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  1. Lets talk a bit about this from the beginning Weiner claims to be a professional cow First of all 95% of the player base is working with the wrong numbers Lets talk about august 2017 heine fishing event Because i had to work and i din't play that much i found myself kicked off of main top parties - undergeared they said Where's the problem i tought. I have a good job and i can spend, a lot In 3 hours i spent 10k $ on bait packs, and i was a moderate spender far away from the real whales. Selling the baits i equipped 1 toon with everything including a +10 set and a +12 we
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  2. Not a forum warrior!!! But i do read alot written in forums. Just feel to weigh in abit!... Started playing this game in prelude until Hellbound update on one of the original servers (Bartz). Came back after a really long break here (1.5 years ago) due to a friend called me for some help (so yeah.. there are "new" players on server). Since i came i been catching up and learning all the new things with the game.. observing.. and stayed out of server politic. You have to be blind to not see how NCWest is actually messing alot of things up... but.. also the players on this ser
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  3. There is a difference between "Hard to obtain" and "Expensive as fk". Don't mistake them.
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