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    @Juji@Hime, What is there for us Players to do? 1. lower epic bosses are on lock down by a clan that basically does this for a job (Ant Queen, Core, and Orphen). (i'll let that implication go wherever you want it to) 2. Zaken- broken boss but the only source of reliable cloth in the game. - Contested by 2-3 clans- /shrug 3. Baium- Cannot slow it, and it was made more powerful with the kamael update. Besides takes 2hrs or so and the drops are exactly the same as Zaken except for 3 items (baium soul, baium ring and agathion- So no one is doing Baium. 4. Antharas- Cannot slow it and debuff so same thing as Baium.... drops are similar to Zaken so why bother? 5. Frintessa- /shrug its in the game but doubt any force of players can do it. 6. Instance version of all epics and elemental bosses you don't lose exp, but you cannot res inside (you have to click out to come back in)-- bug? or working as intended? 6.1 Instance version of baium only way to try to get a baium by +10 a broken baium. 6.2 Instance version of Elemental bosses are the only way to now effectively get evolutionary stones (fire, earth..etc). But the 1hr time limit does not allow low pop clans to learn the instance and effectively kill it in the 1hr time limit. 7. Goldberg and his Key- 1 key from one mob that spawns like clockwork radom location within dungeon every hour- Make it drop from mobs that are there, or just make it a daily dungeon that folks can go in once a day- Make it a daily. 8. Imperial Tomb- haven't visited...almost lvl 80 so will try 4 sepulchers soon. 9. Antharas Lair- not even fun, mobs are too high lvl for the overall server. Just die and die. 10. Farm Elementals so that we can extract particles and convert to tablets to learn skills. Even our skills are hard to acquire now. ---- Every night is the same -------- log in, form for Zaken, attempt zaken either win or not. If its Tuesdays and Fridays - Attempt Anakim/Lillith - if two forces are doing both bosses, the one who didn't finish first, gets more than the 5 min invincibility buff .. - raid gets bugged. ----Sundays Form for siege just to pvp, as npcs hit like MAC trucks and your down in 1 or two shots. Before Siege is over, form for Zaken. There is no reason to form and farm Imperial Tomb with your friends (live players) theres TONS of risk ..and no reward. TOI instances that come from some kinda of random rock that drops... never seen it ever. Those instances should be a daily instance to allow folks to see more of the content of the game and have OTHER stuff to do with their friends. Epic jewelry- having 3 lvls…. come on...what kinda of bull crap is this? if it requires 4 AQs to get a lvl 3, then make the dam raid boss drop it every time. why did you even make this change to epics... There is nothing CLASSIC about this. And you even have a ludicrous lvl 4 to epics... Revenge system seemed like a good idea.... but wait a minute---- IF I KILL A CHAOTIC Character (RED)- he gets to revenge on me? Who came up with that crap? Currently there is no negative to being red.....those debuffs are crap to a red summoner. During the kamael update you also took putting on a rune on an A grade weapon from 5 A gemstones to 104ish.... WTF. That change sucked! but wouldn't have been as bad if you would have put the A gems in the Grocery store- Come on Think guys why do you make it so hard for people to enjoy the game... same goes for the bull crap Cloth pieces to unseal A grade. Craft S grade? get real have you seen the amount of resources it requires? and for what? for a 30% chance at crafting? ------------- FIX the BUGS, FIX the CONTENT- For Pete's sake---- PLAY your OWN GAME- and see if you would want to play it? If you played it you'd see the bugs and the limitations you've all imposed on all your player base for no apparent reason. HammerForge Ps. Need a consultant? contact me and we can discuss real options- I've played your game since closed Beta.... Listen to your players. They don't whine all the time just to whine.
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    Hello gentlemen, satisfaction be here this night. Im here to ask for the GMs to investigate the adena sellers bots, they are in towns announcing everytime in normal chat and in PMs the adena sale. I also ask for GMs to investigate the bots in dimensional rift 100, strange characteres with strange names, riding in his mounts and going to make the rift quest, all syncronized, like a clock. Its very strange. Thanks all by attention.
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    @mixa, the point is for them to fix whats broken, and I understand your negative post, but why should we get over it and let it happen? But they don't seem to care, or take anyone seriously. Why would making high lvl content impossible working as intended? I give NCSOFT an A++ rating for killing classic. Hammer
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    Pls allow the client account numbers up to 4. It is very hard to do anything with only 3 accounts. Many ppl want it!!