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    ...and other things we are currently thinking on Talking Island server... But really, why aren't there different cakes for each level range....in different towns......... and each level range has a different spawn time?.....@juji
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    I know there are many old players.....you remember when we mock Conquero coz he didnt know afte 2 days an event was running on his servers? Now is time for @Juji and @Hime...Hey fellow GMs do you know that on your servers we have a new launcher? Guess what? we can run Europe from same launcher . I guess you dont...too busy formating in html tables for website....lol
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    ok guys i think i got it , u need to choose north america region (i thought its just proxy thats why i choosed europe)
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    why download the game again?.......
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    Don't worry, we're all going to get 3 Angel's Cat Blessings as a compensation for the time and the 200kk exp lost.
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    Only a band of retards can think an event like that...
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    You really didn't think this one through didn't you? Made 1 cake for all levels in 1 town with rewards so crazy my brain can't even comprehend, the level of stupidity for the game developers are off the charts, sorry guys I'm coming hard on you but this is beyond words,. You should've created separate events for different levels and different rewards not this shit!, come on really? A level 1 character can win a TOP A +15 weapon! Please do something about this, also the cake just keep spawning and no Fioti.
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    who cares about players ?
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    P.S. it's not a good thing to do during an event with timed mechanics such as the cake raid. I started logging in my desired accounts 40 minutes before time and it looks like I will miss the raid because of this forced download/update. Will we have to ask for compensation where players made arrangements to make the raid or will it be given freely somehow so people that missed the raid because of the download still receive reward?
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    LOL.. again they deleted my comment ... since when there is martial law in the comments. Does it bother you to talk to the truth?
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    Because it seems that someone can cash out selling his gear for much more than 500.000 usd without beiing banned, and someone else bought multiple l2 na accounts without being banned, I have to assume that buying stuff on this website https://www.sellersandfriends.com/ isn't a bannable offence. So stop buying NCcoins and get the items you want For the cloaks here you are Chronos server https://www.sellersandfriends.com/lineage-2/chronos/items Naia server https://www.sellersandfriends.com/lineage-2/naia/items @Juji sorry you've lost something like 250.000 usd in one go.
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    Should do it in only 2 towns due to kill time with the forks. Keep both at same spawn time, and make it so each character can only claim participation 1 time during each spawn time. (Avoid people killing 1 quicker/getting reward, and doing the 2nd cake, at each time they spawn up..lol)
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    The legit market (aka L2Store) is even worse.
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    This is an updated Known Issues thread. If you do not see an issue listed here, don't be alarmed. We are still working though and adding information to this thread. If you are still experiencing the resolved issues, be sure to restart your client and update via the launcher. Some issues may take longer to resolve as it may require a patch. Known Issues Level 85 Class Change quest is broken and cannot be finished without using a /target macro. Ability Point Skills Guardian's Blessing/Berserker's Blessing/Magician's Blessing are not giving 10%/20% XP bonus. Advanced Shader option still shows black textures. Muted sounds are reverted back to default after the client is restarted.