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    I could make a wall of post, but I will save the time. @Juji @Hime please remove the pay to win Dragon Pendent from our L2store. We recognize that the server needs sustainable revenue, please bring back subscriptions, or if you are unable to do that, make VIP status more attractive with larger drop/adena rate bonuses such that enough players will purchase NCCoins (And spend them on more innocuous items, like tp scrolls, shots, cosmetics). Classic was not what we really wanted, but it's closer than anything else. Please, anything but pay to win. You will kill the game that we all love so much, so much faster than is necessary. That's all I have to say about it, but I'm sure I echo the community, I can say for sure I echo my party and my clan.
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    These items are pay to win Boss Jewels. Have you all even consider what this going to do. You already lost tons of people due to the massive amount of bots and lack of community organization, even worse customer support. Im not sure what to even say anymore. At every point in this server you have failed the community.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 4 a.m. PST / 6 a.m. CST / 7 a.m. EST / 1300 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 5 hours. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. A special server settings event will begin for two weeks and ends on March 13 at 7:00 a.m. Server Time XP/SP 200% on Weekdays (Monday 00:00 to Friday 23:59) Server Time XP/SP 300% and Drop Rate Increase +50% on Weekends (Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59) Server Time No XP Loss Upon Death Beleth’s Forgotten Spellbook remains for three weeks The Power of Love event remains for two weeks The Fortune Reading Game tickets will be deleted and the Fortune Reading NPC Eve will disappear at 7:00 a.m. Server Time Elemental Shirts (Magical/Physical/Shiny/Maphr) have been permanently added to the store along with permanent price reductions to Lv. 1-95 Boost items The Big Vitality Pack (x50 Erupting Vitality and x50 Vitality Maintaining Potion 1-hr) will be available to purchase from 2/27 - 3/13 The following store items will be removed from the store: Power Shirt Blessed Scroll: Enchant Power Shirt All Apparition Stones Wedding Packs (Groom and Bride) Scroll: Modify Demonic Sword Zariche/Bloody Sword Akamanah XP Rune II (Lv1-95) 100% Pack (1-hour) Mysterious Wind Scroll Soul Avatar's Giant Placid If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    It's far from being a win/win situation for them what the hell are you talking about? You underestimate how many people will quit cause of this. Many of those people myself included had multiple VIP4 accounts, I know people who had 6-9 VIP4 with runes on them. Do the math it's not that hard. Also most of these people at least the ones I play with went into this for the long run, meaning on average they would get at least 100 € per month per player which is already huge! Now they milked people for 6 months and will probably have some left, but who knows for how long, if they continue like this? WoW classic is around the corner, they shot themselves in the foot with this shit big time. You'll see in a couple of months, if not sooner. I mentioned WoW, which also had it's screw ups, but those were mostly expansions people didn't like, balance issues, removing something that people liked, stuff like that. It costs 0 compared to this "free2play" bullshit and it's the most profitable and still by far the most played mmorpg and I can see why. You know what you get and you know you won't get screwed by shit like this in a couple of months and GMs actually exist, the game is being updated/fixed, bugs are taken care of, which here is unheard of. I don't know why they do this maintenance, probably to reset the servers and make the people think they're actually doing something. These despicable b@stards lured people with f2p and "classic experience" and can't even fix shit like drop rates/adena/xp and instead of focusing on that, they went full moneygrabber mode. I'm not an oldschool l2 player, but I love mmorpgs and this game is sooo freakin' good it's unbelivable, but people who run it are the biggest imbeciles I've encountered in all my years of gaming. They have successful f2p models everywhere in almost all genres of gaming, but they said why try to do it right, let's just screw people who invested time and money. This is false advertising and it includes a lot of hours spent by people who in the end got a big F U C K YOU in their/our faces. Gludio for example has around 1k average population. That is probably max 500 live people and I'm being generous and from all different timezones. If half of these people quit, the server will truly die and just when it looked like it was becoming liver again. If you think people aren't serious about quitting you couldn't be more wrong. This is one thing people won't just eat up and forget.
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    So, I slept on it, While I am back and forth on a lot of emotions... admittedly trying to justify "it" and you all know what I mean. I keep saying to myself: maybe they will space the events out six months+ apart, maybe it will be tolerable, maybe this will be the worst it will ever get. But then I follow incentives and I know where it is going. I don't think I've ever been truly more disappointed than now in a gaming company, aside from when Free to Play came out on retail. What's the common denominator? Pay to win. I wanted to play classic more than any other game I've heard of since the launch of L2 retail. I was never so excited; I tracked down 50+ people I use to play with via facebook, whatsapp, linkedin, anything I could to try to recreate my own classic experience! GOD pushed me out with its terrible content and more importantly P2Win, and now they will do the same here. It's truly heartbreaking for those of us who loved to live this game for the better part of our adult lives. I met my wife ten years ago through this game and I have been willing to hang on more than others out of nostalgia, but I am having difficulty justifying it. If someone like me is on the brink of leaving, imagine other people not so mentally tied to the game? The one thing I keep sticking on is that I simply feel cheated. I feel like a kid who was given their favorite toy then had it stolen by a bully, then getting the talk from their dad about how life isn't fair. It wasn't supposed to be this way. /sadpost
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    I was hoping this would last at least until WoW Classic, but man they're really torpedoing these servers hard.
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    Dude just straight up lies through his teeth, what a shame.
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    I guess we can escape the Live server but we can't escape NCwest management... You could have given the server a long life with minor stuff on L2 store that would only impact the speed people level up and some other cosmetics. Let's be real, 50 USD for a 50% Rune is already more expensive than any subscription at any Pay to play server and should already be enough to make astronomic profits with 4 servers averaging 2k players. You want more profit? Upgrade your VIP system: Add the VIP 5,6 and 7 layers with the benefits close to the Tawain ones. Add new 30-day runes ( 100% xp/sp) for 8k Ncoin, add more boosts to the l2 store. Create a prestige pack or something else for players to support the server and be rewarded. Any of those things would bring enough profit for you to not need to add ITEMS to l2 store, and yet again items that rely on chance to be obtained. NCwest, you have failed again. We could live with the bots free spamming adena sell on towns and the army of bot summoners on nearly every single lowlevel area. That didn't impact our experience in the game, we could have seen past that. But you guys chose the EASY path of gambling inside the game to make your profits, and if that don't stop/change, the Classic servers have no future.
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    God you're dumb. You realize there are 3 groups of people playing Classic. 1) People who left retail because of the 1000s of dollars required to be competitive. - You think they dumb enough to spend 1000s again on Classic? 2) Players who quit prior to the GOD release because they foresaw the P2W - They weren't fooled before 3) Botters and RMTrs who do this to make money - Will stay as long as there is positive cash flow
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    It's a sad day when the game you've loved to play since prelude comes to an end... I think I speak for 1000's of players when i say STOP! Just give us XP events. Don't bring in P2W. XP events were enough. As I sit here discussing which game to play next with everyone on discord, staying with Lineage 2 wasn't even brought up. Instead we decided to over enchant our weapons and say goodbye. Huge mistake on your part NC. I'll definitely miss playing but, not enough to come back. IT WAS FUN EVERYONE! TAKE CARE!
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    I've talked to 3 CPs that are all done. Some even already blew up or sold their gear. Crazy s*** on Ncsoft part. Some of them are even part of the "whale" group. They seriously misunderstood just how serious the threats of "P2W and I'm gone" were
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    I miss the old internet, where the community was collectively smart enough to troll companies that pulled shit like this. Like back in the day when top clans didn't recruit people who bought adena from farmers. Imagine their surprise if nobody bought this shit, top clans could easily force people to boycott pay to win items.
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    The sad reality is this decision is entirely made in a meeting room by economists. They know enough whales will spend big that it doesn't matter if the servers haemorrhage players, they'll still make their money. Massive shame, a lot of people struggle with other MMOs as nothing compared to L2. Early memories of sieges on Lionna, first Antharas, all the way til the end of Freya. Even good memories of pulling trains of Kariks with @FatHips a month before GoD. Then F2P hits and so comes the joy of safe enchants in the cash shop. Real gut punch to give us the quasi-Classic experience for 5 months then pull this on us. Atleast have p2w elements from the beginning so 95% of us could comfortably have made the decision not to start playing again.
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    I think more top tier players will quit than you think.
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    I would remind them WHY a ot of people playing here: https://youtu.be/flieQ0TnFY8?t=346 I was betrayed by NCWEST twice: 1st time was when they had licence for Euro servers and was "pay 2 play" and they they installed "free to play" without being asked if I want that after all those years of playing and paying or to convert all my money spent in NC Coins. Now is 2nd time with this "pay to win" event and I think that all players should consider to refund all the invested money because they traped us with a "story" and now they wanna rob us official. From all the problems with what they promised on launch and what happened after , this is the worst and I don't think they will stop here. @Juji or @Hime what is that??? On server start you didn't said that your business plan is to trap us, to make us invest money and time in the game and then to force us to leave with pay to win events.
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    runes, exp scrolls, cloaks, visual effects, vip system.
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    U just put in to l2 store item JUST ONLY FOR MONEY which is BETTER THAN EPICS. ur all customers should punish you
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    The biggest request from community before server start it was don't sell pendants and pay to win items on store and now? Can stay tuned @Hime and @Juji server will die and become empty faster than light like live server, just because NCSoft don't want make like on RU servers and just put this itens like pendants only for farm or at least grants the option for farm this items for free. Just one more, last time for me i want say thanks NCSoft.
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    Juji have fun with your furries you cuck. i still don’t know how you are employed. You didn’t know anything about this server, you didn’t know the cap you didn’t know the zones. You said there would be no pay to win. youre simply an idiot, you shouldn’t have a job, you are incompetent
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    no its not just p2w item. Its item that shouldnt exists in lineage 2 world even for free. Which disbalance game. examples: MP Skill Consumption Decrease -3% -5% -7% -9% -11% -13% -15% -17% -20% -30% -40% Active Skill: Pendant Defense Effect Absorb 202 damage for 5 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 302 damage for 6 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 406 damage for 7 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 516 damage for 8 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 782 damage for 9 seconds. 80 Second Cooldown. Absorb 1059 damage for 10 seconds. 80 Second Cooldown. Absorb 1348 damage for 11 seconds. 70 Second Cooldown. Absorb 1649 damage for 12 seconds. 70 Second Cooldown. Absorb 2045 damage for 13 seconds. 70 Second Cooldown. Absorb 2457 damage for 14 seconds. 60 Second Cooldown. Absorb 2883 damage for 15 seconds. 50 Second Cooldown. HP/MP Recovery Bonus Increase 1.8 / 0.5 1.9 / 0.7 2.1 / 1.0 2.3 / 1.1 3.1 / 1.3 4.2 / 1.5 4.7 / 1.8 4.9 / 1.9 6.2 / 2.2 6.8 / 2.4 7.4 / 2.8
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    The concept of Lineage 2 classic was appealing to me, as a NA player that started playing in open beta I've spent years looking forward to a game that brought me the same excitement Lineage 2 did in 2004. MMOs aren't a genre that players seem to want anymore - so the variety we're offered isn't great and none of the new games developed truly captured the best parts of Lineage 2. Classic servers have been announced over the years, but without workarounds like a VPN they weren't available to NA players - and illegal servers leave you uncertain of your character's progress or what malicious code might be running in the background. This game isn't what a lot of us expected. The raids, the rates, the class changes we dealt with each of those disappointments as they came up and felt bitter about them. We were bitter about the level cap not truly being 70 like we were told, but we dealt with that too. The introduction of pay to win is it for me, and I suspect many others. I'm by no means your biggest spender, but I've probably sunk at least $600 into runes, chronicle packs, accessories etc but those were convenience items. Things I could buy to accelerate my progress or enjoy some small area of the game that didn't fundamentally change the game. I wish you had chosen to do a subscriber model of $10-$15/mo per client. I understand that leaves out a lot of the target demographic so I accepted the VIP system - I wish you would have focused your efforts on it instead. As FatHips has mentioned multiple times this system needs an adjustment to make it more attractive to more people. Had you spent your time and energy on tweaking the VIP system - increasing rewards, or introducing new levels with better perks that were all convenience oriented that would have been fine. A limited time permanent item that fundamentally changes the power of a character in PVP means this PVP game will have two categories of players 1. those that compete purely based on how much they spend, 2. those that have no chance of ever competing in high end PVP. As this is a PVP game that's very disappointing. What makes this worse is that this is surely not going to be the last time something like this is added. So the choice for me is simple: spend big money on this event to feel like I can compete, or quit and save myself from spending any more time or money on a game that is going to die as a result of these items anyway. The choice is an easy one, I wish you all the best. I suspect the team at NCWest had little to do with this decision and has no power to reverse or alter it. To each of you I offer you this advice: find a new company to work for that you can be proud of - you deserve better than this.
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    Of all those people who cry im pretty sure noone will QUIT the server instead they will keep playing. We all know that they wont listen and they do what they do only to milk our money. Stop crying unless you have the guts to stop playing and supporting them!!!
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    I ran 5/7 clients for nearly 4 months with VIP 4 (Before I felt cheated and stopped handing them money) across 3 computers, with 5 of them getting over 5x. You cannot trust the numbers you see even on http://l2.laby.fr/status/ because you don't know who is multiboxing more than 3 clients on god knows how many computers. I came across someone who was running at least 15 clients just for fishing, excluding their current hunting party. That's 22+ logins coming from 2 players. P.S.: There are countless afk's in town called Seller1, Seller2, Seller3, etc so you also have to factor in the afk sellers. You could make the argument that some people are running 1 client, but the reality is this is a bot fest. The bots are hunting the items, they are fetching the books and controlling the market (You can see this on Gludio because the price of Animal bones, SOP, and books have skyrocketed). They refuse to make the rates public because either A, they don't know them, B know they have botched them and refuse to admit a massive mistake, or C they want to make the players fly blind (if this is the case remove the goddam map and TP's from the game.) We wanted a hardcore experience and we got it. Dev's ignore us, Drops are very few and far between, Raids have been buffed (and their drops nerfed), Live players are getting banned due to false reports and bots are not getting banned for x y z reason (Theory: Off the top, a banned player who wants to keep playing might reluctantly purchase again). L2 Classic is not for Casuals and it is becoming less for Hardcore players and more towards Wallet / Credit Card Warriors. That is the State of L2 Classic West, I played both Skelth (I had I believe 4 toons 55+) and Classic (had a major issue with sound drivers and I ended up not being able to advance very far). The only thing I would miss from this experience was the no drop from NPC death. I dropped a lot of stuff due to stunners on Skelth while trying to gather mobs for trains. I might have gotten the servers backwards, but my point is the same. Right now L2 Classic West is in a very bad spot, and they are going to get a lot worse. Yet, whats worst of all, is that even if the CEO/President/Face (w.e. their position is called) for the NCWEST is fighting tooth nail and claw for us, they have 0 authority over anything thanks to the NCKR. My Thoughts on How to Help L2 Classic. Happy Hunting, ~November
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    WoW classic here we come, these 3 months were great, but only because of people who played the game and because the game itself is one of the best ever made. You pretty much screwed up everything possible and didn't listen to the community U imbeciles won't get 1 more cent from me and I currently have 4 accs on VIP 4 and most people that took the game seriously have VIP4 and runes, but this isn't enough for you greedy bastards. You probably protected your asses in some user agreement so you can't be sued for this, but still hope someone does it for blatant false advertising. You are the cockroaches of gaming world, the lowest of the low and you're destroying one of the best games I ever played. I wish you all the worst everyone individually and the whole company. You're a f**king DISGRACE!
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    terrible launch with bugs, CONTENT CAP 70 and not hard cap..., ABYSAMLL adena/drop/spoil rates, afk events and many other things that made a lot of casual, less hardcore players to quit, who would have bought runes, vips other shit and we woulddn't need pw2 events, but they fck up the server and now put final nail in it to cash out of dying servers
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    did anybody saw what give pendant + 10 ? Pendant Option / Enchant Value 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 All Dragon Pendants XP/SP Bonus (%) - - - - - 5% 10% 15% 20% 30% 40% Fire Dragon's Pendant P. Atk. Increase 4 6 8 12 19 28 35 46 59 63 75 P. Critical Damage Increase 26 38 56 78 124 185 250 307 391 421 498 P. Critical Rate Increase 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 10% 12% 15% P. Atk. (%) Increase 1% 1.50% 2% 2.50% 3% 3.50% 4% 4.50% 5% 6% 8% P. Critical Damage (%) Increase 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 9% 11% 13% 15% Earth Dragon's Pendant M. Def. Increase 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 25 28 P. Def. Increase 11 14 18 20 4 29 35 43 54 61 66 71 Shield Defense Rate Increase 10% 15% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Shield Defense Power Increase 3% 6% 10% 15% 20% 20.50% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Active Skill: Pendant Defense Effect Absorb 202 damage for 5 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 302 damage for 6 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 406 damage for 7 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 516 damage for 8 seconds. 90 Second Cooldown. Absorb 782 damage for 9 seconds. 80 Second Cooldown. Absorb 1059 damage for 10 seconds. 80 Second Cooldown. Absorb 1348 damage for 11 seconds. 70 Second Cooldown. Absorb 1649 damage for 12 seconds. 70 Second Cooldown. Absorb 2045 damage for 13 seconds. 70 Second Cooldown. Absorb 2457 damage for 14 seconds. 60 Second Cooldown. Absorb 2883 damage for 15 seconds. 50 Second Cooldown. Wind Dragon's Pendant Max MP Increase 21 33 42 52 63 75 96 113 127 139 156 Max HP Increase 31 50 78 121 153 186 215 243 267 293 316 HP/MP Recovery Bonus Increase 1.8 / 0.5 1.9 / 0.7 2.1 / 1.0 2.3 / 1.1 3.1 / 1.3 4.2 / 1.5 4.7 / 1.8 4.9 / 1.9 6.2 / 2.2 6.8 / 2.4 7.4 / 2.8 MP Recovery Rate Increasing with probability when casting a skill (numerical value is probability of activation / amount of recovery) 1% / 12 2% / 12 4% / 12 6% / 12 8% / 12 10% / 12 12% / 12 14% / 12 16% / 12 20% / 12 24% / 12 MP Skill Consumption Decrease -3% -5% -7% -9% -11% -13% -15% -17% -20% -30% -40% Water Dragon's Pendant M. Atk. Increase 9 13 20 31 46 64 84 107 149 160 202 M. Critical Damage Increase 62 89 134 210 307 429 565 717 992 1065 1344 M. Critical Rate Increase 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 12% M. Atk. (%) Increase 1% 1.50% 2% 2.50% 3% 3.50% 4% 4.50% 5% 8% 10% M. Critical Damage (%) Increase 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 9% 11% 13% 15%
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    its like juji saying "we're gonna have lvl 70 cap" at 13:25 People are already 75+, nothing else to say, Server broken. gj https://youtu.be/flieQ0TnFY8?t=803
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    GoD L2store drip fed P2W store items for 3 years. Slowly boiling the Frog. Before culminating to literally a new P2W L2Store only event item every week. Each requiring a minimum of $500 to pay out. Theres a reason majority of the player base left Retail to come play Classic. They just killed the frog by turning it up to 11 on the heat.
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    Dear Giran server, Yes, I kind of saw this coming too. I originally left Naia and Goddess of Destruction behind to get away from L2store. Now I see L2store happening all over again on Classic. I am extremely dissatisfied with your services and your game. I doubt that when Project: The Lineage finally hits that I can bring myself to play it. You have been abusing your customers. People who have been playing since the very beginning. There's simply no end to your lack of respect. There's simply no words to what you have exposed us to. You've made us all to cheaters. The community in Lineage II is strong and the loyalty even stronger. You force people to buy in your store, because how else can people compete. There's no way. People who don't buy VIP or runes simply fall behind. And now with your new dragon pendant, which "we have to upgrade". You could have made Lineage II Classic such an amazing experience. You, the creators of Lineage II, but you did not. ArtemisDK signing out. To the people who keep playing. Are we really to spend hundreds and hundreds of Euro on a "free" game. A free game that requires you to pay to reach and goals at all. Know that you will never be a top player, never win in Olympiad unless you pay up. That's the truth of Lineage II. If you are prepared for this. Then by all means, knock yourself out. If not I would suggest you leave at once before it devours your soul. Lineage II has corrupted us. Get out now.
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    im trying to find something in recent history that compares to how hard they've bleeped this all up so badly. I mean Canada electing Justin Trudeau doesn't even come close to it
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    I approve this message. These pendants are a deal breaker for me, at least 12 of my friends and I presume a large chunk of the community. Even those of us who make over $1,000 a day would not play in an empty server, and an empty server is inevitable once you go down that road, every Lineage 2 veteran knows this. Your poor judgement killed the Live server, what kind of imbecile makes the same mistake twice? Your Board of Directors needs to fire whoever decided this strategy effective immediately. @Juji @Hime
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    @Hime you and your staff are dog shit humans... There needs to be a class action law suit against this company
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    Tnx now we can leave. Ncwest never kern from their mistakes. The game destroy is started now. They don't care about bots, adena broken drop, economy. They care only about how to milk the players. Russian servers had them for free. Here u can only buy them. Good. Good luck Ncwest make your fresh started project an another desert.
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    NcSoft, If you could hear the discussion going on among some of the very high level people/parties on my server, You'd realize just how big of a misstep this is. You told us the store was "mainly going to be cosmetics and XP items", then 4 months into the server, you release a game breaking P2W item. We know you guys need money, we know that revenue here isn't going up anymore, if not trending downward over time, but expect that you will literally lose hundreds of players, including quite a few from the top CPs and clans on right now. You're literally putting classic on a downward spiral that it will not recover from. +1 to either Subscription / Higher VIP rewards/tiers / One item every 2-3 months that costs 20/30 USD (but isnt game breaking).... But this.... WOW. /signed 15 yr vet
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    Guys please reconsider this stupid pay2win, you said that you will never add pay2win items to L2store, now you wanna add items, that cant be received any other way than pay with real money. I feel really betrayed, I spend hundreds euro to support you for VIP packs and I know I am not the only one, please reconsider making this update live till you have time, because once you apply this patch into servers, you are not gonna loose some individual players or clan, you are gonna loose the major of active community.
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    Lmao what @Hime, is you and your teams bonus not big enough? Or does your team enjoy ruining everything that could be great? Good job putting a nail in the coffin. Sucks that Lineage 2 was such a good game. And then idiots like you guys took management over it. good luck everyone. And to the 13 year old kid whose trying to enjoy a great mmo but can’t afford to pay the money to keep up with the times. I feel sorry for you the most.
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    Well, that's a disappointment. I'm not interested in this, is there any hope of a protest? @Juji I Know you heard it before, but I don't think NC understands that the playerbase of this server is from 2 places, 1) people who quit GOD, mostly for Pay to win, and 2) from Skelth who enjoyed that server (pay to play) and wanted to play in NA timezone, and they did not have interest in Pay to win either. You're going to destroy the server population at an incredible rate by doing this Breaks my heart, again. I think you are at a junction, either make the server pay to play, or regroup, cash shop items are going to destroy it to nothing.
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    gg ncsoft. you could have milked us for xp scrolls and cosmetics. Now you've lost all of us
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    Pay to win event #1 2 weeks later will be #2 If u played live server u will know how it goes GL HF server sucks now
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    Its answer to your stupidly question, Do u have down syndrome that u don't understand simple answer?
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    Here we go, here comes the first broken pay to win L2Store update. Good luck guys ^^