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    step by step report guide: For reporting go to the link: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Select the "Report a player" You can use your prefered program to record or the in-game recording. If you are lazy you can use this copy and paste: 1.- Subject: Illegal 3rd Party Software (bot report) 2.- Description: Player controled by a computer Illegal 3rd Party Software 3.- Game version: Lineage II Classic (you have to select this one) 4.- Why are you reporting another player?: I think they were using a bot or cheating (you have to select this one) 5.- Your time and date (for your time zone, go to google and put your county and time zone and it will show up) Chile time zone is (GMT-3) 6.- Your name (you get reward for reporting real bots) 7.- The BOT name Finaly: Safe your Ticket number! Your contribution is important. Regards
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    Hello All, The Dev team was able to confirm that the Damaged Spellbooks will drop in the Fafurion update for the overseas version. I am still waiting on the translation of the design documents for the update, but I did find some information in the document regarding the exchange rate on the Korean servers. In Korea, you need 55 of the Damaged Spellbooks to exchange for a 20% chance to receive a Chapter 1 Forgotten Spellbook or an 80% chance to receive a small amount back of the Damaged Spellbooks that were used for the exchange. The drop of the Damaged Spellbooks for level 99+ monsters is around 45% in the Korean drop table. We'll have more details to share once we receive our build, translated patch notes, and design documents.
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    We will have a major XP/SP and Drop Boost event starting next week for the Live servers only! More details to come next week.
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    Dont work What planet do you live ? are you new in Lineage2 universe ? I forgive you.