor decision possible for it's future.
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    Umm... there will always be bots. Get used to it. Change players to not use bots. I am not sure really what NC Soft is doing but I do not care. I enjoy the game. I am new player here and so far did not have problems farming where I want. Keep in mind that most bots are in low lvl areas because they are easiest to farm. Go other areas, that are not that common. I hardly saw any bots in Orc Barracks or some places in Wastelands. Ant nest is also quite easy to farm. just stop complaining and start enjoying what this game offers. Most ppl conplain because they are frustrated because other ppl are just better...
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    CP is combat point. Its kinda of additional reserves for your HP (health point) ONLY in PvP mode. for example: if you have 1000 CP and 1000 HP and you fight with mobs, you have only 1000 P before you die. If you fight with other player first you loose 1000 CP then 1000 HP before you die. Attention! Some classes can kill you with skipping your CP (it rogue classes mostly, and wynn summoner ) , youre CP will be full but HP wont you can restore CP with special pots, skills, or healer can restore it by using normal healing skills (after 85 lvl) he's first restore your HP then CP