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    My understanding is that fair play has nothing to do with pay2win... Fair play doesn't mean that all will be equally strong in the game or that someone who doesn't spend real money will be able to beat someone who has purchased all the items in the server.. Fair play means that there are rules which should be respected by all and when these are not respected by some, then the company has the means to enforce the rules.. When the company clearly states in the T&C that buying adena from third parties is prohibited but allows bots openly advertise in-game a real website/company that sells adena, there is something obviously wrong here and fair play goes out of the window.. As i said in another thread, any company has legal means to turn against other companies when there is such an obvious offence like this, but here they don't.. I can certainly make many assumptions why this happens but the certain thing is that a company that does nothing to enforce its own rules, is a company that doesn't respect itself and certainly doesn't respect its players/customers, at least the legit ones...
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    I hope, that wouldn't be to hard for any of 9 gm's listed go to server, and start making order with adena sellers on server? Otherwise, we can start thinking, that advertising adena selling sites are now permitted and supported by company. If I would be monitoring GM efforts to sustain current rules, and enforcement of fair play, ques, which evaluation mark would I give for their achievements? 1 - unsatisfactory?, 5- excellent? PLACES TO LOOK: 1.Party matching window 2. PM in villages 3.Chat window
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    They must understand one thing: L2 is not free as it says on the web .. obviously you can create a free account, you can play for free, you can participate in free parties, but when it comes to doing things about the LV100 + you must pay and how is this ... just investing in armor, weapon and jewelry and how do you do it? Easy sell your organs and give your money to Ncsoft through NCOIN to resell in the online game and thus get adena and be able to equip yourself. Because nobody else will do it for you .. enjoy the game
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    Been a good few months so decided to go all out for this event. Dropped a significant chunk of change on tickets to take my gamble. I won't go into specifics but think mortgage payment type money. Pretty sure best reward I received was maybe a Talisman of Longing. Or maybe the low grade Taurus.. Now, I pretty much knew what I was getting into. Seems the odds haven't changed since they used to do this type of event on a website portal (GoD). Doesn't change the fact that these odds are something else, almost soul crushing. Now, just left with a bitter taste in your mouth thinking about how to hawk all of these garbage rewards. If you're smart you wont gamble. You'll sell your tickets and win every time. Let the idiots like me gamble. I could rant for days on a myriad of reasons NCwest seems to be taking advantage of mid-low tier players while coddling if not conspiring with top tier players to monopolize in game assets but I wont. I will say the rise in adena sellers seems to coincide with the rise in players and the want to compete. Question is NCWest, are you going to reduce prices and increase the volume of sales or maybe increase the odds with such high entry price (about $20 for one gold ticket roll.)? Or will you continue to shaft your paying population of players in an irrational ambition of wider margins? I love this game but the risk vs reward just isn't justified.
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    WILL ANYONE BE INTRESTING FOR THOSE BOTSSSSSSSSS IN EVERY TOWN PMING/SPAMMING MAILINGGGGG WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I ve got to all my fishermen 90mails every day + pms Will for just fun any GM log in NAIA?????? @Juji @Hime .............
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    *insert sound of chirping crickets* I love the silence from the people that always should inform us about content, server status and updates.
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    @degamad trickster has pvp dmg boost, ghost sentinel has overall best dmg, with GS you have pve+pvp dmg, which nowadays in the game is the best. GS has 25% patk / 40% skill power / 25% p skil crit dmg dmg boosts Trickster has 35% patk / 15% skill power ./ PvP dmg 40% dmg boosts I think I am correct here, I do not remember 100% but it was smtg like that, in this game you do pve 99.9% of the time nowadays, with good gear pvp is 1 shot fest so you decide
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    like always.. mixa's response is short, meaningless and gives nothing to the topic except number of his messages. Thank you for your input, mixa
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    I know your frustration, I already opened tickets with photos / videos showing step by step the bots and bugs that players were using, GM "fake" always responds in automatic ticket response. "thanks for your report thank you so we will investigate in 99 years we will do something against the game and not the real bug / bot players" The best you can do is open a ticket and get that happy response from them.
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    The business model is to skin the whales, 🐳 and for this type of nonsense to end, the mother company needs to change. I don't think it will happen. The only thing left to do is quit there is no Pve that is worth doing and Pvp is a 1 shot 1 kill festival.