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    Dear @Juji Firstly congrats on l2 team for a well organized, communicated and implemented update. Now concerning the new crafting system, I am really curious on what basis Ether is a bound material ?! Players that farm on open field took a major hit, as their income from dropable mats, which were sold in public shop, suddenly got 0. In order to compansate u introduced new materials. Considering new mats' prices (10k adena) the only practical way to earn some adena is to accumulate mats and craft, which synergizes very well with recipe npc. How is it possible to accumulate tens of thousands of Ethers (needed for r110 gear) w/o being able to trade and with a daily restriction? You need 100 days worth of ethers to craft a 60% weapon recipe! The obsession that "Devs" show into excluding players from new content is really irritating. This kind of issues, alongside with elcyum scarcity, ninja adena nerfs etc, should be addressed cause they send away more and more players every day and for no reason they attract any new. Best regards, Q. PS: I wouldn't be surprised if you soon introduce the aforementioned items as rewards in l2 boxes!
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    You did the worst thing u could do. You had 3 options here. 1) improve current macro system to use buffs/dances/songs as toggle on bar. 2) Remove afk auto hunt all together and return to active play 3) Leave minimal useless auto hunt functionality and this way allowing ONLY users to farm and not be a visible as they would be with option 2. You went with option 3! In my opinion this is the worst thing u have done so far in this game. Please guys if u agree post in forums lets be a strong voice.
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    Hello, I think you wish destroy any chance to get money in game without use VISA's card… before crafting material had a good price in Grocery Store, and was possible get a few bonus money, now, with this new materials, we can get ONLY 10.000 adena per mats. Nice decision for make L2 more Adena Seller's friendly! @Juji
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    Mages are the most powerful class. And u just nerfed warriors this update, why? I cant understand
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    Please give us more information, in case the macro loop doesn't come back, me and my CP, we will definitely uninstall L2.
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    Bad EXP and Adena drop. You lose more than you get. Equipment i saved years for is nothing worth anymore, because everyone have similar equip now but you cant do intances anymore to farm with that. Only if you have a epic player in pt. Chests drop only crap. Got 3 Aden chest due to nightfarm. 70k Adena each. 1 Clan rule all (Instances and EXP places) Nothing left, that is still worth to do...I really miss time where random player made field RB. Decent euipped player could do anything in a clan...
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    This update absolutely makes no sense. I understand that there are a lot of mobile games out there that find some success, but lineage 2 is the wrong game to do that to! This game is suppose to be played on your PC on a large monitor with vast content such as crafting, sieges, questing, etc... Turning it into a mobile game will destroy the essence of this once amazing game and transform it into one of those generic mobile game that people will just play for a couple weeks then delete. These DEVS are so out of touch with what this game is suppose to be and why it has captured the loyalty of players for more than 16 years. Whoever originally created this game had the right idea and was brilliant with its content and diversity, and I honestly believe a different team is now responsible for making all of these horrific changes and ideas. The "first" Auto-Hunt feature they introduced was clever, because they understood that their original fan-base is much older now and can't sit in front of the PC 24/7 like most of us did before. Now most of us have "real" work, families, and have grown up responsibilities. It allowed us to stay competitive by allowing us to manage work/life/game balance. It was comprehensive and easy to use and allowed you to somewhat compete with all the 3rd party bots out there that run rampant all over questing and farming areas. What I am not happy about is the fact that they are removing important content from the game with every update. Crafting has been a very important and fun part of this game and it is fading away with every update. Sieges are not fun anymore and limited to just one castle along with fortresses being unavailable. Olympiad is a joke allowing outside buffs which defeats the purpose of having self-buffs and class individuality. There is too much emphasis on P2W and its taking the fun out of the game, because you can only get those items if you spend real money. The fact that there are a lot of items that you cannot trade of share and materials cannot be sold to the NPC makes it so much harder for you to earn adena, not to mention the pitiful adena drop rate. There are so many other things worth mentioning, but I'll leave that to the rest of you guys if you want to bring notice to it. To sum it all up, this once incredible game is utterly being destroyed, dismantled, and transformed into something we don't want it to be... I'm extremely loyal and very patient, but if the direction is to be more like a mobile game, that is where my friends and I draw the line and have to part ways with one of the greatest games that was ever made! Thank you so much for reading. I just needed to spill my heart out and express my sadness and dissatisfaction to what is happening to our beloved game... L2 Fan (Nov 2003 Closed-Beta Phase 1-7/Open Beta/Prelude)
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    Hello developers, after the successful launch of the current chronicle and after seeing some posts about it I would like you to allow us to make some inquiries. 1 - Why reward teams where players can start their lives in game and have nowhere to use them, because instances like baylor and kamaloka where newbies would go to have some drops and ex today can't kill the first boss ? 2 - Agriculture areas for materials and adena where players bought the prestige pack in order to have monetization to stay in the game today are not worth being there because it is completely nerfed even for the prestige pack. 3 - New materials with insane purchase price in NPC for only 10,000 adena where you have to spend months to collect a specific type "ETER" for months in order to "TRY" a recipe with a 60% chance. 4 - The game trade has inflated all and any type of item sold by player. These are some of the few questions that the few legitimate and new players can talk about and we would love a response from the developers since in the other posts there is no answer about the questions since the launch of the current chronicle. Sorry my english from google translator @Juji @Hime
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    if they wanna close the server they don't have to kill the population reason is probably coz most of the dev/gm team have no clue how this game is actually played / state of the game, besides restarting the server, doing regular maintenance, repeating promos (not events really), and repeating usually partially informational responses to issues avoiding most points. I'd like to apply for a job there
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    Live version still has the macros and the good HUD, Classic got the ugly HUD and the obliteration of macros. This update makes sense in L2 Essence because all buffs are auto-usable and they're all self-buffs, the problem is that Classic and Essence were basically merged together with these updates, and they are NOT the same game. This is was a disaster. Live version is the only version that has some attention from NCSoft, Classic is basically scrapped at this point.
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    There's a cheaper solution. Turn on your isses auto buffs on each buff. /useskill vanguard /useskill vanguard Delay (any long delay will work) Just make sure the buff is up before and after you start the macro. You can even add in some melodies if you want but leave the sonatas out of the macro so overlord will do them as they fall off.
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    You can only be kidding, I sincerely hope it is a joke, you couldn't be more deluded ... What does Koreano say about the same update and they just didn't bring the macro back and several bots still work ?? What about Essence who is simply dead because of that same update ?? Have you seen how many bots are running on the server today? Do you really think that banning one account or several by IP takes two weeks ?? Everyone seeing is very bad, but there are several who do not want to see ...
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    just check what will happen in 1-2 months where the stock of r crys to make soulshots will be depleted. people already crushed the r and r95 items, only reliable source of new ones is craft, coz i do not consider 0,1% chance at best reliable. Craft is capped by the drop of the non tradable eather which is also caped at 120, though after 10h straight farm i got no more than 20. not to mention the 60% success rate. So how many days you need to gather the mats to craft, lets say a sigil, crush for ~200 crys and make ss, can you gather the mats to recraft the sigil with the ss crafted by those 200 crys? i can do the math but the quick answer would be NO. Which can lead to a discussion on having surplus adenas to invest on your gear to progress the game. CAN A GM ELABORATE ON THE ECONOMY OF THE SERVER UNDER THIS UPDATE?
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    @Juji Considering the adena price in shops , Red Libra merchants , Blacksmith’s, the drop of adena is ridiculous, even more, parts from drop do not have any value compering with previous Chronic. It is a huge downgrade in ways of gathering adena. Yes NCsoft gave jewel 3 , dragon shirt , exalted sets and looked good for the new players, just looked, as they will never be able to do 105 instance with this gear. The main reason L2 is losing players is not OP players or items available in the shop with $ , is the financial part, no fun for farming, no drops , nothing to give new players a chance to accrue adena, build a char and hope they will join PVP events. This days there is no balance between shops and adena/items drop, which I will say again it is x times lower from what it was.
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    Quest clan with error... still at the 280 points mark no 560 as indicated, by reaching the goal of the 5040 points the quest hangs no longer.... I know that many have other complaints to make, plus this is the only one I have for now. Thank you
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    removed blessed soulshot from the game. -30% dmg
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    @woopwoop, I agree with everything you say, minus you didn't add the fact that not only are they buffing the RBs, they are out aggrowing lvl 84 tanks with dds and running the boss off to reset over and over until there is no point to continue. A 30 mins boss, becomes a 1hr event which results in nothing but griefing from the farmers with zero rewards for your time and effort. @Juji, So what can we expect from you as a producer? The community has been bringing up issues non stop...some are /cries...some are just complaints...but an overwhelming amount have merit. I did a posted a topic : Oct 10th.... no reply to numbered issues...nothing about, we are looking into it. You claim that this forum is where we voice our concerns and report issues. But 90% of the time or higher, our concerns, bug reports, game mechanic issues go unanswered. So if you haven't had time to see that post, enjoy the quick read... Where there is no content, there were be no people/players ….if the content goes, the players go.... Where did the Content go? By Hammerforge, October 10, 2019 in General Classic Discussion
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    Sorry for an eye-bleeder of a post but I think this needs to be brought to the devs' attention. I read over the patch notes to determine whether or not two particular very expensive recipes would be included in those listed for compensation, but I saw no mention of them -- neither for deletion nor compensation. So I turned to support for clarification. They were very helpful and suggested I bring this to the forums for discussion. I bought these recipes some time ago -- not when they first appeared in the player-driven market as there was no way I was paying over 3 bil per recipe... but once the price dropped to a little over 2 bil/ea I jumped on them. I'm talking about the Mysterious Soulshot (R-grade) and Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) recipes. As many of you know, these recipes are hard to find and the MBSPSR recipe is rarely put up for sale either in player shop or the AH. Also, once the MSSR rec dropped to around 500 mil in price I bought them for a couple of clannies. My point is, I spent over 2 bil on each rec (apart from the latter 2 when the price dropped) and they're not even on the list for compensation. Why is that? And thanks to support, it was confirmed that they're going to be deleted and that they "would not be able to grant...compensation request as this is intended by the Development Team." I'm sure I'm not the only player who's doled out a large amount of adena for these recs after hunting them down, in my case for the better part of a year and I think it'd be a good idea if the devs added these to the list of ones that will be compensated... not to mention highly appreciated. Lastly, is there a complete list of the new recipes that will be sold by this new NPC? I'm sure many of us would like to know if the mysterious shots are going to be included on these. Here's the reply from support in its entirety. I'd like to thank GM SAI for the quick response and clarification. * * *
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    Hi When you get to location where you want to macro kill mobs you need to do 2 things 1. use snare once without macro in your macro you need to put the snare skill. not just a shortcut if you do this right when you turn on your macros to auto hunt it will work P.S BE warned the snare skill will cause you to flag if some one next to you turn purple, this will cause a lot of heartache sometimes. there is no fix to this