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    Don't give us this pathetic excuse of "I don't know what the future holds" you are the one signed on the "producers letter" so you should have a clue about fafurion and the future, this event is a cash grab to support the new classic patch and to give the live server something to fight over while you make Bank on classic, any so called "producer" should have a clue what's going on, or are you now just a random NCWest employee?
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    Who needs the new skills when he/she can purchase NCoins and new scrolls that cannot be used? You're all too greedy.. We are now entering the next phase.. freetopay and paytowin now officially become paytopay... joy is in paying...
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    @Juji Please answer our question! are you planning to remove free forgotten scrolls from upcoming update?
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    By the way. If you don't have Fafurion update yet, you should not have access to Forgotten Skills as well. Am I wrong?
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    thats not an dev decision... thats a sales/business oness
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    So you mean that there is a chance that now you are selling items on insane price that might be free in few months? Or you mean Dev team might consider removing drop of the item that exist on all other servers? This where suppose to be one of the main features of upcoming update. That was the only way for normal players to make adena. And Dev team might consider to remove it?
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    That is only IF we even get that option, cuz u know how much NCwest loves $$$. There is a HUGE chance they will remove this free option from the update so they can put the spellbooks in l2store for $. Like you can see right now with this event. This is probably why they even put it now, so they can take as much $$$ as possible before the update comes, just in case by some miracle the free option is added.
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    Forgoten skills Supose to be on the next update (Fafurion ) With DROP not buying from l2store not in this update with L2Store !
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    What I can say, because I really love this game and I am passionate about it ….. I start not to like it from the beautiful magical world, where countless players had real fun, a great experience, it turned into a true money generator and nothing else How you do not see we have less and less players, less and less servers, because of such promos, a steady decline of the L2 community .. sad.
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    i don't know whether to laugh or cry at this level of ignorance. bots are a definite issue with L2. NCSoft is relying on the development of a third-party detection program to get rid of them. every time they develop something it works for two minutes then someone writes a new third-party that gets around the security system. it is never-ending. and NCSoft refuses to put GM's in the servers to physically seek and ban the bots. not all servers are as plagued with bots as others but all servers have bots. bots are a product of supply and demand. servers with more whales (high spending players for adena) will have more bots. the higher the demand for adena purchase the more bots you will see. your comment that some people can't handle other people being better than they are is just ludicrous. if someone is playing, for instance, on talking island server it is true there are almost no fields to hunt anywhere. everything is full of bots. and if you need mobs in any of those fields to complete quests, just give it up. you're not going to find them. i saw fields there with as many bots as there were mobs and no mob stood on the field more than a matter of seconds before it was gone. so whatever your own playing experience is, please keep in mind it may not be everyone's playing experience. people are leaving NCSoft's L2 servers daily for a number of reasons including bots. also including NCSoft's lack of respect for its live playing community and the issues with the game that have gone unfixed and unanswered for far too long. NCSoft does not manage its servers well and in many cases the bots are proving profitable to NCSoft either through royalties or because they own the bots themselves. so.. just get used to it? we shouldn't have to. NCSoft *should* be doing a proper job of maintaining servers with integrity, enforcing their own rules against botting and adena sales, yet they refuse to do so. this refusal is a direct result of their lack of respect for us, the people who play this game. maybe if everyone started saying the same things in the forums NCSoft would have to take notice. as it is now all they'll do is moderate these forums to ensure people aren't breaking their forum rules. otherwise we are ignored.
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    Clan: "AlgoLatino" Svr: "Gludio" Clan nuevo en formación, obligatoriamente hay que tener micrófono y usar discord, se ira invitando a los interesados al svr de discord... Consultas vía discord TEX#9543 o ingame "TEX"
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    I dont know what ncsoft does for that bot issues ........but as far as can see he doesnt give a fly f,,, Bots are everywhere active real players cant farm anywhere This button on your skills (bot reporting) is just out of order So thats leads me in on conclusion ncsoft doesnt ban the bots cause prolly gain some profit out of this there are no other explenation about all this mess with the bots I dont understand thou ,,,Ncsoft wants lineage being managed by bots???? Next server call em BOT Is so amazing game and you guys just ruining it Do something you see all this post about bots from lots of people act before you left alone with bots Thank you
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    One more thing is that there are missing infos about event. this is new event , how much adena need for 1 to 2 and 1 to 3 .... Where are the pas events site adverts?.. Classic has completely destroyd attention to live servers....
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    Ok..so far no answers relative to moving chapters up/down...and mixed information on update inclusion - kind of goes without saying that any hope of being forthright on a "prior to" basis is hopeless. Truly sad that the NA mkt has to take scraps of info and game attributes enjoyed by the rest of the worldwide l2 community. Does the EU community and others fight for their customers better and get reasonable results...or? Imagine, a server where everyone had the opportunity to purchase items at a level commensurate with the rest of the overall community. Server growth and company sales growth.....naw, what was I thinking that's just foolish.
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    Hello Community, @NcsoftFTW, @Hime and all moderators. This post its to Really point out some points from the current Classic situation and please keep in mind that the community actually needs some feedback of what is on the table, we need to see whats going on and that we are being read in order to continue to spend money in the game and keep playing, other way you are just discouraging your own community from playing. Please keep this thread clean so NCsoft team can actually see and listen to us as a community, and don't blame just use the following: Issue: Players over the Lvl 70 Cap lvl stated initially prior to Classic Launch. Consequences: After the new update low lvl players wont be able to even have a chance against anyone lvl 76 with third class, so 1 lvl 76 Third class Will win against 18 6x chars. Suggestion: Bring Back 50% Exp back or do something so that players that are actually under lvl 70 get something, your launch notes said lvl 70 Cap, just do something about it. Issue: Bots spam and farming in low lvl areas. Consequences: no new players on any servers, RMT, community getting smaller. Suggestion: implement a Newbie pack for free 1 per account or 1 per IP Address, that gives you Soul shots, Spirit Shots and a small zone with mobs that gives exp but no adena, that way new players can actually lvl up, and with that new players Will come. Issue: drop rates/adena rates/exp rates. Consequences: Bots getting all the market if you wanna go up you need RMT, or a lot of luck. Suggestion: just balance the Rates until bots get tired, last 50% event i saw an increment in the market and in the hunting zones from real players, you could even Talk while farming it was wonderful, with a Little more balance in the rate people Will just farm, and bot Will be gone since no market here. Feel free to add new suggestions, just keep the thread clean, this is not a Cry post, or a rage post, its a thread so that NCsofts can see that we as players can address issues and we can give suggestions to Help the community, again this is not a Cry or rage post, just a share your Ideas post, keep it clean pls. Thanks.
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    Sorry sir but what does that mean ? in euro version, ru version korean version of lineage fafurion update Damaged Spellbooks are in content like they should be. What does that mean "i will ask dev team if they plan to include them in content update" Damaged Spellbooks supposed to be in content of next update. I don't get it how and why you mention something like that
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    @hime Here is your Answer to all this THERE IS NO Forgoten SKILLS for this Update only FAFURION update ! you can do this only if you using l2java or Took files from l2 OFF Which you have to Be with The Updates income ! SO No Fafurion no Forgoten Skills
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    In the Korean, Japanese and European client you can get the Brooch Jewels any time you want via the L2Store and/or NPC sale. On NA servers, they are only available during the event periods in L2Store and then outside of the store promotion from player shops. Which is technically 365/365 but also means the people with bigger cash flow can lock down the market and just buy out e.g. Sapphire from all player shops. While on any of the other servers, any player can wake up in the morning and decide to spend real money or adena to try Sapphire 6.
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    We cannot answer this question at this time since we do not have the Fafurion update from the Dev team, but I will ask if they plan to include the Damaged Spellbooks in the content update.
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    Staying away from the again obvious release flaw (i.e. if not working at all is deemed a flaw), I'm again trying to understand the lack of any response from @Juji to questions about the items he is attempting to sell. Wouldn't a full explanation and answering questions (from potential customers) "prior to" the release be beneficial for sales? If not answered, would those at NCWEST (if the shoes were reversed, mind you) feel like they were potentially being hoodwinked when placed in the same position they are putting their customers in? Even those who can remember the "try it Mikey, you'll like it" era had at least the contents fully described of what they were buying. So if sales are preferred v. the optics of potential sarcasm (which this is far from), then maybe @Juji would enlighten the potential customer base and have a constructive dialogue being forthright about the new items (please use this on every event as a suggestion). That said, this is asking for only info related to the event - it does not ask for answers to "I want this later", "why can't we have..." etc...... Cheers
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    Really this event KILL the game, is only a competition of who spend more money for get strong,100% pay to win. NCSOFT take concience about this event!!, i have manys friend whos today is going to get retired for this event. ty
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    Yet another Event to Milk the Whales and increase the Gap between Top and Mid tier . I must congratulate your Marketing manager really. How is it possible people on 2019 to spend $$$$ thousands / Month on an old Game. Very Easy , people are Addicted. All these spenders along with the company's greedy policy killed a great game. Do us all a Favor and Close the Damn Servers!
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    Read the terms... "Must be a legal resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela" So we have to be legal residents of all of these places...right?? LOL I see no "or" in that statement.
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    Are u stupid? what's the point of buying the items if the options to learn it it's not ADDed.
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    Nuky grow up they dont care about skills, u can buy items thats all they care about
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    SO you put the items for sell in l2store, but no options to learn in the Learn Skills window? GJ :clap:
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    Your patch totally failed to deploy. No options to learn the skills, nor the exchange option at Dimensional Merchant. Emergency maint incoming.
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    Well there was a time when this was possible. Look at the DH core. They did'nt spent a single cent on this game untill two years ago. Then it became impossile to buy l2 store stuff with adena earned in game because no one sold that gear in the very beginning. Eg. it took one entire year to tevas to make a +20 cloack Well you are right mate. I've seen this happening only on another game, an ncsoft game too, named aion. One evening two saudi princes, totally drunk, bought everything and then donated everything just for fun. And then as fast as they came as fast they left to never ever log back. Two years ago a dude, I don't remember the nick now but I can find it if you want, calculated that to be a top dog on chronos you will need 100 grands, or 100.000 usd. And that was before the cloacks, the circlets, the dragon shirts, the sayha's talismans and so on. Nowaday to be a top dog in chronos you will need something around 300 to 500 grands. So I'm not suprised at all if someone spends like 30 to 50 grands per event in here. Of course this business model which points everything to 100 whales letting hundreds and hundreds of players to quit is, to be polite, arguable. I bet Jujii himself knows that this way of acting will destroy what remains of l2 ncwest. To be polite, again, every real 2019 mmo, like fortnite, apex legends, doesn't have any loot box at all. They are earning millions and millions of usd simply selling cosmetics. Everyone can check what every fortnite streamer spent in cosmetics We are talking about 5.000 usd x streamer to say the less. 5.000x250.000 users= usd x year
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    There are so many wrong things on this. The fact that they turned a upcoming feature that would make us leave town and go farm something besides exp into ncstore exclusive is disappointing ( being polite). Now seeing the bonus for max skill level and the prices for those books the only conclusion one can get is the GAP will increase even further. Why didn't you put to choose the skill we want to level up? Being able to learn both attack and defense skills is just too OP, it will break (already broken) game balance. I've seen in the couple last event ppl pay a couple of hundred thousands ncoins like it was nothing, so don't tell me that no one will put those skills lv 30... LOL I was really excited about the new update, i thought to myself, "wow, there will be lots of new content to go after, it will be really fun". Now I'm not so sure about it. Artefacts you turned into ncstore exclusive and now the forgotten skills. So my question is, What's left? Will this fafurion update be one more grinding level experience? There are so many ways u can get ppl to expend money on your game that doesn't change game mechanics, i really don't know why ncsoft keep insisting on this freaking milking store that is only leads to players desertion.
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    me too, most fun I had in a while.
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    @Juji Could you please give us clear answer, if this event means that we will not have damaged spellbooks drop in upcoming update. If we wouldn't have it that means NCWest cutting game functional again in order to make easy money, like it was with brooch jewels. If we would have spellbooks drop you have to inform your customers that this event is some sort of early access to future update content, but there will be free way to get spellbook later. Otherwise it might be considered as scam, as you are asking money for free items.
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    The funny thing in here is that you all believe it will be free !!!! XAOAXOXAOXAOAXOXAOXAOXOOXAOXA gl to those who w8ing free xp You want XP, pay for it !!!! btw do something with gear also cause only xp is useless !!!!(Refering to90% ppl who need xp event but their gear is lower than a decent )
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    @Juji LF merge of chronos and naia with this "event" this servers will just lose more players
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    So 1386€ for 1 skill (ofc with chance to get lvl2 and 3 less money ), and no bost exp SKILL Books LVL1 Total Books 6 5 5 7 5 10 8 5 15 9 5 20 10 5 25 11 25 50 12 25 75 13 25 100 14 25 125 15 25 150 16 25 175 17 25 200 18 25 225 19 25 250 20 25 275 21 60 335 22 60 395 23 60 455 24 60 515 25 60 575 26 60 635 27 60 695 28 60 755 29 60 815 Packs NCCOINS NCOINS Total NCCOINS 30 60 875 88 1260 110880 1.386,00€
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    There is no fail rate on upgrading the Forgotten Spellbook skills.
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    please make another xp/item/adena drop... it was actually GOOD and everybody liked it...
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    Whoops. Thanks for the catch guys. My fault there for the error. There is no boost event at the moment, maybe next time though!
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    Yes, Innova's has the exclusive rights to distribute and host L2 in Europe and Russia. That why NCWest can't operate, nor promote L2 there. Same goes for NCWest, but for NA and parts of SA. But we still have European time zone severs, like Naia. That's because of the fact that NCWest had the rights over Europe some time ago, even servers were hosted in Europe and vast majority of the players came from Europe. Hence the legacy status of these servers, which are located in Dallas, TX, but there are many players left playing from EU and Russia.
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    Hello, This Sunday we will enchant Guard Agathion Charms. I'll run a stream(current time will be announced later in discord/YT). Discord: https://discord.gg/qMJ3YCQ YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/dUdotLineage2 Don't forget to subscribe to win some prize after stream :] You can help by selling Guard Agathion Fragments(10kk/e) and Elcyum Powders(1,05kk/e) to "dUChant in Aden or to "Ozzy via payment mail Have a nice day!
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    I would say tradable with Dimensional merchant would be okay, between same account is fine. But outside of that, nah, too much risk in the future if they change skills and give scrolls for people to make alts and get a bunch of them.
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    geba89 so either you using bot or you just ignorant man forgoten temple more then 40 bot every day farming .....cruma all towwers more then 100 bots are farming there so many aeras full of bot the bots camping the best aeras with mats/exp/adena not the common ones we are frustrated because other ppl using bots .....not cause they are better its ok if some1 is better or worst then you thats the game my dear friend..........................is not OK when those "better " people you using bots to get better you understand the different geba?
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    si entra al discord. ya somos varios lvl 20 a 25 que buscamos mas gente para armar una full party para levelear