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    S- Super grade? S80 super-80, S84 super-84? R- Royal grade? there once was R90 grade but many new players never seen that. Just R, R95 and R99 now. Seraph standars for Seraphim, the highest ranking of all the angelic beings in the heavens. They are also the guardians of the most prized and cherish the Ark of the Covenant. Eternal I guess at the time it was created, must have meant the highest of the most high - God himself or gods if you are polytheistic. Now how can anything be higher? Krishna is a type of god that is widely revered and respected in the ancient world. Talks of flying palace or Vimanas originates from ancient India where Sankrit text describes weapons that has the "brightness of a thousand suns" - that can only be nuclear bomb. Many of the sky conflicts seen and depicted looks like Ancient Greek mythology comes to life. Anyways, back in the days of D-grade, C-grade, B-grade and A-grade it's pretty straight forward. When S-grade came out, no one really knew what it stands for, people only guessed. I'm curious after 14 years, why not ask around if there is an official reason for those letter designation? And what do you think they stand for?
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    I admire your patience @HltEye that u actually did whatever they asked u ! When we get automated answers more than once i think we can all understand the level of help they can provide and how much they actually care about the costumers...cause it might be a free to download game but for sure aint a free to play one
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    I want to leave the great support team solution who have no idea what they do ErrorFatal 3 days ago hi, since the last update I am having "LAG" in my skills and the respawn of the mobs (the mobs are +10 seconds on the ground and then disappear) that produces a considerable reduction of time in the timed areas as stronghold, considering that I have +6 running runes and XP increase potions (Vita maintaining potion + rose ice + dandy home run ball + freya scroll + honey beer, dragon potion, etc), who answers for that? I posted it Ingame and in the forum. Since this is your problem, you must respond. Yiar 2 days ago Hello there, I'm sorry to hear about the problem you are reporting today. To start, I would like to get some basic information about your hardware and drivers so we can see how you are running the game. To do this, we use a Windows command called ""DxDiag."" To run Dxdiag: Type the Windows key + ""R"" and type in ""dxdiag"" (without the quotes) in the Run Window. When the window for ""Dxdiag"" appears, click the button labeled ""Run 64-bit Dxdiag."" Note: If you are running Windows 8, you will not see this button and so you can move to the next step. Once loaded, click the button ""Save All Information."" You will want to save the file to your Desktop. Once saved, I would also like to review your running processes with a program called Hi-jack this. This program will allow us to see any process that are running in the background that could be causing a conflict with the game client. Download and run HijackThis from the following link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/ Click the “Do a system scan and save a logfile” button. Once the scan is complete, a text logfile will appear in Notepad. Save this file to your Desktop. Once completed, please attach both files to your reply. You can find additional information on what Hi-jack! this is and why we use it here: https://support.ncsoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005949466-Use-of-Third-Party-Programs-for-Technical-Support Thank you, Yiar NCSOFT Support Team ErrorFatal 2 days ago hi, please don't give me a basic answer, my PC and my NET are fine, this problem is in your servers. I repeat again this started after the last update of this Wednesday, I am also not the only one who presents this problem, everyone is chatting that presents the same problem. Chryssa 2 days ago Hello, We understand the frustration this issue has caused you. The previously requested DxDiag and Hijackthis file will help us identify and isolate the cause of the issue that you're encountering. Also, I can confirm that there is no known issue in Lineage II servers. If you wish to proceed with the troubleshooting, please provide the requested files in your next reply. Looking forward for your reply. Regards, Chryssa NCSOFT Support Team ErrorFatal 2 days ago I have attached requested files, but i insist that is not my problem, everyone says the same thing in the game chat "SERVER LAGGGG" hijackthis.log 40 KB Download DxDiag.txt 90 KB Download Chryssa 2 days ago Hello there! To help us understand the cause of this issue better, please send us the following information about your client and network setup: • What realm/server are you experiencing this issue on? • Do you use DSL, cable, dial-up, satellite, or another connection method? • Do you use any routers, hubs, or switches? If so, could you tell us the make and model of that equipment? • Does your computer connect wirelessly, or does it use an Ethernet cable for connectivity (quick tip: If you're connecting wirelessly, please try a wired connection)? • Who is your Internet service provider? • Where are you located? Your city and state/province would be helpful. • Are you on a home, campus, business, or military network? • Do you use any Internet Security Applications (ISA) or firewalls such as CYBERsitter, ""Net-Nanny,"" ZoneAlarm, McAfee or Norton? Additionally, I would like to request a WinMTR report that can be generated through a program called WinMTR. This not only helps us determine the health of your Internet connection while installing, patching or downloading Lineage 2, but it also helps us determine if the issue is coming from your network, a data center in-between or from the Lineage 2 servers themselves. Download link: https://winmtr.en.uptodown.com/windows (Click the "Latest Version" button. Then you can now click the "Download" button) You can find additional information on what WinMTR is and why we use it here: https://support.ncsoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005949466-Use-of-Third-Party-Programs-for-Technical-Support Once WinMTR is installed, run the program and follow the steps below: 1.In the upper left corner of the window, you will see a "Host" drop-down text box. In that field, type in the following hostname depending on which game you are playing and what server (NA/EU) you're in: BNS NA icmp.us.ncwest.com BNS EU (use either) icmp-bns-1.eu.ncwest.com icmp-bns-2.eu.ncwest.com Aion/L2 icmp.us.ncwest.com 2.Click on the "Start" button and allow the tool to run for at least 100 seconds (even if you are unable to install, patch, or play) to gather data. NOTE: Please run the WinMTR during the time that you are experiencing this issue. So if you are experiencing lag or being disconnected in game, please run the report during these times if this is your issue. 3.Once you have gathered at least 100 seconds of data, click on the "Stop" button. 4.Click on "Export TEXT" and save the file. 5.Attach the file on your next response and attach the report together with your answers for the questions we have above. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you, Chryssa NCSOFT Support Team ErrorFatal 2 days ago server NAIA Cable Router x2 (company is like bridge)(my router is Linksys WRT32x) PC use an Ethernet cable Internet service provider = VTR (400mb download, 10mb up) Chile, Quilpue Home I dont have anything winMTR.TXT 2 KB Download ErrorFatal 2 days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKs3YRfe9fs&feature=youtu.be plz watch this video, of the second 0-22 LAG (skill not working), second 23-32 normal hits. Yiar 1 day ago Hello there, Based on the report and information you have sent us, you are experiencing a high latency issue. If you aren't familiar with this, latency is an expression used to measure how fast your packet of data is travelling from one point to another. It is measured in milliseconds (ms) and the higher the value the slower your data is being transferred. High latency issue may be caused by the following common factors: • Internet traffic load - You may experience latency issues during peak times. This will vary depending on your geographic location and Internet Service Provider. At peak times, you'll suffer from high latency as your ISP's server may become too loaded. • Speed - Internet speed has a very high impact in limiting the performance of your connection to our server. Basically, if you have higher internet speed connection, you'll experience better latency. • Distance from the Server - Your current location is far from our servers (e.g., different country). Your data will be travelling to a lot of servers and routes and thus, it'll affect how fast it reaches our servers. • Use of Wireless Connection - Wireless connections may have a higher chance to suffer from interference compared to a wired connection. • Background Downloads and Updates - Some of your applications may be consuming most of your bandwidth. If you're downloading or updating applications while playing, you'll want to let it finish first or pause it while playing. There are other factors other than the ones we have provided but these will be the common ones to affect your experience while in-game. You will most likely need to contact your ISP for further assistance regarding these factors as they will be the ones to help you better. But of course, if you have more questions, please do let us know. Regards, Yiar NCSOFT Support Team ErrorFatal 1 day ago they saw the video that I sent them, more than 50% of people have the same problem, you are telling me that everyone has problems with their IPS, I think that you do not play because if they took the time to try the game they would realize that It is not normal for mobs to take more than 10 seconds to disappear. Your answer is not satisfactory and it is only an excuse to say that the server is fine when everyone knows you have problems. Gojiro 1 day ago Hello, We understand your frustration regarding this matter. As of now, there are no known issues within the servers regarding server delays or server lags. The only advise we can give you for now is to contact your ISP and provide them the WinMTR result file. Also, we would just like to remind you that we still have troubleshooting steps that we can offer to possibly resolve your issue. If you wish to accept the troubleshooting steps after coordinating with your ISP, please update us in this ticket. We look forward to your update. Regards, Gojiro NCSOFT Support Team ErrorFatal 12 hours ago Ty for nothing, I will stop buying ncoin until u solve the problem of lag. I attached an SS where I am not the only one who has a lag problem LAG.jpg 600 KB Download
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    Hello All, We are aware of the latency issues with the server performance and are looking into situation now with the Dev team.
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    Hi everyone. Sorry about the inconvenience. Rest assured your reports are being forwarded. Locking this for now to avoid too many duplicates.
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    I seriously think the next update should be called Lineage II "The Purge". It is almost sad ( though I laugh most of the time) how you literally get PK if you stop to even look at a spot for a second in Blazing Swamp. How if you get up to throw in a load of laundry or start dinner your spot has been taken over by a bunch of chars that neither respond to your PMs or care. Now Im not talking about someone who finds you dead from some bad hunting on your part just about people who blatantly KILL YOU for that spot. If nothing else it has taught me how to become a better PVPer/PK(Ganker). BTW guys PVP is when you actually fight someone who is sitting at their computer fighting you back. Ganking is killing afk players where there is no fight. (OST RTFM) So next update "Welcome to Lineage II THE PURGE" where you take your own life into your hands as you kill others and no one gets to level! So Juji/Hime etc etc ... is this the new objective of the game? Curious minds want to know? Oh and those freakin swords????????? Really???? What is the point of them? To trigger people who do not care about the sword and just want to level to the extreme levels you have set that are unobtainable (for lack of exp/#mobs/quest pieces)? Rethink that a bit and maybe come up with something that in order to participate you have to click on yet another little Icon at the bottom of the screen to do so. I think at times you mods get off just watching the horse phooey that goes on? Bet ya do... bet ya that gets you on Santa's Naughty list. All in all have a wonderful holiday everyone and try to remember it's just a game that virtual tears fall on deaf ears and there is always the F7 key when all else fails oh wait that would be ALT/CTRL/Delete - <3 Always Bethra