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    Greetings everyone, We took the liberty and moved this to the right forum section. As for the bots you encounter in game, please continue to report them via ticket to our Support team. They are the ones who can take a look and investigate these reports. Thank you!
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    Classic error for posting Classic stuff on Live forum section so how fast you think the right people will read it ?
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    Greetings everyone, Just another reminder to keep things civil, discuss topics, not the posters, and to leave the PvP in the game. Thread closed. Regards, Amraith
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    Thanks to all who was there for epic battle https://youtu.be/BR_Zz8X-Rhg
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    Anytime! Would enjoy this!
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    Yeah that would probably end with you that change ur mind 'cause you're too scared to do anything. Otherwise you get rekt even irl and tell the ambulance dude that you want a rematch 'cause your "physical mastery" was nerfed. Get real dude, the fact that a forum GM closed ur previous topic w/o even minding to say a thing, is already an answer. Enjoy ur SWS.
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    about target name mob, some have their alt toon name after a certain mobs from HB, GC maybe can try use 2 names on target mob name, a full name because characters name can not be 2 words. I do not know if it works never test it out. can also you target party member at the last line of macro to make sure you run back to your support box. and try not to use shiny gear on afk macro
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    Maybe, but as a business thats poor management. If they cared, which i doubt they do, they would look into this and fix the issue. But its nice to see that as the player base we have each others back. This is why the gaming community sucks, nothing but talking bs to each other instead of seeing the issue and trying to get it fixed. The issue is Clear as day yet most just keep trolling instead of helping. Good job all!
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    Another pointless sarcastic reply because you have no rebuttal!
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    nice long battle, i went a mere boy and after this I emerged as a fully developed man LOL GF to all, was fun!
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    Too busy laughing at you, prolly.
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    Omg this troll continues
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    No way to stop spammers! 3-4 hours and get level 20 ... for bots maybe 3 hours. There is no live GMs ... no support ... bots is everywhere Bot report system is a joke An easy solution to the problem is: no trade - no bots