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    With all that's been happening with L2 NCWest lately, not meeting players feels like a good life decision
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    The incredible hate, whine, salt, cry that i have seen on the N/A Classic servers is brand new to me. Played L2 around 13 - 14 years but JESUS this is insane. I always thought that L2 brought a more mature group of players due to its age but reading forums and such just proves that i was wrong. Im going to write some stuff that might hurt your eyes. Might make you want to grab some cheese with your whine so please.. you have been warned. Every L2 server has its issues - There is no such thing as a perfect server... And as far as N/A Classic goes its pritty much a decent server when trying the alternatives. Majority of all servers are P2W - Deal with it Majority of all servers are bugged - Deal with it Majority of all servers are dead - Deal with it Majority of all servers are bot heavens - Deal with it Majority of all servers are... SHIT - Deal with it Most servers tick all or almost all of the above mentioned issues.and if you dont agree i simply dont understand what you are still doing here? The only reason you are still playing here is because its one of the better alternatives on the market - So just deal with it. P2W is here to stay. You are using a free product. Without P2W there will be no product. Ever heard of bills? You now the ones you pay your self? Well newsflash - They also have them. Make it Subsciption based Again? Subsciption based games are not an alternative anymore - Specialy not for a 14 year old game. If they were to add it the servers would be empty. Simple as that. Bots ? Well yeah they are really annoying but you know what? They are honestly not that big of a deal... If a bot ruins the game for you - you are doing something wrong. If you cant come to peace with this i have a sugestion for you LEAVE! Its as simple as that! The servers are what they are... Lineage 2 is waaaay past its glory days to expect an amazing, flawless, fair and perfect server . As said before... Deal with it. you are always free to leave - There is nothing holding you back. With that said - Thanks for a fun server. I do enjoy it allot. I do pay to keep my VIP up and running ( yes im one of those assholes ) Cheers
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    Subclass and Dual class skills based on certifications do not depend on level, once you have earned the certification you do not lose them even if you reset the class... when you have used the certs to learn skills you need to pay to reset all the skills and certs will be returned. Dual Maximum HP passive skill probably does de-level if either Main class or Dual class de-levels too much. https://l2wiki.com/Dualclass#Dualclass_skills_certification