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    I hate the way the weapons market achieves absolute entropy the minute Red Libra ends. Whether it's the AH or the private sellers, the same damn weapons have been in the shops for almost a month now. And it's not just because of the prices or demand. People want weapons, but they just aren't able to find the type of weapon that they need. It's time to permanently update the Blacksmith of Mammon with functionality of a true Black merchant and permit exchange of R, R95, R99 Blessed/Bloody/Dark weapons. Not only would doing so stimulate the server economy, but it would assist players with getting to higher levels, picking dual classes that have different weapons needs, and absorbing excess adena on all servers as R gems, crystals, etc., will no doubt be consumed as people change Dark/Bloody attributes. The exchange would also eventually lower the prices of weapons, which would ultimately contribute to the number of R110 weapons that are created on the server as players are more likely to enchant and upgrade R99 weapons when the prices are low. Think about it seriously and please make R, R95 and R99 weapon exchange a permanent feature.
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    Nice clan ppl over gear need to pvp and pk toons with paulina gear 7 days on server i am ty all gzzzz Max (link removed)
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    me greek, me play 12h/day every day from net cofe....Ya, right
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    Hi, a great idea here: A time-saving idea. Put something on the game launcher's first screen that we see that will show "Server Status" right away so we don't have to hit the "Start Game" button just to find that "The Client Will Be Closed, Continue?"
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    QQ im glad i quit this game HAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    Rune exp 50%+30 day give 30% warrior rune 20% exalted 10% vitality eruption 100% storm 150%, rose 30% freya vitality rune 30% dragon potion 30% or buff dandy 100% or item mall buff 50%. No 200 rune exp over hit count it= minimum in this location u receive on 100lvl +10,000,000,000 with this u can get approximately 15,000,000,000. I lvl up feoh archmage from 85 to 101 for 2-3hrs in altar of evil I kill one mob and get 2 lvl okey?
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    This guy MissAlevri is 24/7 at BS with title "QuestAndGo". This place for some new people who want make nobless quest to collect 1k mobs not for go 103+. i want to do quest on my chars and i can't cuz ppl like you stay 24/7 at spots.So i hope everyone to see this post come and start pk you https://ibb.co/cc9Bg4j
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    just do same thing to other macro guy, and have some fun with pvp/pk. this game is not only farm farm farm, try fight for the spot. if u cant, just go to other place or open your wallet
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    You should try to understand why someone pk'ed you... 1. Server XP event is on. 2. Blazing swamp give good XP based on DPS and mobs killed per hour. 3. Many players, unlimited client, cursed swords, not many spots. You want to get XP spots you need to fight for it. I normaly summon my perma red Evi lvl 100 clean the spot and then xp there. I don't ask anymore, since many just dont monitor there client when playing afk. Ofc. They will pk you back but most of the time its hours later. There is no name on the spot it's owned by someone.
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    Yea man dont give up. If u put the work it can pay off. Do keep in mind though that first u would need a good party to go after the valuable A grade stuff and also that catacombs/necropolis (which are probably some of the best spoiling grounds) are regularly patrolled by PK characters making sure others cant take advantage and make money.
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    I don't think this is how the game ends lol personally I think they put dragon weaps or armor on L2store for 100k ncoins each, and after the event they close the servers...that's how I see it ending
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    Sorry @Draecke i would not talk anymore about clan power with a PVE guy like you have a nice day.
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    The moment Korean DEVs decided to let a player get overpowered by having much better gear, PVP became unattractive for many. If items/boosts/consumables are sold for real money = problem for those, who are not willing to pay for some reason. P2W system is a huge downside in any game, WHERE YOU PVP, frustration can be felt after any fight between parties or clans .. YOU BUY YOU WIN, I DO NOT BUY I LOSE = worst game mechanic ever invented for a true gamer. Probably most important difference between 1st PVP video MAX VS DH for Baium and 2nd with 'dvp is that - in dvp's game version there was a limit, limit to gear/dps/defences/movement etc etc .. Nowadays if we look realistically we have no limits, pay more get more, learn to use all and game becomes limitless. You can see he is hitting for like average 2-6k per critical hit, which means he needs to crit another character ( depends on the class/gear and if full HP/CP etc etc ) 2/3/5/6 times before he kills. 15.08.2019, top DD can hit so hard, because of all the crap in game, DPS exceeds your CP/HP bar several times YUL can drop full clan with 1 AOE … Healer is not even close to saving his party if no Celestial or Party UD from the tank... crazy stuff