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    Hello! Ever since Classic has been released in North America I've felt that something was wrong, after spending the last two days testing things out I decided to do this little project today to illustrate how much the western versions of Classic differ from each other. So I made a Classic on Aden and one on Skelth and set out to see what the differences would be in their early leveling process. Whenever I'm talking about the character on Aden I'll be referring to it as NA from this point forward. Whenever I'm talking about Skelth(the european server) I'll be referring to it as EU from this point forward. The acronyms will also be used for their servers (Giran/Talking Island/Aden as NA) (Skelth as EU). Whenever I'm talking about the Japanese Classic servers I'll be referring to it as JP from this point forward. A few points to consider before reading any further: NA had a VIP level of 0 during the test. EU's level 5 XP/SP Rune was not used. NA and EU consumed their daily hunting fruit. NA and EU leveled after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. With this test I wanted to check the differences between both western versions of Classic, special attention was put into: XP/SP Adena Drop Rate One Human Fighter was created in both clients and killed the same amount of enemies. They completed the Cedric's Training Hall Newbie Quest and talked to the Newbie Guide in TI, then completed the level 2 Newbie Quest and picked a WAND as reward. 5 Over-hits were performed during the entire test for both NA and EU. The testing wielded the exact same results early on, which confused me. But as soon as the characters started fighting higher level mobs the XP disparity became apparent. By the time the quest was completed, this is the difference between the acquired XP/SP and Adena. And here's the differences in drops: Hello again! Now we've added JP to the list of tests! Please pay attention to the conclusions! (This test wasn't conducted by me, credits goes to Fragola. Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/320497699) A few points to consider before reading any further: JP had a VIP level of 0 during the test. JP completed the quests after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. The Test Goals and Test Format are the same as NA and EU and so I won't repeat those portions here, only the findings from the JP test. Same XP as NA/EU on Gremlins. Same XP as NA on VIP 0 but the adena drop is almost double and even higher than EU's! While the difference in XP will definitely become more noticeable and bothersome at higher levels, the difference in adena and drops is what truly makes both Classic versions feel alien to one another. EU had 4 full item drops including a weapon while NA had a single full item drop. The materials acquired by EU were also in higher amounts and diversity than in NA. The difference in adena only becomes more noticeable as the levels grow higher and the difference increases exponentially. VIP Level 4 gives exactly +25% XP/SP which is what is needed to make NA's experience the same as EU in terms of leveling. The VIP Drop Rate bonuses however do not fix the disparity between the adena/drop ratio. JP matches NA when it comes to XP/SP at Vip 0 but has over the double adena drops. JP is also a F2P server much like NA, with different VIP tier bonuses that are compared under these conclusions. To acquire VIP Level 4 one must spend 50$ and sustain it monthly by spending at least 15$. Per account. To even be allowed to play in EU one must pay a 10€ subscription or a 25€ three-month subscription fee. Per account. Below you can see a table comparing the VIP benefits of JP(on top) and NA(under). You can see how the drop rate is much more dramatically affected in JP than in NA. *Please don't take the results of this small test as hard facts, instead try your own testing and see the results you can achieve. This post was made to try to better inform the staff members and players of our current situation. I hope NA Classic will get patched to be more similar to EU in terms of drops and adena. I also believe the Vip system should be a bonus and not a return to "normal" rates. For this test the monster Goblin Brigand was killed roughly around 30 times by both NA and EU. This time NA had a VIP 3 bonus. XP in EU was doubled for some kills because of the level 5 100% XP/SP rune. The characters were level 12 dwarves. Here are the results NA was actually able to buy 10 BSS not 9. Full test: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/319666259
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    Hello Juji, I wish as many peeps here you extend the EXP Boost Event for one or two more weeks please. we're trying hard to hit 110 level or close to that but it needs more time, main reason of this is because not enough spots in Sea of Spores area. As you can see, many players coming back to live server want to level up and catch up with so i think if you extend the exp boost event could be a motivation to them and us. I wish i made my point and i'm sure many peeps will do more. Regards
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    Hello. What level is your main and your dual now? You'll get many people (soon probably) who will tell you this hard truth: below level 100, a Summoner is rather fun and easy enough to level. You can solo quite well if you have access to Iss buffs, and a Healer is a bonus if you know one to party with. The trouble for a Summoner comes when you need to move into Faction quests that benefit from AOE damage dealers (Feohs, for example), not target damage dealers (Summoners). You'll have huge difficulty getting into parties even if your current Summoner has decent gear. Most parties want high damage but they also want speed. Shouts for AOE will be the norm when you look in World chat or the party match system. But, you asked about the dual class so I'll try to focus on that. A Healer can AFK in certain situations. For example, in my CP we will set up in the Refinery to do our daily quest. OUr set up allows the healer to create a macro for healing the party in one of the rooms. We've never had a problem unless someone disconnects while we're all AFK. But mostly we just get our quest done and we're off to the next daily. I wouldn't even try to Heal AFK anywhere else near the Blackbird Campsite - too dangerous. An Iss can use any armor type - heavy, light, or robe (although I've never seen one in a robe). So you could use your light set on an Iss (I think +8 gives you a skill cooldown bonus). Thoughts: 1. Always level your Healer in a party. Bare minimum, I think, would be a +4 Robe set which should not be difficult to find. Obviously, a higher level, like +8 Robe would be better for survivability. 2. You didn't say which Healer you have. The Dark Elf has a higher Magic Attack; the Light Elf has faster casting speed; and the Human has a bigger heal (I think). Just curious, really. Healers are not going to kick butt and take names; that's not their purpose. Think group character, not a solo character. 3. During next Red Libra, change your dual class to something else, like a Yul, which also uses light armor but you'll need to buy a bow. Right now, you can use Chaos essence to only change from one type of healer to another type of healer. Red Libra lets you choose almost any class to play. I tend to play mage classes so I'm sorry I can't give better info on all the possible choices you may have. I've found Feohs super easy to level, especially from Lvl85+. I also enjoy playing an Iss. A Doomcryer is very sturdy and has good survivability from day one. At later levels, a Hierophant gets the POM (Power of Might) skill, which is sought after by mages and warrior classes. A Doomcryer gets Chant of Bison that buffs the whole party with a lower "POM-like" buff, but it's still better than none. Other Iss Buffs that are worthwhile: A Bladedancer Iss gets Warrior lvl2; the Swordsinger gets Wizard 2; Doomcryers get Knight 2. In the end, you should definitely play what you enjoy, no matter what. But keep in mind what most parties look for. It's hard to solo effectively after Lvl102-103 so you will need some help regardless. Good luck!
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    Sorry the people that actually quit aren't coming back. They left because of the p2w not because of exp and drops.
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    Nope, because people with multi pc would have a huge advantage and still do.
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    Greetings! Sorry to hear about your login issues. As it seems not all players are concerned, could you let me know in what region/country you are based? Thank you kindly!
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    Giran server : 10 minutes i watched now gludio gk, every few seconds coming a new elven bot running on a script on the same pos and porting away. And thats how the chat looks when you port in a new town.
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    Today I saw TRAINS of bots running around Gludio and Dion to GK... I hadn't seen so many at once before...
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    Come on, this guy is waiting for more than 1 week to get a real solution, he provided you everything and still account locked, how is that possible? @Hime @Juji
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    this must be the only game in the world where you are not allowed to automate ur gameplay yet you can still do it without any problems but if you want to play legitly your getting an automated ban, so who got better automated software, the botters running freely all over the place or NCsoft banning random folks. I think the botters, at least their software works!!
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    How do you even get banned? there are literally thousands of bots running around at all times. I thought NCsoft already threw in the towel
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