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    Hello good afternoon . In my humble opinion, I believe that all games undergo drastic changes and it is a matter of adaptation anyway, this game requires many hours of collecting items and it is essential not to become too obsessed with the game. Real life is more important. so do what you can and play to have a good time with nice people
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    At that time I had a cp and it was impossible to farm in any area without a party so I chose tank . I wish I had chosen some dd class . Content of game patch after patch disbanded my cp since dd classes went solo mode . This last patch was the one who made sure I will never play support again since ALL AREAS are for solo .
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    @Juji this is perfect i wait a whole month for the olympiad to start to make the marks to finish the Exalt quest and i have everything else done,,and now u delete the items??Wouldnt be nicer to give a bigger period of time so we would know about it?? i just need 3 quest items and i got the rest 17 and now all my effort will be gone?? thanks a lot....
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    to push the NCsoft share price up. and a Lambo for Juji
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    They use third party programs so they can automate respawns, buffs, and blessing of protection (anti pk buff). Try killing a bot in Ruins of agony and they will instantly port back to town, grab the protection buff from NPC and then port back to RoA and run back to previous spot. So the final result is that you're actually helping them delevel so they can keep botting in that zone. It's madness and completely frustrating when trying to do that low level quest.
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    You aren't keeping anything alive. This is a multi-million company that milks such meek players and that's all there is to it.
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