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    This is not the place to flame. You lose to BD. Imbalanced too? Regardless, I'm trying to get something for the community here.
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    We are trying to narrow down the disconnections. Can you please submit a support ticket with your information about it? Thank You! https://support.lineage2.com
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    True i kill many Mobs With 0 Adena drop. That i say in a Post. And i use Prestise Pack 300% Drop rate adena and from mobs 0 adena
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    some additional background to the changes to drop rates / items / adena is that Korea has recently changed it's crafting system and went from Pay2Play to Free2Play, one of the direct changes tied to the new business model is that as per next update you need Vitality to get any or suffer near nonexistent odds and the other obvious change is that they expect players to start use the l2store as the easiest & fastest way to get key items etc. - mind you the l2store in Korea has compared to their demographics very low prices unlike what we have.. hopefully Juji will deliver on his promise as part of the current main-dual swap affair to really lower prices in our L2store, see below screenshot btw for those curious there is also an update on prestige pack & server transfers mentioned in the L2 Community discord a few days ago
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    Thank you both @Draecke & @Digitalmonk for your replies. I guess was too good to be true . Really loved these rates ! I calculated it would take me only 35 months to get my Dream Gear . Guess i need to do the maths with the new rates
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LWPPkfGFfs Isle of Souls Stronghold I port area archer fight 2 FS vs. 4 LB + 2 MS Let's go Archers!
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    agreed, half the server is full of low level hunting areas not used anymore. they could easily add lvl 85 to 100 hunting areas.
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    @Hime & @Juji An idea for a "wishlist" and possibly drown down some of the issues with no spot to lvl/farm/etc. Maybe integrate instances that allows just groups/parties that registers or something, maybe even have to pay adenaz to activate, etc. so they can lvl/farm/etc. in there own places. This I believe would/could solve most of the issues/complaints about not having open spots, etc. Just a thought.
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    I don t have problems with the ppl who use auto-macros to hunt. the problem here is only ONE PLACE TO HUNT >>> BLAZING SWAMP or if you are 85 to 95 ALTAR OF EVIL or ir you are 95 to 99 BLOODY SWAMPLAND every place of these, are absolutely full of ppl/bot/auto-macros I THINK, THE PROBLEM HERE IS: VERY FEW PLACES TO HUNT BY LEVELS... my suggestion is: make 2 areas to hunt for each of those levels example: 95 to 99 > BLOODY SWAMPLAND and CEMETERY 99 + > BLAZING SWAMP and PAGAN TEMPLE just only examples... there are to much empty places in the entire map to use.. give 2 or more options to hunt for levels...PLEASE PD: MOST TIMES I GO TO blazing swamp, I SEE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, I DEPRESS AND I GO FROM THERE thanks for the time to readme.. i ll be wait for more areas to hunt in the future..
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    8 accounts farmed nicely for 78 hours. Last night all got disconnected . Oh well probably deserve to rest for a bit. Will try later on again
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    Although PK was always a part of the game (a fun part as far as im concerned), they need to address recent changes in the game! - PKs shouldnt be able to teleport, or at least with delay of 5 seconds + - PK with ponies shouldnt be able to use them on mount... - PK characters (maybe with a lot of karma) shouldnt be able to pull revenge on you
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    Everyday i get pk around 10-15 times from Elemental Sumoners (R3venge,Poutana) Mostly.and Im 79-80 lvl with few chars. BTW when i kill the pk he got revenge and port near me is that normal NCSoft ? also u shout make A Bigger penalty Like run walk cast speed atack speed m def p def .for example Over 50 PK he get penalty By 100 (speed,cast speed.atack speed.m.def.p.def) also when Riding,his/her summons shout be disapear.Otherwise just remove AutoMacro farm coz i dont wanna make a fun to noobs who is boring from game and pk all day afk players..You shout find solution for chars who use pk only with summonings mostly.Dont Get me wrong i like pk,pvps but not in this unfair way.Soon on server will be only summoners pk chars