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    Losing XP when you die is a joke, it shouldn't be like that. When you die you should gain xp or at least not lose, because if you analyze the fact of dying it is an experience. I think GM should review this to the delight of the players and the disgrace of the pk.
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    Delete the Elemental Summoner class from existence. Literally every scrap of code. It would clear out 90% of the bots on the server and 100% stop these annoying solo farming bots that litters the place and stop paying customers from playing the game. Do you even care GMs? Dig around for some courage and actually respond to a thread about bots.
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    great! great job indeed!.......only been this like a few months now! same lame posts that we are looking in to it ! you guys want ppl to quit or what ?
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    They don't care. They're on the take or something from the adena farmers. They never respond to a bot thread. Seriously give me the ban hammer for a day and I'll clear the server for you. Just walk through ROA / AC / EV. One quick walk a week would solve this.
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    After today's upgrade, the CPU usage is lower than what we saw prior to the Winter of War update. We are seeing the latency in-game and are checking with the Dev team now for more solutions. Our server specifications are currently higher than Korea, so something else appears to be amiss.
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    I question the validity in everything within this message, and I suppose it was only a matter of time for someone to come on here trash talking. So, trash talk aside, I'll keep it on track. The game mechanics are broken, causing people to leave the game, please address them! Right now, it only benefits the people that can run bot groups and have access to unlimited funds. Farmers run talking Island, but they account for just a portion of the server population. The vast majority of us have responsibilities outside of Lineage 2 making our time precious that we have in the game. Unless we all want to quit our 9-5, turn ourselves into farmers, account share out the gazzoo and run bot trains all over the map just to stay ahead, it is not feasible.
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    You're not utilizing the L2Store to it's full potential lads. Either buy or go away.