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    I just noticed today that EU 4Game rolled out Secret of The Empire update in March 2019 with the same patch notes except new Teleport system, Auto Hunting System and they kept the 1st and 2nd class transfer quests. NC SOFT WEST Please consider rolling back these features. Thank you.
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    If i wasnt on when gm give buff i dont have buff exp 7 hours 100%??????? Me too lost 3 days waiting u fix ur problems servers, i think all players must be have that buff....
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    THE xp and sp and rates in general adena drop etc are Very low What is wrong with this areas Sea of spores ,elven , Fafurion temple i already ask and susmit tickets for and no Answer the xp after update is so low not even with full boost !
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    Classic was supposed to be similar to the old game. If all we are given are quick grind quests to level up fast, what's the point? I want to play the old game not a lower level "live" game.
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    When i select to search R110 grade items in AH, the system will list No-grade items instead.
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    I also use Imgur, but you don't need to register, atleast i didn't have to. The first one opens here, because you posted the that picture directly. Yeah, the quality is bad, these pics looks like they use only 8 bit color. But they are GIFs, so that's probably why,... please don't use GIFs
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    I also leave. I was playing just for one week, all was amazing like in old times, and now with this update you can be level 21 in like 1h with free D grade armor etc... L2 is a autentic jewel in the hands of a bunch of incompetents.
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    It's not dead, they kill classic 2 days ago with this wonderful update.
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    Finding hard to go back in. Not so Classic version of a game anymore. Server name might be still classic, but game just isn´t classic anymore. When i look this server from players amount, then when walking around in different cities, it has even gone lower than it was before previous oriana event. When i joined Giran server, starting cities had some quite busy life going, and Village of Gludin, Dion and other lower cities also pretty fully packed. But now, you walk around in these cities and it almost feels like some old western movie town, where few are running around, some shops are up and most are just afk standing.
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    Oh well. I just want to say thanks for the nostalgia over the past few weeks NC team. I've really enjoyed playing the classic servers game again! It genuinely felt like the original servers did with a few new tweaks that actually improved the game. Now sadly this game is obsolete by design now in my opinion since the purpose of online leveling games is to grind your heart out and prove your worth by putting the hours in. Now players get end game privileges without even having to work for them or appreciate the work that goes into archiving that goal. Either way i appricate all the work you have put into the game over the years. It just a shame you have had to sway so far away from the original purpose of MMORPG's to GRINDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.......................
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    Anyone got a good name for the new Servers that got released 2 days ago. Just saw a good one "Botlassic"
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    BottersAnonymousClassic ClassicBotforia ClassicOutofControlofCorporation
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    @Euthanaisa check patch note before saying bug : Cruma Tower Removed the aggressive setting from the monsters. Some monsters now give only XP/SP (no item drops) and will respawn more frequently.
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    Adena went up but the rare it drops aswell as loot hasn't changed. Those need to be updated too.
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    I was just saying this to my clan. I get adena in 1/20 kills if not 1/30 at cruma tower. Made 5k in 2 hours at cruma wtf??
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    The L2 Wiki site is now outdated for our version as we are one update ahead of the region for that database.
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    I doubt it since you get 999 items per week.
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    She's at 96.9940% I'm sitting here at my desk watching my level 36 Palus Knight Champagne kill bright red reinforced stone golems because she's wearing B grade armor and wielding a Bow of Peril w/ an infinite quiver. . Behind her my level 48 Cleric (never did the class change was too worried about the time to do the quest) and Shilen Elder (didn't have to do a tedious class change quest because the game let me click her straight to SE) are buffing and healing at regular intervals by a predefined macro script I tweaked exactly perfect for this area. The funny thing is I'm actually a little bummed I didn't take the time to do those class change quests now... I'll never get to read that quest line. Have you actually sat and read the Class Transfer Quest lines? Some are pretty dark.. anyways, I've gotten this little setup so good under the Ivory Tower I've been able to let it roll all day since 8:00am this morning. No DEATHS! Except for when apparently I came back from lunch and someone had PK'd me deliberately. I just kinda laughed about that, rez'd to clan hall, popped open my teleport map and I was back to automated farm mode within two minutes. Heck, even the experience loss didn't bother me at all, whatever I'd lost, I'd get back. Didn't really matter much since all I had to do game wise was get my characters into position and flip the switch as it were. My Cleric and SE are in B grade armor now, I was saving that for when they hit level 52. It was a mini-goal along with several others I'd had planned out to keep myself busy. But after the patch just like my Palus Knight you can just slap that stuff right on and go to town... It felt good seeing them get to wear the armor for about 5 minutes, but it kind of sucked at the same time too. Half of the fun was going to be JUST getting them to level 52.. my main out leveled them long ago, hardly ever used them but I was still managing to get a few percents here and there. IT was gonna HAPPEN! I had a lot of other various characters as well, I event spent a bit of adena on over-enchanting some high D grade weapons to help them along. I got a couple +10's that were painful and a few +8's that just surprised me, it was fun and rewarding to get them to those levels though. I made them, and felt pretty attached to them as they were some damn good weapons for D grade! But now, today, they could take that BOP out and lay waste to anything using that instead. Those weapons are useless now, along with all other D grade gear I had amassed to gear out my many low-level project characters, kinda like Champage, remember the Palus Knight... she's at 98.3539% since I started writing this... Anyways, yea the point of all this. It really is amazing just a few little commands and some timed heals can keep this character going for 15+ hours, I mean the experience isn't super amazing but still, she hasn't died ONE damn time. There are tons of other people around me, nobody seems to care, we're all hitting the same mobs just "grinding" away... Oh, I'm up like 200k also, didn't have to use any soulshots on this area and with an infinite quiver its just bank! I even got a Chakram edge... no point in making it but I got it! I know I've said a lot but I really don't have much to say other than. There's no point in wearing Brigadine Armor for your new little level 20 Alt character, having to run through Giran and find that damn helm. 99.514% I laughed about the guys name but already I forgot who PK'd me, I wasn't mad, that death didn't matter, I wasn't there and even if I was, I would just get the experience back anyway. 99.7872% I've been playing for 15 hours 99.9893% This will be the first level in 15 years of playing this game that's not mine. DING! You killed this game's soul in one day.
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    and bring back the Grade penalties. I have seen a TOP C player around lvl30 was farming next to me. Let's imagine that we are having pvp. I have no chance against him with my D grade equipment. What is the point of having open field pvp?
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    Also think Sel Mahum Training Grounds in need of an overlook.. 2-300 adena is really a miserable payout for 103+ mobs
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    Thanks @Vassy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqqF5TTrwMI
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    oh yeah: https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-server-launching-october-3 9/19/2018|Updates|By Hime We’re proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the new Lineage II Classic server on October 3! North American players will get a chance to step back in time and experience Lineage II as it was in the beginning. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Create your character from a selection of 31 classes and the five original races, each with varying skills and abilities. Go back to the days before instances, when earning a level was an achievement worthy of everyone shouting “grats.” You won’t want to go it alone in Lineage II Classic; form a clan with your allies and go to war, dominating your foes and gaining valuable loot. It’s your chance to relive the times when conquering an MMORPG server meant something!
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    i'm out leveling on my dwarf and when I try to learn skills, I get disconnected. it has happened 3 times now. anyone else having this issue? just tried to learn skills in town, and got disconnected again.
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    grocery stores -> want to buy dyes -> buy dye powder (tax free towns cost 9mil each) requires 4 to fill up gauge check status on game menu, first option check if passives really show up on you skil passives tab: items, last row this is supposed to work like Vitality system so it will slowly run dry due to XP gained and that's why the powder show up with the automate icon as you can have it auto refill the gauge @Juji can you advise if there are higher levels then lvl1 of this new passive ?
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    Why we dont have "low lvl" catacombs but we have 76+ dungeons for S-GRADE items in C-L-A-S-S-I-C servers???
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    I'm sorry, but what are you doing? What the heck is this preview? literally not even half a page? Not to mention the release of S grade... You were already on the edge with +16 weapons and the baium boxes and pendants, totally breaking the immersion and the slightest chance to have the feeling of playing on a classic server... Why did you start the classic server if you CBA to come up with content and design something new? You know, like how the game could have been if you didn't realease GoD...
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    There are any thougs about any update for the belo lvl 75 people? like .... idk.... MORE NPC QUESTS? Seven Signs ? Han?! WTF S-GRADE!!!
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    This isn't a Classic Server anymore, congratulations, you've ruined it.
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    its easy , just use two or three accounts like all the world in this server....... sry for my bad english . (kill the dualbox!!!)