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    What a sad a repulsive post.
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    When you state that you wont waste more money on a game then you decide to suggest an idea how to waste your money. Where is the logic?
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    @Juji , how old are you man ? no offense lol but really ? Want balance, put class vs class olympiad (bd vs bd,, archer vs archer) and the every class too, but going full baff ? lol so that mean i can enter with my feeline queen + chant of victory buff ? cmon lol -->> r.i.p buffers class in oly Again how old are you sir ?
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    Yes @Juji thats a good suggestion If its possible to get in touch with Korean Dev team, it might something work. Some people playing the same character for over 10 years or so.. Its very difficult to reroll due to many reasons, such as non tradeable items and mostly the respect to the time they have spent in this specific character and the attachment The sure thing here, is that NC won't lose if that kind of service implements. In the contrary, if you put that as an NCoin service, you will have a good profit. Since the new ranking system is coming, is pretty much unfair for ppl that stuck in a main class that is no longer bringing fun to them (changes all these years, made some classes worthless) and you will give them the chance to reroll, by keeping the same character they love, all these years. In my case, i have a good pve geared wynn as main class , but still this gear is getting filtered through servitor sharing and the outcome is dissapointing, considering that this gear in another class, can be 100% more effective. Jewels, PVE/PVP belts, Cloak augments (only the active buffs are ok every 10 minutes) and many more, are wasted..I don't even mention the summon stats. Even with the latest "boost" , summons are 1 shot to everything in pvp and hitting back for like 500 damage crit. So the PVP content is forbidden for Wynns and the PVE content is also difficult, because everyone would prefer any other DD, but summoner in party instances or exp. The escalation is terrible So in the bottom line, if its possible to get in touch with the Korean Dev team, it would be very much appreciated @Juji Thank you
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    @Sesh : can you explain the GMT+1 lable on Naia-Server?
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    You can only imagine now full buffed tank/dd vs wc/prophet, and they say something about class balance Also you will need aditional buffers accounts for pre-buff yourself before you enter olympiad or beg someone to buff you up. I only hope @Juji is wrong, because with this features i don't see a point for olympiad anymore. It really looks like NCsoft already lost touch with content of this game.
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    Before you throw this stupid Xenophopic questions in our forum, give a try to your small brain and check where you did got in... This isn't NC-USA... I don't get why this Trump supporters ( @Sesh ) still getting in here~
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    Ok, but if "we have no current plans" to continue spending $ on this game, you'll have other plans?
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    @Cyan @Juji @Hime I must report this little mind user ( @Sesh )and poor irrelevant post because a clearly case of xenophobia.
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    What a sad attempt to get some attention. Go tell your mommy to give you some.
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    Due to loosing subclass/dualclass skills i will lose 24% p.atk. Earlier in the game it took me some hours to get this bonus, that rly helped me a lot to make some lvl on my main. But without them there is no chance for me to hunt alone anymore as long as i have no epic equipment or mobs fall more easily. This change destroy the game for ppl with not that good equip that dont want to spend 100´s of $ in NC-Coins or China farmers....Smal investments don´t make sense anymore.... so u have the choice to burn your money massively or quit the game??
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    This topic has been discussed several times i think The skill sharing equipment works with the PVE/PVP effect of the items. You will see more damage if your weapon have this attributes (example bloody +15% pve damage) On the next topic you will see @Quenia reply to this question https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2574-doubt-about-sharing-equipment/ Sadly augument effects are not passed by this skill
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    hahahahah sure bro, you will quit.....quit and start your new character and re-buy all those ncstore items btw, what is 1 trillion adena to a known adrenaline user? you should be happy they keep your account active after all that botting best thing NC could do, regarding this, is add the Stone of Destiny back to the game...im sure 100% of the players would agree with this, even the pay2lose kidz...they could add the stone to NCstore with no purchase limit, or they could just add it to the game like it used to be Stone of Destiny, making L2 great again....1 stone at a time
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    Who cares? Just throw ur pockets into their faces when they'll send live the next p2w event. They managed to kill a server in lesser than 1 year. They told all the lies they needed to tell us to give us hype when the server launched. "Level cap will be 70", false. "We wont have p2w items in the store", false. "We're running 1.5 patch with improved QoL", false. "We're running the setups of any other free-to-play classic server", false. Fact is...it's not even all their fault. It's ours as well. Those who've been playing in NCWest in the last 6-7 years, or however, since the launch of GOD, should have already figured out how they act. They don't. They just pretend everything is fine and then give you a new p2w items. People will always go and buy it 'cause they want to be competitive. So they make new items and more new items and people addicted to this game will ALWAYS spend. Increasing rates and making them the same as L2EU server (or any f2p classic model) wont be profitable enough for them 'cause you wont be buying from their own 3rd parts. So, in the end, it's not their fault. They care about money, not about ur feelings. They even increased the cost of items in the store prolly 'cause they noticed there's a huge drop on buyers so they had to increase it. It's out fault 'cause we keep coming back and get mad when this happens, but we already knew this would happen. At least, to me, it was quite obvious. They made it crystal clear that this would have turned into a massive fail/scam when, at the server start, we had our rates LOWER than the patch 1.0 of KR/RU servers.