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    Hi all, what You think about merge Gludio with Giran, and connect Aden with Talking Island servers, Gludio and Aden is almost empty...
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    Just asking, maybe I'm just 100% unlucky, but from last wednesday maintenance I'm only geting angel blessings, scroll melody and assassin potions...I do several dungeon x day and just curious if only me feel this or as I say before maybe just unlucky, anyway with ncwest u will never know...the adena/drop rate compared to other l2 classic is just ridicolous. (opened around 49 chest dungeon from last wednesday not even a single EAC)
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    Yes, it's a really cool point of view! Consider implementing that!
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    I have a suggestion. When it detects that a robot is being used, NCSoft should block the account and the computer / hardware being used. This way no other account can log in to the lineage using the same hardware.
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    No, he will not die. But it will only be done when he is dead (300 Players Online). I hope i'm wrong. https://l2.laby.fr/status/
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    LMAOROTFWTIMEPMP ! Looking for a response=> respectfully go back to bed and wake up in the real L2 experience. Prior to trolling responses, please refer to: More lag 'after fix' for ppl who never experienced lag previously / baits stacking response (working properly as advertised, or not) - this one in particular shouldn't have been difficult given the selling of items and customers stating it wasn't stacking properly as advertised / the overall realization that mistakes get acknowledged and fixed regardless if it's on the company side or paying customer side v. too bad scker buy more / wow...too much to list and waste more time on this post. *$$$$$ Hear No EVIL..$$$$$...See No Evil...$$$$$...Speak No Evil $$$$$*
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    They added lag to add another level of challenge to our servers. Because having less adena drop, less item drop, higher exp curve and more L2Store exclusive is just not enough yet!
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    Spoil + Craft items / Kill mobs / Make PvP-Go to siege / Chit chat / Commerce and bla bla bla... Just Play the game kaho