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    Dear @Juji, since we have this queue that's creates a waiting list so long we are unable to play for the whole night. Can you explain the picture below and tell me why 3 clients isn't the max? I mean this is absolutely crazy; good costumers can't play and I see those online 24/7.
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    Los tiempos de reaparición de los NPC en estas zonas de caza aumentarán: Ruinas de Pavel Laboratorio Arcaico Jardín del Génesis Fortaleza Guillotina Semilla de fuego infernal Tierra del caos Llanuras saqueadoras Juji pls fix the amount of monsters in LOC and Plunderous plains, I, like other players, walked class by donating to tyrr dreadnought to be able to search in those places and it is not fair to make that change
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    Ok but when will return cuz i really like of this sets. We talking about the history of Lineage, its a really important save this items. And if this create some grafic lag on player PC its just use ALT+P. This lags and another sttufs its not motivation to remove importants things of game. This erros need be fixed in another way. @Juji Please if u can do it, keep us informed about.
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    this game never was about graphic card, it's all about the memory you have in your PC
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    Les old items - better game performance. Now graphic card must to accept all this not necessary armor/weapon stuff - it making just more lags (for people who not have strong computers). I propose delete all stuf - till 85. And pay adena for people who have that.
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    I don't know if it was a mistake or they just don't know what they're doing @Hime
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    Ok so first in my conception, respawn time definition in our game is the time between when a NPC dies and appear again. So reducing this time should imply in mob getting spawn faster. Pls anybody correct if i'm wrong. So, that being said. How the hell did u guys transformed NPC respawn time reduced in decreasing amount of NPCs by half ( or even less in some places) and actually INCREASING the respawn time? WTF? I'm no expert but i think someone from the communication team needs a replacement.
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    Tis is not a QQ post! What im saying is that event description is false " Players can earn between 15-65 Lucien’s Marks per entry with the amount determined based on how many rounds are cleared in time before the boss monster spawns"; i dont want to start a discusion about what classes or players can or cannot do it; i´m just looking for moderator to say why the information given to the players in the event discusion is false, so thats confusing people and not alloving to do the instance properly; if i get the right info i can change the way to do the instance, thats all i want to know. Thanks
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    At 101 I could solo K99, albeit with outside buffs and top weapon and equipment. It looks like you have a solid foundation for your character at R99 grade, but you have to continue to improve as much as you can reach higher levels. That may mean upgrading to a more powerful weapon like an R110 Bloody Bow for starters. Go see Ferris in Aden. For the cost of Elcyums, R gems and adena, he will trade your +12 Bloody Bow for a +10 Bloody Krishna weapon. Don't be discouraged by the loss of 2 enchants. A +10 Bloody Krishna weapon is still more powerful than a +12 Bloody R99 weapon. Plus, the good thing about Krishna weapons is that the attributes max at 450, not 300. You lose 2 enchants, but the +150 additional attribute that you can add makes up for it. Get 2 HEWR to make it +12 and you'll have a good weapon that will last you until the next update. You can further improve the weapon by making it Limited, which yields even more p.atk and gives both PVP and PVE bonuses. But that is an expensive process. As for skills, yes, enchant at least your top 3-4 main skills to +10. Every bit helps. I know there are some heroes who haven't enchanted their skills all the way to +20, so don't feel like you have to completely max out everything. Remember, L2 was designed for players to gradually add stuff to their characters. So take your time and enjoy the journey.