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    I ll get straight to the point. When the fishing with the new rods started after a while ncsoft decided to low the proft that you earn with fishing and besides Conguero said to report to him if we notice something that gain to his owner great profit. So here we are the cursed swords that take place 4 times per week. The minimum you get is 5bil per day that makes 20 bil per week at least (minimum) for his owner. At least at server naia specific people and clans go after that with their gang so as you understand the adena goes to specific people each time (which as people say at wc using illegal ways to keep them as topaz etc ). So what with that. Also with so many adena passing from one person each time the issue of rmt comes in surface. So @Conguero maybe you should start checking that?
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    Hello, I left server some months ago and left nothing behind except Sayha 101/Feoh 100 and my box iss and a 99 crafter I am not updated with Fafurion, I have no idea what the state of the game is after 100 now. My characters are naked, someone told me now game gives free r95 set 120 + r95 weapon +150 but I cannot find this I also have no idea how to make adena, I tested freya 2 times and only drop is gemstone R-grade Is it over for any hope of making adena in-game now? I still need to choose if I am gonna bother playing if there is not a single way to make adena so I can buy mediocre items. How can I make adena other than afk event in town and 7 gemstones from freya? Thanks. EDIT: inb4 some troll says "l2store"
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    It's because when I left I gave all to clan or friends but it's been a while they are also all spread out or not playing, didn't plan on coming back to play because of this issue of no way to survive in-game but I came back and at least I got some 101/100 char and 99 iss but I will make boxes to farm stuff for start. Anyway, I've done 2 freyas and both only gave me 7 R-gems so I think freya was the last hope for any non l2store player and they also nerfed that so I am out of ideas, I will test it for a few days and see if I can come up with some strategy and leave for good if I can't cause there will be no other choice at that point
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    I don't understand why they would make all these UI changes and quest changes for lower level to attract returning or even new players to try out the game and put not a single way possible for them to even make enough adena to buy shots alone. This is really nonsense. Any successfuly game does the opposite, they give opportunities for new players to catch up without being unbalanced way to catch up. For example they could buff R2 and R95 drop rate and more full drops for R2 and R95 and new players can farm those, enchant themselves and at least have some OE R2/R95 gear untill OE R99+... wtf is wrong with this system it's not logical way for sustainable playerbase