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    nope, if you as a game master, administrator or whatever you are, if you say "next week we post the patchnote", then change this to "on 14th" and then again nothing theres a problem. we are not talking about a minor maintenance of the server, we are talking about a BIG UPDATE, BIG CHANGES and releasing the patchnote some hours after the update, you make ppl angry cause they cant prepare for the new things or some ppl who dont read the forum,, never understand for ex the new guild system or why ppl lvl 40 are wearing R grade set instead of C grade, or why exalted quest change so much when you are stuck on DIM raids for exp... btw if you compared real life with a forum of a game, you are the one with serious problems
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    Not going to go in to an insulting spree with you. Just to clarify, in my personal opinion is not the GM's luck of trying. I am sure they are trying their best with the resources they have. However is it an understatement when I say that the result feels unprofessional? Again, not gonna answer to any further insults from you but in my professional life I always deliver what I promise on time and up to the expectations to the end customer. This account is not new btw...thanks
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    I created my main account with an open beta key in April of 2003. Let's see what we can remember. C1- Instant cast 100% land rate sleep and other debuffs, damage doesn't break sleep. LE archer too fast to catch C2- Dagger skills completely ignore pdef, 1 shot everyone. Healers don't flag while healing flagged people. C3- Cancel removes every buff Aura flare spam 2 shots everyone C4- Focus Drac bow completely ruins the game when combined with CoV and baium/aq crit damage increase. Crit everyone for 8k damage with a bow normal attack. Necro paralyze has 100% land rate, instant cast, 30second duration. nuff said hero bow doesnt have focus and cancel sticks lol C5- Nerf the shit out of mages even more cause you can stack every resistance buff to get 90%+ elemental resist. I was permanent sorc hero at the time so I was very salty about this. IL - Add augments and mages can now get 100% mcrit rate with passive wild magic and valakas. Watch some videos of that Teon hero SH from X alliance mcritting archers for 300 damage with 100% mcrit rate due to elemental resistance stacking. CT1 - add Vortex busters and element, thereby bypassing the resistance crap and mages with 100% mcrit rate now hit everyone for 20k damage 100% of the time. Added seal of blockade making everyone else completely worthless 100% of the time. None of you remember this?
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    We had so much fun for the past week or two - can we just forget today has happened and roll back to our classicish lineage2 that we enjoyed so much? Sincerely, All
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    Naia server is up now! Just waiting for Chronos to finish loading.
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    I also don't see the point of making classic server and turn it in GOD like version of the game. Every next update, so called classic features are just ripped upside down. But..... those who have created this game are long gone from NCsoft. They were the one who had passion, talent and vision that they can create something players will love. New employers have only goal to get money. And we see resolts.
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    @Hime Is there a downloadable file of the Fafurion patch notes? Pretty odd to only have it available on the web page.
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    Here are the patch notes. Apologies for the delay. https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-patch-notes
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    Yes, they give us no time whatsoever to get our stuff in order in case of items being deleted... They said the fortune pockets wont be deleted, but last year there was an even where you could buy 1h Rune XP and i specifically came to the forum and asked them to confirm if those Runes will be deleted when the events end and they said YES, but the runes NEVER got deleted... people had stocked hundreds of runes... which is what i also wanted to do, but because i believe that BS "confirmation" that i was given i got screwed hard. I really dont know what they do in their office.. why cant they work on the notes every day little bit by little bit to make them presentable, but instead they put it all together "as best" as they can and give us something that is not even 50% presentable with a TON of missing information, information which people have to constantly ask for on the forums and wait DAYS if not for WEEKs to receive answers and by that time probably already learned it on our own or by other peoples failure...
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    Patch notes released the 14th?????
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    I don't think you understand how bad it is now. I remember back in the day they would have patch notes posted and a public test realm a month or two before the actual update came out. What was wonderful is the GMs would be active and available to feedback and also held events in the game on the PTR to interact with their player base. It is hard for one to settle for what is happening now from the treasures and glory I have once seen from this company.
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    The night before a major update and no patch notes. Again. Wish I could say I'm surprised, guys, I really, really do...
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    Lineage II: Fafurion makes landfall on May 15, and there will be many item and system changes. These changes can impact the way you experience Lineage II so be prepared. Epic Raid Bosses The entry level requirements for Lilith, Anakim, Valakas, and Antharas raids will be increased to Level 105. The Epic Dragons will now be level 118 and Anakim/Lilith will be level 110. The loot tables will be adjusted in these raids to reflect the changes in level difficulty. The Lindvior Raid will be temporarily unavailable after the update. Class Transfers All 1st to 3rd Class Skills will be removed and replaced with new Novice Class Skills. All Skill books and consumables related to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class skills will be removed. These items can be sold to the vendor before May 15. All Summoner’s pre-awakened servitors and past awakened servitors (Cute Bear, Saber Tooth Cougar, and Grim Reaper) will be removed. Item Drops Items below R-grade no longer drop. The drop list for all monsters between level 1 to level 85 will be adjusted. Grade Penalty All item grade penalties will be removed. Characters will no longer be penalized for equipping items above their level. Expertise D - R110 skills learned by characters will no longer be part of the game and will be removed. Some equipment items like the Dragon Shirt will still have level restrictions and can be equipped when certain level requirements are met just like before. Expertise Runes Removed With the removal of the Grade Penalty, expertise runes will no longer be usable in the update and can be exchanged for Powerful Fish for a limited time. Dual Expertise Rune R99-grade (30-day) Packs will automatically be exchanged for the 30% Growth XP/SP Runes (30-day), which stacks with normal XP and SP Runes. Expertise Rune Packs will be exchangeable for Powerful Fish through Fishing Guild Members in each town until June 19, 2019. Items Exchangeable Item Expertise Rune Pack D Powerful Fish x1 Expertise Rune Pack C Powerful Fish x2 Expertise Rune Pack B Powerful Fish x3 Expertise Rune Pack A Powerful Fish x4 Expertise Rune Pack S Powerful Fish x5 Expertise Rune Pack S80 Powerful Fish x6 Expertise Rune Pack R Powerful Fish x8 Expertise Rune Pack R95 Powerful Fish x10 Expertise Rune Pack R99 Powerful Fish x20 Clan Member Size The number of total clan members and elite clan members for each clan will be reduced starting at clan level 6. Clan members will automatically be kicked out if the clan exceeds the maximum number of clan members according to the following rules: Clan leaders and elite clan members are not automatically kicked out. Clan members are automatically kicked out in the order of last login from the oldest to the most recent. If two or more characters have the same login time, the one with the lowest level is automatically kicked out first. Before Clan Level # of total members Elite clan members 0 10 - 1 15 - 2 20 - 3 30 - 4 40 - 5 50 8 6 80 12 7 100 15 8 110 16 9 120 18 10 130 19 11 140 20 12 150 22 13 160 23 14 170 25 15 200 29 After Clan Level # of total members Elite clan members 0 No change 1 2 3 4 5 6 55 8 7 60 9 8 62 9 9 64 10 10 66 10 11 68 10 12 70 10 13 72 11 14 74 11 15 76 11
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    Please put the Pet Managers back in the game. Please put the wolf and hatchling back in the game. That is all!
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    Lineage II: Fafurion arrives on May 15. We've prepared a preview of what's in the update. Stay tuned for patch notes next week! https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-update-preview
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    This is not L2 Classic, this is Bot Simulator 2019.
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    I have to agree unfortunately. This update felt a little bit sad to me, I was looking forward to coming home today after work to do my first class change with my new Spell Singer ^^ and that was so quickly taken away from me. I understand your desire NC soft to make sure players are happy and that they feel progression. But for those who want a faster pace lineage 2 where quest are streamlined and gear given to them, they have the "regular" servers. I used to play lineage 2, 15 years ago, I thought it felt really refreshing to be able to play on these classic servers again. Sure, everything is slower, xp, adena, walking ^^ but the seance of accomplishment and satisfaction for rewards are so much higher, because you worked harder for them. You have a great opportunity here to make everyone happy, have the regular and classic servers so no matter your preferred play-style, everyone has somewhere to go~
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    Agreed. This update is a joke. Game is a joke now. Serious?
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    I dont think so.... is not our server but give us a hint.. check here at "item upgrade tab" for a dark fist upgrade (will be -2 grades)... https://l2wiki.com/Dark_Krishna_Fighter#Item Upgrade%3A Ferris
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    they only change the lv 6 faction right? lv 3 and 4 still gets 3 jewels
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    Its so sad news for some "specialist" - who crate x*10000 Ertheia - run from 1 till 95 and get rewards (ear, codex, powders). x*10000 of this things. After put shops in Aden (we know 4 names - all start with big letters). Alot kkk adena just per 1 day. And like this - some years We know. Administration - not Or maybe also know? But give right this to do for some ppl for some secret reason? Some "specialist" was getting many kkkk in this years. But all other (who not using bot program) - and just start play can't get any adena - just because EAR 1.2kk...(instead normal price 2-4kk)... At least administration now reakt - after some years. TY.
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    Also in Korea the ratio is like Chronos/Naia 500 $ = 35$ in korea . And dont tell me it depends on region salaries etc. bcs in korea ppls salary is quite nice. We should get discounts pretty much. We are pretty scammed over here
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    A minute of silence for a great tool ends https://l2.laby.fr/status/ ... at least for me....
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    End of Lineage 2 were predicted with each update starting from Goddess of Destruction Awakening. Nothing new in this world.
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    Incorrect. The item drop penalty for chaotic characters with more than 4 PKs has been removed Before the update only bound items were destroyed, for example Paulina's items. Patch notes would have stated that regular items will now be destoryed if such a change was to be implemented. It seems we have gotten sth similar to what EU has, the only PK 'penalties' in EU are: In our version NC went even further and PKs are allowed to speak to many NPCs etc
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    rofl I see more and more from those not very smart ppl (l2store equipped), that think the non-drop from PK will let them go afk on macro xDDD The same ppl who took your items will now destory them before your soaring eyes....
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    You think NCSoft would have learned how Toxic this community is by now. We are going to have bored 105+ characters pking 99 and below toons all day long because they have nothing better to do. Can't find a party? Oh well, let's just go kill random noobs. I don't think you thought this one through. There will literally be 0 new people that come play this game when they get frustrated because 85-90 hunting areas are locked out by PK toons that could most likely just be set up to kill players on macro. This is why we shouldn't ask for something that's only slightly broken to get fixed.
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    Nice now i can equip a random char lv 90+ with good r99 items and start to pk all characters that i see in open world and dont let they level up. Because if i don't drop items having more thank 4 pks. I can stay the whole day killing novice characters that are exping in open world. That's the worst idea you have done to this game. I expect you remove this and put it like allways have been or if my chars start to get pked by some randoms i will do the same and then nobody will exp in open world again....
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    so... no Merkios instance, no subclass to delete and no changes for the exhalted quest "for honor" but patack increased for ISS
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    Good job, you ruined classic 4 ever.
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    Hi all, here are the patch notes. Apologies for the delay. https://www.lineage2.com/news/secret-of-the-empire-patch-notes
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    if you put the patchnote on time, that things didnt happend, its just logic janetonic, hime, juji and whatever thy have as admin or game master they have 2 weeks since fafurion update was announce
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    NCW community: "please can we have the patch notes now, as expected?" NCW officials: "Expect away!"
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    i am so grateful for the Fafurion Update, i ll wait for the patch notes. Thanks Hime, Cyan and the rest of the team. Hurry up for the notes pls ! i really impatientttt Always i appreciate your Work, Thanks!
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    It's already the 15th... If they are still "working" on the patch notes it means they didnt do their job in the 1st place... And probably the patch notes will be done like last time.. just a collection of all the small note they received on 1 big pdf with a google translation, nothing put in order. If it was a new paid event we will have tons of info about it.. thats all they care for $ PS:because of the last sentance my post will be a 99.99% delete and i might get an account suspension as well, if not banned all together
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    That is the difference between you and I. It seems you will settle for crappy customer service when I expect consistency and to be informed in a timely manor. Have a good day!
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    Omg what the hell did I just watch? such terrible editing, please don't ever do that again... Moreover, you're making farming comparison when you're farming full buffs on with br, broch br and cloak on, it's so easy to take things out of context. If you want to shame someone, do it right, please.
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    Let's secretly peek into NC West office: HIME: "Juji, can I post the link to the patch notes now? You know I already finished everything a good 3 weeks ago!" JUJI: "Nah, not yet. Look how they are posting and trembling and shaking, it's so cute." ...10 Minutes later ... HIME: "erm Juji, can I, now, please?" JUJI: "Nope. Look, BobOrc is already sweating, rofl lolz! Let's just wait a little bit more HIME. You know what happens after we give 'em the link, right? They will complain, cry, demand, cry more, point out all our mistakes and errors to cause us extra work... not fun. So I'm really not in a rush, let's post it tomorrow right before downtime, so they cannot respond in the forum for a while. Good plan 'eh!?"
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    Except: Event is going away. XP loss on death will come back so we can make videos of bot trains killing their toons again. Port fee's are coming back. (Yep, those things that cause less players to port for helping one another for dailies, RB's, ect...) Item drop rates/adena will be returning to the lowest of all Classic L2 servers. ...and the list goes on. So while it seemed they "cared" it was just an event. Nothing more.
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    i get what you are saying the way they send people red is the bugg not the macro system well are those players getting punish for using a bug to send people red?
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    Macro system is legal, bots are not, remember? There are lot of botters unpunished as well, not only scammers, but its not the point of this discussion. The BUG have nothing to do with macro system. You can be putted in ILLEGAL KARMA until play active by the same way..
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    Scammers put players in Illegal karma using BUG. Find these scammers and BAN ALL their chars!
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    I find complainers of macro loops typically have NO IDEA how hard a truly afk 24/7 party is. I have a lot of experience in this field so let me shed some light on this. 1. Macro loops only allow 12 Lines of code. How many lines? 12. Yes, only 12 lines. 2. To be truly 24/7 *afk* ISS requires /target as 1 line and harmony as 2nd line, that's 2 lines used out of 12 for 1 character buff. Without buff, no macro afk can survive unless you're in an area that's get nearly no useful xp. ISS can buff itself out of MP unless /delay line is used, so that's 3 lines robbed to buff 1 character right off the bat, leaving you with 9 lines to deal with other chars and rest of the buffs. NOT EASY. 3. Let's do the math: if your party has maximum of 3 people, that's 6 lines used and 1 additional line for /delay <seconds>, that's 7 lines. 5 lines for rest of the buff, you have to sacrifice 2 buffs and this is without POM. 3 people party 24/7, you probably could get only 1 DD, 1 healer and 1 ISS. This is probably the most popular model since you just need a single laptop. 4. I run a 7 party system within the legit rules of ncsoft and here are the challenges: a. Mode1 (Not AFK): I have a non-afk BOOSTER macro that will give harmony to characters that normally doesn't get harmony in a persistant 24/7 mode. b. Mode2 (orgasmic AFK 24/7/365 Dreamland): This afk long flight mode can only give 2 characters harmony, that means I have to think about 5 characters not receiving harmony... and for most people, that means PARTY DEATH. Out of 12 lines, 1 line is used for /delay loop, leaving only 11 lines. 2 lines to /target 2 chars harmony, 9 left. 2 lines to actually give harmony those 2 characters, 7 left! 2 lines to give POM to these harmony chars, 5 left! Of the 7 possible buffs from ISS, I have to eliminate 2. And 5 of my characters don't have harmony, including tanks and healer. 5. other considerations: PK scammers. PK scammers are like parasites within your blood stream, they exist as a natural evolution to the imperfect ncsoft development's code loophole. Be as it may to bleep and moan, it's a reality that we 24/7 orgasmic-addiction Dreamlander have to face. You as the survivable of the fittest want a private life to spend quality time to enrich your life, like romance, sex, career that rewards you with self esteem, social status and money to buy a house or multiple houses, etc. All that in a given 24 hours, takes time. What if in that 24 hours, you only have 1 hour to play because you deem your RL (real-life) more important than this game? So you adapt or quit. In the face of real botting programs, that has infinite lines of code, with sophistication of infinite if-then-else statements and programming conditions, including auto brez, etc., we're faced with a real challenge of collapsing the entire game community. so NCsoft took action and adopted Blizzard Entertainment's Artificial Intelligence breakthrough and NCsoft HQ wrote a paper on exactly using the latest artificial intelligence to help combat bot programs. It's job is to help crunch mass data to home-in on a A.I. like pattern of gaming that's outside of the norm of possible in-game code capability. Although this A.I. detection algorithm is relentless and capable, it will also detect macro loopers orgasmic-addiction Dreamlanders like me but they will make me the exception because I did not use any advanced features of outside programming. My macro loop is very fragile, like I said, nearly no buff, no harmony, you go try it yourself and you'll know how hard it is when mobs, cast instant death spells, stuns your entire party and pull you away from your location... all these factors can down your party just like that... It's horrendously difficult, if it were so easy... all those complainers would do it if they could - THEY COMPLAIN because it's hard and they can't do it, watching others FEW who could do it... Anyways, back to the PK scammers. They're a natural evolution of parasites. I'll tell you, there is nothing you can do, single target, next target mobs only, or whatever you think you can self /target at the end of macro or beginning, it doesn't matter. You WILL BE scammed by PK scammers because I believe they employ illegal software to time it so perfectly, they will exploit the loophole. Now, the scammers don't give a shit about getting banned, their account are only there temporarily. Just like the gun control laws, who suffers? all the legal law abiding citizens suffers. the criminals will get guns whether it's the law or not, same with these scammers... they will use illegal 3rd party program to PK drop your Greater Jewels and other insane pieces because they're criminal. They can only hurt law abiding citizens because the only way to combat those PK scammers is to use similar intelligent 3rd party software to auto detect a scammer nearby by virtue of the actions they're performing on me and stop the macros, but we can't use that... and the criminals knows that. Some will claim you don't need a 3rd party program to scam, whatever. My primary point is clear, for legit people with macros - life is not as easy as you think. All the whiners and complainers, get on the program and try macro it yourself. If you really can afk 24/7 macro loop yourself and YOU DECIDE in your F HOLINESS that you choose NOT to, then come see me. Because I guarantee you if you COULD, you would. You complain because the restrictions of the macro system make it so it's DIFFICULT and either you're under-geared or under-leveled or without patient to tinker with the macro system that's freely available to you to try. 6. Loser mentality. To be a winner in real life, make no excuses for your sorry ass state and learn the rules of engagement that makes successful people successful and do and apply them in game. Lineage2 is a mirror sandbox of real life because it mostly free and loosely monitored, just like the real world. When I started Lineage2 back in 2004, I was making barely above poverty income. Over the years, I have seen people let this game got the best of their career and marriage, crashed and burn either or both of them. I am focused on what are the fundamental plate I wish to build my future on and that is, no matter what, I will never let this game or anyone or anything affects my education, studies or my career and I have a laser focus to get ahead in life. I've have had to quit Lineage2 seven times in the last 15 years, from 2 months to 2 years, but never over 2 years and last 5 years, I have not quit unless I go on extended vacation like one I recently had - 2.5 months of total hands off. I even lost my clan hall ROFL, I bought it back then. Curse myself. Anyways... the point is, be responsible for yourself, take full responsibility for anything that has happened or else if you haven't learned your lesson, the universe will come haunt you over and over again, until you do. 7. I am grateful to NcSoft. This sounds kind of dumb but it's true. A grateful heart goes a long way in life and so I want to give thanks for NCSoft despite how much money they have earned or literally kind of abusing us, it's all free will. They didn't force you at gun point to buy Nc Coins did they? So when I think back of all the good memories and experiences of each tier of challenge and our creative ways to try to overcome those difficulties, I see it as one of life's biggest training and using a game platform, which happens to be a MMORPG platform to do so, I am grateful for the expansive meaning it brings. I don't know if my real world income increases many folds has anything to do with this game or not, or the success comes from a set of methodology of successful habits applied everywhere, I know memories - not things are the only thing you can take with you when you die. Because of that, creating good memories are some of my most sought after focus in life, I will pay great price for "time" and for the "opportunity" to create great memories. This is a little beyond the game but just sharing with you that being grateful is a habit and this habit will lead to the "best probable futures" if there are 5 doors in front of us and each door represent worse probable future to the best probably future. The right door will open in alignment with your energetic projections, positive or negative. GhostintheShell / Kannouteki (original LE female archer from Seighardt)
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    Thank you guys, it really apperiate it Good job, let make Lineage great again.
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    Would require ONLY 1 active in-game gm, and I can say this again i volunteer to do this job for free!