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    Many ppl talk unknowing economy or at least how real life work . Dont put the blame to bots, they are not responsible for inflation....this time their only fault is that they dont farm adena and items faster. NCW and NC Korea are responsible for this situation... The first one for increasing clients/pc and for keeping the hope warm for increasing again to 7 clients and the second one for giving Paulina rgrade for free and full automated farm and for new item who destroy good old items(talismans, jewerly,etc). More then that, 2 years ago server were near collapse...berrely had 1300 ppl online in good days, now we have constant 2300-2700 ppl(doesnt matter alts or main or bots or whatever) and they all need gear to farm in higher places. To simplify: at least double population>>> NC add new items who destroy old items to make it>>>bots cant keep it with the changes and make less adena/drop>>>huge inflation. (Ex: Valakas Neck, Earth Wirm Ring, Tauti Ring,Rune Stone, Mystic Cry, etc.).