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    I will never understand why some ppl are so obsessed with this Dual-to-Main thing. There is just one part of the game that can only be done by the main class: Olympiad. All other can be done with Dual. And i can tell you one thing for sure: you will never be hero. The only way to become hero is to drop 100k $ on that game to keep up with those how lost the link to reality long long time ago. By the way, this is the final month of Olympiad as it was like we all know it. Next month the World-Wide-Oly will start and if there was a small change till now that one of you would become hero, it is gone now for sure.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toEIR-xnSII How pro player using My Teleport scrolls (0:00 ~ 10:41) Alligator Gatehopping, the real fun begins (10:42 ~ 28:35) Enjoy! Ty PreX for recording lol
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    LOL, is this the same Molehead on TI who runs an entire alt clan of bot parties, and spams world chat all day long threatening to "24/7 pk" anyone who messes with his bots or doesnt do what he says? This guy is like a cold sore that just wont go away. Support should ban this tool for harrassing the entire server with his nonstop whining, crying, and empty threats.
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    You are lucky. I got almost 30 Lilith Talismans when I opened that many pouches and so many lame SA crystals. No Kains at all, just Lionel 7/8, Pantheon 7/8, and other craptastic crappiness. My new nickname for event is EOD: Everybody Open Dumb****(stuff).
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    This is new and best Lineage 2 skill: opening boxes.