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    Max will join ds once again this coming week. Who want to cast rune can come and take it, we have no interested in holding that castle. Let make Lineage great again and take some of the cancer away. Also we do not make video that 2 hours long into 3 min long to show how great we are.
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    Sigel Phoenix Knight - Meruen Sigel Hell Knight - Eleanore Sigel Eva's Templar - AllArroundMe Sigel Shillien Templar - KingScoobz Tyrr Duelist - Gicobbe Tyrr Dreadnought - Aligorbr Tyrr Titan - TheBlackPope Tyrr Grand Khavatari - Cr3aTur3 Tyrr Maestro - NagnarX Tyrr Doombringer - lZero Othell Adventurer - Divekio Othell Wind Rider - Nitewing Othell Ghost Hunter - RamenAddict Othell Fortune Seeker - SHY0N Yul Sagittarius - neoHaT Yul Moonlight Sentinel - Drspark Yul Ghost Sentinel - Aratus Yul Trickster - iAfum Feoh Archmage - Beansidhe Feoh Soultaker - xSpaWn Feoh Mystic Muse - Elldorith Feoh Storm Screamer - Zureil Feoh Soul Hound - Shilu Iss Hierophant - Nuky Iss Sword Muse - Kize Iss Spectral Dancer - SkimMilk Iss Dominator - Serounaoser Iss Doomcryer - Hallibel Wynn Arcana Lord - iIshmila Wynn Elemental Master - weinerthezon Wynn Spectral Master - BattleScav Aeore Cardinal - Diego Aeore Eva's Saint - Bom Aeore Shillien Saint - G1lG4mesH Eviscerator - FistingTime Sayha's Seer - Sykotix _____________________________________ MorningStar - 17 Renovatio - 12 TheFallen - 2 LosBandidos - 2 Crows - 2 Sunshine - 1 _____________________________________ As requested if I got something wrong, please don't hate. I'll correct it next month
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    Secret of Empire Patch notes https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2classic/133/
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    The Fire Pendant Critical Damage stat is working with Vicious Stance, but there is a critical damage formula in place. You are also testing on a regular town NPC, which does not have the same defense properties as regular monsters. The amount of critical damage shown will be minor compared to what you see on a normal monster. I did a test on Noble Ant with the same Pendant you showed in your screenshot along with Vicious Stance. Character: Level 34 Warrior NPC: Noble Ant (Level 37) Weapon: Saber (D-grade) Level 4 Vicious Stance (increases Crit. Damage by 84) +10 Level 3 Fire Dragon's Pendant Test Normal Damage: 68 Damage Critical Damage: 136 Damage Critical Damage with Vicious Stance: 178 Damage Normal Damage with Fire Dragon's Pendant: 143 Damage Critical Damage with Fire Dragon's Pendant: 536 Damage Critical Damage with Fire Dragon's Pendant + Vicious Stance: 578 Damage Critical Damage with Fire Dragon's Pendant + Vicious Stance + Death Whisper: 678 Damage
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    You are reffering to the fact that those L2 Store items already broke the game... I know that too.
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    You deleted a lot of my post in your quote. But you forgot to delete also "In that case we have several classes completely broken. " and "Fix pay to win at first place. "
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    I don't think that will work. There are two things that are mutually exclusive:... A, The way how the skills internally work (more accurately the target selection) / B, User target selection. That will probably break Class balance. For the L2 Store items..... I don't really get what you wanna say
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    In that case we have several classes completely broken. Solutions are many. Fix pay to win at first place. - anyone interested in pvp can invite to duel and wait to see if duel will be accepted. This function is already implemented and waiting for use same as clan war and war tag function is in game too. - Anyone who attack, flag or force pvp have to refund NCoins for paid L2 store items with promised benefits which will expire because of caused harassment and to get banned for preventing NCWest do delivery paid benefits. That's just to not break PVP eh, - recode pvp mechanic and make all aoe skills to do damage according to settings type. Mean if you have monster only as target then skills must ignore flagged fagot in middle of mobs. - Make single target skills enough powerful to be able to grind with them instead to use faulty aoe skills. - Make L2 paid items with benefits gained trough time with grinding in instant delivery - mean xp scroll or rune need to give instant xxx billions of xp instead of chance to never be delivered because of actual pvp mechanic where paid items expire without any gain. - Add warning tip text to L2 store items that one can do cash gift for them but delivery is not guaranteed as items like xp scroll or cake and similar can expire during forced pvp or other types of harassment. - make sure that players respect first rule of code of conduct as is written and not with some free attempts before considering that is violated.
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    /target %party1 Make a proper macro
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    And will flagged status solve the problem? I think not, but i don't PvP, so please explain.
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    ok i tell you what i meaning, probable half of the thread who reading not understand my previous message Attack memory: this is common feature, you attack something, and you added in a memory list, for exaple, you attack a rb with your right level, and cancel the target, you still on that memory list, if a low lvl toon that have -10 lvl give you buff, the toon will get curse, but if the toon who attack the rb, relog and then the low toon give buff, will not get curse, this is same for mob as well, you attack a mob and cancel target, and you gain buff or move, you triggered as attack target, same who give you buff, this trigger attack added to pvp as well. but if the attack toon relog will leave the memory list. So if the Flagged stat stay forever, no problem, and if the toon relog, will leave the attack memory list.
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    only 1 thing i want to say, i'm a revenge person, and if dev team add this to this game, i will pk every1 who its my black list 1000% sure, till quit gaming, i promise! and probable i'm not the only 1 who will do this. Better solution:increase the flag to permanent time, only if the toon relog lose flag stat.