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    nice Server. He think this is a nice server. no farm adena. He do not need to farm any adena. even not work RMT. There are no RMT farmers here, exceptional. farm RB not came new people. The new people do not farm the Raid bosses. i spell l2 store so many. It is really hard to spell the “L2 store”. i look new server i can play only PTW. He is looking for another server where he can pay-to-win. any people now good server. Almost any people can know a good server (ancient proverb probably) Yw.
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    The update ruined the game, you share epics and over enchant weapon for free to a server which suppose to be slow and classic (4game brought a grade after 3 years). No1 killing epics, no1 crafting anything, you cant sell anything at the market anymore, the server has no pvp, no1 leveling with the traditional way, only bot and macro macro 24/7, the game is boring as hell ,new players coming and leaving cause of bots and inactivity, you remove the grade penalty and you destroyed the market entirely, you left max clients without limitation and now every players has 10 windows so the server is a bot festival, n01 is trying for anything,only macro and pay. The only you want is to take money but players are awake now so your income will be reduced, the server will be dead in few months. This is NOT lineage and definitely its NOT classic.
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    We put the request in on Sunday for the Cake Raid event with several modifications. I am still waiting on the Dev team's response. There will be no change to the event for the 6/19 maintenance. I will keep you posted once I hear more from the Dev team this week.
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    Same situation in Giran. It's useless to complain, the only thing you can do is to form an ally and fight against them, like we're doing on our server.
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    for those who run spoilers or keep it in a party, this is not normal, cause, obviously, the chance is ridiculously low. I would like to hear the answer from @Juji and @Hime also.
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    Will not be deleted. Should not have been included and will be removed from the page.
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