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    Hard to understand. NCSoft starts working with a XINGCODE anti-bot, months later the whole project shatters. He releases more box per computer and now accuses the player of abuse. Who released the abuse by removing the antbot? NCSoft. Who released released the use of more than three boxes? NCSoft. NCSoft punish their own decisions. This is weird.
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    What a reason add this in post if more then 90% questions stay without answer? I bet prices for event based on normal adena drops and wasn't recalculated for NA reality with nerfed rates like other prices at NPC stores. When NA version get normal Drop/Spoil rates/amounts compared to other versions of L2Classic? And don't tell us that Drops is normal for free2play model, Developers and Publishers making more money on F2P models then P2P especial with Pay2Win events and weekly store updates wich we have.
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    Hahahaha. They forgot to add in the L2Store 100 mobs (100 ncoin) 1,000 mobs (300 ncoin) 10,000 mobs (1000 ncoin) since now everything is "BOT Abuse" .. there will be no more mobs on the map, who wants to raise lvl and get items must pay for the farms of mobs.
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    Yesterday I finish quest after restart and get Brooch by reward, but without gems.
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    Really free to suffer has become this game. you remove from players to make 3 4 lvl jewlers or 6 slot brooch cause is abuse to have something without paying in l2 store , thats what u telling us You dont care to punish bots but players who are making 1 k85 per day to make in 2 weeks 1 powder and dont buy from store the jewlers..... (we could make lvl6 brooch BUT NOT the rare one without L2 store ,imo that was correct) (47 obsidian lvl1 combining and is still lvl2) thats the chances u giving us Furthermore, Libra quests need adena and does not worth at all to spend 150-200m per day for some xp Buff was 4h now 1h per day !!!!! Weapons R110 should be pve/pvp to trade and not blessed or normal , WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? For one more time Ncwest dissapoint me !!! Gogo keep on the good work.... soon everyone will turn to another game. @juji do something......i think u are the only one who cares and can make something ....
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    Solution: Do not buy items with an expiration date
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    you guys fixing to much thing, when ncsoft fix business model? normal player who cant pay 50k dollar, just losing time for try make adena, you guys del all profit maker quest and rb drops, i'm ok for making adena, but starter get bored and quit after 1 week. and not because of bots, because of your changes. realize it already. you smart enough to realize it. Just 1 that started do, zaken, you guyst remove vesper drop, what next? ge on oly quest?
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    Oh no... So my plan to make "La Vie En Rose's Elegant Brooch" is gone.... For those who don't know.... by doing the Herphah quest you could make 6-slot Brooch basicaly for free...
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    From the looks of this event i can only draw two conclusions (since no one would actually spend that money for a buff scroll): 1) Developers have no idea that players have no adena as they have been almost removed from the monsters. 2) Or they do know and force the community to actually buy adena with real money from the bots. @Hime Can we please get an answer to this issue ? It has been raised many times but there was never a reply from NCSoft. Can you please tell us whether this is just a bug you were not aware of and will fix soon, or is this how you intend this game to be? People are leaving due to this and i hope this can be fixed soon. Thank you
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    so in the site says buff last for 4h but ingame it last only 1h, so is it bugged?
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    There will be a L2 Store update for July most important part for adding new p2win items like every new month. Im still like the live event and Juji talking about no pay2win items in the shop. every month a laugher worth. Red libra event : Buy full 1-hour buffs for 416,250 Adena People not even have enough adena to buy shots but hey spend half a million for 1 hour buff.
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    Ohh.. just checked https://www.lineage2.com/news/store-update-for-july crystal of determination is already in the shop
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    BOT ABUSE?! Seems, that as long as you are not abusing the system, BOTs are alright. Next step should be restriction to kill mobs.. they drops things, so killing too many is abusing the system. Why not to start selling in L2 store exp scrolls directly. We have armor and weapons on the shop already, but enchant books are not on the sale yet, Crystals of determintation are forgotten too. Have i missed some other stuff, which can be sold in store and isn't on the list yet?
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    ppl no have adena to use Soulshots and now i need 546k for buffs is joke i think!!!!!!
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    - Bad - PKing few people who you don't like without fear of dropping gears sounds alright. I've PKed many people since after PK penalty has been removed, and also got PKed a lot of times. The part that I like about this PK penalty removal is that I can PK anyone that I want to PK. I also enjoy killing red toons and watching them waiting for 100% rez since you lose tons of xp when you died in red, and killing red toons wouldn't trigger a clan war. However, 1 character PKing 100+ characters is different story. For example, as Ex and few others demonstrated this, PKing tens or hundreds of weak/lowbie characters doesn't sounds right. It's like massacre. I hope NCWest will fix auto next target bug and bring back gear drop penalty. Or maybe implement a new PK penalty, for example, like while you are red and have 10 PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 10%, 20 PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 20%, ....., 90+ PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 90% or something like that. By doing this, at 90+ PK count, it won't be easy to keep PKing lowbie/undergeared characters unless you clear your karma and/or decrease your PK counts using PK scrolls. It also will be hard to clear your karma by killing mobs due to huge decrease in p.att/m.att, so people will think twice before they decide to PK bunch of people. P.S. wtb top-grade PK scrolls.
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